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I met Kathy just before I discovered my wife was having an affair. She?d been doing my taxes for years but my meetings ere always with the tax partner, so while I?d had conversations with her about details I?d ever met her. I was sitting at the table talking with the tax partner when she walked in. At first glance I didn?t think there was anything remarkable but then she smiled and I saw brown eyes and little dimples. She had thick brown hair cut short and little black metal rimmed glasses and she was cute as a button. I also noticed that she had an impressive depth of chest. I imagined she was in her middle thirties, about the same age as my wife, ten years younger than me.

My wife, Samantha, and I had been married for ten years. We were both busy people, each with our own businesses, though I thought we were pretty committed to each other. I met Kathy on a Thursday morning, and made an appointment to pick up the finished tax return on Friday morning. Thursday afternoon I received an anonymous call that my wife was having an affair with her partner Brian and that if I left work right now I?d see her leaving his apartment. I did and got even more than I?d bargained for, because as she left, I saw her adjusting her clothes as Brian gave her a very passionate kiss. I was pretty floored and in fact had no idea how to react. I thought back to the past two months. Our lovemaking hadn?t really changed at all; we usually had sex twice a week and I didn?t think things had been any different. We?d made plans for a vacation in three months time and we were thinking about buying a new house. Both our businesses were doing pretty well. Sam had made Brian an equity partner about a year before. I wondered how long they?d been fucking. I had a drink with a good buddy of mine Thursday evening but didn?t say a word to him. When I got home it was late so I showered and slid into bed without having to say a word to Sam.

The next morning when I was showering I realized that I was looking forward to seeing Kathy again. My dick got half hard thinking about her boobs; that was unusual for me. I worked surrounded by young pretty things and very much kept my thoughts and hands to myself. Perhaps it was a reaction to Sam?s infidelity. When Kathy came into the lobby with the tax returns she was just as cute as I remembered. She gave me that great smile and said she?d like to go through the returns with me, so we went into the conference room and she sat beside me and started going through the schedules. I was busy trying not to stare at her boobs, but she kept on crushing the one next to me against the table top. I figured they were probably a double d, maybe even an e. Her shoulders looked almost too fragile to carry their weight. I was so distracted by my own ridiculous thoughts that I almost missed the fact that she had stopped on one of the deprecation schedules. I?d bought a new plane that year and she was discussing the effect of the likely sale this year of the older plane.

She said, ?What made you buy the new plane??

I realized this was hardly a tax question. ?Because it?s safer, faster, more luxurious and sexier than the old one.?

?Wow, you really love to fly don?t you??

My comment slipped out without thought, ?It?s the second most fun thing to do.?

Her laugh was great and I said, ?Would you like to go fucking sometime?? I realized what I?d just said, and for the only time in my life stammered, ?I?m sso sorry; I meant to ask..?

She stared at me and was still laughing as she said, ?That?s OK, I know what you meant to ask. I think I?d be a nervous fucker. I mean flyer.?

?I?m a nervous flyer, but it?s still a lot of fun. Have you ever been in a small plane??

?I?ve never been in any kind of plane.?

?Then it?d be an adventure. Listen, I?m going to be at the plane tomorrow morning, hanging around the hanger. You?ve got my cell. If you?re tempted give me a shout.?

I signed the returns and left. That evening I took my wife out to dinner and when we got home I sat her down in the living room and told her that I understood she was having an affair with Brian. I?d watched her carefully during dinner, which was silly I suppose, but she looked different somehow to me, this woman who had been deceiving me.

She denied it. I asked her a series of questions, ?Where is Brian?s apartment? What?s the address? Did you go there yesterday afternoon??

She claimed she didn?t know and wasn?t there. I said, ?So anybody who saw you leave the apartment and then kiss Brian on the street would be lying??

She paused and I saw her bite her lip. I hate being lied to. I also hate lying. By the time I was thirty I figured out that lying made me feel bad and that I?d be happier if I didn?t do things that made me feel bad.

She said, ?OK. I?ve been sleeping with him.?

?It?s kind of crazy to sleep with someone you work with.?

