June 20, 2018
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Free Erotic Stories

SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Spring".



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It was a bright spring day, the sun was shinning and it was going to be warm without being hot. We had gotten up early that Saturday and I had made you breakfast in bed after we had made love. Spring was in the air, we were in love and all was right with the world.

We had planned to go to the mall that day, in particular, to Victoria Secret to look for a sexy bikini for you. And I figured that while you were looking for a suit, I?d see what other kinds of sexy things they had and buy a few of those. I do so like the way you look in sexy clothes, especially sexy bras and panties.

Watching you dress that morning, well, lets just say some naughty thoughts were going through my mind. You had put on a pair of pale blue silk string bikini panties with a matching bra and a dress. Normally you aren?t a big fan of dresses preferring jeans or shorts, tomboy that you are. Don?t get the wrong idea, she may be a tomboy but she is one hell of a sexy tomboy who knows very well how to make my cock throb with desire and passion. I remember this one time we had gone out dancing at a club called Nation, but, that?s another story.

Watching you dress, I can?t help but grow aroused all over again, you long lithe legs that I love so much to touch and caress and feel wrapped around my hips. Your firm rounded ass that I love to caress with my hands and tongue, to squeeze and rub it no matter where we may be. Your perfect handful sized breasts capped by two pale pink sensitive nipples so perfect for licking and sucking. How beautiful you are, the way your face lights up when you smile, the sound of your laughter, your dimples, your lips, lips I love so much to kiss.

I stood up and walked over to you, pulling you into my arms from behind, my hands slipping along your hips and sides and around to your tummy, pulling your ass back against my hard cock. You lean back into me and rub your ass against my shaft as I gently lick your neck.

?Don?t you ever get enough?? you quip playfully.

?No more than you my love and most especially not when it comes to you,? I reply as my hands slide up to cup your breasts, squeezing them softly, pinching your nipples through dress and bra, feeling them harden, listening as a soft moan escapes from your lips and you press harder against my throbbing shaft.

?I want you,? I whisper softly in your ear as I gently nibble on the lobe.

?You just had me,? you moan in reply, ?and if we don?t leave, you?ll never get your surprise,? you finish with a catch in your throat as my hand slips down to cover your pussy mound, rubbing softly across its softness.

?Surprise, you have a surprise for me?? I asked.

?Well, it?s not really a surprise as in a present, just something I know you like,? you replied as your hand slide around and across the front of my jeans, rubbing my cock, ?Something I know he?ll like too,? you quip playfully as you give it a squeeze.

?Well, what are we waiting for then? Lets get a move on!? I replied as I turned you around and wrapped you in my arms, looking into your eyes as we leaned into each other for a deep, long wet kiss.

Holding hands, we walked out of our apartment to the car. I opened your door and held it as you stepped into the car, loving how your skirt road up your thighs. After you sit, I lean into the car for another kiss and as I do, I let my hand slide up along your inner thighs to your silk panties, rubbing your pussy softly. I can feel that you are wet already, your pussy moist and squishy. You scrunch your hips forward and spread your thighs wider as your tongue slips hungrily around my mouth, you breathing is fast and heavy, panting almost. I know how much you love the feel of my fingers on your slit, rubbing and caressing your pussy and clit.

I slide a finger under the leg band and run my fingers softly along your smooth shaven pussy lips, feeling the hot wet moisture as I spread your slippery juice around. I let the tip of my finger slide around your tight opening before pushing inside a little. Your hand slides down to join mine and for a moment, both our fingers are rubbing and caressing your pussy, our fingers touching and brushing together across your clit.

Panting heavily, you pull my hand from your slit, ?Come on, let?s go while we still can,? you say breathlessly. Reluctantly I pull my slippery fingers from your pussy and while looking into your eyes, slowly lick your juice from my fingers, your eyes following the movement of my tongue, remembering how just this morning I was licking your pussy and sucking your clit to orgasm.

I lean forward for one last kiss, you can taste yourself on my tongue and lips. Then I closed the door and moved around the car and climbed in. Starting the car, I looked over at you, seeing the love and passion n your eyes. Backing the car and driving out of the complex we are on the way to Tyson?s Corner, a big upscale mall with a big VS store in it.

