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Stepmother's Lover

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Chapter 1

Dorothy Morgan glared at her stepson with angry green eyes as she listened to the Lawyer's cracked voice destroy the hope she had nursed for the past five years.

Damn it! It just wasn't fair! Bruce Morgan had been ages older than her twenty-four years, and his children were already into their teens when she married him. He wasn't a bad looking man, and he had been proficient, if not inventive in the bedroom.

But Dorothy was convinced that she could have done a lot better with a minimum of effort. The only reason she married Bruce Morgan was his clearly stated promise that the three hundred acre farm would be hers when he died.

For five years, she had played Mother to Ted and Linda, while dutifully offering her young body to Bruce's nightly assaults.

Now, Ted was eighteen and Linda was sixteen, and Bruce was dead.

Dorothy did not pretend a grief she could not discover among her emotions. Even the youngsters received the news of the auto accident with suppressed sighs of relief. Bruce had never been close to either of them, and his authoritarian attitude would be missed but little.

"So," the Lawyer concluded, folding the document and removing his glasses, "I Morgan left the bulk of his estate to his sole male heir, Ted Morgan. The others will receive sums up to ten thousand dollars."

Ted's dark eyes mocked her as Dorothy exclaimed, "He couldn't do this to me! I'll contest the will!"

The attorney sighed. "That is your privileges of course.

But I assure you, this will cannot be broken. Mr. Morgan was very specific in his demands that it be made unbreakable." He folded his bony hands on the desk. "I'm sure you can work something out among yourselves without all the expense and embarrassment of prolonged litigation."

"Sure," Ted's deep baritone drew another glare from his Stepmother. "We can work something out. We'll talk it over when we get home."

"Your home," the woman exclaimed angrily. "Not mine! Your Father saw to that."

The Lawyer stood up, his narrow shoulders supplying a shrug of finality. Ted rose to his feet, tall and muscular, offering an arm to Dorothy and receiving another furious frown of refusal.

Linda Morgan, Ted's younger sister, followed her brother and Stepmother from the office, down the narrow hallway, and out the side door into the parking area where they had left the Chrysler.

The contents of the will had failed to surprise the girl. It seemed logical that Ted should assume control of the farm. He was, after all, a man, and farming was no job for a woman, especially one like Dorothy. Linda didn't dislike her Stepmother.

It was just that she had never been able to accept her as Bruce's wife. Her Father had been a stern and cold man, while Dorothy, with her flaming red hair and generously curved body, was---Linda found it difficult to shape the word, even in the privacy of her mind---sexy.

"I'll drive," Ted announced when they reached the car. He held out his hand for the keys, and Oorothy's normally full lips became a tight red slash above a quivering dainty chin. She placed them on his palm with unnecessary force, then stalked to the rear door and climbed into the back seat.

"You can ride up front with me, Linda." Ted grinned, and the girl trotted happily around the car, her skirt climbing over her slender thighs as she settled herself in the comfortable seat, watching her brother insert the key with an air of authority.

"Are things going to be different, Ted?" Linda asked as they pulled out into the light afternoon traffic." At home, I mean."

Ted gave her a quick smile, his eyes dropping to caress the tanned flesh above her dimpled knees. His right hand lifted from the wheel to curve warm fingers about her thigh, gentle, yet bold, moving upward just enough to suggest more than a casual touch.

Linda's body tensed as she felt the warm tingling between her legs. Then, just as suddenly, the muscles relaxed and she let her thighs roll on the seat, widening the angle between them. She was mistaken about Ted's intention. She had to be. It was unthinkable that her own brother would actually do the thing that flitted through her mind.

"Things will be better, Sis." His voice was soft, conveying the same thrilling warmth that radiated from his fingers, still sliding over the smoothness of her skin, dangerously near the forbidden zone. Linda wondered what she would do if he actually touched her there.

"What are you doing?" Dorothy's voice came harshly from the back seat. She was leaning forward, staring at Ted's hand, her own gripping the leather upholstery.

Ted's eyes were insolent, meeting hers in the rectangular mirror. His fingers tightened about the young flesh, possessively and boldly. His voice bore a trace of harshness that made the woman sit back, her face a lovely mask of confusion.

"I'm doing what I want to do," he said tensely. "She's my sister. Or have you forgotten that?"

Linda wondered why Dorothy had objected to her brother's touch. He wasn't hurting her. On the contrary, the most pleasant sensations were pulsating through her lower belly, concentrating their tingling thrills in the plump mound beneath her thin panties.

A faint pink glow spread upward from her small breasts to paint her cheeks. She desperately hoped that Ted would not notice the dampness that was beginning to seep through her panties.

Linda hated it when his hand returned to the wheel, and she hated herself for thinking that it had been anything more than a gesture of affection. Ted would never dream of doing those awful things that were pictured hazily on the rim of her consciousness.

All three were silent as the powerful car swallowed the miles with its throaty purr. At the farm, Dorothy was first out, stalking into the multi-columned house with an exaggerated twisting of her lush bottom.

She climbed the stairs to her second-story bedroom, closing the door behind her before dropping the mask of haughty defiance and yielding to the gut-wrenching sobs of disappointment. Before the mirror of the heavy oak dresser, she stared at the convulsive heaving of her prominent breasts, the big mounds shoving their outlined tips against the black dress.

"Mourn, bitch," she whispered in a fierce tone. Pretend you're sorry! The only thing you're sorry about is getting cut out of his will."

The lips snarled, quivered, then curved in a strained smile.

Her head went back, the red hair swirling and reflecting the lift from the tall windows of the bedroom. She laughed, beginning with a sobbing chuckle, and climbing dangerously toward hysteria.

"He fucked you, Dots!" she hissed at her swaying reflection.

"The son of a bitch fucked you after he was dead and buried!"

Her fingers tore at the neckline of the dress, ripping it down the front and tugging the split until it hung like a ragged black smock, gaping to expose her nakedness. Her tits poked meaty nipples at the mirror, and her pubic thatch flamed its redness.

"He got the prime years," she whispered, the angry tone surrendering to a wistful softness. "And what did you get? You got fucked! That's what! He promised you the whole damn pie, and you end up with the crumbs!"

Gracefully, even in anger, she shrugged the torn dress down over the firm breasts, wiggling her voluptuous hips until the cloth puddled about her feet, and she stood naked except for the sheer hose, garter belt and slippers.

Unsnapping, peeling her thighs tensing and quivering, she removed the last item to stand, long legs spread wide, devouring her mirrored nakedness with half-closed eyes. The spongy nipples began a visible engorgement, swelling and tightening in their pinkish brown circles.

She shot her pelvis forward, pushing the plump cuntal mound into greater prominence, bending her knees and widening the angle of her thighs until the lips of her pussy were tugged apart to reveal the delicate slit of the vaginal entrance, pink, moist and shivering with suppressed excitement.

"God!" she breathed. "If I'd only had a real man during those years!"

She bent her head forward, one hand cupping a pliant mound and contorting its roundness to lift the succulent nipple to where her wet tongue could caress its rounded tip. The other hand splayed slender fingers over the red hairs of her bush, the middle digit disappearing into her red corridor. Her neck arched, and her red lips fastened about the swollen nipple, sucking avidly. Her finger probed and wiggled, and her luscious ass bucked excitedly.

Pleasure welled in her grinding belly, becoming a hot slippery flow that coated the dancing finger and spread to the other digits, enabling her thumb to slide delightfully over the throbbing bud of her expanding clit.

It was never necessary for Dorothy to fantasize during her masturbatory sessions. Her own body was the only image required to create a swirling desire in her easily aroused loins and she could quench that surging lust with skillful fingers and a knowing mouth.

Her hand and wrist were wet from the flood of vaginal nectar, and it trickled sluggishly down the inner curves of her quivering thighs as her finger plunged and retreated, frictioning the labial lips and the pulsating walls of her convulsing pussy.

The saliva-covered tit slipped from her mouth as the ecstatic shivers of climax tightened her muscles, pulling her grinding hips forward, and arching her torso backward. The tendons in her slender neck rose to become writhing blue worms beneath the flawless skin, throbbing to the accelerated rhythm of her pulse and the repeated stains of orgasmic pleasure.

For a few fleeting moments, Dorothy was able to forget the injustice of her late husband's will. As her vagina contracted with a force that made her whole body jerk and tremble, she gave herself over to the familiar, yet always incredible pleasure. It was one thing that Bruce had been unable to take away from her.

Her legs were still weak when, showered and dressed in a white blouse and skirt that accentuated her breasts and hips, she went downstairs to talk with her stepson.

Ted was in the study, seated behind the massive desk talking on the phone. He had pulled one of the lower drawers open and propped a foot on it, leaning back and swinging his elevated knee from side to side in a way that drew the fabric of his tan slacks tightly against the obviously large contents of the crotch.

He murmured something into the phone as Dorothy entered, then replaced it, keeping his knees spread, and sliding farther down in the swivel chair. The position shoved his bulging crotch forward.

He watched her cross the floor, his eyes sliding up and down her body, insolent and appraising.

"Well," he drawled, matching voice to expression. "If it isn't my darling Stepmother. Have you decided to be more reasonable?"

Dorothy sank onto a straight-backed chair, the skirt baring dimpled knees and the beginning of perfectly rounded thighs. She took a deep breath, forcing back the anger and bitterness.

"I acted childishly Ted," she murmured. "I was blaming you for something your Father did. It isn't your fault."

The handsome face showed no expression, merely watched her, the eyes flicking down, now and then, to caress the curve of her thighs. She found his stare disconcerting.

"You haven't said what you want me to do," she continued. "I have nowhere else to go, and the money won't be available for several weeks." Her voice trembled, then steadied. "Even then, I'll have just enough to see me through the year."

Ted's voice was gentle as he said, "What makes you think I want you to leave? Linda would be lost without you."

She watched his eyes trying to read them. Failing' she said, "I've always felt you didn't approve of my marriage to your Father."

The eyes hardened, hatred flickering in their depths. "My Father is dead." The voice was flat. "Whatever I may have felt about him no longer matters." He was silent for a moment, still moving his knee in that metronomic cadence. "Do you want to stay here?"

"I have nowhere else," she repeated, unable to keep her eyes from his bulging crotch. It seemed larger than before. It suddenly dawned on her that she had never seen Ted naked. He had been almost thirteen when she married Bruce, and already showing signs of maturity.

