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It was a normal hot summer day. The hottest girl at our company and i always joked about her coming over to my apartment to go swimming and fool around afterwards. It was always fun to joke around and we never really acted on it because both of us were in realtionships. However, this day was a lot different. The day before i gave M her weekly massage. I go to her office in the corner where very few people stop by and I rub her shoulders while she sits at her desk. She has a tight tiny body with amazing breasts and a rock hard ass. She is a little over 5ft tall and is drop dead gorgous. She was wearing one of her dresses that is cut really low and exposes her firm tits. During the massage i would rub her chest and slowly move lower and lower. I never really made it to her nipple until that day. I slowly moved down her soft breast and slowly ran over her rock hard nipple. Her body shaked and i knew she was getting wet. So i moved to her left breast and slowly moved my hand down under her bra and rubbed her nipple. She tells me that she is dripping wet. So for the next 10 minutes i rubbed her chest and her nipples. I was standing behind her with my 8in dick rock hard. I wanted to turn her chair so bad and just have her suck on my dick. But i didnt since we were at work and we havent taken our fooling around to that level. Once i finished i gave her a hug and pressed my hard dick against her wet pussy and grabbed on to her amazing ass. Then walked away and pretty much walked straight in to the mens bathroom and jacked off. I couldnt take it and sat right down got my hard dick out and started rubbing it hard and fast until i shot my hot cum into the toilet. It felt so good to get that out but i wished it was inside her pussy.

Well the next day the weather was going to reach around 90 degrees and i joked with her saying that she should come and swim at my apt pool. As the day went on i didnt hear from her. So it was getting to be 5:00 and i was planning on leaving at 5:30. I thought she would have said something by now but i just figured she took it as a joke and didtn think twice about it. Well it was around 5:15 and she sent me an email that said, "Are we still on for some swimming after work?". I couldnt believe it. I responded back by telling her that i was in and that she can follow me home at 5:30. So the time came and she followed me back to my place. I live in a brand new apartment complex and she has yet to see it so i figured i would show her around. After giving her a tour of the apartment she asked to if she could get changed into her swimming suit. I let her go in my bedroom and change. I went into the kitchen to grab a water and on my way back to the bathroom i passed my bedroom and noticed she left the bedroom door open. As i looked in i saw her bend over to put her bottoms on and her bare tight ass was starring at me. Then she pulled them up and as she put her top on i could see her rock hard nipples. She looked over to the door and smiled and said, "Dont worry i am almost ready". I immediatly got a hard on and went into the bathroom to cool off. After i got changed we walked over to the pool . We sat in the shallow end of the pool and just relaxed. I took a couple beers with us and we just enoyed each other and the weather. Every now and then her hand would rub my leg and i would do the same. You could pretty much cut the sexual tension with a knife. There was probably 5 other people scatttered across the pool but no one too close to us. After she noticed this she slid her hand up my shorts and brushed against my cock. As she did this she said, "Did you like seeing me naked in your room?" At that point my dick was rock hard and she grabbed onto to it so tight. I told her yes and that i wish i saw the rest of her. Then i rubbed my hand on the outside of her bathing suit bottoms over her pussy and she let out a little moan. So she says, "I think i had enough of the sun lets go back and ill take a shower"

