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Surprise Office Encounter

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Karen was sitting in the meeting daydreaming about nothing in particular. She had been at the company for just over a year, but still didn’t really know anyone very well. Karen knew that people thought she was nice, but she is too shy to strike up conversations beyond idle chitchat. She spent her lunches reading, running errands, or just daydreaming, like she was doing in the meeting now. She suddenly felt like someone was watching her and felt herself flush. She guessed someone had figured out she wasn’t paying attention and started to scribble some words on the notepad in front of her to appear as if she was listening. As she started to tune back into the meeting and her supervisor’s words she noticed one of her co-workers, Ryan, was looking at her. The look in his eyes made her flush even more, although she wasn’t quite sure why. She gave him a weak smile and quickly turned back to the meeting. After the meeting she gathered her things and walked to the door, there he was, holding the door open for everyone. As she walked past Ryan he stepped towards her and their bodies brushed together, she felt an electric jolt down to her toes and gasped for air. The moment was over almost as soon as it had begun but it was all she could think about for the rest of the day. She hoped that he didn’t notice her reaction to their brief contact. Karen doesn’t consider herself attractive in any way, and it never occurred to her that the contact may have been intentional.

The next day Karen avoided Ryan as much as possible, blushing every time she did notice him and quickly leaving the room. However she knew there would be no way to avoid him all day, as there was another meeting scheduled. This time she made it a point to pay attention throughout the meeting, never looking towards his end of the table. She could feel him looking at her but never turned around to confirm. When the meeting was over she was grateful that he wasn’t holding the doors open this time. Suddenly she was aware that he was directly behind her as everyone lined up to leave the room. His body was so close and warm; she trembled involuntarily with a desire she didn’t understand. She dropped her notebook, and when she bent down to pick it up she heard him moan softly in what she guessed was appreciation of the view she had inadvertently given him when she bent over. She quickly pushed her way through the crowd, completely embarrassed and all but ran to her office. Before she knew what was happening, he was in the office with her and was closing the door. She panicked at being alone with him, wondering if he could tell how aroused she was at the thought of being alone with him.

“Karen, are you okay? You looked really tense at the meeting.” Ryan asked her. With much difficulty she was able to stammer out “I’m okay, just have a lot on my mind”. “Is there anything I can do to help? A massage maybe to help you relax?” Ryan asked. Karen felt the blush returning at the thought of him touching her in anyway. She knew he used to be a masseuse and tried to take it as just that. Karen turned him down and told him she had to get back to work.

Ryan suddenly grabbed her and pulled her close, saying “I’m sorry, I can’t resist you anymore, I just have to kiss you”.. She looked up at him and realized he was going to kiss her, and she was going to let him. When their lips touched Karen lost any semblance of control, passion taking over her body. She pressed her body into his and kissed him back, thrusting her tongue into his hot open mouth. Ryan moaned in appreciation and pulled her closer. Karen had never felt a kiss like that before and didn’t want it to end. She ripped at his shirt, not believing how bold she was being, and ran her hands underneath it exploring his chest and back with her hands. Ryan moved from her lips kissing her cheek, chin, and neck. His lips and hands were both rough and gentle, a combination she never knew was possible until now. Both of their shirts were off now, and they were both breathing heavily. When his lips got to her breasts she yelped with pleasure, her yelp turned into a moan as she felt his lips tug at her nipples, his teeth grazing her skin. Ryan was suddenly standing in front of her, asking her if she wanted to stop. Her mind was screaming “Yes, we can’t do this”, however her body had taken over any rational thought, all she could do was shake her head. With that he quickly removed the rest of her clothing and his and sat her up on the desk. He kissed her deeply before pushing her backwards to lie back. He kissed a trail of kisses from her lips to her navel before going even lower. By this point she could barely breath, when his lips found her clit and his fingers were buried deep inside of her she found herself screaming his name and cumming for the first time in years. Ryan couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was and couldn’t hold back anymore. He drove his dick into her hot, wet, tight pussy as she was still convulsing. He felt her hips rise up to meet him and thrust even deeper into her. He thrust into her slowly at first, letting her enjoy her orgasm, while he fought to keep control of his own. As she recovered some he increased his thrusting, betting rougher and faster feeling her climax building again. She dug her fingernails into his back, her legs wrapped tightly around him and he knew she was close to orgasm again. He pulled out suddenly, flipping her over and then driving himself back into her. She was so wet that he could feel her juices dripping down his balls as he fucked her. He spanked her a few times and was rewarded by her moans of pleasure and tightening of her pussy around him. When he couldn’t hold back anymore he emptied his load into her, feeling her orgasm around him, knowing that he had made her his and this would be the first of many such encounters.

- The End

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