"That wasn't the question," he reminded her, his lips curving. "Do you want to stay?"

Wordless, defeated by the prospect of near-poverty after the five years of luxury, she exclaimed, "Yes! You know I do!"

His broad shoulders rose and fell. "Why don't we discuss it tonight?" he suggested, the lashes masking his eyes. "After Linda has gone to bed."

"What is there to discuss?" she countered, failing to read anything unusual in the remark.

"There are several changes I plan to make," Ted said, lowering his foot from the drawer. "I just called Aunt Joyce, and invited her to bring the kids for an extended visit."

Dorothy tried to hide the sudden frown as she said, "She never liked me. There'll be trouble between us."

The handsome face hardened perceptibly. "You still remember that they are my relatives," he said in a flat voice. "Aunt Joyce was my Mother's sister."

"That's why she hates me," Dorothy ventured. "She felt that I was trying to take your Mother's place with [Bruce."

The slight frown faded, replaced by a curious tilting of the wide mouth. "Would it make you feel better if I called you Mother?"

It was her turn to frown, with a confused knitting of her brow. "I ... I don't know. Both of you have always called me Dorothy."

"Yes." The grin broadened. "But, like I told you, there are going to be some changes made."

Linda's entrance halted their conversation, and Dorothy retreated to the kitchen, checking with the cook on the preparation of dinner. She had no chance to be alone with Ted until after ten o'clock, when Linda yawned and excused herself for the night.

Slumped in his late Father's chair, watching the news without any real interest, Ted reminded her of his previous remark.

"We'll talk in your room, Mother." The last word was emphasized, Dorothy was unable to determine its meaning.

"Why can't we talk down here?" she asked.

His eyes flickered from the TV to her face, then back again.

"We're going to talk," he replied coldly. "Not argue. I don't like arguments."

Dorothy felt a surge of anger, but forced it aside, keeping her voice even as she said, "Are you ready to go?"

"You go ahead," he answered, not looking at her. "Just leave your door unlocked.

Dorothy's mind sought for some explanation of the lad's conduct as she ascended the stairs, entering her room and closing the door. She had known Ted for five years. But, she realized, she didn't really know him at all.

A creature of habit, she found herself selecting a gown from the closet, carrying it into the adjoining bath and changing into it before considering the implications of Ted's presence in her bedroom. Quickly, she tugged a robe from the closet and shrugged it on over the thin gown.

She had hardly drawn the fabric about her narrow waist when Ted opened the door without knocking, stepped inside, and closed it behind him.

"You could have knocked!" she said forcefully. "I might have been dressing."

He leaned casually against the door, his eyes lazy and humorous as they drifted up and down her body, its lush curves challenging the robe with their prominence.

"You seem to forget, Mother, dear," he drawled. "This is now my house. I can go anywhere in it, at any time."

"You can show a little common courtesy!" she exclaimed.

His lips curved. "Oh, I'll show more than that!"

Dorothy stared in disbelief as he reached for the zipper of his slacks, drawing it downward with a gesture of boldness. His hand dipped into the gaping fly to emerge with his cock, huge, even in flaccidity. His fingers tugged the loose skin back from the meaty glans.

"I plan to show you everything, Mother," he said softly.

She had expected some childish display of authority. But his deliberate exposure caught her by surprise. For several seconds, as the cock began a rapid swelling under the manipulation of his encircling fingers, she was unable to speak, merely staring at the meaty cylinder that jutted from his fly, arrogant and lustful.

The purple head was shiny, its membranous surface tight under the pressure of his fist.

"What do you think of it?" the boy asked before she was able to speak. The prick was already larger than Dorothy imagined it would be, and it was still growing. As if aware of her thoughts, he added, "It's a lot bigger than the old mans."

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" The words sounded trite and foolish. The lad was correct in his comparison. Bruce's tool was a trifle when measured against the engorged column of arching hardness that sprouted from the base of Ted's belly.

His eyes became glittering slits, chilling her with their icy stare. "Take your robe off, Mother," he said in a tight voice.

She spook her head, the red hair brushing her cheeks with the violence of her refusal. She continued to gaze at the huge organ, hypnotized by its size and virility. Her hands flew to clutch the robe more tightly about her big breasts, feeling the fabric slide against the thin gown, teasing her sensitive nipples.

"You have a choice," Ted reminded her. "You can do as I tell you or get out." His voice softened just enough to compel her attention. "Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to cooperate? I can make things very pleasant for you."

"What ... what do you want me to do?" she asked weakly.

"Eventually," he answered in that same soft tone, "everything. But, I'll settle for a little head right now. I have the feeling you really know how to suck a big, juicy dick."

Her breath was audible in its swift intake. "You're awful!"

He moved toward her, his free hand darting out to clamp her shoulder, the fingers tightening until her face twisted with pain and she gasped, a whimpering sound of protest.

"Down, Mother!" he growled, forcing her downward toward the rearing column of throbbing cock flesh. "It's time to pay the rent for a change."

Dorothy's face poised over the slitted head of his prick, so close that she could smell the musk of the engorged phallus. Her knees trembled and bent, and she sank to a kneeling position before him, her hands flying out to push against his hard thighs as she sought to evade the scarlet knob that aimed its tiny slit at her mouth.

"Don't, Ted!" she whispered. "Please! Please, let me up!"

She knew the plea was futile lust as she knew that the boy was perfectly capable of forcing her to submitt. His eighteen-

year-old body was rock-hard, and the grip on her shoulder sent waves of pain through her torso.

"Don't be coy!" he exclaimed, shoving his hips forward and rubbing the satin knob against her chin. "Don't try to pretend that you've never chewed on a cock."

The pain in her shoulder was unbearable. She shuddered convulsively, her voice breaking. "All right! For God's sake!

I'll do it!"

She offered no resistance when his hand tugged the robe from her shoulder, pushing the gown aside to bare the pink-tipped mound of one breast. He didn't touch it, but Dorothy could feel his eyes on the nipple, and a strange tingling spread through the sensitive aureole. The spongy bud stiffened and expanded, in spite of her mental commands to the disobedient flesh. She heard Ted's soft chuckle.

"You see, Mother?" He rubbed the head of his prick against her cheek, his free hand caressing her red hair. "You get all excited just looking at my cock. Imagine how it will feel when you start sucking on it."

Dorothy tried to fight back the sob that racked her shoulders and jiggled her naked breast. Her hands, still clutching his hard thighs, gripped the muscles through the thin fabric of his slacks.

"Let's stop fucking around," he said huskily. "Pull my balls out, and let's have a little action."

There was nothing else she could do, Dorothy told herself.

She had to obey him. Her fingers dipped into his fly, beneath the root of his thick cock, lifting out the huge sac with its twin nuts rolling in her gentle grip. Her other hand curved about the shaft of his prick, finding that she couldn't make her fingers meet.

God! He was big! Much larger than anyone she had ever handled before marrying Bruce, and a third larger than Bruce's.

No matter how much she resented what the lad was making her do, she couldn't help wondering how it would feel to have his monster cock inside her, stretching her vagina and pounding up against her womb with its huge head.

"That's it!" Ted exclaimed, his buttocks clenching as he shoved his hips forward, sliding the huge prick through her warm fingers. "Now wrap your tonsils around that dick!"

Dorothy jerked her head back as the prick shot forward, the scarlet helmet glistening as its tiny slit parted under the sudden strain. A glob of clear precome oozed from the reddened eye, then began moving sluggishly down the inverted "V" of his glans.

"Lick it off, Mother!" he demanded, the hand on her head urging her closer. "You may as well get used to the taste of come. I'm going to see to it that you have all you can handle."

She could not twist aside. The musky scent of his organ filled her nostrils, and she grunted as the head was jammed roughly against her closed lips. She felt the hot wetness slide toward her left cheek, gnashing her lips back against her clenched teeth.

"Open your mouth!" There was a fierceness in his voice that demanded obedience. She strained her jaw to accommodate the large knob, feeling it brush her lips and drive between her widely parted teeth. The taste of his cock filled her mouth, slightly salty and completely masculine. It touched her tongue, and she tried to block its deeper penetration by stiffening that oral member.

"Take it, damn you!" he hissed, fingers tugging at her hair until tears sprang into her tightly closed eyes. Her protest was a nasal whine, for her mouth was filled with the meaty tip of his prick, and he was forcing still more of it inside.

Until that moment, Dorothy had believed that she could find some way of avoiding the complete surrender demanded by her handsome stepson. If nothing else, she was prepared to give him a few kisses, and use her hand to relieve that throbbing hardness.

But the lad was not interested in the usual foreplay. He had acted so quickly and forcefully that she could do nothing but obey his barked commands.

Her tongue dipped beneath the advancing head of his cock and she felt it press the soft arch behind her palate. Her fingers tightened about the base of the shaft, and she gagged as the knob drove farther back, threatening her throat with its huge bulk.

She felt her lips press the circle of thumb and forefinger.

"Move your hand!"

Dorothy brain whirled. It couldn't be happening to her. It wasn't possible that the boy she had accepted as a son just five years ago could be doing this terrible thing to her. But the meaty shaft was all too real, and as her fingers relinquished their grip his cock was driving deeper, filling her throat and blocking her breath.

The boy's hips shuddered as the head reached the soft embrace of her tonsils and the involuntary convulsions of her throat tightened the hot wetness about it. His hands, like talons on her red hair, held her securely in place for a long moment, ignoring her frantic efforts to breathe Air whistled through her nostrils as he drew the prick outward to the roomier area between tongue and palate. She whimpered, swallowing quickly, and tasting the tart jism left by the deep plunge of his cock.

"Suck it real good for me," he said in a thick voice, "and I won't make you take it all. Understand?"

She heard her whine of assent, and felt the prick slide over her tongue as she bobbed her head in agreement. She was willing to do anything to avoid another choking invasion by that huge shaft. Squeezing her eyes closed, she went to work.

Before her marriage to Bruce, Dorothy had permitted a few select partners to slide just the heads of their cocks into her mouth and she had teased their glans with rapid movements of her tongue. She had even sucked a little if she was in the proper mood. But she had stopped long before they could shoot their wad, no matter how much they pleaded with her to go all the way.

This time, she realized, there would be no stopping. She would have to take his load in her mouth. Then, if she was careful, she could spit it out after he withdrew his cock.