?I know. It just happened.?

?How long ago??

She bit her lip again. I said, ?It?d be better if you told the truth now rather than having to undo a bunch of lies later.?

?Two years.?

I nodded. ?OK. What do we do now??

She looked surprised, but to tell the truth I was emotionally drained and feeling slightly sick and I didn?t think I could take much more. She said, ?I guess that depends on you.?

?You mean whether I want a divorce??

?I suppose so.?

She had tears in her eyes now. I said, ?Look I?ve had as much excitement in my day as I can take, so let?s not talk about it anymore. I?m going to sleep in the guest room. I guess you?ll go on fucking Brian in the meantime but I don?t feel like having sex with you until we work this out.?

It was late and I was whipped, so I took a couple of sleeping pills, showered and passed out. I?d locked the door and sometime in the night she woke me by rattling the door knob. She wanted to talk but I was zonked by the pills and I chased her off. The next morning she was still sleeping when I got up. I went out for breakfast and headed to the hanger. I was halfway there when my phone rang with a number I didn?t recognize, It was Kathy, phoning to find out if I was serious about inviting her to fly. An hour later the plane was gassed, cleaned and ready to go and there she was, waiting on the porch at the local FBO. She looked even cuter than she had yesterday. She was wearing a white t-shirt covered by an untucked blue jean shirt that was buttoned in the middle with tight white pedal pushers and rope sandals. Her purse was oversize and she had round sunglasses sitting on the top of her head. Perfect.

I showed her my baby and went over the pre-flight explaining how I checked to make sure that everything was working before we took off, explaining the check-lists that guided the process. A few more minutes and we were fired up. I asked her over the intercom how long we had and she said she had to be back by four.

?Great. I?ll take you to lunch at a little place close to Gulf Shores. It?s about a forty minute flight.? Up up and away. I love the way this plane flies. I kept the maneuvers gentle, but I saw that she was enjoying herself, so I did a number of s-turns and persuaded her to take the stick. By the time we landed she was wildly enthusiastic. The beach bar we visited had great margaritas but I had the waitress make mine a virgin to keep my aviating legal.

We talked about the flight and once she started asking about flying lessons I knew she was hooked. I said, ?I don?t know anything about you. Married, children??

She looked down. ?Was married, and I have twins who, today, are five months old. My ex bailed the marriage when he found out I was pregnant. My mom helps a lot. This is the first time I?ve done anything other than nurse children or work for nearly a year.? She grinned at me shyly. ?Thanks for the invite.?

?You?re welcome.? We talked about everything and had a slow lunch. She asked about Kathy. Of course she?d been preparing our tax returns for years so she knew a lot of superficial facts, but I guess some of the sadness I was feeling about the present situation came out and when she raised an eyebrow at me I told her that I?d just discovered she was having an affair so it was a difficult time.

?You?re jealous??

?I don?t know what I am.?

?My husband and I always had a pretty open relationship. He?d always fooled around with couples and got me hooked on the whole thing.?

This was a surprise to me. She looked so demure. She grinned. ?That margarita?s pretty strong. Of course the fact that I?ve been pregnant or nursing for the past year means that this is the first drink I?ve had for a very long time. Sure you can fly after one??

I said, ?Mine looks real but it isn?t. ?Eight hours between the throttle and the bottle?. It?s an FAA rule and a good one. You?re still nursing? And what do you mean the whole thing.?

The waitress had just taken her order for a second margarita and Kathy leaned close. ?You didn?t think these huge tatas were normal did you? And as for the whole thing, we slept with other couples and sometimes single people. Men and women.? She laughed, ?You look so shocked; but it was pretty sensible. Everyone is tempted. It kept things honest. Our breakup didn?t have to do with that. He just didn?t want children. I hate dishonesty in a relationship.?

?So how did it work, weren?t you jealous??

?It?s hard to be jealous when you?re the one putting your husband?s cock in another woman while you?re sitting on her face.? She paused and blushed. ?My I am drunk.? She pushed the remaining margarita away. ?Let?s go flying.?

