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Stuck on a train

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Boarding the train Natasha walked down the isle of closed sleeping compartments, peering through the occasional gap in the curtain to see if there was an open place to sit. She opened the door to the third cabin down. It was dark, as her eyes adjusted she was aware that there was only one person inside, closest to the door, a man, he was sleeping. She placed her bag on the rack above and removed her coat, then took the seat closest to the window and settled in for the long ride.

Her eyes totally adjusted now she looked over at the man sleeping just off to the right or her. As he rolled over made some moaning sounds, she could see that he had no less than eight completely hard inches rising up through his jeans. Obviously having some type of sexual dream, she remained very quiet as to not ruin the moment for him, or her. Natasha has been in Warsaw for two weeks on business and this was a welcome change. Watching a complete stranger enjoying an erotic dream, she was compelled to place one finger gently on her sweet spot, and gently rub it.

Soon the door to the compartment opens with a bang and the conductor came in to check tickets. Somewhat startled, the room Robert fell asleep in was now occupied by not only a very large Russian man in a uniform asking for his ticket, but a beautiful Polish woman off to his right. After the tickets were punched, the two exchanged words in Russian, and he was gone, slamming the door on the way out.

Now completely awake Robert is searching for something to say. ?Good morning? he says. She looks at him and smiles. ?Do you speak English?? he asks. ?Just a little? she says in her very broken English. ?My name is Robert?. ?Natasha? she says shyfuly looking at the floor. Thinking to himself, dam all alone with a beautiful woman and we don?t speak the same language, this fucking sucks.

As he re-orients himself to get comfortable, he can feel that his jeans are just a little bit wet and the feeling that his cock is reducing from the hard position. Natasha looks over and sees that Robert is now aware of his dream state. Feeling the moment, Natasha gets up, turns around and reaches for her bag above. She glances in the mirror that is placed lengthwise just above the head rest. She notices Robert staring a hole right through her ass. Capitalizing on the fact she was blessed with very long legs and a magnificent but, she runs her left hand, from as far down as she can reach on her leg, all the way up over her left but cheek and places it on her hip. Roberts is having trouble breathing, nor can he even blink or look away, for this is one of the most powerful forces known to man. Natasha knowing full well she could get away with murder at this point, pours gas on the fire and with her left middle finger ever so womanly, wipes just the very outside edge of mouth. Robert sees her big full lips and her long perfectly manicured nails, the blood is now flowing back into his cock.

She can tell he is in her power and moves in for the kill. With both hands she reaches the over head rack as to get something out of her bag, nothing specific, just an excuse to have her black cashmere sweater to rise above her belt line as to expose the top of her thong. Robert is completely mesmerized by the curve of her waist and the now exposed small of her back and of course the amazing pink lace thong. All he can think of is what the rest of it may look like and the path it takes on her tight body.

Looking through the mirror once again she sees Robert is a complete wreck. So she gives him the go-ahead and winks at him. Robert gets up and puts his hands on the exposed skin that was presented as an invitation. His hands are slowly and softly moving around to the front of her. Robert is taking in the silky soft worm skin. As his hands make there way to her belly he can feel the belly button ring. Now his cock is rock hard as he pulls her into him, pressing his tool up against her firm ass. Natasha bringing her hands down from the rack reaches back to Roberts head and runs her fingers through his hair. At the same time they both turn to face each other and there lips locked together with purpose, the kiss is passion filled and increases the excitement. Robert runs his left hand down to feel her ass and pull her into his raging hard on. With the right hand he starts at the small of her back, caressing all the way to the top of her neck, just to where her hair starts, and grabs a hand full of her long black mane. Gently he pulls her head back, mindful to never stop sucking on her tong. This sends Natasha?s left hand straight to that throbbing hard cock that started the whole thing. Natasha was not disappointed, she could feel heat coming from his cock right through the denim, as she started to rub on him.

Robert stepped back to take a breath and to survey this magnificent woman that has gotten him so excited, she gave him that shy smile and looked straight at his crotch. Robert took a seat on the couch that he had been sleeping on earlier. Natasha dropped to her knees and started to unbuckle his pants, to free what had been trying to get out all night. As she reached underneath to pull his pants towards her, his cock popped up within inches of her waiting mouth. As she focused on his beautiful tool, she continued to remove his pants. Robert getting comfortable for what looked to be a great blowjob, spread his legs a bit more, adjusted his package and started to stroke his throbbing dick. Natasha was salivating, placing one hand gently under his balls, the other at the base of his thick cock, she could not wait to feel his pulsating cock in her mouth. As she was working his dick with her tongue and hands, Robert was running his hands through her hair and gently driving her head up and down on his cock. This took Natasha to a new level, never missing a stroke or suck, she removed her top and pink lace bra, Robert recognizing the lace matching her thong. Now her tits are free and Robert can reach down to feel the firm soft flesh as they come down to contact his balls.

Natasha, now dripping wet, decides that she has prepared his cock for the next step. She stands up in front of Robert with her jeans and heals still on. With her long black hair falling down over her beautiful full breasts, she starts just a little tease by playing with her rock hard nipples just before unbuttoning her tight blue jeans. She turns away so Robert can see the jeans as they slide down to reveal the rest of the thong. Robert has his hand on his dick and is starting to stroke it once again. He watches in amazement at this magnificent creature that is very sure of herself and the power that she possesses, puts on the show of his life. She turns back to face Robert and starts working on the thong very slowly, she pulls it down to revel the amazing tight pussy that is perfectly shaven to allow maximum excitement throughout her pleasure zone. There is just a perfectly manicured patch of hair just above the start of her clit. Natasha puts her 6? heals back on and locks to door to the compartment so nothing will stop her from what she is going to do to Robert.

Now completely and beautifully naked with her heals on she towers over him and allows her long straight hair to fall to his face as she proceeds to climb on to Roberts waiting cock. She firmly grabs a hold of the shaft and slowly slides it inside her. Pausing to appreciate the moment, she wraps her long arms around his neck and tenderly starts to kiss him once again. As the train sways and bounces down the track they take advantage of the motion for the next 3 hours of the ride.

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