Looking over at you as we drive, I notice that your hands are still caressing your inner thighs and your dress is still hiked up and you are still breathing hard. You look over at me and see me watching your hands. Instead of stopping, you continue, letting your hands run higher, pulling your skirt up even more so I can see your silky panties.

?You like looking at me don?t you? You like watching me play with my body, my pussy. It makes you hard doesn?t it?? you as in a husky voice. You reach across the car and rub your hand across my hard cock, ?I knew you?d be hard, I love your hard cock, I love making it hard, feeling it throbbing in my hand, in my pussy, in my mouth. Oh Richard, I am so hot,? you moan as your hand leaves my cock and returns to your thigh.

?I need to cum again, oh Richard, I need to cum so badly,? you add, your finger moving up to your panties. You turn towards me in the car and spread your legs, showing me your wet panties. ?Do you want to watch me, as I finger fuck my pussy for you while we drive? Do you want to watch me cum??

?Yes, oh yes Jessica, you know how hot that makes me, watching you finger yourself. Do it for me baby, make yourself cum, let me watch.?

You pulled the skirt up higher and reached for the hem of your panties, lifting your hips, you pushed them down and took them off, giving your fingers free access to your pussy. God you looked so sexy and hot sitting there, your legs spread and your skirt bunched up around your waist, with this incredible look of passion and desire in your eyes, burning like a flame, higher and hotter with each passing moment.

Then you let your fingers run down across your tummy, down between your thighs, running your fingers along your inner thighs. I could tell how hot you were because your inner thighs were quivering with sexual tension. I loved watching your hands, with your long fingers, gently caressing your inner thighs, teasing me, arousing yourself.

But, you were to hot to tease for long, and your fingers slide up to the crease of thigh and hips, rubbing the outside of your already swollen puffy outer pussy lips. Moaning softly, your fingers slip in the warm slippery juices seeping from your pussy.

The scent of you fills the car like an aphrodisiac and my cock throbs in response. I can hear the hot wet liquid sound of your fingers as your slide them around your outers lips, around the opening to your pussy, scooping up some of your juice and depositing it on your clit as you rub it in little circles, quick little flicks of your fingers.

I knew it wouldn?t be long before you came, you were so worked up already, your inner thigh muscles were jumping and quivering faster with each passing moment. You were breathing so hard and fast, your eyes on mine, watching me watch you finger your juicy cunt.

?I?m so close Richard, I want to cum for you, oh Richard you make me so hot and horny,? you say, almost sobbing with desire and passion. ?You want to watch me cum don?t you, you like to watch me cum, I?ve seen how you look at me when we make love, how hot it makes you when you watch me as I cum. And it makes me even hotter knowing how much you like it. Oh Richard, unghhh god, so good, so fucking hot, feels so good to finger my pussy.?

I swallowed past the lump in my throat, finding it hard to breathe, as the flame of my desire grew higher. ?Do it Jessica, cum for me baby, let me watch you cum, please?? My hand was rubbing my cock through my slacks as I watched you, I could feel my own juice leaking from the tip, leaving a wet spot on my boxers.

You slipper a finger down and inside your pussy and pumped it in and out, you could here the wet sucking sound as your finger slide in and out. ?Richard, Richard,? you whispered, ?I wish your cock were inside me right now, pumping into me, filling me, I love to feel your hard cock inside my cunt, fucking me. Unghhh, god, so good Richard, your fingers feel so good.?

You use your other hand to spread the lips of your pussy wide, making it easy to rub your clit or slide deep inside your pussy. Your fingers are shinny and glisten in the sunlight streaming through the windows as we drive down the road towards the mall.

Your hips are bucking, thrusting, making small little fucking motions as your finger pump faster and deeper inside your slippery pussy. You use the fingers of one hand to pull the hood of your clit back, exposing the little red bud as the fingers of your other hand spread your juice across it. As you do, your thighs jump and quiver and a deep throaty moan escapes your lips.

Your fingers move faster across your clit, your breathing fast and hard as you near orgasm. ?Ohhhh Richard, I?m going to do it, I?m going to cum, watch me as I cum, ohhhh Riiiiichard! Unghhhhh, yes, yesss now, cumming now!?