Once we were in the car she said, ?You know this whole infidelity thing isn?t so much about the sex. Perhaps even from one perspective it?d kind of be a turn on for you to think about her getting fucked by this other guy. Was she very sexual with you??

?We?ve been together for ten years. We?re both pretty pre-occupied by our businesses, so I guess we?d settled into a routine. Sometimes once sometimes twice a week.?

?Sex with others brings new elements into a relationship and it also allows you to see your partner interacting with others. In a way you get to see them through others peoples eyes.?

?You?re a philosophers.?

?No I?m a little drunk; but you?re right I?m always curious about what makes people go round. Do you get a little aroused at the thought of her getting pounded by her lover. Just think of all the excitement she felt while she was off doing something illicit. And think of what she must have been feeling on the days when she got fucked by both of you.?

I was stone cold amazed to hear this coming from her mouth and the look I gave her caused her to laugh. ?Oh your face. I shouldn?t be playing with you like this, but sex is so silly to get so worked up about.?

We arrived at the plane and this time her hand traced the surfaces when we did a walk around. The Columbia 400 is made of carbon fibre and fiberglass and has the most sensuous shape imaginable. I could see her comparing it to the other planes on the field and felt proud when she said, ?She certainly is the most beautiful plane at the airport.?

Some clouds had formed between us and home so I told Kathy that we?d be filing an instrument flight plan to get back and we?d be breathing oxygen because of the higher altitude. We obtained our clearance and I explained the procedures we?d have to follow. The autopilot was flying the plane almost immediately after take-off and all was well until we got to twelve thousand and then I heard her squeak over the headset, ?Oh lord I?m leaking.? She looked over at me. ?I told you I?m nursing and for some reason I can just feel the milk coming out. I should have pumped at the restaurant.?

?It must be the altitude, but it?ll be twenty minutes before we can descend.?

She looked panicked but then she reached into the back and said, ?I know this is embarrassing but I?m going to have to pump the milk otherwise I think I?ll fill up your plane.? She pulled out a little mechanical pump with a plastic trumpet on the end and said, ?It?s getting worse. Do you have any napkins or a towel??

I kept a blanket in the back and she reached it and then started taking off her denim shirt. The undershirt had wet rings around her nipples, and she quickly stripped it off and then unsnapped her bra. ?This is embarrassing.?

I laughed and said, ?No it?s wonderful. The first topless girl in the plane.? Air Traffic Control was giving me a new altitude assignment and vectors, but I saw the bra come off out of the corner of my eye. They were gorgeous. Pale, and huge, with not a stretch mark in sight, with the most beautiful dusky rose nipples on the upturned slopes. Milk was leaking out of both nipples and she popped the plastic trumpet on one and I saw the nipple stretch to an incredible length as a stream of milk shot out. She looked over and said, ?I hope you?re not grossed out.?

The moment she?d taken her shirt off I?d felt my cock start to grow and now I was sporting a full erection. ?Actually it?s really erotic in a perverse sort of way.?

?Well we?re both enjoying this then.? She pulled the trumpet off and we emptied the bottle in a portajohn I carried onboard. Her nipple was long and incredibly pink. She said, ?I always get aroused when I do this.?

The airport we were landing at had gone to instrument conditions so I was busy programming the plane and following ATC?s instructions, but I?d look over at Kathy every few seconds. She had the pump on the second breast, but she was turned sideways in the seat watching me. The nipple on the breast that wasn?t being pumped was still hard. She saw me looking and pinched it, giving me a wink when I looked up to her face. The Columbia has a side-stick to control the plane so my lap was completely visible and my hard cock was making an obvious tent in my trousers. I saw her look down at the bulge and then she started getting more flushed and I saw the fingers on the hand not holding the pump move to the outside of her pants. The plane was on short final when I saw the runway lights so I was preoccupied with landing the plane but the sounds of orgasm coming from the right hand seat were unmistakable.

The tower controller was laughing when he gave me instructions to go to ground frequency, ?Sounded like you had a fair bit of interference on your radio while you were on final.? By the time we pulled up to the hanger she?d put her denim shirt on, but left the bra and the t-shirt off.

