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Stray Cat

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My name is Sabrina, a thirty-something mother of two that loves to exercise and enjoys the attention my firm figure gets. My husband, Bruce, tells me I am exotically beautiful with features and a body that won?t quit giving or receiving. With credentials like this it is hard not to play-up to men?s reaction to me. My interest in extra marital affairs began some years ago when, as a happily married woman, I got involved with a mutual friend and co-worker. I had been married for ten years to the same wonderful man. My husband had been busy with his graduate studies and I felt he was not spending enough time listening to my needs. I found that someone to listen at work. A co-worker, Dave, ten years my junior, was the person I turned to for conversation. The more time I spent disclosing my life and its frustrations to Dave the closer I felt to him and the flirting began and got heavier as time went on. Many times the two of us would meet after work and others around us began to suspect something was happening between us. His constant admiring comments had me believing in myself again and my ability to be attractive to other people other than my husband was being reinforced.

During one of our get togethers down at the lake parking area after work we were talking when he looked my in the eyes, moved close, and gave me a very seductive kiss. In that moment I tuned out everything in my life except for the stud next to me and the butterflies in my stomach that had just moved down to my wanting pussy. As he kissed me again, this time harder and deeper, his hand moved slowly up to my breasts and caressed one tit then the other. I have very large nipples set on big areolas positioned in the center of my firm round boobs.

The kneading of my tits had my nips responding quickly, poking through my top revealing my approval to my friend. Dave slowly unbuttoned my shirt while he explored my mouth with his tongue. As he touched my bare breast my crotch started on fire. As the touch by this stud brought feelings back I hadn?t felt in years. Soon I realized what I was doing and the impact it may have on my life and I excused myself and went home.

Over the next few weeks I still got together with Dave on occasion and we would meet at our favorite parking area. Every time I put myself in that position he would seduce me further. Each time, against my better judgement, I would give in to his advances. Eventually his kisses led to more fondling of each other and the last time we met the burning in my loins was to great to ignore. He again was rubbing my tits and kissing my lips and neck bringing my desire to boiling point. Replacing his hand on my nipple with his tongue his free hand then began to caress my bare leg as his fingers inched their way under my skirt. When he finally touched my panties an electric shock spun through my body leaving me wanting to see what he is hiding behind his zipper. During work he occasionally wears spandex shorts and appears to keep a nice package in his lap. I had brushed against his bulge before but had not released it, until now. I reached over and gave his hardness a squeeze as I fumbled with the buttons on his fly. Noticing my desire to unleash his member he gladly removed his hand from my wet panties where he was gently stroking my pussy through the fabric and helped me in exposing his cock to me.

It wasn?t difficult to tell after one touch just what he had been hiding this whole time. I grabbed his hot shaft and began a gentle stroking of it's length and the attached balls. We continued to make-out as our hands did more exploring of each other. His cock felt great in my grip, bringing confidence that I could still make a man hard. His prick wasn?t as big has Bruce?s but the feeling of holding another man?s cock was too great to turn down, no matter the size. He responded to my strokes by pumping his dick in my fist as he tried to keep a hand on my wetness. Soon he gave up and surrendered to my advances and leaned back to enjoy the servicing I was giving him. It wasn?t long before both of my hands were exploring his complete package, one attending to his bald jewel sack and the other wrapped firmly around his manhood. Dave was thoroughly enjoying this new addition to our playful times, unfortunately it was late and I had to get home before my husband became worried as to where I was. I pumped Dave?s meat a few more times, smearing his pre-cum over his head letting him know how much I enjoyed this but that I had to leave.

A few days later, with my evening with Dave still on my mind, I made up an excuse to go over to his house to pick something up for work. When I arrived Dave had just gotten out of the shower when he answered the door in just a towel. He invited me in, closed the door, and pulled me close kissing me hard and deep. As we kissed he pressed his member against my bare thigh which was exposed by my short skirt. Dave dropped his towel exposing a semi-hard prick that looked very inviting in the day-light. Pulling me to him he slipped his hardness under the front of my skirt pushing his head against my thong covered pussy. I could feel his member grow under my skirt as it moved with more desire. His cock felt so good against my covered fuck hole that I grabbed his firm ass and ground my hips to his leaving his cock rubbing up and down my crotch soaking my thong panties. Pulling down the straps to my tank top exposed my sensitive breasts to the light as well as he admired my tits and the responding nipples. In between rubbing his member against my snatch Dave took one breast then the other in his mouth gently nibbling on my enlarged nips bringing me near orgasm. Soaking my tits with saliva he massaged my slippery boobs as he paid compliments to my body in the day-light. I reiterated the same feelings as I dropped to my knees and pushed him down on the couch. At last I was at eye level with his fuck meat, I too was admiring his goodies in the light while I took his cock in my soft hands. Slow strokes of his balls and shaft had me wanting to finish the job, this time wanting to watch his monster shoot its load. The sight of his dick in my hands brought back the memories of all the cocks I have had and the blow jobs I have given. My husband has always loved being sucked off and I have always enjoyed a hard cock in my mouth even before I met Bruce. As with my usual routine I started at his balls and running my tongue up his shaft to his red bulb.

