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Stranger on the Beach : couple

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July was just the way she loved it, mid nineties, hot and humid. While everyone in town that morning complained of the heat, she reveled in it. She found it sensual and seductive lying naked in the blazing sun, covered in oil and sweat, her tan glistening.

Her beach. She?d found the secluded spot quite by accident. The sand almost a pure white, the water calm as it washed ashore, and completely secluded. Having come here for better than two weeks now she?d never seen any trace of another human being there. After the first week, she?d become secure enough to lie at the edge of the water, naked, to sunbathe.

Stripping her clothes from her sweat soaked body; she walked into the cool lake water, wetting herself, and finally slipped beneath the water, swimming for a bit, before she emerged and slathered herself with oil, enjoying the feel of it against her skin, and the exhilarating smell of coconut. She felt so alive here, naked with nature. Spreading a towel at the edge of the water, she lay down on her back, so that her legs and feet met the cool water as it lapped against the beach. She found the water caressing her soothing, and she closed her eyes, falling asleep.

He?d been watching her for days now.

He figured her to be somewhere in her thirties. Long, thick brown hair, with red highlights that dazzled in the sun. He even had a little bet going with himself that she washed her hair in coconut-scented shampoo. The smell of the coconut oil she rubbed into her body always drifted up to him where he sat hid from her sight. Almost bronze, her tan so deep, he figured she always tanned nude, for there was not a tan line to be seen. She was of average height, and slender, pretty, her mouth moist with a pale pink lipstick. Her breasts were full and firm, her stomach flat and her shaved pussy intrigued him. He?d never been with a woman without a bush.

Since he first spied on her, he knew he would have her. Every minute of his days and nights had been spent plotting or fantasying about her. Damn, just watching or thinking about the woman and he was hard, finding he?d have to take care of himself, or go pump himself into his wife?the frigid princess, he called her. There was nothing soft or sensual about his wife. He couldn?t even remember why he married her.

He looked at the things he?d brought with him and smiled. Shit, he was gonna go seduce the lady with a picnic basket. He?d purchased the most expensive bottle of wine in the liquor store, stopping by the grocery to buy strawberries, apples and even some kiwi, along with various cheeses. Then he?d gone to a department store, bought the wicker basket, two crystal wine glasses, with matching crystal plates and cloth napkins. He hadn?t spent this much time nor put that much thought into anything for years. Forty years old and now his cock was dictating his life. But from the looks of the woman sprawled on the beach before him?he had the distinct feeling he would not be disappointed. Pulling himself up, he grabbed his basket and began working his way to the beach, wondering how he was going to keep his rock hard cock under control for a bit longer.

Setting the basket down as he reached the beach, he whipped his polo shirt off, kicked off his sandals and walked to his bathing beauty and knelt beside her. Sound asleep, her lips were slightly parted, her breathing easy and he watched for a moment as her breasts gently rose and fell with each breath she took. Her hair fanned against the towel, and he reached over and ran his fingers through the thick waves of softness. His cock throbbed, imprisoned in his tight swim trunks, and he changed positions, allowing himself some relief.

He traced a finger over her forehead and down her face, outlining her lips. He smiled as her warm breath touched his fingers, and the moisture from her lipstick stained his fingertips. She moved slightly at his light touch, a soft sigh escaped her lips, humming against his touch. Beads of sweat swam with the coconut oil that coated her body, and he let his stare rake over every inch of her. He?d never wanted a woman more than he did her.

Before he lost total control, he got up to get the basket, bringing it back just a few feet from his sleeping beauty, and he set about arranging their little ?love feast.? Pouring the wine, he sipped the cool sweetness and walked back over to her, and lay down, propping himself up on an elbow and watched her. Several minutes passed by, he was completely mesmerized by her?aching to touch her, taste her?and pour himself into her.

Slowly, he tipped his glass and trickled wine across her breasts, her nipples hardening as it dribbled down and around her firm, full, succulent orbs. She moved again slightly, rolling her head towards him, a smile touching her lips. Again he took his glass, spilling the wine onto her body, watching it run down her flat stomach and pool around her naval before finding its way between her legs. He heard her sharp intake of breath and glanced quickly back at her face. She was still sleeping, but he could see a sexual tension tugging at her.


Lying back beside her, he saw her legs had parted, giving him access to her golden pussy. The tide was rising, and he watched as the water covered her feet and legs, tickling her almost to her knees. Her body responded to the gentle rush of water and she moved her body, soft moans coming from deep inside of her. He tilted his wine glass, and spilled it against her breasts, and as the wine made its course down her body, he fingers followed it. Her skin was soft, silky underneath his fingers?and his seduction was pulling her from her sleep, slowly. She moved into his hand as it traced the lines the wine had left.

His fingers glided over her golden mound, and rubbed deeper, his fascination growing at the soft skin, and he groaned at the feel of her, the sight of her and her legs moved and she began arching towards the teasing he gave her. Looking up at her, the smile on her face, seeing her breathing grow more rapid as he played, he brushed her lips with his, then began running his tongue over her smile. Kitten moans of pleasure echoed in his ears as she responded to his kisses, parting her lips, and his tongue danced against hers, savoring the mint taste of her mouth.