I shut the engine down and turned to her. ?That was quite a flight.?

She seemed embarrassed. ?Yes. I had a lot of fun.? I reached across to open her door and she climbed out gathering all of her things and stuffing them into her bag.

My hanger isn?t entirely finished but I have a mezzanine floor above the airplane that has a shower, sink and toilet as well as a sofa, tv and refrigerator. I sent her up there telling her that she could rinse her bra and shirt if she liked. I walked up just as she was getting out of the shower. I turned around just as she saw me but she said, ?Come on up. You?ve had a pretty wild introduction for a simple flying invitation. Seen me drunk, watched my breasts leak all over your plane, watched me pump them, have an orgasm and now a shower. Whew. You must be exhausted.? She was drying herself as she talked, treating me to views of a completely sexy body. I don?t know what she did to keep in shape but it worked. High ass, long legs, flat tummy. I sat down. She wrapped a towel around herself and sat beside me.

?Look it?s been over a year since I?ve had sex and those margaritas are still working, but I really don?t want to get in the middle of your marriage, but I know this has developed into a tease and I can see that you?re interested. Here are the rules. No kissing on the mouth. No penetration. You can kiss here (she pointed to her breasts) and here (pointing south). I can kiss here. (she pointed to my crotch). OK??

?You like rules don?t you??

?I guess during my years swinging with my husband we learned to separate sex from love pretty well. Rules helped. Why don?t you get undressed??

I said, ?Since we?re being honest, I don?t really like oral sex on me.? Her eyes opened. ?I cum too fast. It?s too much sensation.?

?Sort of like me breast pumping. It makes me cum all on its own, but I love a challenge. Strip.?

I did and she actually coo-ed when she saw my cock. I sat beside her while she wrapped her hand around me and I lifted a boob to my lips. I licked her nipple and sucked it gently. She moaned, ?Harder? and I put some pressure on it and felt a little milk in my mouth. ?Oh yes, suck my tits.?

They were incredibly heavy. I fed one nipple and then the other into my mouth flicking her nipples with fingers and tongue. She moved into my lap and sat with her pussy lips around my shaft. She arched so that I felt her rubbing on me and then it was only a couple of minutes before I felt her cumming. She slid down me and wrapped her hands around my shaft and then started giving tiny butterfly kisses to the head of my dick. I could feel my cum rising before she even put it into her mouth, but then her hand was clamped around my balls and I felt a sharp pain that caused the urge to go. She then took me deep into her mouth and looked up, straight into my eyes. I felt the urge to cum again, but she stopped me again. This went on for twenty minutes. I?d never lasted so long, but she was completely able to predict the exact second before I went over the edge. Finally just when I expected her to stop she continued on, bobbing her head on my shaft. I erupted buckets of cum and she swallowed every drop.

She sat back and wiped her hand across her mouth, smiling at me. ?You came a lot. It was great. I missed that feeling. I had a little orgasm while you were cumming.?

?It was fantastic. Now please sit here. I want to taste you.? We changed positions and I kissed down the inside of her thighs. She was completely wet. I lapped up her juices and put my tongue past her lips into her hole and then I started kissing her lips. It was ten minutes before I put my mouth around her clit, which was, by now, very hard and pink. I flicked it with my lip and she started cumming and then I snaked my finger into her hole and touched her g-spot. Her back came off the couch and I looked up to see little jets of milk coming out of her nipples. She lay back grinning at me and I stood up, my cock hard again.

?I?ve missed seeing hard cocks. Come here.?

I put my knees on the sofa and she turned her head so she could lick me on the bottom of my shaft, her hand scratching gently on my nut sack. She held my cock and looked at me from underneath it. ?This time I want you to cum just as quick as you can and I want to see your cum all over my tits.? She shifted so she could take me deep into her mouth. I was close enough to cup her breasts and watch milk ooze from their nipples. The sight was so erotic that it didn?t take me long. ?Come on, finish yourself off and cover me.? She sat up slightly, her hand between her legs as she didled her clit. I knew she was a quick cummer but she was there when I shot streams of cum onto her tits.

