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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Stolen Time".


Stolen Time

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The door opened to a dark room. Light filtered in between the curtains but only lit a small slice of the darkness. As Amanda heard the door close behind her, she felt Conner's arms pull her close to him. Within a split second she had gone from a calm woman to a nervous romantic thrust into her lover's arms.

His lips fell upon hers as she felt the 5th Airborne Division taking off in her tummy. Why, she wondered, was she feeling like this? She had been with him before yet the effect of his presence had never hit her like this. She had been drained, both physically and emotionally when he picked her up tonight. Yet once in his arms, she turned into a very willing and sexual partner for him. She was no longer nervous about undressing him herself, did not wait for his normal cues. She felt alive and with one purpose, to pleasure him as long as she could.

Their kiss lasted a few minutes, interrupted only by whispers of love and "I missed yous". They let the world interrupt as they wandered about the room. They turned a light on and admired the amenities. Then they found themselves face to face and it all started ....

Clothes came off fairly quick, but who removed what she really couldn't recall. But she knows that once they were both naked, he playfully tossed her on the bed and he jumped in next to her. They fell giggling as their arms held each other tightly. She felt his body melt into hers, fitting like a glove.

He pulled away and moved down to the end of the bed, positioning himself between her legs. She moaned at the thought and opened her flower to him. He gently touched her lips with his tongue and her body quivered. He drove it deeper, finding the little button hiding within and caressing it until it popped up hard and proud. His hands held her to him as he caressed and licked his way all over her pussy. Darting his tongue in and out of her love hole, she moaned with excitement.

A few minutes passed before he rose to his knees and began to enter her. Slowly he moved into her, their eyes locked in a sensual glare. She felt him open her up as he slid farther inside. He filled her well and even he made a cute little noise when he was as deep as he could get. She quickly met his rhythms as they began their ascension up the emotional hill.

His eyes sparkling as he watched her, and hers shining like stars knowing he was making love to her. Time passed quickly, or was it slowly? Before she knew it he was on the edge and she held his hand as he pulled out quickly and let his juices cover her tummy. (and legs, and pillow! hahaha) She smiled as she saw him almost looking embarrassed. He never expected to shoot that far! But they didn't care. They got up together to clean up, heading to the bathroom for a washcloth.

Once they were rid of the sticky stuff, they cuddled on the bed, her head against his chest, hands entwined above her shoulder. They talked about their lives, about his wife and her husband. He talked about his kids and grandkids. They spoke aloud about dreams and fantasies. Time just flew being there with him. At the same time it stood still. Never did he touch her to arouse her again while they spoke. They kissed a lot and she nibbled his neck a few times. They played and laughed, using the entire king size bed they shared.

As if on an invisible cue, he slowly moved to his back as she lied next to him and touched his cock ever so lightly. It sprang to attention at her touch, making her smile. She stroked it lovingly as she touched it with her lips. Slowly she took him deeper and deeper, until her mouth was full of him. She sucked on him slowly at first, and then licked the tip of its single droplet. Then she licked below his shaft, playing with his balls with her tongue as his body wiggled a little on the bed. She worked his cock until it was quite ready for another round.

He didn't wait for an invitation this time. He rolled her over and took her again, still being tender as he entered her but his thrusts held more of an urgency. She was delighted in his power and loving movements, each one thrilling her. She felt him growing close a few times but the frustration on his face told her that he was spent. He soon drew out and lay beside her, apologizing for his lack of stamina. She smiled, kissed him and held him tight. He knew better than to worry about that bothering her. He knew she loved him no matter how he performed.

They snuggled for a few more moments before deciding to head for a shower together, and then back into their separate lives.

She knew what she had done; she had stolen time to be with him again. She knew just how much when he dropped her off to her car, her sleeping husband inside awaiting her arrival.....

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