As if reading her thoughts, Ted said, "You're gonna drink it!" His fingers in her hair reminded her of her helplessness. "You're gonna make me come, and you're gonna swallow every goddamn drop of it!"

She was already sucking him, and sliding her mouth back and forth on the throbbing shaft. Now as his words registered in her confused mind, she accepted them without argument. He had already reduced her to an animal-like submission. She could hardly be forced any lower.

His prick, now that she could analyze her reaction, had a pleasant taste, and her jaw had finally become accustomed to the strain of acceptance. Even as she pondered that discovery, the cock gave a little lurch, and she felt a fresh glob of jism on her tongue.

The delicate taste of the slippery liquid sent a strange sensation throughout her body. Her breasts, quivering with the bobbing motion of her head, tingled, and the nipples swelled to an even greater distention.

Without realizing what she was doing, Dorothy began taking more of the prick inside her mouth with each slide of her encircling lips. When awareness finally came, it was too late for retreat. Desire had claimed her more effectively than Ted's demands and threats, and she was nursing his cock with an avidity completely foreign to her nature.

Another glob of jism surged through the thick staff, and her tongue gathered it in, happily swirling over the slippery knob.

She swallowed, feeding the strange hunger that was building in her throat, yet finding the seminal sample insufficient to quell that ever-mounting demand.

No longer conscious of his hands, Dorothy altered her rhythm, shoving her head forward to drive her wet lips down the engorged shaft until the knob filled her throat with its meaty goodness.

Then, fingers rolling his heavy balls, she swallowed, whimpering at the delightful feeling of her convulsing muscles about that throbbing cockhead.

As her mouth retreated, she sucked with hot, fierce vacuuming, her tongue dancing beneath the corded belly of his prick, then polishing and massaging the glans where it lay poised like a huge, slick plum just behind her lightly gripping teeth.

"Damn! Ted's exclamation was hurled through contorted lips.

"You're a natural cocksucker! Take it all, bitch! Swallow it!"

This time, she didn't pause to think about it. With a whimper of greed, Dorothy screwed her mouth down on the shuddering length of his prick until the head was again lodged in her throat.

Her body jerked and her head leaped forward, her nose burying itself in his thick pubic hair. Her chin touched his leathery scrotal sac, and her fingers rolled the big nuts against the delicate cleft as she caressed the hilted knob with repeated swallows, thrilling to the presence of that throbbing flesh that seemed to reach all the way down to her stomach.

With a snarl of lust, Ted's hips began hunching his cock in and out, plunging it past her flashing tongue to probe that gulping corridor of hot tissue, then dragging it back until only the gentle clamping of her teeth behind the flared glans prevented its escape.

Dorothy welcomed the assault. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her straining lips, and she heard the wet sounds of the prick's sliding. She heard her own throaty gurglings as she sucked the delicious meat, eager for each thrust and each drop of that tasty liquid that oozed from its slippery tip.

"NOW, BITCH!" she heard him cry, and felt the powerful shuddering of his hips become a jerking swell of the prick that filled her jaws with its expanding bulk. "DRINK MY COME!"

Hot, thick and wet, the semen spurted into her throat with such force that she could not swallow in time. The ropey cream was forced back about its originator to spill from her lips and coat her trembling chin.

Like a savage animal, Dorothy impaled her face on the exploding cock, gulping the come with such force that the youth cried out in surprised protest as he felt the clenching of her greedy throat.

Unable to breathe as she ingested his repeated volleys of semen, Dorothy's senses reeled under the onslaught of an orgasm that seemed to begin in her throat and spread downward to her almost forgotten cunt.

Each spurt of the ropey sperm triggered another and more powerful convulsion of her vagina, as if the movement of her throat muscles were actually the involuntary spasms of a new and impossible form of climax.

Her lips still stretched to encompass his spent cock; her nose and chin were coated with the spilled sperm, wet and sticky as she held him with one last feverish milking. She moaned her protest when he forced her head back, pulling the prick from her lips and letting the knob flip up against her nose, then waving it teasingly before her glazed eyes.

He grinned triumphantly as her tongue reached out to lick a broad circle about her bruised mouth, gathering the spilled come.

The grin widened when the tongue reached for her fingers, still holding his scrotum, and claimed their sticky coating with savage twistings.

"The old man missed a good thing," Ted grunted huskily, releasing her tousled hair and stepping back. He forced his dwindling cock inside his fly and drew the zipper up. "I'll bet he never let you blow him." He smiled as her head wagged from side to side. "Don't worry about it. I'll see that you get all you want."

Dorothy remained on the floor when the youth left the room, closing the door behind him. Her robe gaped about her generous breasts, and she looked down to discover a fleck of semen on her right nipple.

Slowly, hand lifted, her forefinger sponged the creamy drop and carried it upward to her parted lips. She sucked it into her mouth, holding the tip of her finger in place as she relived the past few minutes, her tongue licking slowly and greedily.

She stared at the closed door as she sucked her finger like a bashful child, wishing fervently that Ted would come back.

Chapter 2

Linda Morgan hated pajamas. On the few occasions when one of her schoolmates had spent the night with her, she wore a sheer gown that barely covered the chestnut triangle which her Father had repeatedly warned her was the gateway to hell.

She found it difficult to believe that the sensitive little opening between her thighs was really evil, no matter what others might say about it. Nothing that felt so good when she stroked her finger between its soft lips could be really bad.

Still trying to grasp the meaning of all that had happened during the eventful day, she finished her bath, toweled her nubile body dry, and slipped into bed completely naked, enjoying the feel of the cool sheets against her bare skin.

She was happy that the farm now belonged to Ted. In her mind, which had never managed to keep pace with the development of her body, her older brother represented a tangible security against all the bad things that might happen to her were it not for his presence.

At school, until he graduated, Ted had stood between her and the harsh teasing of those who recognized her backwardness. When some older boy tried to take advantage of her quite real innocence, it was Ted who convinced the youth to desist by pounding the warning into his head with a hammer-like fist.

He had even stood up for her to their late Father, and Linda had found her affection becoming almost painful when Ted gave her an occasional hug or a less frequent kiss.

Lying in the soft bed, she recalled the ride back from the attorney's office, when Ted had rested his hand on her thigh. If she tried very hard, she could still feel those strong fingers, and recreate the delicious tingling sensation that had spread upward to the furry Juncture of her slender legs.

Just before she had come upstairs, Ted had told her that he would drop in and kiss her goodnight, a habit they had both enjoyed until their Mother's death. After that, their Father had sternly forbidden either of them to enter the other's bedroom.

Linda stretched luxuriously, the sheet sliding against the points of her small breasts, making them stiffen. It was different now, she reminded herself happily. Ted was the boss.

He could do anything he wished.

She heard her brother ascend the stairway and enter Dorothy's room, but she thought nothing of it. They would have things to discuss concerning the big farm. When they were finished, Ted would come in to deliver that promised kiss, and she could go to sleep.

Drowsiness pulled her eyelids down, and she had no idea how much time had elapsed when the opening of her door made her sit straight up in the bed, the sheet sliding down to her waist, baring the pert-nippled cones of her firm young breasts.

There was a long instant during which she felt Ted's hot eyes on her naked torso. Then, with a little gasp, she tugged the sheet up to cover herself, clutching it with both hands.

"I'm sorry," she apologized blinking at her brother's faint smile. She had never before seen that particular expression. "I got so sleepy, I guess I just dozed off."

He closed the door, one hand extending to the wall switch beside it. "You look uncomfortable," he murmured, "holding that silly sheet. I'll cut the light, and you won't have to worry about it."

With the sound of a soft click, darkness enveloped the room, leaving only the faint light from the window to outline his figure as he moved toward the bed. Linda's fingers released the sheet, her arms reaching out to welcome him.

He sat down on the side of the bed, turning slightly to slip his arms about her naked waist. Gently, his fingers caressing the soft warmth of her skin, he pulled her against his chest. Her arms tightened about his neck, and she lifted her lips for his kiss. Eyes closed, she waited.

There was something deliciously wicked about the way Ted was holding her. The darkness cloaked her nakedness, but she could feel the heat of his chest against her sensitive nipples, and she shivered at the realization that she wished he were naked, too.

His voice made her eyes open, straining to make out his features in the dim light.

"Tell me, Sis," he whispered. She could feel his breath on her upturned face. "Did you ever kiss a guy with your mouth open?"

She kept her own voice low as she answered, "I've never kissed anyone else but you and Daddy. He'd have blistered me if I did that."

"Do you think you'd like it?"

The fingers were playing up and down her back, and she felt her nipples swelling against his shirt front. Her arms squeezed him.

"I'd like it with you Ted." There was an innocent eagerness in her tone. "I'd like anything with you."

She heard his soft chuckle. Then, "It's hot in here. "Mind if I take my shirt off?"

His arms released her, and she missed the feel of those powerful muscles against her tits. "It is a little warm," she agreed. While he wrestled with his shirt, she raised one leg, hooked the sheet, and pushed it down to the foot of the bed. The air bathed her nakedness, but she welcomed its caress of her excited body.

"Remember when we were just little kids, Ted?" she said.

"Mom used to let us sleep together in the same bed."

"Yeah," he answered from the darkness. "We'd be as naked as a pair of jay birds."

"Why can't we do that now, Ted?" The question was plaintive.

For a moment, he was motionless. "We're not kids anymore, Sis."

"I don't care. I remember how good it felt when we cuddled up."

She heard and felt his movements as he began removing the rest of his clothing, and she shivered with anticipation. He slipped his trousers down, lifting his hips to remove them, and she asked, "When are Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ralph coming?"

"Sometime this week," he grunted, leaning over to slide his socks off. "Are you glad?"

"Oh, yes. Susan and Beth are wonderful company, and Clyde's a nice boy."

He was naked, but he seemed hesitant about touching her. She could feel his eyes in the darkness, staring at her body.

"What's wrong, Ted?"

There was a curious hoarseness in his voice as he answered, "I don't want to scare you, Sis."

"How could you do that? We've been together like this before."

He was leaning over her, arms braced on either side of her body, yet not touching her. "You're a beautiful girl, Linda," he said in that strange, husky voice. "Just being near you does things to me."

She knew what he meant, and she laughed, easily and softly.

This was Ted, her brother. How could he possibly have thought that he would frighten her with a silly old hard-on. She knew boys got that way when they were excited, just as girls got all wet and soft. Just, she reminded herself, like she was at this moment.

