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Sues first experience

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Sue was invited to a tes, never dreaming of what was to come although her husband had been trying to get her to agree to sharing. This was more than could have been planned for.

Sue accepted Jane's invitation over for afternoon tea. Upon arrival they sat in the living room, Sue taking particular notice of the sharp black dress Jane was wearing - strapless, tight and short, wow; Jane went to get the tea also calling her husband Ken to see if he wanted a cup. Jane and Ken came in to join Sue with the tea, all enjoying their stories with the tea. When Ken finished his he left saying see you later Sue as he returned to his office upstairs. Now Sue knew she was a sharp looker, what with her 38 D breasts and her slender waist - but what were they thinking of ?

Jane and Sue talked a while, then Jane said would you come upstairs with me, we would like to show you something in Ken's office. At the top of the stairs, Jane knocked on Ken's office door saying, you go in and I'll be there shortly. As Sue entered, Ken asked, is that you Sue ? Ken was sitting at his computer on the other side of this large room with his back to her. Sue replied, with Ken saying, come over here to see what I have.

When Sue arrived at the back of his high office chair, she said hi, Ken said hello and started tuning the chair around to face Sue.

Sue gasped - he was naked. Ken asked if she was surprised; well yes, does Jane know what's going on ? Oh yes, she is part of it all, as is our son John. They will be here shortly - John is busy with his mother at the moment - meanwhile, as Ken was holding his balls he asked Sue what do you think of its size ? Think its too big for you ? Sue stammered, it is big, what do you mean too big for me ? Will you be able to deep throat my prick, will you be able to get it all into your pussy ? I don't know, you aren't thinking of ..... me ? Don't say that

Ken said; we will be going all the way with you and the three of us this afternoon, and we hope you will enjoy - Jane doesn't think you have ever had other men and women work you over, so we thought today would be a good day for you. I think I should be going home Sue said, Ken's reply was no, not now because you know what we are up to, and by taking part we are sure you won't tell anyone, besides the door is now locked, Jane will open it when she returns. Sue gasped realizing she was caught into this - things she had heard about, and wondering, now she may find out.

Now while you keep staring at my prick, take your blouse off for me. Sue was trembling but decided to go along as she undid the buttons and removed the blouse. Now standing there with just her bra on, Ken said, they look wonderful - lean over me and I'll unclip your bra. Sue leaned forward, oh so close to that prick, it was huge, Sue felt Ken's hands reaching around her to open the clasp letting the bra fall. Ken immediately grasped each tit in turn and sucked both. After squeezing and sucking her nipples, he said, now Sue turn around and bend over that chair. Sue turned, bent over the chair, holding onto its arms wondering what was next. She shivered as she felt Ken's hands running over her all over, then hiking her skirt above her waist, OH what is he doing ? Ken then ran his hands all over her front and then squeezing her cheeks. She gasped as she felt him dropping her panties and to hear him say, you look so sexy as he ran fingers down her crack - nobody has done that before - sort of a worried sexy feeling she had.

Sue was gasping and groaning; then she heard the door opening, oh who will see her topless and bending over with a bare bum ? John said hi Dad, Ken asked is that you with your mother ? Jane said yes its us. Sue looked up from her bent over position to look at Jane and John - both standing there naked, John with his arm around his mother holding a breast, you two are a sight Sue said. Ken asked John how he and his mother had made out today, Sue was stunned to hear the son say that she was great today in the back door - with Jane saying yes, while he was in the back he stretched my pussy, really felt good.

Sue asked, what's going on between all of you ? Jane said that she was shared between her husband and son each afternoon, usually with them all watching each other, its very exciting when you have a son as well equipped as his father. In case you haven't noticed Sue, you are staring at Ken's nine inch very fat prick, while John has a ten inch slender one - aren't they well equipped Jane asked, they will really fill you. Sue said you aren't going to give it to me are you ? John answered, oh yes Sue - Dad will do your pussy and I will do your bum, with Jane saying I'll make sure you are well oiled and your tits milked - how does that sound ?