Your thighs jumped and quivered in the way I knew so well, knowing you were cumming, watching your face, your eyes now closed, head back against the window, you look so beautiful and sexy when you cum. Your hips jerk and buck against your fingers and I can see your pink inner pussy muscles clenching and spasming with each wave and crest of your orgasm. God how I love to watch you play with yourself and get off.

Finally the waves subside as your orgasm comes to and end and you sit there, legs spread lewdly, pussy and inner thighs coated with your juice. I can?t help but reach over and run my fingers through your wetness and bringing it to my lips to taste. I love the taste of your pussy.

You opened your eyes and smiled a lazy contented, at least for the moment, smile. ?Hummm that was good, I needed that,? you added with a wink.

?Needed that!?? I cried in mock dismay, ?You came five times this morning!?

?Ya, well, that was at least an hour ago silly.?

?Oh lord, I?ve fallen in love with a nymphomaniac, woe is me!? I cried, ?Whatever shall I do??

?Woe is you! Woe is me you mean! You?re the one who was fingering my pussy when I got in the car and got me so worked up in the first place. You?re the one who wakes up every morning with a morning woody poking me in the tushy.?

?Ya, well, it?s your feminine wiles, ya, that?s what it is, that?s my story and I?m sticking to it!?

?Ha! You and your ?feminine wiles? like it?s all my fault.?

?Well, it is! I can?t help it you are so beautiful and sexy and turn me on so much, can?t expect me to take the blame for that, can you?? I asked plaintively.

?That?s ok sweetie,? you say as you reach over and pat my hand, ?I like you just the way you are, nice and naughty.?

?Wonderful! I guess that means I?ll take advantage of you all the time then, ravish you as it were.?

?Please! Be my guest, ravish me all you want you naughty man you, corrupting an innocent like me.?

?Innocent!? Watch it Jessica, your nose is growing, and I happen to like it just the way it is.?

?What, you don?t think I?m innocent?? you ask while batting your eyes at me innocently.

?Ha! You are as naughty as they come! At least as naughty as me, if not more so. And I like it that way. Look at you, over there, legs spread wide, pussy all wet and cum filled, finger fucking yourself as we drive to the mall...innocent my foot. And you better not change either, I love you just the way you are.?

?I love you too, you big horny goof,? you say with a smile as you reach for your panties to put them back on. I reach over and grab your hand and look into your eyes, ?Leave them off for now,? I whisper. You look into my eyes and I see a naughty gleam in them, twin to the gleam in my eyes.

?You have something in mind my love?? you ask, and already I can hear your voice growing husky with passion.

?I always have naughty ideas running through my mind, you know that,? I reply as I pull into the mall parking lot, watching as your fingers idly stroke the still swollen lips of your pussy. Finding a spot in a far off corner of the mall, I park. Then I turn to you and pull you in my arms and kiss you, hard, my hand going to your breasts and caressing it through the light material of your dress. Then I slide my hand down to join yours in caressing your juicy pussy lips.

?Oh god Richard, yes, finger me, I love your fingers in my pussy, unnghhhh, ahhhhh yes, yes, so good!? you moaned as your fingers and mind played along the ever wetter lips of your pussy. I let the tips of my finger play across the swollen hood of your clit, making your hips jerk and quiver each time I flicked my finger across it.

Pushing downwards, I let two fingers slide across the opening to your pussy before pushing inside, ?Yesssss,? you hissed slowly as my fingers slid deeper inside. I pushed them in as far as I could them pulled out, then thrust back in, so hot and wet inside, my thumb rubbing across your clit. You are still hot and horny from your earlier orgasm so I know it?s not going to take long to bring you off again.

In and out I slide my fingers as your hips jerk and buck and your breathing grows hot and heavy, panting as your hand slides over and grabs my hard cock, rubbing it through my pants. Your head is pressed to my neck, I can feel your breath hot and wet on my throat. Hot wet squishing sounds fill the car as I thrust my fingers in and out of your soaking wet cunt. I can feel your thighs quivering each time I strum your clit. I look down and see my fingers wet and shinny as they slide in and out of you, your ass on the edge of the seat, dress bunched around your tummy, legs spread wide.

