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Sue's Sex for Profit Adventure

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I was in the bath room, a bit amazed at being here. It just isn't me!

"But I knew it was coming," I thought.

Earlier that evening I kissed my husband good-bye, and asked "Are you sure this is OK, Tony?"

"More than OK. See you later. I can hardly wait for you to get back home." He gave me a box. "Wear this, ok?"

I hung my suit coat on the hanger, and thought some more about the circumstances.

Only 2 months ago I was on track for closing a huge contact for my firm - almost $10,000,000! It was a career maker: VP, corner office, everything I worked for over the last 5 years.

Tony and I had been excited about it, and knew it was a deal that should close, but the last minute details kept stalling it.

I took a sip of wine from the glass I brought into the bathroom with me. I was also aware that I was pretty aroused.

Then there was Tim, the client.

It started out formally. He was Mr. Ward, and I, Ms. Quinn.

After a few late night sessions it became Sue and Tim.

And then Tim began flirting.

Tony was at first amused: "Of course he'd flirt with you.

He's, what, 15 years older than you. You are beautiful, and smart. Any successful normal man would. Besides, what's flirting now, in these days of sexual harassment?

Did he wink at you?"

It really was innocent enough. He'd take my arm when we crossed a street, for example. And not release it promptly on the other side.

And then, at a working dinner a month ago, after a hard negotiating session, he asked for, and got, a hug, and we kissed cheeks.

I told Tony. I also told him Tim seemed to have an erection, and wasn't shy about letting me know it when we hugged.

Tony was getting a bit turned on by all the attention this powerful man was giving me. Then, when he whispered to me a few weeks ago while we were making love that he thought Mr. Ward might want to do what he was doing, I wasn't quite shocked, since my mind had been drifting in the same direction. And I was a bit excited by the thought, too.

I don't think I can spend too much time in here. I don't want to, for that matter.

I slipped off the business suit skirt, and hung it, too.

Tim wanted to have a relaxing dinner at the end of a session a couple of weeks ago. This negotiation was reaching a break point. He was tired of flying in from the coast each week, and going head to head with me and my boss as details were worked out.

I took off my blouse, and hung it.

The dinner was nice enough, with me, my boss, and Tim. But my boss left at 9, instructed me to stay for a bit longer.

We had another drink.

"Sue, I like you. I'll miss these negotiations if and when the deal is closed."

My first real mistake. "When? I thought we were just negotiating final details."

"Your company isn't the only vendor, Sue. I've been working with a competitor of yours, too."

That took the joy out of the next week.

My boss was upset. "Sue, I think my negotiating style isn't working well with him. Would you like to take full responsibility?"

What an opportunity, even if the chances of winning this had gone from great to fair.

"Sure, I'll negotiate the deal."

Tony told me he knew I could do it. But I think Tony thought, before I did, that it would come down to this.

Tim welcomed the change, too.

My slip joined the rest of my clothing.

It wasn't cold in the bathroom, but my nipples were hard, and I felt moisture in my vagina.

The next negotiating session was difficult. Only a week ago Tim and I were in my office, hacking out details. He asking for - hell, demanded - concession after concession.

"Let's cut to the nut, Tim. I know our quality, and that of our competitor, is good enough for your needs. I worked there before I took this job. I know their cost structure, they can't be under-pricing us without losing money, and you know better than to execute a long term contract with a vendor who won't even recover overhead costs with the pricing. What's it going to take to quit this mating dance, and close the deal?"

Tim told me. "Your replacement at your old company is also an attractive woman, Sue. She's being very persuasive, and it's starting to be a personal relationship too."

"I know Maggie. She's really good, but she can't offer anything we don't."

Tim looked me in the eye. "I'm going to have to get back to the airport, walk me to the door. We can finish this up, one way or the other next time."

I took my bra off. No doubt about it, my nipples were telling the truth about what I wanted.

"You're right. The differences in price and quality are not worth mentioning. But Maggie, well, is offering a more personal service than I think you can. It's starting to matter. Now, I gotta go, or I'll miss my plane."

He kissed me good-bye as had become his custom, but this time I felt his tongue part my lips for a second.

"Think about that."

Pantie hose next, moving off my legs. Pubic hair, vagina lips showing a little moisture in the full mirror. I let my finger move there for a moment. "Warm and wet. What a tramp" I thought, with a smile.

"You mean he as much as said he wants sex for the contract?"

"I told you everything, Tony, what do you think?"

"What did your boss say?"

"I didn't tell him!"

"He wants to fuck my wife! Well, I do, too. Come to bed."

Tony, usually a gentle lover, wasn't, that night. "I'll bet he wants to do this" he said, as he knelt astride me, his penis at my mouth. "Show me what you think he wants you to do."

