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Summer job benefits!

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The spring semester ended last month. I lacked only fourteen semester hours to complete my BS degree requirements, none of which were offered during the summer sessions. So, I decided to take the summer off and work to replenish my bank account. Just as I began my search for a summer job, my uncle from Texas called and asked me to go to Texas to drive a truck for him all summer as he had a veteran driver that needed off work for about three months to get a knee joint replaced. Uncle Jim owns a fuel company and distributes diesel, gasoline, and propane to area farms, ranches, and businesses, and he knew that I already knew how to handle his equipment, particularly his big eighteen wheeler transport rig. I said yes, and promised Uncle Jim that I would be at his place by noon the following Tuesday. I threw all of my clothes, my guitar, and my cameras (wildlife photography is my hobby) that I needed for the summer into my four door pickup truck, folded my 6? 7? 230 pound frame into the driver?s seat and drove south toward Texas. I arrived on schedule and Uncle Jim told me to stow my gear in his big 34? camper that he and Aunt Mary kept parked in the fuel company yard. It was very nice, and was under some big shade trees. Uncle even provided me an outdoor grill for cooking and entertaining.

The first week or so kept me busy delivering fuel and learning the county?s back roads. The Thursday after Memorial Day, however, Uncle told all of his employees, including me, that he and my aunt were going to the Texas coast fishing for several days with friends and that we were all responsible for holding things together until he got back. Before he left, he handed me three delivery orders and told me to make sure that all three were delivered by the time we shut down at 5:30 on Friday afternoon, because all three were brand new customers that he had been pursuing for months, especially Mrs. Markett as she was a widow lady that had been screwed over by another fuel company. However, Friday morning one truck quit running and I had to call out a diesel mechanic and a tow truck, and another truck had a flat and that wasted two hours. Even though we delivered until 7:00 p.m., the three new customers still did not have fuel delivered. So I called each of them and promised that I would be out Saturday, and to make sure a Saturday delivery would be okay for them. They all agreed, and thanked me for working on Saturday.

After breakfast I was on the road. I arrived at the last ranch, a considerable distance from town, about 2:00 p.m. As I filled the large propane tank, a female that I first thought was maybe a junior high girl came out of the house fifty yards away and walked toward me. As she got closer, I could tell that she was a very small petite lady, dresses in short white shorts and a baby blue cami-top, with new Nike jogging shoes. Apparently she was Hispanic because of her gorgeous black Latina hair, and her smooth brown skin. Because of a few silver streaks in her hair, I judged her to be in her mid to late 40?s. As she walked up, she extended her hand and introduced herself as Amalia Markett, but said that everyone called her Molly. Her handshake was surprisingly firm even though I doubted she weighed a hundred pounds. She said, ?You must be Jim?s nephew that he told me about.? And then she added as she looked up at me, ?Jim said you were a big young man, and he was not wrong.?

I finished topping off the tank, and was preparing to leave when Molly invited me to her house for peach cobbler and ice cream. Having missed lunch, that offer sounded like a good idea. We set across from each other on the porch at a bench style picnic table, and spent a half hour making friendly conversation. She then asked me if I had met some young people in town to run around with during my summer stay. I replied that I had just been working and had only met a young lady, Mitzy Martin, when I delivered fuel to her dad?s farm at the edge of town. Molly then surprised me by saying that I should get to know Mitzy better as it would be easy to get her into my bed. Molly then added, ?I have known that girl since she was in diapers, and Mitzy likes to train horses, dance, and fuck, and not necessarily in that order.? Then she chuckled and commented, ?So does her mother, Helen, if you like older pussy.? I laughed and said that I had heard that older women make wonderful lovers.

As Molly returned with more ice tea, she set on the beach on my side of the table with her back to the table. Then she posed a question, ?Do you want to see if this older lady makes a wonderful lover? I am thinking that I am 22 and she is twice my age, but she did look fine, so I said yes as she leaned over and gave me a kiss with plenty of tongue. I slipped a hand around her waist and under her top and found some big nice firm titties.

Some more kisses and some fondle followed, when she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. By the time we reached the bedroom, we were both naked and all over each other. She got some oil from a drawer and said that she wanted to grease my big 9? dick for it was going to be a fun challenge for her to take all of it as small as she was. I slipped my fingers between her legs and she was slick from the oil that she had put on herself as well as from her own juices. I slipped a finger into her pussy and she inhaled deeply with pleasure. As we stood there, she spread her legs more to give me better access. She then commented that foreplay was fun but that she needed a good fucking. She got on the bed on her back, and pulled me down on top of her. Her pubic hair was black with some silver streaks like the hair on her head. Her pussy lips were shaven, but her triangle was untouched. I place the head of my blood swollen dick at her pussy opening and push in, but her smallness gave me some surprising resistance. With her encouragement, but being super careful, I pushed a little harder and the head of my cock slipped into her vaginal open. As I slowly eased the rest of my penis shaft into that warm willing pussy, I was amazed that she was so tight, but then again she had told me that she had never had children. I pushed all the way in and held it as she moaned and cooed with delight and pleasure. I was very careful as I was nearly nineteen inches taller than she was and probably 130-140 pounds heavier, so I got up on my knees to keep my weight off of her. My position also allowed me to get in deeper, something she approved of with every stroke. I was amazed that a lady so small could take a dick the size of mine without some discomfort, but I had it buried to the hilt with no problems. I kept making the slow long smooth strokes, burying my entire dick every time. I began to increase the pace as she moaned and squealed with delight. She gasped that she was about there, so I began pumping her harder and faster. As I slammed into her one last time, I held it for a moment to milk the last bit of climatic pleasure from the moment before I release a torrent of cum deep inside of the incredible tiny lady. At the same time, her entire body shuttered with three orgasms in a row, before she came down from the peak. We laid there resting for a moment before she said, ?Wow, I believe that I have just been superbly fucked!?