?Ahhhhh yes, yes nowwww, now, I am going to cum Richard, do it, make me cum, yesssss,? you cry out as your hips jerk wildly up off the car seat, fucking your hips at my fingers, your hands going to my arms and squeezing them hard as the orgasm wracks your body. I keep rubbing your clit and fucking my fingers in and out of your pussy as you cum, feeling the spasms inside your pussy, squeezing my fingers. Slowly your orgasm subsides and your hips relax back down to the seat and your hands loosen on my arm.

?Oh god Richard, I love it when you make me cum like that, it?s so different than when I do it myself, I just love the feel of your hands on my body,? you whisper as you kiss my neck softly. I smile softly into your hair thinking to myself how much I love you, and love to make you cum, and love the feel of my hands on your body.

After a few minutes to recover you lift your head and smile into my eyes then sit up and lean in for a kiss, whispering, ?I love you Richard.?

After returning your kiss we pull apart and I whisper in return, ?And I love you Jessica, with all my heart.?

Your face lights with a smile, then a sheepish grin as you look down at your still spread thighs and disheveled skirt. You reach for your panties to put them on and again I stop you, ?You didn?t think that was it do you? I might want to cop a feel in the mall!?

You look at me, not sure if I am serious but seeing the look in my eyes, you grin mischievously and stuff the panties into your purse. I get out of the car and go around and open the door for you, watching as your thighs spread open again as you step out, aroused by the thought that you are naked under your skirt. I also notice as you stand up, that the leather seat of the car is covered in your pussy juice and I smile to myself. Yup, today is a good day! It?s spring and love is in the air!

We walked arm in arm, hand in hand towards the entrance to the mall. My hand on your back, softly caressing as we walked through the mall. Stopping to window shop or to kiss, laughing, enjoying life and each other. Being in love is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Finally we arrived at VS. It?s a nice big store, plenty of room to roam around in with everything they sell except the things you can only get from the catalog. We walked together between the racks picking out a few sexy under things, can?t ever have to many of those. She also picked out a few suits she wanted to try on.

We stopped at one rack and she was looking at this really beautiful pale pastel blue suit with yellow trim. Oh, did I forget to tell you, she has great taste in clothes as well as men. ?This will look hot against a tan, don?t you think?? you asked me.

?Heck honey, I think it would look hot any which way as long as it was on you.?

?Or not on me I bet,? you added with a smirk.

?Ohhh what a wonderful idea! I like that! Dang but you have some really good ideas.?

?Comes from my naughty mind don?t you know,? you added with a sly wink.

Laughing softly I ran my hand down across your ass and along the backs of your thighs, then I ran my hand under your skirt, running the tips down along the crack of your ass and then I cupped your pussy mound in my hand, rubbing the palm against your pussy, one finger sliding in the furrow of your lips.

Moaning softly you pressed down into my hand and leaned back against me. Turning your head slightly you whispered softly, ?You are so bad!?

?I know,? I whispered back, as I slipped a finger inside your warm wet pussy and wiggled it around and was rewarded with a soft low moan from your lips.

?You are gonna get it when we get home buster,? you whisper hoarsely into my ear as you gently nibble on it.

?I sure hope so!? I grin wickedly back. Sliding my finger from your hot sheath, I rub it across your clit before withdrawing my hand and licking your sweetness off.

?Here, don?t be a hog, lemme have some of that,? you say as you grin wickedly at me.

?Humm I seem to be out, here, let me freshen it up for you,? I add with an innocent smile, slipping my hand under the back of your skirt again, and rubbing my fingers along your even wetter slit. Moaning softly in frustration your hips gyrate against my fingers, enjoying the wanton feelings they are causing.

Then I bring my newly slippery, juice covered fingers to your lips and watch as your pink tongue slides out and between my fingers, causing my body to tense with the electric reaction the feeling of your tongue on my fingers causes.

?Mmmm that?s good,? you murmur softly. ?That?s why you like to lick me so much isn?t it? Because my pussy juice tastes so good, you love the taste of my juice don?t you??