We get back to the apartment and she asked if she could take a shower to clean off. Once again she didnt close the door. This time i new she wanted it so i walked in while she was undressing. As she took off the last of her bikini i walked in, there she was fully naked with her nipples hard and her pussy totally shaven. She gasped and said, "Well now i have to see you naked." I walked over to her and kissed her deeply. Our tounges rubbed against each other while she pulled down my swim suit exposing my hard dick. I leaned down and licked her hard nipples and slowly started sucking on them. I moved from nipple to nipple while she let out soft moans. I took my right hand and softly started rubbing her clit while i sucked her tits. She started moaning louder and louder. Finally after all of these months i finally get to fuck the hottest girl at work. Then i got on my knees and put her one leg on my shoulder and started licking her wet pussy. I started out slow and started to lick faster and faster. Her pussy lips were hanging and ready to get fucked. I buried my toungue deep in her pussy and started to fuck her harder and harder with my tongue. I knew she was ready to cum so she pulled me up and said that it was her turn. She got down on her knees and licked from the bottom of my cock to the tip. Up and down i could feel her warm tongue stroking my dick. Finally she put the tip in her mouth. Farther and farther she stared shoving it in her mouth. All the while she was jacking it off with her right hand and sucking so hard. I just watched as she took in my hard dick. She then started licking the tip because i was already started to pre cum and she loved how it tasted. I wanted to fuck her so bad so i grabbed her by the arm and took her in my bedroom.

I have a very large king size bed that was pretty high off the ground. So i had her put both hands on the foot board and spread her legs. I started rubbing slowly between each over her legs. Inch by inch i got closer to her dripping pussy. Finally i got to her clit and started rubbing it some more. I had her bend over so i could have her ass in my face as well. I started to lick her pussy then moved my way up to her asshole. I kept licking that tight brown hole of her while i shoved two fingers in her pussy. As i fucked her pussy with my fingers i started tongue fucking her ass. She moaned louder and louder and yelled that she wanted me to fuck her. So i stood up and leaned over her back and started kissing her neck. I slowly took the tip of my dick and guided it to her dripping pussy. I moved forward and slowly pushed it in, she let out a huge moan, then i pushed again and my whole dick went deep in her pussy. It was so warm and tight i almost came right then and there. I wanted to fuck her pussy for so long. I started to fuck her harder and harder. I reached with both hands and started pinching her erect nipples. Then i grabbed her by the hips and just started fucking her even harder. I grabbed her hair while i fucked deep inside her. She turned her head back and i started kissing her. Every thrust i wanted to cum deep inside her.

Finally as i was about to cum i pulled out and had her suck my dick. She sucked the whole thing and tasted her wet pussy all over my dick. She sucked it all off and i almost came right there. She stood up and kissed me again while i grabbed her tight ass and she stroked my dick. I picked her up and threw her onto my bed and told her its time for her to cum. I brought out my silk tie and tied her hands above her head. I laid between her legs and then with one push burried my dick in her throbbing pussy. She screamed and i fucked her harder. I held her hands above her head and made her my little sex slave. As i fucked her i would suck on her tiny nipples, then i would move up and kiss her soft tongue. Moving my dick in and out of her felt so good and all she could do is moan. Finally i untied her and had her get on top of me. Never taking my dick out we rolled over and she was now on top of me. As she fucked me harder i licked my finger and started rubbing it on the outside of her tight asshole. I could feel her pussy clenching around my dick. I then spread her ass cheeks apart and slowly pushed my finger deep inside her asshole. She screamed so loud and said she was going to cum. At this point i was ready too. So as she fucked me as hard as she could i burried my whole finger deep in her ass. Once i started fucking her ass with my finger she screamed out, "IM CUMMING IM CUMMING" As her pussy tightened up i couldnt hold back and shot my hot cum deep inside her while she orgasmed on my cock. We kept fucking and fucking while i kept cumming inside her and she kept orgasming. I could feel my warm cum pouring out of her pussy and onto my legs. With no energy left in her system she collapsed ontop of me. I could feel my dick and her pussy throbbing while being covered in our cum. I slowly started to rub her back and moved down to her ass. Her body was so soft and i couldnt help but keep touching her while she regained her strength. I got up and grabbed a towl and cleaned ourselves off. We laid in bed for another hour laughing about what just happened and so happy we finally got out all of our sexual frustrations. However, the only bad thing is that i am now addicted to fucking her pussy and all she can think about is sucking and fucking my dick. This was the first of many occasions i look forward to sharing with all of you.

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