"I know about things like that," she assured him. "I won't he scared."

He leaned closer, his chest touching the bare nipples, wiry hair teasing the tender nubs. His breath fanned her face as he said, "Open your mouth, Sis. Let's make this a real kiss."

Linda's lips parted, and she ran her tongue about them to make them moist. Then, before her tongue could retreat, his mouth claimed hers, clamping over her lips as his chest descended against her tingling breasts.

She had heard of "tongue kissing" and had found the idea exciting. Now, with Ted's tongue dipping into her mouth, she realized why it was so popular. When he scooped her tongue back into his oral chamber, she wiggled it in surrender, and she welcomed his tasty muscle with a hot suction that made the youth grip her shoulders with trembling fingers.

Sensing that he enjoyed her tongue, she waited until his lips released her. Then, with artless eagerness, she began licking his face, the writhing tip of her wet tongue sliding across his closed eyelids, and even teasing his nostrils with its flashing caress.

"I could lick you all over!" she gasped, returning to his open mouth and tracing his lips with her tongue. Her body arched, rubbing leer tits against his hairy chest. "Let me do it, Ted!


He kissed her again, blocking her pleas by shoving his tongue into her greedy mouth. Holding her, he rubbed his lips against hers.

"Why don't we do it the other way?" he asked softly. "Why don't you let me lick you all over?"

She stared at him, although the darkness made his face an indistinguishable blur. "Do you really want to?"

He nipped her chin with his strong teeth. "Baby," he grunted. "From now on, Ted Morgan doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do." He kissed her throat. "He wants to eat you up!"

Linda's arms pulled him down, and his face was buried for a moment against the warm softness of her arched throat, his mouth open, and his wet tongue caressing the tender flesh.

"Oh, yes, Ted!" she cried, her body trembling with anticipation. "Eat me up!"

She felt his lips travel downward toward one of her small tits, deliberately pausing as they reached the beginning of that gentle slope. Her hands ran excited fingers through his thick hair, urging him to kiss his way up the mound until his wet tongue flicked at the base of her sensitive nipple.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as Ted licked his way around the spongy finger, not touching it again, but leaving a trail of saliva about the delicate aureole. She pushed her chest upward, anticipating the first caress of that engorged bud.

When it came, her whole body convulsed, knees hashing up, and her torso writhing in reaction to the shattering thrills evoked by his hot suction and flaying tongue. His mouth covered almost half of firm mound, sucking the tip between his strong teeth, then nibbling gently while his tongue sped back and forth across the swollen nipple.

"Like it, Sis?" he whispered, releasing his oral grip, but keeping his lips pressed against the succulent spear. His hands, still sustaining his weight, moved closer to her sides, wrists rubbing her flesh as he transferred his attention to the other breast "Yes!" she hissed, twisting to aid his efforts, feeding the nipple into his mouth and pulling his face against her. It makes me feel all shivery and good when you do that."

His mouth was clamping the other breast, lips straining wide as the resilient mound was pulled Into the hot wetness to he flayed by his flashing tongue. Then, with a suddenness that made her gasp, he was nibbling at the distended nipple, and sucking with a force that was almost painful.

"Do the other one again, Ted!" she cried when his lips released the tingling flesh. Her fingers clutched at his thick hair, tugging and guiding.

Using both hands, Ted pushed the two yielding, mounds closer together, shaping a tight crevice between their resilient slopes.

His tongue dragged its wet, wriggling tip upward through that warm valley, leaving it slick with his saliva as he licked out to either side, caressing the taut nipples until Linda whimpered with the sensations induced in the quivering tits.

Her whimper became a sensual giggle when Ted mouthed his way down to her rib cage, flaying the smooth skin below her armpit, and tracing the soft sweep of her waist until it flared gently to shape her young hips.

He had moved lower in the bed, touching her only with wet lips and hot tongue, tasting the clean, tangy essence of her naked body, and fanning the instinctive fires of virginal passion within her trembling flesh.

His voice reached her through the darkness, breathed against one slender thigh that nuzzled against its mate with a tremorous clenching. "Spread your legs out, Linda. I'm going to make you feel something you've never felt before."

His hands touched her, fingers urging the limbs apart, pressing just above her knees. It was almost the same spot he had caressed that afternoon. But, now, it was excitingly different.

Her legs were yielding, sliding across the sheet and there were no panties to shield the tingling nexus of her thighs. They were both delightfully and deliciously naked.

Linda felt her brother's lips on her belly and the tingle in her moist crotch became a demanding throbbing that seemed to reach far back inside that silk-ringed gateway her Father had denounced so vehemently.

Had it been any other man, she would have fought the strange hunger in that pulsating slit, for their position and Ted's obvious intent constituted perversion of the worst sort.

But Ted would never encourage her to do anything that was not proper. Anyway, they had cuddled together as children. Why should it be different, now that they were a little older?

Even as Linda examined those thoughts, she admitted that it was different. And the difference was swirling in her belly like a giant whirlpool, drowning her wild and her faint apprehension beneath wave after wave of ever-mounting desire.

She felt her legs being lifted, and she shifted her weight onto her torso as Ted fitted her delicately curved calves over his broad shoulders, sliding his body forward until her thighs embraced his head, their sensitive skin frictioned by the slight trace of beard on his cheeks.

"It's like I was hugging you with my legs," she murmured, tightening the softness against his face. "It feels nice, Ted."

Her brother did not answer. He was inhaling the delicate musk of her parted labia, and she could hear the soft intake of breath. Intuitively, she knew that he found the scent pleasing, and a fresh rivulet of vaginal juice surged from its mysterious spring to trickle from the quivering tissues that shaped the lips of her pussy.

Her body jerked in response to the hot tongue that licked upward through the tender valley, its tip just touching the forbidden gateway, then sliding higher to flick wetly against the protruding nub of her clitoris.

"Oh, Ted!" she whimpered, thighs tensing on his shoulders to wiggle her excited hips. Her buttocks clenched repeatedly as his tongue slid through the splayed labia again, pressing more firmly than before. "Oh! Wow!"

Her ass bucked wildly when the writhing muscle thrust its warm, wriggling tip into her pussy. Her thighs clamped his head and she shoved her crotch violently against his mouth. Thrills, more wonderful than she had ever imagined, coursed through the palpitating corridor of her cunt, and she realized that it was no longer a children's game they were playing.

Again, her hands sought his head, urgent and demanding, and her pelvis rocked the slippery lips of her pussy over that oral probe. Then, as his mouth shaped a vacuuming oval, she moaned in ecstasy at the hot suction on her spasming cunt.

Her finger had never been able to produce that delicious sensation, and she knew that only a few more strokes of his plunging tongue would make her come. She had to pull her pussy away from Ted's mouth before that happened. He would never forgive her if she spilled that warm, slippery juice while he was nursing those quivering pussy lips.

She tried to reverse the direction of her scrabbling fingers, but they only pulled his face closer, and her ass wriggled the spasming cunt against his lips until she could feel the teeth behind them. Her head rolled back and forth on the pillow, her soft, blonde hair whipping across her tortured features, their ecstatic contortion cloaked in the room's darkness.

The orgasmic shudders rippled outward from some hidden spring in her dancing pussy, convulsing her vaginal walls and clenching her labial ring about the tongue that reached farther into the undulating sheath.

Linda emitted a choked sob as the hot wetness spewed outward, meeting the tongue and flowing past it. Even as the pleasure surged through her cunt, Linda braced herself for his angry exclamation.

Then, to her happy surprise, she felt his tongue begin spooning the thick honey from her slit, and the delicious suction as his lips drew more and more of the tart juice from its hidden source.

He was swallowing it, ingesting the slippery exudation with swift gulps that were interspersed with little grunts of undeniable enjoyment. The sounds catapulted Linda beyond ecstasy to a mind-bending plateau of sensation that was almost frightening in intensity.

Gasping and moaning, she felt her legs being lowered to the bed, her pussy still shivering with the echoes of that incredible come. Her hands slipped from his retreating head and cupped the pointed mounds of her tingling breasts, fingers squeezing and rolling the distended nipples. Her heart was thumping so loudly that she hardly heard her brother's husky chuckle.

"You're a big girl, now, Linda," he said in a gentle tone.

Almost big enough for this."

She gasped at the sudden pressure between her thighs, surprised at the dimensions of the thing she recognized without feeling anything but the huge head that rubbed its throbbing bulk up and down through the slippery furrow of her pussy.

Fear caused her hips to retreat, jamming her ass down against the bed, but desire created a responsive writhing that increased the pleasure of that slow massaging movement.

Ted forced the head of his cock upward, grinding it against her swollen clitoris, and her pelvis bucked and jiggled at the delightful sensations in that sensitive bud. A fresh rivulet of vaginal lubricant emerged from her pussy, bathing the big knob as it slid downward through the plump furrow, caressing the fluttering labia, but resisting its torrid invitation.

She hardly recognized her own voice. Breathless and containing an excited quality she could never have attained before that moment, it reached him through the sex-charged darkness.

"I wish I could see it, Ted!" Surprised at her own boldness, she hurried on. "I remember when we were little, we used to look at each other. It was fun to turn on the light and pretend we were grown up and everything."

The hot pressure became more intense, and Linda felt the distinct throbbing as he answered, "We don't have to pretend anymore, Sis." The prick centered on the delicate membrane where his tongue had intruded with such wonderful results. He added just enough pressure to the stiff shaft to effect a yielding of the soft lips. "We can do anything we want to do."

Linda's brain reeled in confusion at the threatened invasion of her young pussy. Her mind screamed a silent warning, while her body trembled in hopeful anticipation, actually pushing the juicy slit against the giant cockhead, and feeling it spread the pliant tissues into a straining circle.

"Easy, Sis!" Ted murmured, his body tensing. "If you keep that up, I won't be able to control myself."

"I don't care!" she hissed. "It feels good when you do that."

Maintaining the shallow insertion of his glans in the yielding mouth of her tight pussy, Ted wiggled the cock shaft, teasing the nerve-laced membranes, and causing her to whimper with pleasure.

For a moment, she was certain he was going to push the big thing inside, and her heels braced against the bed to receive him. She knew it would hurt. The few times she had forced two fingers into that delicate place, the pressure had been almost unbearable. But pain would be a small price to pay for making Ted happy. She would do anything to please him. Anything!

The moment passed, and she felt the cockhead withdraw as her brother's hands gently drew her slender legs together, lifting his own knees until he was kneeling astride her thighs.