?Oh yes Jessica, yes I do,? I softly reply, ?Nothing tastes as good as your special sauce, so sweet, so good, and I?m going to lick your pussy clean when we get home!? I added emphatically.

?UmmmM promises promises, we?ll see, I might not let you,? you teased.

?What? You?d do that? You?d withhold the nectar of the gods from a dying man? You wouldn?t! You couldn?t!? Could you??

?I just might, I think I?ve been entirely to easy the last week or so, letting you lick me and fuck me and finger me any time you wanted, a girl doesn?t want to be known for being an easy piece of ass you know,? you added with a haughty look.

?Well yeah, but, that?s different! I?m your boyfriend! The wish of your heart! You?d keep me from the gates of heaven!?? I implored, despairingly.

?I might, you never know, a girl?s got to protect her reputation you know,? you finished with a firm nod.

I muttered darkly to myself about the nefarious ways of woman, the injustice of it all and other indignities all the while you are standing there fingering the silky material of bikini bottoms and no doubt laughing quietly to yourself as your torture me unmercifully for a whole minute.

Then you burst into a giggle and give me a punch in the arm, ?Don?t get your panties all in a bunch there big guy, you?ll cut of your circulation and strangle skippy and that would be a real shame given the plans I had for him later.?

I beamed at you in relief and asked, ?Oh? You have plans? Do tell!?

?Shhhhhh, it?s a secret, can?t tell,? you replied with a wicked grin.

I thought about it for a moment while I glowered darkly at you, then smiled happily, well, at least she has nefarious plans. Works for me!

We picked out a few more things in the store, all the while my hands never left her body, always touching her somewhere. On her ass or hips, sides, sneaking a feel of her breasts or pussy. Keeping the both of us sexually aroused and on edge. What a marvelous way to spend the day!

We took our loot to the checkout counter. While waiting for the clerk to ring up everything, I would surreptitiously rub my hand over the firm swell of your ass. Such a nice round firm ass, perfect for squeezing and fondling, I think I?ll keep it.

But, it sure wasn?t helping you keep calm while the saleslady was ringing us up. You kept squirming and shifting from one foot to the other as I teased and caressed your ass while standing at your side.

?Something wrong dear, you seem tense?? I asked innocently.

You turned and glared at me, but without to much malice, as my hand slid down along the backs of your bare thighs, so warm and soft and smooth, and a shiver coursed through your body.

?You are sooo bad,? you whisper hotly to me.

?Did you say something miss?? the sales lady asked.

?No, I was just telling my boyfriend that we better hurry and get home, he?s got business to attend to,? you added with a smile and a wink to the saleslady.

She laughed as she finished putting the loot in bags. ?Here you go, better hurry on home now, don?t want to let that business go unfinished.? Glancing over at you she added with a wicked grin, ?Make sure he doesn?t miss any spots.?

?Oh, he won?t and if he does, he?ll be sleeping alone tonight.?

?Sheeze! Wimmin are so uppity these days!? I quip in reply, adding a nice squeeze to your ass in the process while the saleslady laughed at both my comment, and my hand on your ass. ?Guess I will just have to take care of the business at hand,? I finished with a martyred look. ?Woe is me.?

?Woe is you my butt,? you began, ?Why yes, you do rather have a nice butt,? I finished.

?Men! All they think about is sex!? you added as both you and the saleslady burst into laughter as if sharing some secret joke at my expense.

?Come along sweetie, before I get down to business right here, right now. It?s been hours since I had any special sauce!?

You grinned at me saucily knowing full well it had been only minutes since I had last had my hand in your honey pot. ?Off to the salt mine dear, you?ve got your work cut out for you,? you add thinking back over the morning and how badly I had tortured you.

?Salt mine my ass, more like the pearly gates,? I muttered under my breath before you jumped in saying, ?Why yes, you do rather have a nice ass,? with a big smile.


I take your hand in mine and we walk out of the shop, our other hands full of bags of loot. I had originally thought we?d stop in for lunch at Legal Seafood but having spent the morning in a sexual haze, lunch would have to wait, I had to have you soon or I was going to explode.

Walking from the mall towards the car, I let my hand fall from yours and I wrapped it around your waist and pulled you close, enjoying the feel of your hips swaying against mine, the warmth of your body next to mine. You turned to me and smiled as if you knew what I was thinking and were sharing it with me.