When we finally did get up from the bed, unlike most females who usually go pee and clean the cum off, she got us a beer from the fried on the porch and walked out on the patio with our mixed juices running down both her legs. She laughingly commented that both of us had exerted a considerable amount of energy to make that mess, and she was not about to wipe it off. We enjoyed the beer, and giggled and laughed about what had just happened. With a million dollar smile, a beautiful set of full D cup titties to play with, and cum running down both of her legs, I was immediately hard again. She grinned and leaned over a yard table, flattened her big titties on the table top, and spread her legs. This gave me good access to come in from behind. I slowly slid my dick into that cum filled pussy. It went in easier this time, for I was not quite as hard and her pussy was soaked in my cum and her juices. I began to pump in a smooth steady rhythm. I enjoyed watching my dick slide in and out of the tightest pussy I had ever experienced. Both of us were soon feeling that serge from deep within and we prepared for another orgasm. She grunted and I felt her body tense as she experienced another spine rattling orgasm. As she did, I emptied another big load of my sperm into her warm pussy. Both of us were so spent that we could barely stand. She turned around and snuggled into my arms as more cum ran down her legs?and she giggled.

The moment was disturbed by the radio in my truck. One of the other drivers had driven by the fuel yard, and noticed that my truck had not returned, so he thought that I had a problem. I assured him that I was fine, but I did tell Molly that I needed to be going. She grabbed a garden hose and washed herself off, and then handed the hose to me while she went to get a towel. After we dressed, she invited me into her office while she made out a check for the propane so Uncle Jim would not have to send her a bill. While she was busy with the check, I was admiring her college diploma on the wall. She volunteered that she received the degree on her twenty-first birthday. Doing some quick math, I quickly determined that Molly was 66 years old, three times my age. Even knowing that, she still did not look to be more than 50, and she was the tightest and best pussy that I had ever enjoyed. As I climbed into the truck, I told her that I would definitely be back for more.

I returned to town and crashed at my trailer, as I was thoroughly pussy whipped. Sunday morning, I went to the local coffee shop to have breakfast. There set Mitzy with a gentleman she introduced as her dad. She invited me to join them. I did, but Mr. Martin did not stay long because he said he had a tee time at the Country Club. Mitzy and I enjoyed our breakfast, and during our conversation she learned that my hobby was wildlife photograph. I invited Mitzy back to my trailer to view some of my work, with hopes of a piece of Sunday morning pussy on my mind. After viewing several pictures, she picked up another briefcase. As if fell open, several photos of nude college girls fell out. As she browed through the set, she asked if I had had sex with all of the girls. I replied that I had fucked about half of them. ?You can fuck me, if you will take my picture,? she said. Before I could say anything, she stood up and undressed. It didn?t take her long to get out of a short denim skirt, thong panties, flops, and a tee shirt.

She was tall and slender with C cup boobs that had some beautiful big pouty nipples. She was shaven clean except for an inch wide landing strip of brown hair. I stood up and removed my shirt before I pulled her naked body to mine. I licked and sucked those magnificent nipples. As we kissed and nuzzled, she skillfully unbuckled my belt and I had my boots and jeans off in no time. My nine inches were as hard as a pipe, as she slowly licked the head like a popsicle. She then engulfed my cock with her mouth and took most of it in as she slowly rocked her head back and forth the length of my shaft. As we stood there, I moved my hand down her flat tummy to her pubic mound. My fingers found her pussy and her unusually long clit. As we collapsed on the bed to continue the foreplay, I moved down licking her tummy and her pussy to suck that long clit, and that drove her to a quick climax. Her pussy was very wet with a little of her juices running down the crack of her ass. She pulled me up on top of her, and guided my cock to her pussy open. I slipped my dick in her and buried it to the hilt. After a couple of strokes, she placed her legs over my shoulders giving me total access. I continued to fuck her slow and gentle, but at her insistence I increased the pace. It was obvious she was about to climax, so I began to drive in fast and hard. I slammed in deep and held it. As she groaned and squealed, she had a tremendous, long lasting, orgasm while I emptied my balls into that warm, wet, 21 year old pussy. We laid there in silence for a while before she said, ?I want to have my picture taken now while I am freshly fucked because I want you to capture the glow.?

That was a request that I certainly honored, and if I have ever snapped a shot that captured that ?I have just been fucked look?, little Miss Martin?s picture is the one. After the photo session, and some more good Sunday fucking, I have concluded that this summer will be a great summer. I am going to enjoy 66 year old Molly Markett?s pussy on the weekends and 21 year old Mitzy Martin?s pussy during the week. I might even find time to do some work for Uncle Jim some of the time.

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