"How about playing with it for me?" he asked, passion blurring the words as he reached for her hands, pulling them to the convergence of his muscular thighs.

Linda felt his hairy scrotal sac brush her fingers, the soft covering yielding to betray the presence of the twin balls that marked the base of that thing that had just kissed her eager cunt.

Then, as he curved her palm about his cock, she uttered a cry of delighted excitement.

He did not hurry her, removing his own hands as she traced the rearing shaft with trembling fingers, examining the heart-

shaped head by running her fingertips about the flared rim, then teasing the tiny slit at its tip.

She tried encompassing the thick column, but her fingers and thumb could not meet. She placed one hand above the other, and found the knob beyond her top fist.

"What do I do?" she queried, her voice anxious and determined. "I want to make it feel good."

"Squeeze it," he murmured, his hips trembling, "and slide your hands up and down on it."

Obediently, the girl's hands tightened their grip, moving back and forth along the swollen shaft, feeling the soft envelope slide against the core of throbbing hardness. She tugged with eagerness at the giant cock.

"Hey!" he grunted in protest, his hands covering hers to slow the pumping. "Not so fast!"

"I like it!" she exclaimed, resuming the motion, but with diminished speed. "It's so big and hard! Does it feel good to you, Ted?"

"Wonderful, Sis," he whispered. "Why don't we turn the light on, so we can see what we're doing? Do you mind?"

Linda felt the big cock slip from her grasp as Ted climbed off the bed to flick the wall switch, flooding the room with a brilliance that made them both blink. Her eyes focused on the rearing prick, and her lips shaped an oval of wonderment at its size. It was even larger than her fingering had led her to believe.

She sat up in the bed, staring boldly at his nakedness, her mind busily comparing the tall, muscular youth with the child who had pressed his body against her in their earlier years.

Ted was a man, she realized, and he had already assured her that she was a woman. That meant they were capable of doing all the things they had whispered about during those delightful nights when their Mother had permitted them to cuddle together in that same bed.

Of course, Linda reminded herself, they would never actually do it. She could not bring herself to shape the word that sprang to the forefront of her imagination. But she welcomed the images that shaped themselves in her blonde head, dwelling on the rhythmic movement of Ted's hips above her eager crotch She felt her brother's eyes on her face, and heard him ask, "What's wrong, Sis?"

"I was thinking something terrible," she whispered, feeling the heat of a deep blush suffuse her naked breasts and throat.

Her gaze returned to that stiff cock, and her body trembled with a sudden shiver of desire.

"You thought," Ted said, resting one knee on the bed, the prick wagging its engorged head only inches from her wet lips, "that I was going to screw you."

Her tousled hair swirled in a vigorous denial. "You wouldn't do that!" she exclaimed. Her eyes narrowed questioningly, the red lips pursing. "Would you?"

He grinned at her confusion, lowering his hips to the bed, but keeping one foot on the floor. The other leg folded, leaving his thighs parted to accentuate the heavy balls between them.

"What would you do, little sister," he asked gently, "if I were to do just that?"

Again, she looked at that big column, trying to visualize its thick shaft in her tight slit. A mixture of excitement and fear twisted her mouth as she answered, "I'd do anything for you, Ted."

Her voice was weak, but sincere.

His hands gripped her wrists, pulling her fingers back to their embrace of the swollen prick. She saw a shiny drop of clear liquid seep from the little eyelet of the purple crown, and her fists slid upward on the shaft milking still more of the lubricant from the throbbing hardness.

"What is that?" she asked, bending closer to inspect the glistening exudation. The male scent of his cock filled her nostrils and she felt a sudden surge of increased desire for the handsome lad. Her nipples, already strutted into tingling fingers, ached with a strange sensation.

"That's fuck juice, Sis," he said in a soft voice, smiling at her renewed blush at his use of the forbidden word. A new note crept into his tone as he added, "Taste it!"

Her eyes flicked up to his face, then back to the oozing jizm. Without questioning the command, one slender hand freed itself from the bulging shaft, dabbling a soft fingertip in the pearly liquid and spreading it over the delicate "V" of the glans.

The hand withdrew, carrying its slippery coating to her parted lips, and hovering there as a dainty tongue licked out to sample the musky lubricant. Her eyes closed as her tongue retreated with its erotic prize. Her lips met and tightened.

Linda's taste duds tingled at the salty tartness of her brother's cock juice, and she savored its effect on her salivary glands before letting the mixture slide down her throat. She had often wondered how his prick would taste, and she could see nothing wrong with his request or her eager compliance. After all, Ted had swallowed the overflow from her pussy, and he wouldn't have done it if there had been anything improper about it.

The touch of his hand on her head made her open her eyes, and she felt herself being pulled forward, gently, but firmly. Her free hand left her mouth to return to that stiff prong, joining her other hand in trembling encirclement. Closer, its tip almost touching her nose, his prick delivered another glob of jizm from its tiny eye, and she watched it roll sluggishly down the swollen ventral ridge.

"Lick it for me, Sis!"

There was a new note of urgency in his voice, and the big cock quivered in her fingers as his hand drew her still nearer, not really forcing, but urging with unmistakable pressure.

She knew that Ted would enjoy the caress of her hot tongue on his prick, and she was equally certain that she would find pleasure in complying with his request. Not only would she be pleasing him, but she would be satisfying a dark hunger that was building in her mouth and throat, a hunger to taste more of that slippery juice that seeped from his hard cock.

At school, Linda had heard some of the girls talk about "giving head" or "going down" on their dates, but she had never considered the act as something she would be so eager to try.

She was uncertain as to just what she should do, aside from obeying Ted's thirdly disguised command. The prick was much too large to fit between her teeth, unless she strained her jaw uncomfortably. But, she mused, moistening her lips and yielding to the slight pressure of his hand, it would be wonderful to feel that smooth, slick head inside her mouth.

Her tongue snaked out to slide upward from just beneath the "V" to lick the little accumulation of liquid from the pulsating hardness, lingering to tease the tiny slit, when she felt his body tremble in immediate response.

"Does it feel good?" she whispered, moving her lips against the slippery membrane.

"Wonderful!" he breathed, stroking her hair. "Take it in your mouth, Linda, and suck it!"

"I don't know how," she complained, licking that small area of sensitive flesh again, and wiggling her tongue to massage the already tingling glans. "I'd do it all wrong!"

"Just do it the way you want to!" he encouraged. "Don't worry about anything else." He tilted her head so that he could see her worried eyes. "You do want to suck my cock, don't you?"

"Oh, yes!" was her quick and excited rejoinder. "I want to make you feel good!"

His hand held her head in place, the tip of his cock bumping her chin when she tried to reach it with her extended tongue.

Never mind about me," he insisted. Do you want it?"

"More than anything else in the world!" She struggled against his hand. "Please, Please, Ted! Let me have it!"

She opened her mouth wide, feeling the strain in the muscles of her jaw, and slid her wet lips about the huge knob It touched her teeth, and she managed to separate her jaws still more, enabling the flaring corona to slip past, caught between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.

She held him there, wriggling her tongue beneath the plump head, tightening her lips about the thick shaft, and applying a gentle suction that wrested a groan of pleasure from her brother's throat.

"Goddamn!" he rasped, his voice thick with lust. "This is what I've been dreaming of for years! My baby sister chewing on my dick like a stick of candy! Pretend it's got a creamy center, Linda, and you're trying to suck it out! Just keep sucking on it and licking the head with that crazy tongue 'til you make it come!"

Linda no longer felt the ache in her straining jaw. The taste and feel of that delicious prick blotted out all other sensations and she sucked it with little whines of lust, bathing it in saliva, then drawing the mixture back and into her throat while her tongue lashed it with furious swirling.

"Play with my balls!" he hissed, forcing her hands from his cock and replacing them with a swift curling of his own strong fingers. He pumped the thick shaft, keeping the head firmly inserted in Linda's nursing mouth, but nudging her lips with each stroke, his forefinger and thumb touching the strained circle of wet redness.

Her hands eased between his thighs, fondling the heavy orbs in their pliant sac, hefting them and rolling them inside the oily pocket with instinctive gentleness. Her tongue flogged the throbbing head, extracting repeated globs of that delicious juice from its slitted vent, and she whimpered with pleasure as the slippery tartness hashed her throat.

She felt the prick begin a voluptuous sliding between her lips, the slick knob pushing over her writhing tongue, then pulling back to where the corona was trapped by her teeth. Ted's fist shaped a corridor for the shaft, and he hunched the cock through it, working the head in her mouth with short strokes that jabbed it against her palate.

"Are you going to drink my come, Sis?" he panted, the circle of his fingers jamming against her lips with a steady drumming.

"Are you gonna swallow it for me?"

Linda managed a nod that bobbled the cockhead inside her oral grip, and her fingers fluttered hotly about his dangling bails she sucked with more powerful tugs. Through passion-flared nostrils, she gave a soft whine of greed that made him fuck her wet lips with more rapid strokes, feeding more of the big prick into her mouth, driving past her palate to bump the soft arch that shivered convulsively at the erotic touch.

She strained her jaw to make more room for the meaty shaft, executing a little chewing motion that opened the path for his prick, then tightened around its withdrawal in delicious suction.

Over her own soft whimpers and liquid slurpings, she could hear Ted's quick gasps of pleasure as he worked the puck back and forth, his hips jerking and quivering, and his balls tightening in her fondling fingers.

"Now, Sis!" he exclaimed. "Suck it hard! Oh, damn! Suck it,!"

Linda was unprepared for the gush of creamy semen that spurted over her tongue and into her throat. She had expected more of that same Juice she had drawn from the cock, but not the flood of warm sperm that bathed her tonsils and made her gag before she could swallow it down.

There was more. Jet after jet of the ropey come filled her mouth, forcing its way back between her lips and the shaft to trickle down her chin and her rapidly gulping throat. She tried swallowing faster but the volume of male juice was too much.

Her tongue cradling the massive head of his prick, wriggled in happy undulations that drew the last creamy drops from his pulsating glans, and she claimed them with a soft moan of joy.

No longer concerned with the possible wrongness of what she had done, Linda was satisfied that she had made her brother feel good. Of that, she was quite certain. His husky cries as she drained his cock were sufficient evidence of his pleasure.

