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Starting Over

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It had been a years since Lexi was single and able to do as she pleased. Years of pent up sexual boredom had finally caught up with her and she was ready to do something about it. She picked out a short black skirt and a sexy button up blouse that was sheer enough to draw attention to her breast, purposely leaving off her panties under the skirt. Excited yet nervous, she headed to the first redneck bar she could find.

She sat down at the bar and ordered a beer, looking around the room to see if anything caught her eye. The bar was packed. Sipping on her beer, she could feel eyes on her and caught a few guys checking her out but she knew exactly who she was looking for, it had to be a specific type of man. She wanted to find a clone of a man she met had online she knew only as D. They had talked and flirted for years but their only sexual play had only been phone or online fantasy with no real physical contact. D was her idea of the perfect man. He was the bad ass type who was full of attitude and testosterone and was undoubtedly the sexiest man she had ever known. With his words alone, he had been able to bring her body to every possible sensation. He was the one who encouraged her to go out and enjoy herself tonight, so she was determined to find as someone that would have the things about D that attracted her. She knew would settle for no less than as close to the man in her mind as she could find for her first night out.

She sat for an hour sipping beers, watching the door to see if the right guy walked in. It was 11:45 and so far no one had came close to meeting her expectations. She was about to give up and go home when a tall guy with dark hair and intense eyes sat down beside her. He spoke first, asking her if she had heard the band playing before. They made small talk for a few minutes before he finally asked her if she?d like to dance. Nervously, she agreed. The more they talked and danced, the more she felt herself relaxing and having a good time.

Hours and the beers both went away quickly and by 1am she was feeling quite good and ready to make her move. They had been dancing nonstop and when a slow song started to play, he pulled her into his arms and this time, she leaned into his body more, pressing against him subtly, her hand slipped down his back and back up to play in his hair. He caught on quickly that there was more than dancing on her mind. He kissed her softly on the lips as if he was testing the water. She pulled him closer and kissed him again with more intensity letting him know she was interested. Their hands started to explore each others body there on the dance floor. Oblivious to anyone else around them, she didn?t care if others were watching and he didn't seem to mind either. Casually, as if almost by accident, she let her hand brush across his crotch trying to see if her flirting was having the effect she was aiming for. She could tell he was already half hard underneath his jeans so she decided to push the limits and actually grab his dick behind the denim while she was nibbling on his ear and she whispered ?Is that for me?? He smiled and without any hesitation to reply ?If you want it to be.? With a low growl, she replied??I do?. He took her by the hand and lead her off the dance floor and said ?Why don?t we get out of here and head somewhere where you can tell me more about what you want.? Lexi couldn?t help but giggle thinking to herself that sounded exactly like something D would have said. She hesitated for a minute, not sure if she was really ready, but she headed toward the door anyway.

She followed him outside and he started to kiss her deeply against his truck door, their tongues eagerly exploring each other. Feeling more at ease so she started to stroke his cock through his jeans. He run his hand down her spine sending chills through her body then brought his hand down to slip it under her skirt. She could tell he was surprised to find she wasn?t wearing any panties as he brushed a finger over her pussy. It had been so long since she had felt the touch of a real man that her body was filled with lust. It was all she could do not to cum in his hand right that minute. Her mind was going 90 mph. He pulled away from the kiss long enough to say ?Feel safe going for a ride up the beach with me? I?ll bring you back the minute you say you are ready.? She nodded yes, and pulled him back into the kiss to reassure herself this is what she really wanted to do.

They climbed in his truck and drove down onto the beach. The entire ride, Lexi kept playing with his cock beneath his jeans. She could already feel the wetness on her thighs from her aching pussy. He stopped the truck between a sand dune and the ocean where they were secluded from the world. He came around and opened her door pulling her down and into his arms kissing her hard then lead her by the hand around to the tailagate. She sat down on the tailgate and he stood in front of her, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into a kiss.

At first he was very gentle and passionate but Lexi quickly turned up the intensity by gently biting his bottom lip and grabbing his cock harder as she kissed him. He pulled her shirt off her shoulder and unbuttoned a few buttons allowing him access to her breast. She leaned back eagerly as he exposed her tits to the cool ocean air and began sucking on her nipple, biting it gently. His right hand found it?s way directly to her cunt. He massaged it for a minute then slipped a finger into her. He was sucking on her nipple and sliding his finger over her clit. She nearly came again but managed to pull his face back to hers and kissed him deeply. Almost as if it was someone else talking, she heard herself say outloud what she had been thinking for the last hour. ?I want you inside me.?

He lead her around to the passenger side of the truck and he climbed in, raised up and slide his jeans down exposing his hard dick. It wasn?t as big as the pictures of D she had seen and wanted so bad to feel but it was thick and rock hard. Lexi climbed in the truck and sat across his lap positioning her wet pussy down against his dick but not letting him enter her yet. She unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way and unhooked her bra giving him full access to her tits and unbuttoned his shirt so she could rub her hands on his chest and feel his shoulders. The warmth of his skin against her palms made her even wetter.

She leaned forward and started kissing his shoulders and working her way up his neck and finally finding his lips again. His hands were caressing her skin on her bare back, moving up into her hair playing with it for a minute as they kissed. His dick was literally twitching against her pussy making her want him even more. She raised up and ground her hips into his rubbing her wet cunt against his shaft and with one shift of her pelvis allowed him to slide into her completely. The sensation of her pussy being filled up nearly drove her wild. They kissed passionately for a minute then Lexi took control. This was her night and she knew exactly what she wanted. She wasn't interested in her feminine side that likes to be held and make love, she wasn't looking for anything emotional because D gave her what she needed for that. All she wanted was to let her animal side loose that was only interested in pure raw emotionless sex!

She leaned back for more thrust, slamming her pussy down onto his cock, squeezing her ass muscles to grip on to him tighter. Her hips rocked instinctively riding his dick pulling it deep into her. Clinging to his shoulders for balance as she rode him as hard and frantic as she could. He met her every thrust pushing himself forcefully into her pulling down on her hips slamming her down on him.

Lexi felt like her pussy was being ripped open from the force of his thrust but it felt so good she didn?t want him to stop. She was close to exploding and she could tell he was on the edge himself. She felt his hand in her hair and she lost all control? ?PULL IT, Please, Pull my hair!? He gave her hair a hard yank and she couldn?t hold back another second as her body tenses and she felt the gush of cum explode from her pussy. Frantic and delirious her whole body jerked as wave after wave of orgasm coursed through her. She was barely aware that he too was in the middle of his own orgasm but her mind was too out of control to do much more than breathe at that moment.

She could see the pleasure on his face as looked at him, but it wasn?t him that she was thinking of, it was the man in her dreams that she saw in her mind. A smile of satisfaction came across her face knowing in their own private little way, she and D had just enjoyed their own fantasy night and she couldn?t wait until morning to tell him all about it. Slowly reality crept back in and she had to get her head together. He too was gathering his composure, barely able to utter more than ?wow that was incredible?. They kissed for a minute and then she pulled away and said ?I guess I better get back.? He almost looked disappointed but kept his word and drove her back to her car. As they kissed good night, he asked ?When am I going to see you again?? Lexi simply grinned her best cheesy smile and said ?You won?t.? got in her car and drove away.

Back in her hotel room, she showered and lay awake in bed for hours replaying the entire evening in her mind, a satisfied smile on her face. As she drifted off to sleep, she thought to herself? ?Thank you D, you always know exactly what I need.?

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