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Support For His Sister

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My older sister, Helen, is a wonderful person. She is two years older than me at 24. She doesn?t deserve the raw deals she always seems to get. Like Rocky her husband, a guy I always thought was a creep. Well, it finally happened to her, again, this time it was Rocky walking out on her and telling her he was gone for good. When mom told me about it I kind of thought to myself, ?Lucky her.? But, mom and dad didn?t see it that way, especially mom. And seeing that I had just lost my job at the tire store, mom wanted me to go up to Helen?s and keep her company during this troubling time. I agreed because mom had this job that had a deadline for her and I knew she couldn?t get away. So, I hopped in my car and drove the some 90 odd miles to the town where she was living.

At her apartment I knocked on the door. Mom had told me that she was so worked up that she was staying home from work. Well, that told me that she must be upset because if anyone had a great work ethic it was sis. She opened the door and as soon as she saw me she fell into my arms and started crying. I tried to console her and did a little. We chatted a bit and then she made dinner for us. After dinner I helped with the cleanup and dishes?bringing both of us back to the old days and we laughed about it and how we would argue about who?s turn it was to was or dry.

Finally, we sat down and Helen began to cry again. She told me how he had called her all kinds of name and said she was ugly. I felt like going out to find him and knocking the crap out of him. Granted she wasn?t a beauty queen, she was a little over weight?well, okay a lot over weight. She was about 5? 4? and 180 pounds, but she was a beautiful person inside. She would do anything for you even me and at times I tried to make her live a living hell. But, she was always my older sister and always looked out for me.

As we were sitting on the sofa she was pouring out her heart to me. I guess she just needed someone to ventilate to. Well, when she told me how he had called her ugly, I told her that he didn?t know what he was talking about because she was beautiful. She said, ?Ricky, look at me, I am not beautiful.?

?Yes you are.? I retorted. She started crying again and pulled my head to her breasts and held me tight. I had always admired, from afar, how large her breasts were. When you are a guy you just notice things like that, even if it is your sister. They felt so soft under my head. This was the closest I ever got to feeling them.

?He told me that I was fat and had floppy breasts. I was so humiliated.? She told me.

I pulled up, ?You don?t either, they are beautiful, there?re perfect.?

?Oh yeah, well look at that.? as she raised her T shirt and showed me her breasts. She was not wearing a bra and for the first time I saw her breasts and her large dark brown areola and large nipples. It had nothing to do with sex for her, but for a young 22 year old male the hormones kicked in.

?Wow, sis they are beautiful, magnificent.? I complimented.

?Really?? She said somewhat astonished. ?You are just saying that.? But I think she could see in my eyes that I meant it. I couldn?t help myself as my hand on its own started to reach out and cup one of her breasts. I start fondling it. She looked down at my hand and then back at me, ?I don?t think you should be doing that.?

I instantly removed my hand. ?Oh sis I am so sorry, I didn?t mean to I don?t know what came over me. They are just so lovely and it is the first time I have ever seen them and?..Oh God sis, they are so lovely?I?I?I want to?Oh sis, can I suck on one, please??

?No?no you can?t, you are my brother and it isn?t right and you know it isn?t.? she scolded.

?Please, oh sis please, just once just this once, I won?t tell anyone, I promise, please, please, please. I begged. I don?t know if it was my begging or maybe a little pride that someone found them attractive after the jerk had told her they were floppy or whatever, but she just looked at me for a minute, looking into my pleading face then reached under one and lifted it up and held it out towards me. I leaned forward and took it in my mouth and started sucking on her nipple and then tried to get as much as I could into my mouth. I was licking, kissing and sucking on that breast and nipple with all the gusto I could muster up. I figured it was now and then never so I wanted to make the most of it. Actually, I couldn?t believe my sister was letting me do it. She has always been the prude of us. Never liked to hear off color jokes, etc. Once she found a Playboy in my room, scolded me and made me throw the magazine out. I did it, only under the threat of her telling our parents. That was one of the few times she ever pulled the, ?Tell mom and dad? card on me. Now here she was letting me suck on her breast.

I decided to gamble and go for it all and moved to the other breast. I wasn?t so urgent with this one and just started kissing it gently and licking the areola around the nipple then teasing the nipple by just barely touching the tip with the tip of my tongue. I could feel her breathing becoming somewhat labored so I went for it all and raised my hand to her free breast and started fondling it, teasing it, tweaking it between my thumb and forefinger. Before I knew it I had an enormous hard on?for my sister? All I knew is that I didn?t want to stop playing with those mammoth tits, which I later found out to be 40dd?s. As I was fondling and sucking I somewhat subconsciously took her T shirt and pushed up over her head, which I think she subconsciously allowed me to do.