Releasing his prick, she ran her tongue about her lips with a hungry licking motion, gathering the spillage of sticky sperm, and drawing it inside her aching mouth, savoring the bland flavor of his semen.

"Did I do it right, Ted?" she asked, her lips, slightly puffed from their labor, curving in a sensuous smile. "Did I make it feel good?"

He curled his forefinger, sliding it upward beneath her chin and gathering the come that had trickled beyond the reach of her tongue. Slowly, grinning at her surprised expression, he poked the cream-smeared knuckle into her mouth, feeling her hot lapping as she sucked the residue of his ejaculation.

"It was good, Sis," he murmured, removing his finger and pushing the head of his spent cock forward to rub against her parted lips. "But you could do a lot better with a little practice."

Linda's eyes brightened perceptibly. Are we going to do it again?"

He chuckled, pushing her back on the bed and covering her warm breasts with his hairy chest. His mouth sought hers, tasting his own sperm in a tongue-driving kiss, waiting until it was over before he answered.

"Not tonight, little sister." He shifted his weight to lick one strutted nipple, coating it with saliva and rubbing his cheek against its sensitive tip. She squirmed at the slight rasping of his beard growth.

Gathering his clothing, he walked to the door, giving her a slow wink as he said, "Dream about all the things you've wanted us to do. If you're a good girl, we'll do them."

Linda was smiling happily when the door closed behind him, her fingers already dipping between her wet thighs.

Chapter 3

Joyce Porter shifted her voluptuous hips on the seat of the station wagon, adjusting the vent glass and leaning closer to the flow of sultry air. Perspiration coated her face, lending an earthy sensuality to the natural beauty of her features.

"I wish we could have the air conditioner fixed," she sighed to the brown-haired man behind the wheel. "It would have been a nice trip if it hadn't been so hot."

Ralph Porter gave an amused snort without taking his eyes from the road. "We were lucky this old crate made it at all. If Ted hadn't called when he did, I don't know what we would have done."

From the seat behind them, a blonde youth said, "I can't imagine Ted Morgan owning all that property."

The two girls who shared the seat with him exchanged knowing smiles, and the other one exclaimed, "You're just jealous, Clyde.

Ted's a year younger than you, and he's rich.

"And cute!" her sister added with a giggle. Rich and cute.

"Susan! Beth!" their Mother said wearily. "Your brother was just expressing himself. I'll admit that I expected Bruce to leave everything to Dorothy."

"If he had," her husband murmured, "we wouldn't be making this trip."

Joyce reached across to pat his hand, the fingers lingering caressingly. "It all turned out for the best," she said softly.

"In fact, it's almost like a miracle. You drew the last unemployment check last week. Having Ted invite us to live on the farm was the best thing that could have happened to us."

Susan pushed a curl of brown hair back from her amused eyes.

"I can just see my darling brother trying to milk a cow."

"They have machines for that, stupid!" Clyde retorted.

The blonde-haired Beth giggled again, crossing her arms over the promising mounds of her young breasts, their interesting tips revealed by the dampness of the blouse that clung to the thrusting curves.

"I'll bet Ted can milk a cow!"

"Children!" Joyce admonished. "Stop bickering! You're making your Father nervous."

Ralph chuckled at the remark. "Even they couldn't do that, now," he said good-naturedly. "I feel like a condemned man who has just been granted a pardon."

"Now, darling," Joyce remonstrated, smoothing the skirt over the swell of her lower thighs. "You tried to find work. Lots of people are in the same fix we are."

He tricked a quick glance at the clinging skirt and the lush thrust of the twin mounds that poked prominent tips against her sweat-soaked blouse She saw the direction of his look, and her cheeks flamed, but she gave him an appreciative smile. It was good to know that the years of marriage and the arrival of three children, all now in their teens, had not diminished her husband's desire.

"I wish they could all have their problems solved so easily,"

Ralph said. "Your nephew becomes rich overnight, and we get a new lease on life."

"It was sweet of Ted to invite us," Joyce agreed. "I just hope we can find some way to repay him."

"He'll probably have us working our butts off!" Clyde interjected.

"Clyde Porter!" Joyce exclaimed, twisting about to face her son. "You watch that language! Just because you're almost nineteen doesn't mean that you can talk any way you please."

"Your Mother's right, Son," Ralph added in a softer tone.

"But, if we do have to do that, it will be a small price to pay for the security Ted can give us."

Joyce sighed, her big breasts sliding their nipples beneath her damp blouse. "Can you imagine what that boy is worth? My goodness! Some of that land was worth two thousand dollars an acre before Rachel died. There's no telling what it would bring today."

Ralph glanced at the rear-view mirror, seeing the closely packed boxes that filled the area behind the two seats. He gave a little frown as he said, "And all we have is a stack of dishes and a few clothes."

"Don't worry, darling," Joyce said consolingly. "We still have each other and the children."

The station wagon, dust-covered and knocking worse than when they began the trip, pulled off the highway and onto the long drive that led to the Morgan farmhouse. The five visitors were greeted at the door by a smiling Ted and a beaming Linda, while Dorothy, more reserved in her welcome, waited inside the doorway.

"I'm glad you could come on such short notice," Ted said to Ralph, answering the man's hearty handshake with a grip that made the other wince in surprise. "Now that Dad is gone, it seems proper to get all of us together again."

Linda showed the three youngsters upstairs to their separate rooms, blushing furiously when Clyde insisted on giving her a quick squeeze before ducking inside his room and closing the door.

Ted assured Ralph that he would have the wagon unloaded by some of the hired help, and asked him to wait in the study while he showed Joyce their room. Then, urging his aunt up the stairs before him, he followed the undulating hips down the hallway, reaching past her to turn the knob and wave her inside.

Closing the door behind him, Ted waited for her to look about the room and turn back to where he stood, a half-smile playing across his handsome mouth. Innocently, Joyce stepped forward, halting with her pointed tits almost touching his shirt front.

"I can't tell you how grateful I am, Ted," she exclaimed, "that you called and invited us here. Ralph will tell you the same thing."

Ted placed his hands on her shoulders, gently, closing the distance between them. Joyce stiffened as the tips of her breasts collided with his broad chest, but she made no attempt to pull away. Her head came up, and her blue eyes examined his with a mixture of surprise and curiosity. He smiled down into her lovely face.

"You've always been one of my favorite people, Aunt Joyce,"

Ted murmured. He arched one brow. "You knows, it's amazing how much you and Mother resembled each other."

The woman's lips softened, and her arms went about the hard young body in a gesture of understanding. Suddenly, she was pressed against him from Knees to nipples, her slightly rounded belly jammed hard against his flat middle, and his pelvis, with its masculine firmness, was lodged tightly against her yielding hips.

"Would you kiss me, Aunt Joyce?" he asked softly. "I could almost pretend Mother was here again."

"Oh, you poor lad!" Joyce exclaimed, pursing her lips and aiming them at the sensual lips that offered their parted moistness. "Of course, I will!"

She realized her mistake the moment their mouths met, but it was too late for the protest that sprang to her throat. His arms slipped from her shoulders to her slender waist, hard and demanding, and his lips crushed hers with a pressure that bordered on pain. His tongue, hot and wet, drove between her teeth, colliding with hers in a savage writhing.

Joyce tried to still the wild surge of lust that rocketed through her body as she felt his cock harden into a throbbing cylinder between their hips, the heat of the thing burning through her dress and thin panties, and tingling her bushy cunt.

His hands, strong and determined, crawled down the outward sweep of her firm buttocks to cup her ass and pull her more firmly against his swelling prick. His chest moved suggestively over the outlined nipples of her heaving breasts, and he scooped her tongue from her mouth, sucking it back into his own.

Helpless in the thundering of desire, Joyce found her arms straining him still closer, and she discovered that her hips were moving, grinding her fevered cuntal mound against that delightful hardness.

It was sheer madness---she screamed at her responsive body.

This was her own nephew! Her sister's son! And she was kissing him like some sex-starved school girl. Never, since her marriage to Ralph, had she permitted another man to hold her the way Ted was embracing her, rolling the shaft of his prick against the plump mound of her cunt, and teasing her already strutted nipples with his chest.

My God! He was huge! Through their clothing, Joyce could estimate the size of that engorged prong, and she shivered at the thought of its long, thick hardness stretching and filling her pussy. Just as quickly, she pushed the dreadful thought aside, summoning up some lingering shred of sanity, and wrestled free of the lad's arms.

Panting, visibly shaken by the kiss and the bodily contact, she stepped back, staring helplessly at the ominous bulge in Ted's slacks. She dragged her eyes up to his face at the sound of his voice.

"I'm sorry, Aunt Joyce!" he apologized. "It's just that you're so beautiful. I didn't intend for this to happen."

Joyce ran her fingers through her hair, lips working soundlessly as she groped for words. The boy sounded sincere, and she couldn't forget that she had responded to that kiss with an eagerness that had shocked and frightened her.

'It's all right, Ted," she managed. "We were both to blame."

"I'd better get downstairs to Uncle Ralph," the youth said.

He paused with his hand on the door, his eyes demanding an answer as he asked, "Just then, when we were kissing, did you want it the way I did?"

Her lips quivered, and she gave a soft sob as she nodded, unable to bring herself to voice the admission. When he had gone, she sank down on the edge of the big bed, her shoulders shaking as the tears finally spilled out.

In the hallway a laughing Linda tugged Susan and Beth past him, and down the stairs, all three of them flashing smiles at Ted as they raced off to explore some area Linda had suggested.

Ted checked the front of his slacks, assuring himself that the throbbing bulge was now only a promising lump. Grinning, he entered the study where Ralph waited.

* * *

An hour later, Ralph Porter, flushed with excitement, burst into the room he was to share with Joyce, picking her up and whirling her about in an excited dance.

"I can't believe it!" he exclaimed to the protesting Joyce.

"That boy is wonderful! Absolutely wonderful! He's going to put me in charge of the farm's operation, and he's setting up a scholarship for all three of the kids."

Joyce tried to match her husbands mood. But she could not block the worried look that crept over her face as she reminded him, "But, you don't know anything about farming."

"I told him that," Ralph replied. "He said that the workers know their jobs so well, I wouldn't have to do anything but keep tabs on them. Just think, honey! A few days ago, we were practically on our way to the poor-house. Now, I have a good job, we live in a beautiful house, and the kids are home free! I couldn't be happier."

