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It had been a pleasant evening enjoying a glass of wine and good conversation, but I could tell by the sudden spark in your eye I had said something wrong. I asked if everything was all right and was met with a stony, "Let's go". We walked back to your apartment in an uncomfortable silence.

We reached your apartment and again I asked, "Is everything all right" you looked me square in the eye and with an icy voice instructed me to go to the bedroom once there I heard a single word, "Strip". Feeling somewhat excited but confused I hurried out of me clothes and when I turned to face you, there you stood still fully clothed holding a piece of rope and a blindfold. "You will now pay for your arrogance fucker, hold out your hands!!" Nervous but excited I did as ordered. I held my hands in front of me and you quickly bound my wrist together. "Get on the bed on your hands and knees" was the next order. With an obvious erection not knowing what the game was, I quickly complied. I moved to the center of the bed, my hands tied, on all fours excited but apprehensive. As you slipped the blindfold over my eyes, you whispered in my ear, "You are not fit to look at me" all I could manage was a feeble yes Ma'am.

I heard the rustling of clothing and other noises behind me but was not sure what was about to happen, then I felt your cool hand slowly stroking me erection...I gasped and was thinking this isn't so bad. SMACK!!! The stinging blow to my ass had happened so quickly that I had not even noticed that your hand was no longer on my erection. I let out a sharp yelp, knees buckling when the second stinging slap struck my ass. "Back on your knees" you ordered, I replied "Yes". SLAP!! Again a quick blow to my now stinging ass, "Yes what?" you demanded. My mind was racing and I could only utter a meek "Yes Ma'am".

My ass was now stinging and I can only imagine it was glowing a bright red, when I felt your talented fingers once again return to my cock. After a few strokes I started to moan and realize I would explode within seconds. SMACK!!!! Oh my god what was that, your hand has been replaced by a hard object, which I can't see but can only guess what it may be. I am later to learn it is a hair brush. "You will not cum until I tell you too" you whisper in my ear, "You will obey me!!" My ass stinging and my mind in a cloud I manage a quiet "Yes Ma'am".

Silence, I am not sure where you are. I am straining to hear where you may be and now your hands are massaging my ass cheeks. You are rubbing and massaging my ass and I am thinking this is not so bad when I am meet by a new strange sensation, I can't see but there seems to have been a cool lotion or liquid applied to my butt crack. It is a strange sensation that I have never felt and my brain is working hard to identify what is going on. With no notice I feel what I can only guess is your finger quickly inserted into my ass. I gasp as this is a first for me. I feel invaded but the feeling is not at all unpleasant as you slowly work your finger in and out. My cock surely must burst without and stimulation. There is a strange pressure in me. I relax and again a moan escapes. SMACK!! "Did I give you permission to enjoy yourself?" you demand. Quickly I reply, "No Ma'am" Your finger has been removed and my mind is racing. My cock is aching for relief.

Suddenly you grab my balls, squeezing them you say, "On your feet". I quickly comply as with my balls in your hand I have no real choice. You lead me across the room and direct me to sit in a chair. After I sit, you free my hands only to tell me to put them behind my back and you quickly bind them again. You roughly remove the blind fold. I am sitting in a chair facing your bed. You slowly move onto the bed in front of me. "See anything you like?" you ask. I manage a "Yes Ma'am" my eyes riveted on you. You lay on the bed legs spread so I see as you slowly stroke yourself. You spread you pussy lips so I can see you in all your glory. As I watch you slowly rub your clit, asking me, "Don't you want some of this?" I can barely choke out a yes Ma'am. My eyes are glued to you as you rub yourself moaning and you slowly bring yourself to climax. From where I sit I can see your juices and wish I could do something about it. You stand up approach me and say, "Suck my fingers fucker." I do as ordered and you smile a wicked smile.

You look into my eyes reach down and grasp my cock and quickly mount me, facing me looking into my eyes. You are warm and moist and you pussy is milking me as you rise up and down on my throbbing cock. I stand no chance the chain of events has me shooting my cum deep into you within a matter of minutes. You stay on me until I start to go soft, our juices dripping on my thighs. You stand above me a smug look I cannot determine on your face. Quickly the blindfold is placed over my eyes, so I did not see the slap coming, hard and crisp to my cheek. "Did I say you can cum?" you demand. "No Ma'am" is my reply. "You will have to learn to do better", is your response. I hear you chuckle and walk from the room. I sit in the chair with mixed emotions. Spent, embarrassed but mostly wondering, in the quiet room, what awaits me when you return.

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