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"Sunday Fun" X-rated It's about a couple playing-exploring!

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When we get to the house,we can kiss first,then slowly move to the bed and continue kissing and removing each others clothes as we go.When you expose you tits I will start to fondle and kiss your nipples, one then the other!I'll move my hand down to your pussy and begin to rub it gently,then slide two fingers in it making it even wetter than it was,by now we are both naked!and you are rubbing my dick and it is responding,waiting for your hot breath to surround the head with your mouth,I lay on my back and you get on top in the 69 position and as my tongue begins to tickle your clit I can feel you fully take my dick inside your mouth and suck as you bring your mouth back towards the head again and again you do it!I have now got you clit erect and in my mouth brushing it across my teeth,pausing just long enough to suck on it!Still with my fingers in your pussy I keep licking and sucking the juices that are flowing nicely!Plunging my tongue deep into your pussy I wag it up and down inside you, then out and plunge it in again,I lick down the crack of your ass to your asshole leaving it wet from my saliva I return to your pussy again licking the juices on the outer lips,now gently biting your clit between my teeth I slip a finger into your asshole,as you let out a moan of desire,we are still in the 69 position so I am able to reach and pinch your nipples just hard enough to make you cum,and feeling your excitement I begin to cum in your mouth as well.With our passion temporarily spent we reach in the cooler we have and grab a cool drink.After cooling down for a few mins. we return to the bed and cuddle a bit just holding each other and it doesn't take long before we are kissing and fondling again>again with a bit more coaxing I am able to get up for the party!This time you tell me to lay down as you mount me with a knee on either side of me now you lower yourself onto my hardened cock ---up and down you ride as I reach up to grab your tits again,using mythumbs I massage your nipples,your body now moving in up and down and in circles at the same time!Wait I say!!!! Get on your hands and knees!As you do I get into position behind you,Slowly at first I push into your pussy about half way in and out--just barely staying in you.....Then I slam it all the way in and all the way out and back in again,fast and hard,then slower the at a steady pace when again I slip a finger into your asshole,doing both holes now I reach under your belly with my other hand and find your clit and begin to rub it! It's feeling real good right about now and I can feel the tension burning and building inside you,I take the finger out of your ass and stop rubbing your clit so I am able to grab your hips with each hand and pull your ass towards me as I thrust my dick in your pussy slamming it in as far and fast and hard as I'm able--------YESSSSSSSSSS DON'T STOOOOP! You yell PLEASE DON'T STOPPPPP NNOOWWWWW!!!! As you cum in waves this time,once twice and then a third wave!!!!Finally past the peak,I don't want to cum again so soon so I tell you to stand up as I hand you the vibrator you have. Put it in your hole! (I didn't say which one I wanted to see which one you choose)You slide it into your pussy almost completely. Bend over now and suck my dick!Without hesitating you cup my balls in your hand and take me inside your mouth scraping your teeth along the shaft lightly!Sucking--Sucking--sucking.....I grab you by the hair and pull you closer , further into your throat,I'm moving your head,my dick going in and out of your mouth, you feel me stiffen up as I shoot my cum into your mouth, my knees are almost giving out.......MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

you don't miss a drop of cum and you even licked it clean again! You now remove the vibrator from inside your pussy! Again we take another cool drink from the cooler..AHHHHH thats good!While waiting to see what develops,I look into the cooler and see the cherries and whipped cream!!!! HMMMM?you are now laying on your back looking at the design on the ceiling,seemingly in a state of bliss!I take A cherry out of the cooler and the cream!Rolling the cherry in my hand to take the chill off it.Do you want a cherry? Sure you say and I reach into the bag and pop it into your mouth. Spreading your legs apart I ask if you want another cherry and again you say yes,but this time I put the cherry into my mouth to get it wet then take it out and slip it into your pussy!I don't have ant teeth down there to eat that one you say.Well here let me help you then, as I lower my face and onto your pussy I push my tongue in as the cherry goes deeper into you!Well I think I'd like a little whipped cream with my cherry pie,taking the can of ready whip,I fill your pussy with cream squirting it in as much as will fit!OHH YES ---thats better as I begin to lick the sides of your legs where the cream spilled over,licking up the whipped cream is really getting me excited again and now something is developing!I continue licking and swallowing the cream when I think I feel the cherry---nope its your clit that I feel so I suck on it for awhile and continue to search for the cherry with the whipped cream all over my face now you begin to laugh because I look funny with the cream on my face.Your laughter pushes the cherry closer from within for me to reach with my tongue---OH OH I just pushed it back in again! I keep licking the cream up so I can get a better look at your hole and perhaps grasp that elusive cherry!Using my fingers I separate the lips of your pussy and peek inside ahhhh there it is!I can almost reach it with my tongue but not quite!I put my mouth over your spread lips and inhale bringing the cherry closer,again inhale like a human vacuum cleaner---almost out----I can almost move it with my tongue now--inhale---THERE--GOT IT!!MMMMMM... Tastes good,nothing like cherries soaked in pussy juice! Still licking your pussy to clean up the mess I've made I give your clit another once over!Oh I liked that you say>>>maybe next time I'll bring a banana!I go in the bathroom to wash my face,and when I get back to the bed I see you are laying on your stomach,and I'm now up again and ready. I grab you by the legs and pull you to the edge of the the bed, I flip you over and with me standing on the floor I pull you as close as I can,put your legs on my shoulders and ram my dick into your already wet pussy,in this position I get as far into you as I can hoping to reach the G-SPOT inside pumping in and out,in and out in and all the way out and back in again slamming into you fast and hard again the slower and faster and harder still,in and out!!!After 6-7 mins. I tell you to again get in the doggy position,I grab the lube and lube my hard throbbing dick,slowly I move the head of my dick to rest on your asshole, slowly I push very slowly---a little---a little little more and I penetrate into your hole. Slowly in a little -a little more-then back a little then in even further than before,with each inward and outward motion I reach further into your asshole till I am completely in as far as I can go. Taking slow long strokes slowly in and out,it's so tight'and feels hotter!more relaxed now you tell me go faster and I do. You can feel my balls slamming into your pussy, and you reach back to play with them as I fuck you in your ass!In and out in and out--then all the way out and into your pussy a few strokes there and I return to your asshole in and out!Moving from hole to hole and back again,You and I really begin to get excited!!!Moaning and Groaning and the sounds of our bodies slamming together and the smell of sex in the air starts to take hold still fucking your ass I reach over and hand you the vibrator You know just where to put it! In your pussy I feel it inside you as I fuck your asshole,you move it in and out and I can feel it also--now with me into your ass and you with the vibe I reach for your nipple and pinch the lightly and with the other I slap your ass cheeks first one side then the other then pinch each one then slap....It doesn't take long after this that we both cum together at the same time squirt after squirt I cum in your ass while you enjoy wave after wave after wave---we both collapse on to the bed,sweaty and worn out from the games.As I lay there not even wanting to move to get my drink I realize that after all this, all afternoon I have still not cum in your pussy!!! Wheres those cherries at?..................Bob

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