Arriving at the car, I opened the car and put the bags into the backseat then I turned to you and pulled you into my arms for a long deep kiss, feeling the fires of passion building within us both. Feeling your long supple tongue that I love so much slipping between my lips and playing happily with mine. Feeling the long length of your body pressed against mine. Feeling my body respond to yours anew, my shaft growing hard and pressing against you pussy mound, our nearly equal height making it a perfect fit. Feeling your arms wrapped around my neck, hands running through my hair as we kissed and ground our bodies together hotly.

I let my hands slide down your body to your ass, squeezing it and pulling you tighter against my now hard throbbing cock. I grabbed the material of your skirt and pulled it up until my hands were gripping your bare ass and the tips of my fingers were rubbing down the crack of your ass and I could feel the wetness of your pussy.

Breaking off the kiss you murmured softly, ?Hurry Richard, get us home, I need you so much, I need your cock in my pussy now!?

Letting your skirt fall back down over your ass, I opened your door and you stepped into the car. I got in as well and off we drove. On the way home I let my hand caress and rub your thighs, letting my hand slide under your skirt again and lightly caress your pussy mound. To say you were soaking is an understatement. I wasn?t in any better shape. I could feel the thick juice from my cock against my belly where the head was rubbing.

You hand went to the bugle in my slacks, rubbing along its length before reaching for the zipper and snap. Undoing them, your hand reached inside my silk boxers and gripped the head of my cock while I groaned in response to your touch. With the tips of your fingers, you spread the slick wetness around the head, rubbing along the tender underside before withdrawing and while looking into my eyes, slowly licking the juice from your fingertips. Then your hand falls to your pussy and you wipe the palm of your hand across your pussy lips, smearing your slick juice across your hand. Returning your now slick palm to my cock, you stroke up and down, jacking me off. The feel of your slippery palm running up and down the length of my cock has me panting and gyrating my hips.

?You like that don?t you, you like it when I feel your hard cock, rub t softly, stroke it,? you moan breathlessly. ?I love the feel of your cock, so hard yet soft, I love to feel it in my hand, in my mouth and in my pussy. And I?m going to fuck you silly when we get home.?

?Oh god Jessica, I love it when you talk dirty! I love the feel of your hand on my cock, touch it anytime you like, it?s your playtoy.?

?You?d let me play with your cock anytime I wanted??

?Yes,? I moaned.

?Anywhere we were, anyplace??

?Yesss,? I moaned, ?just touch it, feel it, suck it, fuck it!?

I was panting as I drove into the apartment complex, feeling you slippery hand slide up and down my shaft, feeling the cum boil in my balls, wanting release. Wanting to shoot my hot white cream into your hand, or mouth, or onto your tummy or breasts or deep inside your pussy.

Pulling into the parking space I stop the car and turn it off. Then I turn to you and pull you into my arms for a kiss as one hand drops to your lap and I run my fingers through the slick wet furrows of your pussy lips. I quickly slide a finger inside your hot wet depths and finger fuck you, my thumb rubbing circles around your clit. Both of us are breathing hard with the building lust within us.

I pull my hand from your wetness as you moan in protest, wanting my hand to return, and open the door to step out, doing the snap on my slacks, not bothering to zip up. You do the same, quickly coming around the car and into each other arms. I press a thigh between yours, rubbing the top of my thigh against your pussy mound as you grind down against it, kissing hotly. We make our way quickly to the apartment, leaving the bags in the car in our rush to get inside.

Once inside the door, we crash together and out hands are everywhere, your on my chest, stomach, the snap of my pants then inside, grabbing for my hard cock; mine on your breasts, squeezing, kneading, unzipping the back of your skirt exposing your back, sliding down to your hips and ass, pulling your skirt up and rubbing my hands down the crack of your ass to your juicy cunt.

Your other hand goes to my jeans and your push them and my boxers down and over my hips and they fall heavily to the floor in the foyer.

?Now Richard now, I need you now! Fuck me!? you pant out your need, unable to wait, not wanting to wait, just wanting to be fucked.