"At least this" I said, and licked at the head, and the shaft, of his cock. And I got off on it, too!

"And this." I rolled Tony on his back, cock sticking straight up. I slowly squatted over him, and could feel the head of his cock bluntly push against my vagina lips, then separate them. I let myself drop on his cock, then, and rode him. There are times, when mounting your man like this, that his cock can touch places just right.

"Don't come yet," I said to him, but I did.

"Maybe he'd like this." I went on my knees, bent foreword a little, and spread my buttocks. Tony knelt behind me, and I felt the head of his cock, wet from having been in me, move between my buttocks, begin pressing against my anus. I went to my elbows, and felt the pain, then fullness, with his penetration.

Tony, afterwards: "Honey, if you want to offer Tim that personal service, do it."

"Tony, I've been thinking about that. Are you upset because I think he's an exciting, powerful man?"

"I'm turned on by it, Sue. Go for it. Just don't keep secrets from me."

I opened the bag from the shop downstairs, and took out the negligee and robe. They were beautiful. Sheer, each almost transparent, but with both on, suggesting modesty.

First, a spray of perfume, to neck, to stomach, a dab on my thighs. Gold bracelets off, but the thin gold chain around my neck could stay on. Rings, except my wedding ring, off. Then, Tony's contribution. I opened the box. Good! It was a thin gold chain to wear around my waist. He had seen it worn in a porno movie we rented, and thought it was sexy. So did I.

Tony was in my office yesterday, we were meeting for one of our weekly lunches. The phone rang. It was Tim, and time to schedule the next session. "I'm going to arrive tomorrow evening. We can start this again on Wednesday morning. I'll be leaving Wednesday night."

"Hold on a minute, Tim."

I put him on hold.

"Honey, what should I do?"

"Go for it - all of it."

I put the phone on speaker.

"Tim, I thought about what you said. We'll meet any offer XCO has made."

"Sue, you know it wasn't only an offer by XCO."

"I'll beat anything Maggie offered."


"That may change everything. But, you're married."

"My husband agrees."

"Oh. Come on, Sue, I just don't believe that."

"Wait a second, Tim."

I put him on hold.

I looked at my husband.

"I dare you."

Tony picked up the phone, a sadistic grin on his face, and an evident erection elsewhere, too.

"Tim, this is Anthony Quinn, Sue's husband. She's free to do whatever she wants."

He handed the phone to me.

"I'm back." Can someone see a blush over the phone?

"This may change everything. Meet me for dinner tomorrow, about 7, at the Hilton. I want to see exactly what you are offering then. Maybe we can close this Wednesday."

"My lovely tramp", Tony said, after we hung up.

The black color worked very nicely with my own blond hair. Gold earings, the glitter of the gold belt under the negligee added to the image. The mirror showed a sexy woman, and I had not thought of myself in that way in a long time.

Tony and I had better sex last night than we had for a long time. I was excited about tonight. So was he.

Tim was a perfect gentleman at dinner. But afterwards, he took my hand.

"Will you come upstairs with me?"


As we left the restaurant, I saw Tony waiting in the lounge. He couldn't resist driving me to this, this, assignation. He waited until Tim faced me, then blew a kiss. You already know from other stories that he's something of a voyeur.

We walked from the restaurant, towards the elevators, and past an upscale woman's wear shop.

Tim stopped, looking in the window. A mannequin was wearing a sexy negligee.

"I've always fantasized about having a woman wear something like that to seduce me."

"Well, Tim, it could happen. Is that an order?"


"O.K." I took his hand, we walked into the store.

"I'd like that in a size 7."

I saw my husband watching through the window.

"That would be a small, m'am. You are a lucky gentleman, sir," said the clerk, as she accepted his credit card.

We got to the room.

I took some ky jelly, added some to my vagina -it was cool, and felt so good - and to my anus - you never know. I probably didn't need it, but there was something very erotic about this deliberate provocative role I decided to play.

"Tim, can I come out now?"


Hand on the door knob.

One more thought about what was about to happen. Yes, I want to.

I made sure the bathroom lights were fully on. This gown will show my figure if I'm back lit when I leave the room.

I was so horny, so turned on. Felt so powerful. I was going to act out another fantasy. Sex for eroticism, not love, with a new person. It's sometimes, for some people, very arousing.

And opened the door.

Tim, standing by the bed, wearing a robe, holding some papers, looked at me.

"Absolutely stunning!"

I took a step toward him.

"No, let me look at you."

I tilted my head, opened my arms toward him. "Here I am."

There was silence for a moment while he looked at me, an erection tenting his robe.

He shook his head.