She let him kiss her. But, as his mouth worked against hers, Joyce could think only of Ted's searching tongue, and the torrid pressure of his big prick against her cunt. It was all she could do to keep from crying out at the confusion in her lush body.

Showered and lovely in a modestly cut print dress, Joyce went downstairs again to find Dorothy just leaving the study. Giving the red-haired woman a smile, she touched her arm.

"Why don't you and I have a talk Dot?" she asked gently. "I think it's long overdue."

Dorothy Morgan nodded, not answering the smile, but waving Joyce into the room she had just left, following her and closing the door of the study before speaking.

"I don't think there's very much we can talk about," Dorothy said quietly, walking across to the desk and extracting a cigarette from a carved hoe. When Joyce shook her head at the offer of one, Dorothy lighted her own and leaned one hip against the desk.

"As you probably know," she said, exhaling smoke with the words, "I'm merely a guest here, thanks to Bruce's will."

Joyce avoided the woman's angry eyes. "Yes," she murmured.

"I know about that. I don't think it was at all fair."

Some of the anger disappeared, and the red hair shimmered in a quick toss of Dorothy's head as she said, "I'm surprised to hear you say that. I always felt that you disapproved of me."

"Heavens, no!" Joyce exclaimed. "I like you very much. It was Bruce who made it impossible for us to get better acquainted."

She stood up from the chair, walking across to where Dorothy leaned against the desk. Holding out one hand, she said, "Let's be friends, Dot. Will you?"

Dorothy responded by straightening her body, touching the warm fingers with her own as she leaned forward to offer her lips in a gesture of affection.

Neither of them could stem the rush of desire that accompanied the meeting of their mouths. Lips pressed together, and tongue tips bared touching, they gazed into each other's eyes with surprise and wonder, their arms sliding and embracing until the two bodies fused in a writhing meeting of breasts and hips It was Joyce who pushed the younger woman back against the desk, fitting her knee between the trembling legs and forcing them apart so she could jam her plump cuntal mound against its inviting counterpart. Her hand forced itself between their bodies to cup and squeeze a warm resilient tit, massaging the nipple that sprang erect beneath the thin dress.

Panting with excitement, Dorothy worked her lips free of the demanding mouth. "My God, Joyce!" she whispered in a fierce tone.

"Do yon know what you're doing?"

Joyce Porter tried to answer, but all that emerged from her wet lips was a hoarse moan of lust. Her fingers tugged at the dress, working it upward over the sleek thighs, baring the white panties that cupped the furrowed mound of Dorothy's pussy. She hacked away far enough to see the tendrils of red hair that poked teasingly from either side of the embracing crotch.

Helpless, her brain whirling with a hunger too powerful to resist, Joyce slid to her knees between the redhead's parted legs, wrapping her arms about the lush hips and plunging her contorted face against the outlined beauty of that delicate cunt.

"Yes!" Dorothy hissed, pushing her hips forward and feeling the heat of the woman's breath against her sensitive pussy. "Oh, yes! Let me push these panties down, Joyce!"

Whimpering, Joyce drew back to watch the white material descend, revealing the mass of red curls that framed the deep valley between the sloping outer lips of the inviting cunt. Her eyes almost closed in a desperate bid at self-control, and she wagged her head from side to side in one last effort to halt the thing she knew was about to happen.

Then, with a sharp gasp of surrender, she plunged her open mouth against Dorothy's pussy, and forced her wriggling tongue between the pliant folds of the vaginal entrance.

"Son of a bitch!"

Ted Morgan's exclamation made both women jerk with surprise, and Joyce pulled her juice-smeared face from Dorothy's red-haired crotch to blink in horror at her nephew's grinning observation.

He stood just inside the doorway, staring at his Stepmother's exposed cunt with a look far older than his eighteen years.

Dorothy's voice was surprisingly calm as she said, "I forgot that the door was unlocked."

"Oh, my God!" was Joyce's weak cry. She started to get to her feet, but Ted's uplifted hand made her freeze in position.

"Now," he said mockingly, "I understand why you were so upset when I kissed you, Aunt Joyce. You wanted a different kind of lips."

Joyce wagged a protesting denial, her blonde hair brushing the spread thighs. "I've never done anything like this before!"

she exclaimed. "You've got to believe me, Ted! This is the first time!"

The youth's lips curled. "Of course, I believe you," he said, moving farther into the room. "And I wouldn't think of stopping you. Go right ahead! Give my darling Stepmother a real thrill!"

Again, the savage shaking of her head. "I couldn't! Please, Ted! I couldn't do that now!"

The mocking smile faded, replaced by a tightening of his handsome mouth. "You don't have any choice, Aunt Joyce'" he murmured. "You know how much is at stake for your family.

Anyway, you were about to do it before I came in."

He sank down onto one of the nearby chairs, sliding down until his knees were spread to disclose the outlined shaft of his big cock swollen beneath his slacks, tenting them with its furious throbbing.

"Eat her pussy, Aunt Joyce," he said in a soft voice. "I've never watched two women make it. It should be very interesting."

Dorothy reached down and used both hands to turn the woman's face toward her waiting snatch, pulling her closer as she said, "Do it, Joyce. He means what he says. We don't have any choice."

Joyce's shoulders trembled, but she buried her mouth in the damp crevice, and Dorothy gave a little sigh as she felt the tongue re-enter her pussy. She moved her hips to increase the thrilling frictioning, and her fingers urged the blonde head even closer.

"Pretend he isn't here!" she murmured. "Oh, God! You're making it feel wonderful!"

From his chair, Ted gave a soft chuckle, curving one hand about his erection, cupping his big balls as he watched his aunt's head execute a little screwing motion that wormed her lips into the wet cunt, and heard the liquid sound of her avid feasting.

He lifted his eyes to meet his Stepmother's slightly glazed stare. Slowly, deliberately, he winked at her, seeing the woman's mouth tilt in a faint smile.

Then, the smile faded, and her mouth twisted in a grimace of ecstasy. Dorothy body trembled and she worked her hips in shorts quick circles that ground her pussy against Joyce's sucking mouth and flashing tongue. She groaned, her ass cheeks tensing with each powerful tremor of the climax that roared through her cunt.

Joyce's rapid swallowing matched the jerks of the redhead's voluptuous hips. The tart vaginal juice filled her mouth, seeping out to bathe her chin and throat before she could gulp it down, and she moaned her pleasure as she claimed the liquid honey with hungry suction, the slurping audible to the grinning boy who sat clutching his swollen crotch until Dorothy's quivering body relaxed.

Joyce climbed to her feet, her legs trembling, and Ted rose to hand her his pocket handkerchief to wipe her mouth and chin.

He watched with interest as Dorothy wiggled her hips to pull her panties up about them, tugging the dress down and smoothing it into place.

Ted moved behind his aunt, pressing his engorged shaft against her delightfully curved buttocks, and wrapping his arms about her waist to heighten the pleasure of the contact. She made no attempt to move away, and he adjusted his hips to fit the hardness between her ass cheeks, moving his hands up to fondle the pliant globes of her breasts.

"You see how simple it is, Aunt Joyce?" he said gently, using his chin to push her blonde hair aside, and nibbling wetly at her right ear. "Just do as you're told, and we'll he one big, happy family."

Still dabbing at her mouth with the handkerchief, Joyce shook her head. "What will I do if Ralph finds out? It will kill him."

The hot stiffness jammed harder against her ass as Ted said, "That's really why I came in here. I want you to tell him that you're sleeping in my room tonight."

She stiffened in his arms, and Dorothy drew in a sharp breath of surprise. Ted's arms tightened, holding his prick in that warm crevice of trembling flesh.

"Before you tell me what he'll say," Ted warned, "let me remind you that he has just as much to lose as you do. He can throw away the chance of a lifetime by playing the jealous husband. Or he can make things easier for you and the kids by playing along."

Joyce's shoulders rose and fell. "How do you think he'd feel, Ted?" she demanded. "He'd be just down the hall from us, and he'd know exactly what we were doing. I've never been unfaithful to him. Not once."

Ted chuckled, pinching her nipples and making her ass jerk against the shaft of his cock. "How about what you were doing to Dorothy?"

"That was the first time!" she insisted. "Please, Ted.

Think about how it will make him feel, lying there thinking about it."

"He won't have to do that," the youth explained in a deceptively soft voice. "He'll be right there in the bedroom with us."

"You devil!" It was Dorothy's hoarse exclamation, and it masked Joyce's gasp. "You wouldn't dare!"

Ted released his aunt, and stepped back, adjusting his slacks about the huge bulge of his prick. His eyes went from one to the other, insolent and assured.

"Let's all remember who owns this place," he said firmly.

His gaze caught Joyce's frightened eyes and held them. "I don't give a damn what you tell him. Just bring him with you when you come to my bedroom at one o'clock."

He strode to the door, turning to watch the two women fall into a weeping embrace. His lip curled. "Don't forget, Aunt Joyce," he said quietly. "One o'clock." The closing of the door blocked out the sound of the women's sobbing.

Chapter 4

Bathed, shaved, and completely naked, Ted lay on the big bed, his muscular body covered to the waist by a thin sheet, scanning the pages of a catalogue and casting occasional glances at the bedside clock.

Dinner had been a pleasant affair, with the three girls teasing Clyde about his inability to stay on the gentlest of the several horses the youngsters had tried.

Ralph had made several suggestions concerning the big farm, and Ted could tell from Joyce's worried look that she had not yet told her husband of her nephew's demands.

Dorothy, trying to make up for Joyce's silence, engaged Ralph in a heated discussion ranging from politics to religion, and Ted saw the man's eyes drift more than once to the revealing neckline that barely covered the tips of the redhead's lush tits.

Ted made no secret of his visual examination of his female cousins, and his cock became a throbbing bar of hot hardness beneath the table as he mentally stripped their nubile bodies and revealed the tasty breasts and the obviously virginal pussies.

Now, in the luxury of his bed, he waited for the soft knock he was certain would come. Joyce's weeping protest had convinced him that she would carry through with his plan. If she had ever intended to refuse, she would have done so immediately. Her indecision indicated her agreement.

"It isn't locked!" he called when the rapping finally came.

He placed the catalogue on the table and leaned on one elbow, watching the doorknob turn and the door swing open.

Joyce entered the room, her movements quick and nervous beneath the sheer robe she had failed to close completely, its gaping folds giving Ted a glimpse of shadowed curves and warm flesh. She half-turned, urging the reluctant Ralph through the door, and closing it with an audible sigh.