Dave moaned, and I moved my mouth further down, flicking out my tongue along the shaft of it all the way to the base. I could feel the veins running all around the hard prick. I licked the hairless base of his cock that covered his heavy balls. I opened my lips and sucked his scrotum into my mouth. He moaned again. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face closer to him.

I opened my mouth to accept him down my throat as he fucked my face by forcing his head further in my mouth. I moved my tongue up and down his cock licking the shaft as I went, feeling those fat veins on the tip of my lips. Moving up to the engorged head sporting a reddish/blue hew and a white pearl drop of dew. He tasted salty and the musky scent of his crotch had me wanting more. I took him in one gulp swallowing as much of him I could without gagging. Each time I covered his hardness with my mouth I wanted more and more bringing me to a short orgasm as I enjoyed this boy and his toy. Feeling him buck against my mouth I knew he was about to squirt his fluid soon and I wanted to watch this spectacular sight. Withdrawing his rod from the clutches of my mouth I immediately stuffed his dick between my already exposed tits. It was covered in my saliva and slid effortlessly between my boobs while I titty fucked this stud. The feeling of his rock hard rod contrasted with the softness of my breasts that surrounded his member and had my nipples standing at attention. Dave continues to ram his dick in my cleavage until he started to groan and stiffen his body.

He lost his load by squirting his sauce on my chin and each boob. His cum tasted as good as I had imagined, different than every other man?s, retaining its own unique flavor. He sat me up and licked his juices off of my chest concentrating on my erect nubs. A thorough licking of my rack had me cleaned up in no time and feeling as horny as ever. I too lapped up his cum, starting from one end of his rod to the other. Again, It was time for me to depart, leaving my stud wanting more, begging me not to go.

Each time I returned from one of these heavy petting sessions I would seduce my husband, hoping for the animalistic fuck I was yearning for, only to get the traditional in and out screw that had become all to common for us. Bruce is usually very attentive to my needs and can eat my pussy like a porn star, lately I haven?t been getting that attention due to his studies and my pussy needed that kind of love making again. Without discussing my feelings with Bruce he had no idea that our relationship was in trouble as he continued with his family-man status quo.

A week later the unit at work was being reorganized and a party for employees was being arranged at a local hotel. A room was reserved for those who didn?t want to drive home, however I knew what Dave had in mind when he told me about the room with a wink. Bruce new something was up that night by the way I primped and polished myself. All the while I was showering and shaving my pussy, I thought of my new lover?s meat pushing against my swollen smooth lips hoping to stretch me into orgasm after orgasm. By the end of my shower my cunt was dripping wet in anticipation of the night?s festivities. I ignored my kids and husband as I slipped a short silky sun dress over my freshly powdered body and let it cling to my firm naked body. This dress was meant to be worn without a bra and my perky tits topped by dark nipples were very evident through the thin fabric.

Admiring myself in the mirror I slipped on my favorite pumps, knowing I was going to turn heads and grow some cock that evening. The dress was so short that any bending over would expose my nice ass and if I was to dance I figured I should at least wear something out of the house. Bruce?s mouth dropped open as he saw what I was wearing to go to an employee party which cemented his suspicions of my intentions as he asked me not to go. Had I been thinking of my marriage and kids I would have stayed but I was determined to have a good time, I thought I deserved it at what ever the cost. I went back to my room and grabbed a g-string for later wearing.

I met the gang in the lounge of the hotel and had a few drinks waiting for the band to start playing. A small group of us went up to the room for a few sheep drinks and a little smoke. I was soon feeling loose and uninhibited. I excused myself from a drinking game and went to the bathroom to change my panties. I took out the thin piece of silk from my purse and replaced the briefs I had on for Bruce?s benefit. My husband loves to go out with me when I only wear a thong but I wasn?t with him this time and I knew he would object. I slipped the patch of fabric up my firm legs and positioned it over what little pubic hair I had on my snatch and adjusted the straps to fit nice and comfortable between my ass cheeks. I returned to the group as they were leaving for the lounge again. In the lounge I danced with all the guys, all of which loved my dress I was wearing and the way it moved as I danced. Their appreciation was duplicated by the hard bones that kept pressing against my thighs. These were from guys I never would have thought of me being attracted to but in this atmosphere and my state of sobriety I was enjoying this attention. I kept playing to the sexual tension in the room and the continued to flirt and tease those around me. Dave and I danced to a slow song, grinding his firmness against me sent waves of lust through my veins. He slipped his hand under my skirt on the dark dance floor to find my bare cheek as he mumbled his delight. Whispering to me he suggested that we go up to the room for another break, I knew what he had in mind and readily agreed to follow.