"I can't do this. Here's the contract, Sue. Thank you, but I couldn't live with myself if I used it as a tool for this."

I was stunned.

I went to him, took the contract, put it in my purse.



"Tim, thank you. You're an honorable man."

"I know, damn it."

"Now, I intend to entertain you. You can't get a woman like me this excited and send me home."

He looked at me.

"Tim, I came here to be exploited. Now, I want to be."

Did I say that????

"Do you like this?"

I took off the robe.

My negligee had a high slit on the side. I held out hem, which I knew would show some leg, and slowly turned. I felt the material floating away from my body, and the material moving against my breasts felt incredible. I saw, in the mirror behind Tim, that there was just enough material in the garment to add a little mystery, but at least my aurora showed as a shadow, and my pubic hair a dark triangle. And my leg showed, to the hip. A very seductive image. I loved it!

Tim said "I love it!"

"You said you always wanted to be seduced by a woman dressed like this. I want to be seductive. Relax and enjoy yourself."

I went to him, put a hand on each side of his face, and pulled his mouth close to mine.

"Tim, you almost kissed me after dinner a week ago. Let's finish that now." I stood on my toes, let my lips brush his, then opened them a little. I let my tongue reach his lips - he reacted as if he got a shock. But the bulge in his robe was still alive and well.

I loved the feel of his robe pressing against my breasts, and his erection, pressing into my stomach.

And how enthusiastically his mouth met mine.

I felt his hands reach around me and pull me closer. I felt my legs part a little - his hand moved to my hip, then lower on my side.

Suddenly it wasn't touching me though fabric, but was on my leg.

His hand was rough, not like my husband's. He moved it under the negligee, to my buttocks.

Now he had a hand on the small of my back, and another on my ass, and I liked the placement of both of them.

He pulled in, and up, against his chest, against his robe, against his cock. "Exactly how did you want to be seduced, Tim?"

"Just about how you're going about it. Keep it up."

I moved a right hand from his face, slid it to his throat, then chest, until it found his lapel.

I slid it under his robe along the left side of his chest, my thumb pointing up, and as my hand moved down, it forced his robe open.

I could feel a hairy chest, his nipple. Some softness over his belly. The sash parted a little more, and I could feel a mat of hair, softer than my husband's Brillo pad.

"In for a penny, in for a pound" my English friend used to say.

I kissed him again, as my hand touched, then moved along, his penis.

"Not too fast", I thought.

Then took his hands from around me, and turned so that my back was facing him.

I put his arms back around me, below my breasts, and sort of backed and wiggled into him. Yep, he was excited.

I felt his cock against my ass - it wasn't fully hard, but hard enough for now.

Then I felt his lips at my ear. I couldn't help myself, I shuddered a little with excitement. It was wonderful, having these new arms around me, and this new mouth making chills run along my spine as he breathed into my ear. I noticed that he had me facing a full length mirror, and I loved the look of this big man holding me, and nuzzling me, and how we looked, with the negligee offering both shadow, and substance.

Tim's mouth moved to my neck.


It was a whole new spectrum of feeling. Are the neck nerves directly connected to my vagina?

I couldn't help quivering, he was now at my shoulder, and his tongue was tracing circles. "You keep finding new erogenous zones, Tim. . ."

He sucked in a little flesh, I felt teeth gentle on my skin. I could also feel my vagina dilate, I wondered if I was dripping moisture. "That's very exciting. . ."

"I have to be careful, I don't want to bruise you."

I can't believe I said this: "Bruise me."

His mouth opened, he sucked in a little more skin from my shoulder.

I felt his teeth gently close.

There was a pain a bit like a pinch, but it was very, erotic.

I couldn't help arching my back, lifting my shoulder a little more into his mouth.

He muttered something about me liking it, and bit a little harder.

The pain was sharper, now, but incredibly sexy, too.

It was almost involuntary. As he bit, I took one of his hands, and moved it up to my breast. He let it go for a minute, and brushed the shoulder strap of the negligee onto my arm. Now his hand found my uncovered nipple.

The mirror showed a woman being held by a man, with his mouth fastened to her shoulder, one breast exposed, being grasped at, with the grasping hand being held and guided by mine. The other hand was on my stomach. It was almost artistic.

But he bit harder still.

Still more exciting.

And he began pinching and twisting nipple, too.

There were sensations all over my body. I took his lower hand, the one on my stomach, and guided it across the fabric covering my pelvis - that was exciting - to my hip. To where the slit in the negligee started. I felt his fingers now on flesh, not protected by the material of the night gown.

I pulled the material, so his hand rested directly on me.