Ralph's face was an angry mask, his eyes darting about the room, but refusing to meet Ted's amused grin. a well worn dressing gown covered his body, knotted about his waist. His hands were buried in the pockets, moving restlessly.

"I do believe Uncle Ralph is angry," Ted said, his grin widening.

"What the devil did you expect?" Ralph exclaimed. "Joyce is my wife, not some common whore!"

"Of course she's no whore," Ted agreed. "She's a beautiful woman who happens to be my aunt."

"That makes it even worse!" Ralph argued, his big shoulders shaking win emotion. "It would be incest! I couldn't believe it when Joyce told me."

The boy's face hardened. "You'd better believe it, Uncle Ralph!" he said flatly. "Cooperate, and we'll all have a wonderful time." He halted the other's words with a warning finger. "You do want your family to have the best things of life?"

His shoulders slumped and Ralph shook his head. "It's not right! Joyce and I love each other."

"Excellent!" Ted smiled. "Then, you'll enjoy seeing her have a good time."

"Why don't you let him go back to the room, Ted?" Joyce's voice pleaded. "Don't make him suffer any more."

"No way," the youth said bluntly. "He stays right here." He pointed to a big chair that faced the bed. "Pull your robe off, Uncle Ralph, and sit down. That's all you have to do. Just sit there and watch."

The man's body tensed, his lips quivering. His eyes darted to Joyce's face, and she gave him an encouraging nod.

"Do as he says, darling," she murmured. "Please!"

His look became a glare as he rasped, "You seem awfully anxious to do this!"

His wife's eyes showed the hurt, but her voice remained calm.

"I'm doing it for all of us, Ralph," she reminded him. "Let's think about the children instead of ourselves."

"What are they going to think when they find out that their Mother is ...?"

"Don't say it, Ralph!" she warned. "Just do as he says, and it will all be over in a few minutes."

The man's fingers fumbled with the sash of his robe, and the garment was shrugged off, falling to the floor as he sank down onto the chair, his face red with embarrassment as Ted's eyes examined the flaccid cock that dangled against his left thigh.

"Not bad Uncle Ralph," the boy murmured. "I'll bet Aunt Joyce really goes after that thing when it's hard."

The man shifted his hips in the chair, bringing his knees together and covering his crotch with both hands. His hairy chest and neck turned a deep red, and his eyes stared at the floor near his wife's bare feet.

"OK, Aunt Joyce," Ted grinned. "We'll pretend he isn't there. Take your robe off, and come here."

He patted the bed suggestively and Ralph gave a low groan of suppressed anger and jealousy as his wife shrugged the garment from her lush body. Ted gave a soft whistle of admiration, his gaze roaming up and down her inviting curves.

Joyce felt her nipples stiffen as the lad's hot stare drifted over the firm mounds of her big breasts, and a thrilling tangle jarred her cunt when he shifted his eyes to that mass of blonde curls.

She had always been proud of her body, managing to avoid the sagging and stretching which usually accompanied the years of marriage and the birth of three children. Her buttocks were still tight and her thighs firm and perfectly rounded, while her calves possessed that youthful curve men found so attractive.

Now as Ted beckoned to her from the bed, she felt desire shudder through her belly, dampening the lips of her pussy and glazing her eyes with its irresistible lust. She moved toward the half-covered body of her sister's only son, her legs trembling and her tits swaying, engorged tips that hungered for his hot kisses.

"Pull the sheet back," the youth said in a tight voice.

Joyce leaned over the bed, her big breasts rolling against her rib cage. Her fingers plucked at the sheet, tugging it down to the foot of the bed, her eyes widening and her mouth opening in surprise.

"Good God!" It was Ralph's exclamation. The man stared at Ted's rearing prick with a mixture of envy and disbelief. Thick and long, the cock reached up from his hairy crotch like a gnarled limb, the blue veins pulsating along its strutted length.

Joyce licked her lips, fear and desire battling for supremacy in her anxious eyes. It was easily the largest cock she had ever seen, and at least two inches longer than Ralph's organ. The thought of its swollen length sliding up into her pussy sent a hot shiver through that delicate channel, and she felt a hot wetness as her juices lathered the vaginal walls in anticipation.

She had realized that her nephew was well equipped from that pressing hardness during their previous kiss. But she had not expected anything like the nine-inch column that arched its purple head in quivering readiness.

Ted scooted his body to one side of the bed, patting the space beside him. "Right here, Aunt Joyce," he said quietly.

"Just lie down and spread those gorgeous legs."

Another groan sounded from the chair as Joyce lowered her body to the bed, stretching out on her back and angling the sleek beauty of her thighs. The blonde silk parted to expose the wet slit of her cunt, the labial folds glistening in the bedroom light.

Lazily, Ted pushed himself onto his knees, climbing between the woman's spread legs, bracing himself with one hand on her right breast, the fingers kneading the resilient mound and tweaking the swollen nipple. His prick hovered above the splayed lips of her inviting pussy. He turned amused eyes to the angry man.

"One more thing, Uncle Ralph," he said with a grin. "Tell me to do it. You see, we both want to make sure you approve of this."

The man's hands gripped the arms of the chair, his hairy chest heaving with emotion. "Haven't you done enough?" he groaned. "Do you have to drag us all the way down?"

Ted wrapped his free hand about the shaft of his cock, dropping his hips enough to permit the huge knob to touch the wet jaws of Joyce's cunt. He rubbed it back and forth though the deep furrow, seeing the woman's eyes close and her lower lip fold back between her teeth at the caress.

"Just two words, Uncle Ralph," he urged. "That isn't much to ask in exchange for all I'm giving you."

"Say it, Ralph!" Joyce groaned. Her hips trembled as the hot cockhead massaged the distended bud of her clitoris, then slid teasingly against He fluttering lips of her cunt. "For God's sake! Say it!"

RaIph's hand pushed upward along his quivering jaw to run his fingers through his brown hair. He sucked in a deep breath and his teeth clenched with effort.

"Fuck her!" he grated, saliva spraying with the violence of the exclamation. His face twisted in agony.

Joyce tried to stifle her gasp as Ted centered the meaty glans and began boring into her cunt, stretching her labia into a tight circle of nerve-laced tissue and rubbing it with the thick shaft that followed the head into her straining vagina.

The youth's chest descended upon her tits, hairs grinding against the sensitive nipples, and he forced his prick deeper into the slowly yielding corridor of quivering femininity. His hands cupped her face, making her look into his eyes as he entered her, reading the helpless response that flickered behind the half-

closed lids.

"Your wife has a tight cunt, Uncle Ralph," Ted murmured.

"You're a very lucky man."

"Damn you!" was the almost inaudible retort. Ralph Porter wanted to tear his gaze away from that slowly disappearing cock.

But it held his eyes like a magnet as he watched it vanish into Joyce's hairy cunt. "You're hurting her!"

Deliberately, Ted fed another inch into the shuddering sheath before asking, "Am I hurting you, Aunt Joyce?"

Her head tried to wag a denial, but his hands held it captive. Her voice was strained as she gasped, "No!"

Grinning down into her contorted face, Ted demanded, "Tell him it feels good! Tell him you love having your pussy full of hard meat! Tell him!"

Her tongue flicked wildly across the parted lips, and her ass began a grinding response to the stretching and filling of her vaginal corridor. She felt his balls bump gently against her anal cleft and her legs drew up, thighs clamping his hips, then flashing higher to encircle his arched waist. Her arms went around his torso, fingers clutching at his broad back.

"Don't make me talk, Ted!" she hissed at him. "Just fuck me!"

A savage thrust slammed the swollen head of his cock against her womb, and his pelvic arch bumped her blonde triangle in complete hilting. She cried out at the delightful sensation of having her pussy filled to capacity for the first time in her life, and her ass wiggled excitedly as he began a rhythmic stroking through the spasming channel of slippery flesh.

Ralph Porter stared at the writhing body of his wife, seeing Ted's big cock slide in and out of the Juicy opening between her thighs. He heard her whimpers as the prick speared her, again and again, and he recognized the sounds of pleasure he had heard so often.

There was no doubt about it, he realized. Joyce was enjoying what the boy was doing to her. When she told him of Ted's demands, she had insisted that she would merely lie there and let him vent his lust on her motionless body. But she was anything but motionless as the cock slid in and out, its thick shaft glistening with her juices.

Suddenly, Joyce's whimpers became little cries of ecstasy, and her ass twisted violently beneath the hammering hips of her nephew. Her scissoring legs flexed to hunch her crotch against the pounding maleness, and Ralph knew she was coming.

Ted recognized the signals too. Hilting his prick in the churning sheath, he worked his hips in a savage circling that rubbed her labia and massaged her convulsing depths as Joyce gasped her way through a climax that left her weak and trembling.

Relaxing atop the almost motionless body, Ted twisted his head about to flash Ralph a sardonic grin. "I think I've just struck oil, Uncle Ralph," he chuckled. "It's getting awfully greasy in there. I guess I'd better pump it out."

Still looking at his uncle's florid face, the boy began hunching again, stroking the juicy cunt until its slippery overflow bubbled out about his sliding cock to coat his balls and trickle sluggishly down the woman's wiggling ass cleft.

Still fucking her with those powerful thrusts that slammed his belly against hers with each hilting, Ted dropped his eyes to Ralph's crotch. His grin became a mocking sneer.

"Shame on you, Uncle Ralph!" His words were interspersed by little grunts as he slammed his prick into the responsive cunt, feeling the vaginal muscles squeeze and massage its throbbing length. "You're getting a hard-on from watching your wife get fucked!"

Ralph chewed his lower lip, digging his fingers into the chair arms in a vain effort to halt the swelling of his own cock.

It was true, he admitted. His original anger had been replaced by a strange and overwhelming sensation that he could not identify and which he could not resist.

He glared back at the grinning boy, his hands releasing the chair and falling to his hairy thighs. Slowly, one hand crept to the pulsating column of his own prick, curling about it and squeezing until the purple knob ached with pressure. He wet his lips and his shoulders shuddered convulsively.

"Fuck her, damn you!" he cried in a choked voice. "Fuck her harder!"

Chuckling with sadistic amusement, Ted rode the panting women with furious thrusts, making her cry out with the savagery of his deep thrusts. The bed shook beneath them, and Joyce worked her ass in a frantic effort to match his strokes with th

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