In the elevator up to the room Dave kissed my firmly while pressing his body against mine. He moved down my neck to my chest releasing a boob and stuck my nipple in his mouth. His lustful kisses were getting me wet and he commented on my condition after he slipped a hand under my dress and found my moist panties. Moving around to pull me close again he grabbed my ass with both hands under my dress to have me feel his hard dick again. We came to our floor and I was able to put my tit back in place just as the door opened to let another couple in. Once in the room we paused a moment for another drink and some smoke. This poor kid was drunk and couldn?t stop with his compliments and suggestive comments. I was enjoying his advances like a broke whore to a new John. He told me over and over again how he loved my figure and how he noticed the other guys admiring it as well. The dialog had me horny in no time and without thinking I stood up and started to dance by myself. Dave?s hand went straight to his crotch. The music in the background made my hips swing as I put on a strip show for my one-man audience. Raising my hem on my dress revealed my g-string and had him stroking his meat through his pants. When I exposed my tits to him and started to lick and massage them to the music he pulled his dick out and jerked off in rhythm with my movements. Bruce always loves to whack his wang as I danced for him and Dave was no exception. My tits bounced to the music and Dave licked his lips wanting to taste my nips. As I let my dress fall to the floor I stepped out of it and immediately straddled Dave?s lap placing his face in my cleavage to let him enjoy my assets. His freed hands were fondling my ass that was outlined by tiny strings and pulling my hips on his engorged member. My scantly covered pussy could easily feel the hardness of his shaft and his movements had my cunt moving across his length sending me to a new level of wetness. He continued his assault on my tits and with me on my knees, he had me straddling his lap, with a free hand he was rubbing my covered pussy with his cock. My clit was so swollen that his rubbing of my silk covered slit had me squirming with orgasm. The sight of me shuddering left Dave shooting his load all over himself. He commented on my wetness and asked to see my love box.

I stood before him and seductively slipped the g-string over my hips and down my shapely legs. Leaving my heels on I strutted in front of him like a dancer reading for a lap dance. Dave was still stroking his prick as he watched me perform for him again. My pussy lips were so hot, wet and protruding proudly Dave wanted a closer look. I walked over to him and stood there touching my breasts as he rubbed by legs moving to my ass and eventually finding the wetness of my love hole.

He grabbed my butt and pulled me close placing his mouth on my drenched pussy. He told me how he loved a shaved pussy and how good I tasted, dreaming of my snatch for the last few weeks. I had Dave lay on his back as I sat on his face giving him the full access to my fuck cave. In this sixty-nine position I grabbed his soft cock and sucked life back into it.

Dave found my swollen clit and concentrated on it with each swirl of his tongue on my love button I became wetter and wetter. Being tongue fucked by this stud had my pussy on fire. I pushed down on his face trying to get his licker deep in my twat. In no time his attention to my underside was indescribable forcing myself on his lips. The wiggling I was doing on his face had his other head ready to cum again. I felt his eruption building in his balls as a hot stream of spunk pumped its way down my throat. Hearing his moans, I was assured that I still could satisfy any man anytime I pleased and that is coincidentally what my husband had always told me, now I know first hand.

When I got home the next morning Bruce suspected what had happened when he found my panties in my purse. I had felt so guilty about my behavior the last few weeks that I told my husband some of what had taken place. At first I thought my marriage and family were destroyed.

Instead, Bruce responded quite unexpectedly to my surprise. He asked why and accepted my explanation and promise not to stray again and he committed to giving me all the attention I need. And for the next two weeks Bruce and screwed my fuck hole hard every chance he got. Some of his hard core fucking was driven by anger and partly from jealousy, either way my cunt has gotten quite a workout from my main man. His big dick pounded in me in every position possible, ramming his long rod in me violently at times making me cum long and hard. If I knew he could deliver so well I probably would never have looked elsewhere for what I thought I was missing. As I found out I had the best at home the whole time. Bruce has made every effort to fuck me ever since and tells me his only regret now is that he couldn?t have been there to watch. Ever since this trying time in our relationship he has had a new attitude and loves it when I exhibit my wares, encouraging me to flaunt my assets and recount the stares and comments I get in bed that night as he buries his face in my wet twat. The fantasies he tells me about and stories he reads involve other couples, which is great since I desire to watch him with another woman as he views me servicing her man. I know I can please a man now, and having Bruce watch would be such a turn-on.

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