Sue couldn't believe what she was hearing, but was getting real wet between her legs and trembling all the while. Ken then told her to bend over the big chair again and as she did, Sue could feel Ken's hands running all over her bum - what a feeling. Sue quivered hearing Ken say, this looks very nice, come over here John to see what Sue has to offer.

With John standing beside Sue, OH Ken said - John her cheeks look so nice. As Sue felt their four hands running all over her, then one slid a hand between her legs, fingering her pussy, while another hand was spreading her cheeks wide - oh why was that being done. Then she felt a finger sliding into her ass hole. No, Sue cried out, not in there, its so small. John said you will enjoy, and the hole won't be small for long as he inserted two of his fingers, pushing them up as far as he could and started moving them all around.

Ken was now fingering up inside her pussy, Sue couldn't believe this was all happening to her - never before and always said she would never let it happen to her, what will her husband Paul think and say ?

Sue was stunned to then hear Jane say - come on you guys, you said I could have Sue first and now you are both into her, that's not fair. Sue asked Jane, you guys had this all planned ? I can't believe you would do that to me. Jane said you have no idea how exciting it is to plan the taking apart of another woman is, between Ken and I then with John adding in his young thoughts - its really titillating. Jane then stunned Sue by telling her they had phoned her husband Paul a little while ago to say that she was coming over and what they were planning to do with you. Sue said you didn't - OH yes, we wanted his permission. What did you ask permission to do ? Jane said that she, Ken and John were on the call and they each in turn explained how you would be undressed, licked and sucked, then finally doing a 69 with Jane before being fucked by both of the guys at the same time. What was Paul's answer - OK by him, wish he could be watching. Sue said I figured. One thing we had to promise, that he would be included next week when you come over, is that OK ?

Ken agreed with Jane - Jane give Sue a big hug then - Jane said - Sue, you lie on this carpet on your back, now place your arms over your head, and spread your legs wide apart - now how does that feel Sue Sue, looking up at the three of them seeing those two hard pricks sticking out said - I feel very exposed and tempting to Ken and John. Jane said you're right, but first for me, Jane said I'll be crawling over you Sue, its so nice having another woman in our group - you can see that it's always been just me and the two guys. Jane asked Sue - would you like to be a regular with me Sue, I'd so appreciate being accompanied by another woman; Sue stammered with that, along with Jane starting to give her a deep French kiss, and when Sue put her tongue into Jane's mouth, Jane sucked on it - what a feeling. Then Jane crawled down to her tits and started sucking each nipple. Sue looked up to realize Joan's tits were in front of her mouth - guess I should suck hers' as well. As Sue started, Joan groaned, how nice Sue.

Joan and Sue continued sucking each other's tits for a while, then Jane started crawling down, past Sue's tummy and to her pussy. Sue gasped as she felt Jane run her fingers along her slit, then groaned when she felt Jane's tongue licking her pussy. Again looking up, Sue found herself staring into Jane's pussy. Smoothly shaved and so neat. Sue ran her fingers between Jane's lips then pushed them in and moved them around. Jane was wiggling with that happening to her. Then to Sue's surprise, Jane lowered her pussy so that it was really pushing onto Sue's mouth - nearly smothering her. Sue really groaned when she felt Jane's tongue darting up way inside her pussy, oh my what a feeling, and its so lung, wow.

Sue then decided to try pushing her tongue inside Joan, what a feeling as Joan wiggled, then as Sue felt Joan spreading her pussy lips open wider than they had ever been before, Sue also decided to do the same to Joan's pussy, using both her hands, she spread Joan's wide apart then pushed her mouth right into Joan's pussy, the started darting her tongue as far up inside as possible.. Joan groaned with that happening to her. Sue and Joan stayed in their 69 position eating each other for a while. Joan then rolled off Sue and both girls got up.

Joan thanked Sue because up to now, it was only she and the two guys and she had to always crawl over the men because they licked to milk her tits that were hanging way down. Except of course when Beth comes home from university - then Ken enjoys doing her with all the rest of us watching. John is looking forward to Beth's return next week because Ken has promised that he may do Beth - which has John really excited as well as Ken and I to be watching. Joan asked Sue what she thought of that. Sue said - does Ken really screw Beth, does John really screw you Joan, and will you all watch John screw Beth - I can't believe you all do it, or watch it all.