Damn, he didn?t even know her name. He watched as she stirred, as her sleep left her and her eyes slowly opened, squinting in the sun, and she shadowed them with a slender hand.

She woke from a wonderful dream of being seduced, with water and fingers, which seemed to dance on her skin. She could feel her wetness between her legs, and it wasn?t from the water, or from the summer heat that dampened her body. Her nipples were hard and she ached from unspent passion. As her eyes adjusted to the glaring brightness of the day, she felt him?before she saw him. His raw masculinity spoke.

Dark hair, a beard shadowing his handsome chiseled features, his eyes a smoking green. She allowed her gaze to travel to his tanned torso, noted the firmness of his muscles, the dark hair curling on his chest, and she took in the bulge barely hidden behind his swim trunks. He rolled away from her and she admired his legs, the dark hair against his tan, the muscles flexing with his movement.

Before she could move, he?d rolled back to her and brought a plump strawberry to her mouth. Mischief?twinkled with the desire she saw in his eyes, and deciding she was quite safe, not to mention the aching in her for a man, she took the strawberry between her teeth, biting down and letting its juice trickled down her chin. The strawberry was sweet?.cool and juicy. It was sensual, and she felt her body flush from the thoughts that came to her.

He fed her strawberries, his eyes seldom leaving hers, except when he would feel her body stir to her own secret thoughts, and he would have to watch?see her trace her breasts with her hand or rub it across her stomach. His gasped when without warning, she had brought her hand to his chest, her long nails teasing his nipples, barely touching, yet his body burned with lust.

Slowly she traveled the length of his torso, her fingertips sailing over his finely detailed muscles, stopping to dip into his naval. He closed his eyes as she explored him, almost holding his breath, sinking into her touch. She played with the waistband around his trunks, her body moving towards him, asking for his caress.

A kiss upon her lips and he dropped his head, circling a hardened nipple, his hand running along the curve of her waist. Slowly, he nibbled and licked, her body arching towards him, begging for more, until he sucked the firm nipple into his mouth. She tasted of wine and coconut, and he sucked the nipple deeper into his mouth, licking harder, his tongue flicking over her nipple, anxious to taste just her skin. His deep moans were muffled as he buried his face in her breasts and his hands stroked her body, pulling her closer.

She watched him as he worshipped first one taut nipple then the next, delighting in how he could come at her gently, then possessed her, sucking harder, his tongue flicking faster against her erect nipples. Her body flamed with desire. She ran her fingers through his thick dark hair, and trailed them across his back, her nails lightly grazing his hot skin. She drew a long leg up over his hip and pulled herself tight against him, rubbing against the bulge he still kept hidden.

Sitting with her leg thrown over him, he felt the heat from her pussy as she pushed her mound against him. God, she was wet. Her nails raking across his back, her playing with his hair?teasing his earlobe, the feel of her body crushing against him caused him to tremble. Her body was quivering beneath his hands and mouth.

He slowly stood up, bringing him with her, and carried her to the blanket he?d spread earlier up the beach. Laying her down, he spread her legs, and knelt between the V. Her pussy glistened in the sun, moist from the oil?wet from his play. He smiled at her, and began lightly running his fingers over her inner thighs, let them slide over her bare, tanned mound and then he parted her wet lips and his thumb found her clit. She moaned, wrapping her legs around his back, pulling him to her.

He ran the tip of his tongue along her slit, nibbling at her lips, then sought her clit. Just as he?d done with each nipple he started gently, increasing the pressure, sucking her clit, flicking his tongue against it, harder and harder. Slipping two fingers into her, he quickly found her g-spot and teased her, her hips thrusting her up to meet his advances. He buried his face deeper into her, her smell, her juices covering his face and he drove his fingers deeper inside of her. Faster, harder?knowing she was on the edge, he continued until her body exploded in climax.

With one hand, he stripped the trunks from his body, his cock throbbing as it fell free, and he positioned himself over her. She reached up, running her hand the length of his rod, stroking him. Her finger rubbed against his head, and she looked up at him, as she brought her now wet finger to her mouth, sucking off the precum that she?s wiped from his cock. He wanted her mouth around his dick, and she knew it. She moved from under him, as he rolled on his back, and she went to claim him.

Kneeling over him, she took him in her hand, her fingers enjoying the smooth skin stretched over his hardness. She brushed her tongue along his head, and she smile as his body jerked towards her, and she heard him groan with pleasure. Licking the length of him, circling his cock with her tongue, and then sucking his balls, gently in and out of her mouth, as her hand worked his shaft. His hand caught in her hair, urging her to take him in her mouth.

She looked up at him, smiled at the look on his face, and slowly wrapped her lips around his head, and began sucking him, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. His moans grew loader, and he found her rhythm and thrust his shaft into her hot mouth. Her hands found his balls, massaging them, lightly, then harder?back and forth. Deeper and harder, he fed her his cock. She loved the way he twisted her hair around his fingers, the way he tenderly massaged her neck. She felt him swelling, and she sucked harder, taking him deep in her throat, and he shot his jism into her mouth. She swallowed it all; he tasted so good.

She got up and straddled him, a smile on her face, rubbing her mound deep into him, then reached into the basket and pulled an apple from the basket and took a bite. He smiled, his eyes dancing with laughter and excitement, as she offered him a bite of the fruit?the summer was going to get much hotter?

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