And took that hand by the wrist, and slid it foreword again. I felt pain in my shoulder, pain on my breast, both exciting me, while I felt his fingers move softly across my pelvis, and I found myself moving my feet a little further apart, so that by the time his fingers got to my thigh there was room for them to move a little further, closer to where I wanted them.

Now they found hair. I moved, and moved his hand, so that his fingers found my lips, and some wetness, and the space between them. They moved, probing, finding clit - it felt like an icicle slid across it, and then the probed deeper into what could have been a well, it was so moist. I could feel his full erection pressing at me through the robe, his fingers probing where soon, I hoped and expected, his cock would be.

I realized I had closed my eyes. I opened them, and saw this erotic, exquisite image in the mirror.

"Tim, look!"

His mouth lifted from my shoulder. I could see I'd have the mother of all bruises, but I didn't care.

He saw the reflection.


I had enough erotic pain, and tried to turn to face him. He held me so that I couldn't. I saw him still us - me - in the mirror.

I reached behind me, pulled at the sash of his robe, was pretty sure it fell open. At least his cock, when he moved, felt uncovered.

He was still watching in the mirror.

The hand tristing my nipple released it, and grabbed the neckline of my robe.

His other hand left my cunt, moved up, moving my hand, still on its wrist, with it. He started to grasp at the other side of the neck line, but I had another idea. I moved his hand hand higher, to my face, my cheek. And took his fingers, wet with me, into my mouth, licking, sucking them.

He watched in the mirror, his erection seeming to grow even more, pushing at my back through the gown.

In a moment he extracted his hand, grabbed at the negligee's neck line.

I watched in the mirror as the delicate fabric resisted, then began parting at the neckline.

Now both breasts were exposed.

The tear went lower, stomach, pubic mound, then everything available to to mirror - to his eyes, and mine.

The garment hung like an open robe.

His hands moved to the straps, and moved them from my shoulders to my arms. He watched in the mirror as he slid them down.

Then I was naked, too.

He turned me to him. Shrugged off his robe.

I'm proud to be a woman, and proud that this man found me as exciting as his body - his cock - implied.

"Let me show you what my husband and I did when we were thinking about this last night."

I pushed him to the bed.

I leaned over his cock.

"This is for signing the contract."

I kissed the tip softly. It began bobbing.

I let my tongue move softly down the shaft.

The bobbing continued, maybe intensified.

I lifted his scrotum, wet it, moved back up the shaft.

He liked playing rough with me. Just maybe. . .

I took the shaft of his cock, tightly. Pushed it down, pulling the skin away from the head, hard.

He began pre ejaculation movements.

"Not so fast!"

I got over his cock, while tightening my grip around its base -

well, it's supposed to delay ejaculating - until I could lower myself on it.

There's nothing as much fun as having a cock push bluntly at the lips of my cunt until they open a little, so it can find its way into that warm wet void.

I released my strangle hold on his cock, and he began meeting every one of my thrusts.

I watched his face as he looked at me, then my breasts, then at my crotch as his cock moved in and out of me.

But not for long.

He got harder - I could feel it!

His cock began throbbing - I could feel that, too.

And he rammed into me as hard as he could. There was no doubt -

no doubt at all, I could feel myself filling - that he was getting his reward for signing. . .

that I was acting like a high priced whore. . .

that I found out some pain is nice. . .

that Maggie and XCO got fucked, too!

and that I wanted to get home, and have Tony finish what Tim had started.

Tim finished, flushed red with lust and effort.

I dismounted. We were side by side on the bed for a few minutes.

My hand found his cock, began stroking.

He took my hand in his. "Enough, Sue."

A few minutes later his eyes fluttered, his breath went regular and deep, and he muttered "Sweet dreams, new executive."

"I hope so, but there was more to this than that. Tim, I hate that you have to sleep alone, but I want to go home. Will I see you tomorrow?"

"No, you have the signed contract. I'll go back. Thanks, Sue. Oh, and Sue. Don't be mad, but you guys had a lock on this deal almost from the start."

I took a pillow from the bed, and hit him with it.

I said "Don't you be mad. I thought so, too. This was just a bonus -

sex for fun and profit, huh?"

"Why, you tramp!" he said with a smile. "Can't wait until we have to negotiate again."

"I gotta go home now, Tim. New contract in two years. Keep the fringe benefits in mind."

Tony was in the lounge. I walked up behind him, bit his neck, said "Mission accomplished. Take me home."

Two hours later. . .

"And that's the story, honey. Signed, sealed, and delivered. And guess what? There's a shoulder left for you.

"You just bite. . .

a little harder. . .

oh yes, a little harder. . .

and put your hand here. . .

and the other one here. . .

and mmmm MMMM harder. . ."

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