Ken then said, Sue its time to continue - please get down on all fours on this mattress. As Sue lowered herself she asked, why in this position ? with Ken saying, look how nice your tits hang down, may I milk them ? Sue whispered an OK but groaned as she felt hands moving over her bum - John was squeezing her, OH now he's spreading her cheeks apart, OH what a feeling, pulling her cheeks apart with two hands, now fingers running up and down her crack, OH now one pushing up inside her. Sue really groaned as John's finger pushed way up inside, especially with Ken milking one tit and now with his other hand fingering her pussy; then Jane asking how does it all feel Sue ?

Sue couldn't answer, so much happening, then she felt John push two fingers inside and up her. Sue said that's enough John, with John saying, no, now you will feel my slender long prick - remember the ten inch skinny one, as she felt its head trying to get past her muscle, oh my what a feeling as it popped inside Sue, then he started pushing it up, further and further. Sue realized she was getting a prick way up her bum, OH what a sensation. Once John had his prick up her bum and was pumping away, she heard Ken say, roll her John. Sue felt John grab both her tits, squeezing then whispering to her, we are going to roll over, stay loose. Sue gasped as they rolled with John still way up her bum - he's in so very far. Sue looked up to see Ken and his massive prick harder and bigger than ever and saying, OK Sue, now to receive your second prick, as Ken went between her legs, spreading them wider apart; Ken leaned forward to kiss then lick her pussy. Sue felt the big head start pushing into her cunt, and at the same time Jane was standing right over her head.

Sue asked Jane what are you about to do ? Sue was stunned to hear - two pricks at once may be overwhelming so I thought I'd place my pussy on your mouth - for you to lick and move your tongue as far up as you can - OK ? Sue couldn't answer, the two pricks were pumping away way up inside and now she had Jane's pussy pushing down on her mouth - what an experience, especially when she had never been naked in front of others before, never wanted to be, let alone being undressed by them, and now fucked by two other guys at the same time, OH my, what an experience.

Once the guys started to go soft, they both pulled out of Sue, they rested a few minutes, then went to sit on the chesterfield with each sitting either side of Sue, both of them stroking her breasts, what a feeling. Jane asked how Sue was feeling - it was a terrific experience, one that I had never dreamt of ever becoming involved in, so overwhelming, so many exciting happenings, then to have seen a son working his mother, oh wow. Jane said again how happy she was to have another woman included, and hoping Sue would continue coming over to help her experience the two boys, and if she would come over next Wednesday when Beth would be here, we could have another exciting show of Beth and her father and brother, and experience. between us all. Jane there is one more thing for this afternoon - I really need to eat another pussy, especially to be able to eat out my husband's come from her pussy - may I ? Sue just gasped as each of the men pulled one of her legs up onto their laps, she was so spread apart, then Jane went down between her legs, inserted her two hands up into her pussy spreading it even wider apart, then pushed her mouth into her. Sue groaned as she felt Jane's tongue pushing up inside her, then it was darting all around, what a sensation.

As they all finished with Sue, they decided to get dressed. Sue decided not to bother with her bra or panties because she knew that when Paul got home he would be so hot she wouldn't be able to control him. They hugged each other and departed Ken's office.

Sue was right, when Paul got home he gave her a big hug saying he had wished he could have been with her, but how did she find the experience ? Sue started to tell him, but then he said lets go to the club for supper, get your coat. Sue agreed, but with concern, because she was without her panties and dressed in a short skirt, and her blouse didn't hide her braless tits - she felt very exposed, to which Chuck agreed but said that was part of the continuing fun of her afternoon experience.

A few days later when Paul arrived home from work, Sue called down from upstairs saying please wait for us in the game room. Paul wondered, but went to sit down. Sue appeared shortly dressed in a short open bath robe, and a guy following her, naked. Paul asked what's going on ? Paul couldn't believe how shapely and sexy his wife looked, wonder if she let John undress her, that would have been something to watch..

