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Stream Fishing 2

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Months later Mike called, asking me "If I would like to go fishing". I asked him ?What do you have in mind?? Thinking he might be interested in continuing our little fun. He said ?I want to go stream fishing for trout.? I told him "Sounds like a great idea????I have a great place to go". My mind was rushing at mock speed, how can I set this up? We decided to leave Friday mid-morning, driving about an hour and a half to a lodge at the peak of the Sierras. What he didn't know was Kathy was going to be about 90 minutes behind. We arrived, check in to our rooms and had lunch. During conversation I told him of how much we had enjoyed the last time we got together, and how much it help our sex life. He gave with the biggest smile on his face and agreed. I asked him ?Could you do me a hug favor?? He said "What's that?? I said "Will you spend the weekend with my wife?"??"I'll give you my room"??"It's the bridle sweet"??"I want you to treat my wife real good"??"Take care of her needs??..?Give her what ever she wants". He was thrown back with what I had said. He asked me "why?" I said "Because you can't believe what it does for our sex life". He said "Let me think on it".

When Kathy arrived and found us out back by the river sitting on a large rock, she had an instant connection between the two of them. She walks up with her hair styled and a low cut dress, greeting both of us, leaning down kissing me, showing in full view her large breast. Standing up with a big smile, she asked, "Have you spoken to Mike about our little secret?? I said "Yes but he's not sure"???He believes it will hurt our friendship". She grabbed Mike?s hand, pulling him up towards her, "DAMN" she laughed as he started too walked into her arms. "Hi" smiling at him, leaning in for a kiss, "Hi" he smiled back, welcoming her into his arms and meeting her for the kiss. Her lips parted slightly and her tongue found its way into his mouth. His hand found the back of Kathy?s head as they passionately kissed for moments embracing each other. She leaned forward grinding on his body, pressing her self against him. She could feel his cock growing harder through his jeans as they continue to kiss. Reaching down to give him a quick squeeze, seeing his hand comfortably place on her breast, she reached down again and grabbed his crotch, stroking it through his jeans, clearly showing the out line of his hardness. She turned her head towards me and said "It looks like I have an answer". They passionately kissed several more times with his hands exploring all the parts of her body, concentrating on the enjoyment of squeezing her breast in her half bra. Soon walking away, clearly seeing his hand drop low groping my wife's ass, with her arm around his side.

A short time later I look over my right shoulder seeing them up in the window of the upstairs bridle sweet. Mike turned French kissing my wife, as he slowly undid the buttons on her dress, soon removing her bra. Thrusting her tits upward, he took his time suckling each of her nipples in his mouth, while completely removing her dress. She said ?I slowly reached out with trembling hands and undid his pants. Reaching inside, I grasped a hold of his huge shaft and pulled it out into the open. I never remember his cock being that long or thick. I couldn't get my hand around it. I thought, "My God, how can this be?????How can any one be hung like this???..?This is a pussy wrecker." She said ?I was getting nervous and scared, because I had never handle a cock that big???.?Never in my life did I think this would ever fit?. My husband always bragged about my pussy being so little and tight. Fearful of the pain, he would wreck me for life, but it was too late to stop, since I had gone this far with him.

My eyes now closed, bent at the waste, with my hands pressed against the window, naked except for my shoes, his hands from behind freely exploring the softness of my breast hanging down in full view. I reached back with my left hand and slowly stroked his cock. Mike new how wet I get when my tits were pinched and sucked, feeling set up by my husband, knowing it was one of my favorite forms of foreplay. After moments of moaning from Mike?s right hand fingering me rapidly, penetrating my pussy with multiple fingers, my juice all over his hand, running down my legs, I turned to him trying to gain my senses. Facing the right side of the window, Mike looked down at my husband with a big smile on his face as he placed his right hand on my head gently pushing me down letting me know he wanted his cock sucked again. Instinctively feel to my knees, surrendering to his needs, leaning forward and took his cock in my mouth. Trying to give him the hottest, most passionate blow job he had ever had, idolizing his cock. Stroking him with one hand, cupping his balls with the other, moving my mouth up and down his shaft, licking circles all around the head, I knelt pleasuring him. Increasing my speed, stroking his shaft, sucking as much of his cock as I could fit, knowing it was just moments before he filled my mouth. My husband still down at the river watched looking up in the window for his wife who disappeared except for the top of her head moving back and forth, offering Mike, her lover a satisfying blow job. My husband watched Mike?s hips jerk back and forth for some time, until I stood up, looked down at my husband, wiping my mouth with my index finger, and then disappeared for over an hour.