With Helen naked from the waist up, I continued playing with her breasts as my lips moved up to her neck and then her lips, as I started kissing my sister in away that one should never kiss his sister. Our mouths opened and my tongue darted into her mouth and started to dance with her tongue. That is when she came to her senses and pushed me back saying, ?No, no Ricky, no this is wrong you are my brother we can?t do this.?

?But sis you are so beautiful we can?t stop now. I have dreamed and fantasized about this moment for years. I?ve worshipped you, I?ve desired you, I?ve wanted to see your body so bad. Don?t stop now; please don?t stop look what you have done to me. I pulled her hand down to my crotch and placed it over my erect penis. As I held it there I could feel her reluctantly feeling it, not overtly, but more subtle. While her hand was on my cock and her guard was down I, again, leaned in and started gently, lovingly kissing her nipple.

She was wearing light sweat pants and in her moment of weakness I moved my hand between her legs. The moment she felt it there, she tried to push it away and pleaded, ?Ricky, no don?t, it isn?t right, I don?t want to, please no.? But, I pushed my hand back and just cupped her womanhood and applied light pressure, not wanting to scare her.

I was so hot it took all I had not to rip her pants off and r*pe her right there, but she was my sister and I would never do that to her?never. She was now pushed back on the sofa half lying with her feet hanging off onto the floor. I ripped my top off over my head in a flash and had my hand back on her before she could react. I wanted to feel those naked tits against my bare chest. As I again cupped her and pushed my chest down on hers, I kissed her passionately. I could feel her lips responding to mine and WE kissed. I pushed my tongue out and licked her lips and the tried to force it into her mouth, but it took very little force as her lips parted and our tongues played with one another.

As our kiss became more intense, I applied more pressure to her pussy, still not fingering her or probing her just pushing my hand against her with more and more pressure. I could feel her hips moving slightly and I heard the little moan escape between our kiss. I broke the kiss and slide my lips to her ear and kissed it, making sure to breathe into it?I felt the shiver and I sucked on her earlobe. Then down to her neck, where I licked, kissed, nibbled and left a tiny hickie. Lower I went back to her large breasts hanging over her chest kissing down to her nipples. I took both breasts and pushed them together so I could take both nipples into my mouth at the same time. I could feel them harden in my mouth.

Then I left the tasty, succulent nipples and started down her round stomach; my hands now on her sides clutching her soft, pliable love handles. I reached her bellybutton now enlarged by her weight and added size and dug at it with my tongue. Helen just griped the sofa with her hands seemingly unable or unwilling to stop me. I kissed and played with her bellybutton a moment before going lower and kissing all around her stomach. Then as I got lower, yet I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her sweatpants and her panties. I gave a good solid pull and pulled them from her large ass. However, I missed her panties and they remained in place. I could hear my sister moaning, ?Noooo, noooo, pleasssseeee nooooo.? But I couldn?t stop. As I pushed her sweatpants down to her ankles I forced my face between her thighs. She tried to keep them together but I perceived it as a half hearted effort and nose was quickly pushed against her panties. I moved my head and kissed the crotch, in other words, I kissed her pussy lips through the cotton material of her panties and I felt her body quiver. I gently kissed and licked, as my own saliva added to the wetness.

I could feel her thighs gradually spreading as I lovingly probed, with my tongue, the slit under her panties. I was now on my knees on the floor between her legs. The aroma of my sister, the taste of my sister, the feel of her wet panties on my tongue was mind blowing. I was now pushing hard against her crotch and then without the help of my hands I weaseled my tongue the panties and touched my sister?s soft, puffy, wet pussy lips. My head didn?t move as I just wiggled my tongue and tasted her on the tip. However, unable to control myself any longer I reached up, hooked a finger under the panties and pulled the crotch to one side and probed my sisters slit with my hungry tongue.

Again she was pleading and moaning, ?Ohhhh Ricky it is so wrong we have to stop, you know we can?t do this, it is against nature and everything that is acceptable.? But, they were only words and I felt no physical force trying to stop me. I continued to lick and probe and kiss her over sized pussy. It seemed a vast canyon in need of exploring. As I wiggled my tongue around and in between the folds of silky smooth, pink skin I found her spot and teased with the tip of my tongue. ?Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.? She kept repeating as if this had never happened to her before. It seemed only a matter of seconds when she went into convulsions, her body started jerking, her legs clamped around my head, her hands reached down and pulled my face into her and she exploded. Her hips bucking up into my face, Undistinguishable sounds escaping her lips. At one point I became so engulfed within her pussy and folds of skin that I couldn?t breathe. However, my attempt to escape for air seemed to only heighten her orgasm.