The shower was only large enough for one of us at a time, but twenty minutes later I was dropping her off at the FBO. She turned her head when we said goodbye so I only kissed her cheek, but as I was driving home my cell rang and she was on the other end. ?Flying is my second favorite thing to do too. Tonight, if you?re having a difficult conversation with your wife I want you to remember the sight of my tits covered in your cum. I?ll be thinking of it too.?

I said, ?So that?s it??

?It was perfect and you know it. Maybe we?ll do it again sometime.?

We said goodbye. It was six in the evening and I was happier than I?d been for some time. Sam?s car was in the driveway; she was sitting in the living room.

?I?d like to talk.?


?I?m sorry. I never should have let it happen.?

?OK what do we do now??

?We move on. I do what I can to reestablish trust.?

?And your relationship with Brian??

?It?s over.?

?And you can keep working with him??


I looked at her. ?The problem is that women have affairs because they like the guys they?re fucking. Men are a lot simpler, though I guess when a man gets into a relationship it?s the same thing. Maybe we should talk about having a more open relationship.?

?What do you mean??

?I was talking to a friend today. She told me that she and her husband used to have sex with other people. Maybe that would work for us.?

?I don?t know.?

?Look. You?ve been deceiving me for two years. I think of all the temptations I?ve forgone, all the women I?ve left untouched and it makes me angry. I think I want a little playing time. We can do it together or we can do it separate.?

?How does that work? We just find people to fuck???

?That does sound silly doesn?t it? I guess what I said earlier was correct. Women only do have relationships with men they care for. I guess I have a tough time believing you can turn that off with Brian if you continue to work together.?

?OK well let?s try it.?

?So you?d agree to fuck other people just to keep your working relationship with Brian.?

?I wouldn?t put it that way. If you ask then I?ll disband the partnership.?

?OK, do it.?

?That?s what you want??

?I think it?s a starting point. Look you?ve got to decide if this marriage is worth it. I guess we have some major issues for you to have done this. Why wouldn?t you just get a divorce and live happily ever after with Brian??

She spoke without thinking, ?Because he?d never divorce his wife.?

?I guess you could continue on the way you were.? I started thinking of the sight of Kathy?s tits. ?Listen there?s someone I?ve thought of having sex with who I?m pretty sure would be enthusiastic. Figure out what you want to do and let me know.? I stood up.

She said, ?I?m not really happy about that.?

I laughed, ?You?ve been lying to me for two years about fucking your partner who you still want to be with and who apparently lacks the balls to get his own life straight and you don?t want me sleeping with someone??

?I said I?d stop.?

?Unfortunately at this point you don?t have much credibility. I think we can have sex with other people but I only want to be in a relationship with one person. While Brian?s around you?re going to be having a relationship with two men. Maybe that?s OK for some people but I don?t think it works for me, but I guess we don?t have to make any decisions tonight. Look Sam, the fact that you don?t want to end the partnership with Brian should tell you something about the way you feel.?

I went out to dinner with a friend who also happened to be a litigator and over drinks told him what I was dealing with. ?You know, in terms of assets, I guess my business is worth twice what hers is. I can finance a buyout of her share pretty easily. No kid means the rest of the assets are pretty easy to split. The fact is that I?m only a couple of months away from starting a new store. It?s stupid to create assets to give to someone who?s leading their own separate life.?

Ron looked at me. ?When I was going through the divorce with Julie a couple of years ago it was really hard to separate the emotional from the financial. I think you?ve got to deal with the emotional first. Do you want to fight to save the marriage??

That was a good question, and I wasn?t sure my afternoon with Kathy had done me any good. Almost sex with her had been more passionate than anything with Sam in the past few years. It seemed stupid for me to wait until Sam told me what she wanted before figuring out what I wanted.

It was eleven by the time I walked in the front door. Tomorrow was Sunday, and I had only a few business tasks. I thought maybe I?d do something fun, like change the oil in the plane. Sam?s car wasn?t in the driveway, so I went to the guestroom, had a bath and lay in bed reading. She knocked on the door at midnight.

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