Sue introduced John, Jane's son saying that Jane had thought I'd be ready for a reminder of how great it had all felt and sent John over to help me. Paul appreciated the look of John's hard cock - strange, it was so very long but not big around, very slender, he almost asked if he could have a feel of it. After the introductions, John asked if Paul still agreed to allow his wife Sue to have these swapping experiences ? Paul said, sure, because she seems to have enjoyed, but what was happening today ?

Sue explained that they just had a shower, with John soaping her all over, and she doing the same to John, it was really titillating to have been part of an experience like that - her first time having a guy soap and wash her all over everywhere. Paul said wow, then John said he thought the best way to continue, if Paul didn't mind, no not at all, well Paul why don't you undress, then we will be equals, sort of. Sue gasped, although she had wondered what would happen to her. They sat on the chesterfield, Paul and John sitting either side of her. John opened her robe and started messaging her breasts saying to Paul these are beautiful aren't they ? Paul agreeing and messaging as well flicking at her nipple. Sue started to groan when she felt John's hand fingering her pussy, spreading her legs automatically. Here we go again she thought.

John asked Paul if he had ever seen his wife fucked by another guy ? No, but it sure sounds exciting ? Sue said, you don't mind ? No, not at all. She wiggled with that, then trembled when John went to sit in a chair with his legs closed, and asking Sue to come and sit on my lap, spread your legs and come to sit facing me. Sue thought this was different, had always sat on a lap sitting sideways. As she positioned herself facing Paul with her legs spread either side of his, John said, Paul just to show you are willing to see your wife Sue fucked by another guy, come over here and as Sue lowers herself, open her cunt lips, grab my prick and start it into her pussy, then I'll know you agree to me fucking her, OK ?

Sue wiggled as Paul said it will be my pleasure as she felt his hand spreading her pussy lips wide, then grasping John's cock and starting it past her lips up into her cunt. Sue groaned, its so very long. John said remember its ten inches. Paul gasped, wow he said that's three inches longer than me, can she take it all ? Sue realized she hadn't had it in her cunt before, he had been up her bum before, I don't know whether I can get it all in, but knew it was pushing against her top, and her full weight was pressing down on John's prick. OH so long. She started humping John with her tits bobbing up and down.

Paul was so hard watching this prick sliding into Sue, he started pumping his prick but didn't want to waste his juices.

John realized how hot Paul was watching him fuck his wife that he said ok Sue time to rise and turn around so Paul may enjoy taking part. Sue asked, what do you mean as she rose off his prick. John had her turnaround and bend over, then started fingering her bum. Paul asked what are you doing ? Just loosening her up back here, and because Sue has me so well lubricated with her pussy juices, it will slide way up her here. Sue squealed as she felt John's prick sliding up into her bum, he pumped a while as she felt his balls bumping on her cheeks.

Sue was stunned to hear John say, now lets sit down for Paul to see this cock up your bum. Paul could only say, wow, what a sight. John sat with Sue on his lap, then surprised Sue by spreading her legs wide, what do you think of looking at her beautiful pussy ? Paul said its so inviting, well get inside your wife, we know she can take two pricks and its just you haven't seen it happen. Paul went between Sue's legs, kissed her pussy, taking a lick at the same time, then lined his prick up to enter her cunt, oh she was so well lubricated with all her beautiful juices. Sue gasped as she received the second prick, so filling. John and Paul pumped for a bit until all three climaxed, the boys filling her completely. Her pussy was dripping with everyone's juices.

They all finally pulled apart to just relax, while the boys continued fondling her tits, with them both sucking nipple from time to time. John said well I guess its time to go, hope you enjoyed and didn't mind me coming over to watch Sue ? No, not at all, then Sue was surprised to hear Paul say, anytime to keep my Sue happy. Great said John, will you be coming over next week to see Sue with all of us ? and to see a son fucking his mother and to watch a father fuck his daughter. Sue trembled thinking of it and to hear Paul say I wouldn't miss it for the world. John suggested that Sue would be with them Wednesday afternoon so he could come straight after work to join in, if that's ok. Paul said I look forward to the opportunity, don't you Sue ?.

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