As she started to come down from the high, I pulled back, pushed her legs together, reached under her ass, grasped her panties and pulled them from her. I pushed her legs apart and gazed at my sister?s pussy thickly covered with dark brown hair. But I could see her slit glistening and a wet spot on the sofa just below her. I pushed the pubic hair aside and at the same time spread her slit and began lapped up the remaining juices she so willingly discharged moments ago. She was still moaning from the experience and muttering, ?Oh Ricky, Ricky, Ricky that has never happened to me before.? At first I didn?t understand then suddenly realized that I had given my sister her first orgasm.

With my face covered with her love ointment, the strong female perfume filling my nose and the pride of providing a first orgasm I felt a total man for the first time. I stood, slightly between her legs, looked down at my naked sister?s Rubenesque body; so beautiful, so innocent, so loving, so desirable and I pushed my shorts and briefs down to my ankles to stand above her with my seven and a half inch cut cock sticking straight out with it?s little upward bend.

I know I had lust in my eyes as I could see a slight fear come to Helen?s face. I reached down and pulled one of her thick legs up onto the sofa leaving the other hanging off the front. I dropped down with one knee on the sofa pushing against her inner thigh. She looked at me and began pleading, ?No Ricky no, not this, we can?t.? I didn?t listen, I took my cock in my hand and lowered myself on her and began probing her slit with the head of my cock. ?Ricky, Ricky its incest. You can?t do it, I?m your sister.? She pleaded. I found her opening and leaned forward all the way down on top of my sister as my cock sank to my balls inside her. I immediately started moving my hips to fuck my sister, as I lowered my lips onto hers. Her response was all the encouragement I needed, as she kissed me back, throwing her arms around my neck and sticking her tongue down my throat. We kissed and our tongues danced and I fucked that big, puffy pussy with the tight little hole.

There was no question that she was as excited as I was and that she was into the fucking as much as I. With her large belly it was hard to stay inside her and in trying to maneuver into a better position, we lost our balance and fell off the sofa. I ended up on my back and Helen on her knees. Sis quickly through a leg over me, reached between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided it back into her. She rose up onto her knees and lowered herself down on me. My cock was fully imbedded inside her cunt, as she started moving up and down on me. I was no longer fucking my sister?she was fucking me. I reached up and grabbed two handfuls of large, drooping breast and squeezed as hard as I could. She seemed to enjoy it and increased her rhythm. I found her nipples and pinched them hard I saw her wince and then impel herself totally on my shaft.

She leaned forward over me causing her huge tits to hang over my face. She was still fucking my cock so her tits were swaying back and forth over my face. I tried to raise my head to take one into my mouth, but she kept them just far enough away that I could just touch them with my protruding tongue. Then after sufficient teasing she lowered one into my mouth. I took both hands and wrapped them around that breast and pulled it to my mouth and sucked and sucked as my sister fucked my throbbing cock.

?Oh Ricky, we are so bad.? She said.

?No sis, something this wonderful can?t be bad.? I replied.

With that she rose up again and started bouncing wildly on my cock, her inner walls gripping and sliding along my sensitive skin. It wasn?t long with this sensual pounding of my cock that my own orgasm started rapidly building inside me. I felt it coming and started telling myself to tell her that you are about to cum that she needs to get off of you before you shoot your sperm inside her?inside your sister. But I kept saying to myself, ?Just one more wonderful bounce on my cock, just one more.? I was so close now, I had to push her off, I just had to before???Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.? I let out a moan as I pushed my hips up and shot my seed into her hot quivering pussy. Shot over shot, load after load, stream after stream of hot, white, sticky cream gushed from the tip of my cock into my sister?s cavern. I know she had to feel it, but she made no attempt to stop what she was doing on top of me?fucking me.

As she continued to fuck me I began to feel the slight pain that comes to the tip of my cock after ejaculation and was about to ask her to stop when I saw her face contort and her body tense and right there impelled on my cock, my sister had her second orgasm. When it was over she went limp on top of me. Her weight almost pushed all the breath from me. But, I would not push her from me. I would let her lie on top of me as long as she wanted. As she began to regain her breath she started kissing my face softly then she slowly rolled off of me and lying beside me on the floor she said, ?We are so naughty, we mustn?t ever, ever tell a living soul what we just did. Promise me.?

?I promise.? then I rolled over onto my side leaned forward and kissed her cheek. ?Sis that was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me.?

She turned her head and we kissed on the lips then she said, ?Ricky, do you want to sleep with me tonight??

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