Kathy told me later after wiping the mess of my face and swallowing the rest of his load he took me to the shower. I started lathering his body washing his hair and chest, but ended up stroking and washing his hard cock with soap. He spun me around, and bent me over, his hands holding me by my waist, sliding his finger down the crack of my ass until he touched my back door as I gasp. He grabbed my hips, spreading my checks, holding my balance with the shower wall, feeling his fingers probing both of my openings. Double penetrating me, fucking me hard with his hand. His pace quickened as I moaned "Oh yes?...?I?m? ...?Going to?....?Cum?...?Please don't stop?....?Ohhhhh". My entire body stiffened as the climax crashed through my body. He pressed his fingers deep to the knuckle in me and held them there, as I came. Trying to pull away and escape from the added attentions, knowing I didn?t have the power get away, gasping and moaning, I shuddered as I came hard, my pussy throbbing and convulsing with delight. Slowly I relaxed standing there, panting slightly as he gently teased and probed me with little strokes until he pulled his fingers from me. Still with my face pressed against the tile, he grabbed the front of my hips from behind, fucking my lower back with his soapy tool for twenty or thirty seconds. I then felt his soppy hard cock slide down between my ass fucking my cheeks for close to a minute. He forced me to balance on my on one foot, while he held my left leg up,as his long cock worked its way further down sliding back and forth along the underside of my taint until I encountered this sharp shooting pain through my body. Jumping, I realized he had taken his soppy tool up my virgin ass. Trying to fight him off, he plunged his huge cock like a spear, deep, with force, pinning me deep inside of my ass, something I refused to let anyone do?. Pissed off I yielded ?What the fuck are you doing?? responding ?I'm fucking your ass and you better like it?.

"Uhhhhhhh? I screamed, grunting as he thrust into me like a machine, holding me close. One arm was around my throat the other around my waist. I couldn't see his face, but the way my body shook, told me it was a fine line between pleasure and pain. My large tits now smashed against the tile, holding me in complete control, mounting me for what seamed like an eternity. The pain raced to my head, I thought I was ripping part and would pass out. I felt so full with his cock sawing it way pass the ring of my ass, invading me like a prized bull, feeling like I had been mounted by a light pole. It felt weird, his cock penetrated my ass, feeling his thickness passing back and forth. I could barely breathe trying to handle the pain of what was happening. Not given a choice, I tried to just relax and surrendered to it all, as Mike lifted my ass up higher and shoved in deeper.

With one arm still holding me around the waist, his other reached forcefully around grabbing my tits, squeezing my nipples, pinching them to the point of pain, while biting the back of my neck leaving teeth marks. Mike?s face turned toward me with his lips near my ear; softly whispering soothing words of encouragement telling me ?you have a wonderful tight virgin ass???..?My cock feels great plowing it???? ?You need to relax so you don?t feel much pain?????Soon this will be over and you will be mine?. He was now ramming so deeply that he was banging me hard. "My cock feels so good fucking your ass???.?I?ve jacked off many times dreaming of this since the last time you sucked my cock???..?Does it feel good, are you enjoying it too?? I moaned, "Fuck no!" Mike was driving his stretching cock into me with long deep strokes, his balls slapping me ?Do you like my cock in your ass????.. ?Yes? I said, ?Please fuck me???.?Fuck me in my ass?? hoping to get this over quicker ?Yes,???Fuck my ass.? he asked ?Have you ever been fucked in your ass before?? he ask ?No?.....?Fuck?.....?No? I replied ?Then I'm the first man to fuck your ass?? I nodded yes, with my eyes shut tight, tears rolling down my face ?I?m honored? he said ?Do you like playing with yourself????..?Show me how naughty you are?. I started to breath really heavy, hoping what I was doing was driving him nuts. I reached between my legs, grasping his huge wet balls, feeling them tightening up in my hands, I knew that Mike wasn't far off from emptying his load. I couldn't wait to feel his hot seeds dumping out into my burning rectum. Lovingly I squeezed his balls, pushing back to meet his thrust, he increased his humping. Fucking me with a frenzied, all the while hoping this would end. I could feel his huge cock expanding even larger, as my ass clamped more tightly, as another vaginal orgasm started to build deep inside me. The shaking in my body got stronger, my finger tips trying to grip the shower wall, as his grunting became one long moan. Seconds later he whispered in my ear ?what?s my name?. ?What? I said, again he said ?What?s my name?. I said ?Fucking Mike, what else?. ?Wrong? he said in a stern voice, plunging me harder, causing the pain to increase, ?From now on you will address me as master?????Do you understand? he said ?No mater where we are???..?Or who we are with????Do you understand?. At that moment I understood my position, I was now his property, for his pleasure, regardless, without question, and again I submitted with a ?yes master?. I strained my hips up, barring the pain, trying to keep his rock hard cock consumed with in my ass as deeply as I could encourage him to finish what he started.

Closing my eyes, praying for him to finish, my breath was hot and gasping, hips continued pounding against my ass forcing me into the tile. He relentlessly, continued his assault on me with his large cock pounding up my ass, for the next couple of minutes. Reaching around he parted my lips, fingering my pussy, rubbing my clit to multiple orgasms, wishing this would just end. ?My cock is about to come inside your virgin ass????I will be your first? as he said this, my orgasm reached full force. His cum erupting into my rectum as my whole body shook as though I had a seizure. My legs shook uncontrollably being held up by his arm around my waist, until I felt his cock shoved with all he had, burying deep in me, feeling him throb and pulsate, moaning, refusing to release me. Screaming in both pleasure and pain, enjoying the moment knowing what I had endured, and the feeling of his cock throbbing up my ass, what a relief.

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