I hike up your skirt over your hips and turn you around and push your shoulders forward so you are bent over the stairs leading up to the living room. I take my hot rampant cock and aim it at your juicy slit and press the swollen red crown into your opening. Pushing my cock into your tight cunt in one thrust, we both moan as one. I grab your hips in my hand and slide out, then I thrust my cock back inside you, hard deep and fast, fucking you, hot raw sex. My hands pull your hips back hard into my cock as I jam in and out of you. Your hands go to the banister and the first step to hold yourself up as I pound into you pussy from behind. You are so wet from being teased and fingered all day that you are sopping wet and each time I pull out of your pussy you can hear the hot wet sucking sound and an equally loud squishing sound as I pump back inside you.

?Do it Richard, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh god I need it, unghhhh, unghhhh yesss yes, faster!? you cried with each thrust, your hand going between your legs and rubbing your clit as I fucked my cock into you, my balls bouncing against your pussy with each thrust. I slide my hands up to your shoulder and pull the top of your dress down your arms and you wiggle them free. I pull the dress down around your hips then reach for your breasts as they sway as we fuck, pinching and rolling your nipples around, gently squeezing them.

?Fuck me Richard, fuck me hard, you teased me all day and made me so fucking horny now I want a good hard fuck!? you moaned as you looked back over your shoulder at me, eyes blazing with white hot wanton lust. And you looked so hot bent over the stairs, dress bunched around your waist with my cock sliding in and out of your juicy pussy.

You were so hot from the mall and car that with minutes, you were on the verge of an orgasm as my cock sluiced in and out of your juicy cunt. Panting with lust and desire, you kept murmuring under your breath to fuck you, fuck you, over and over, like a mantra.

?Unnnghhhh yessss, yes, oh yes, now, now, I?m going to cum NOW Richard, FUCK ME, make me CUM now!! Ahhhhhh yesssss?yessss, cummingggggg!?

As your cries mounted and grew as your orgasm overtook you, your legs quivered and nearly collapsed under you as my cock jammed in and out of you. The spasms inside your pussy gripping and squeezing my shaft as your fingers strummed your clit, prolonging your orgasm.

Before the orgasm subsided, I pulled my cock out of your cunt and you groaned, wanting it back inside, but I sat on the bottom stair and pulled you into my lap.

?Do it baby, stick my cock in your cunt and ride it, fuck your cunt on my cock! Oh god Jessica, I am so fucking hot for you! Fuck me, fuck my cock with your juicy pussy!? I cried out, my voice husky and filled with passion.

You looked into my eyes, your eyes flashing with lust as you reached between our bodies and took my dripping cock in your hand and fit the head to the pink opening of your pussy. Then, looking into my eyes, you slid your wet pussy down over the head, groaning as the shaft filled your tunnel. ?Unghhhh yesssss?? you hissed as my cock filled your pussy.

Your hands on my chest, you begin to slide up and off my cock before coming down again, up and down, riding my cock, my hips rising up to meet yours as my hands cupped your breasts, caressing and squeezing the nipples. Your head went back and your hands went to your hair in the way I love so much as passion and desire overtook you, your eyes rolled back in your head, moaning, breathing hard and fast.

?Oh yes?yesssss, fucking your hard cock, riding your cock with my pussy, so good, so hard, oh Richard it feels soooo good!?

With my other hand, I reached for your clit, pushing your skirt out of the way as it bunched around your hips with each thrust of your cunt on my cock. You gasped and jerked your hips and a fresh stream of your pussy juiced leaked out and flowed down my cock shaft as I rubbed your clit, a shudder passing through your body.

?Yesss?rub it, rub my clit Richard, make me cum again, I want to cum all over your cock!? I jerked and thrust my cock up inside you each time you came down, our bodies grinding together. I pushed the hood of your clit aside and rubbed the hard red bud and your body flushed and grew tense as a new wave of orgasms overtook your body and the spasms, harder than before, gripped my cock. Your hip movements became erratic and frantic as you jerked and spasmed on my cock, cumming on my cock.

?Yesssss?yessss,? you wailed, ?CUMMINGGGG NOWWW, cumming Richard, cumming, cumming,? you kept panting.

My own body tensed as my balls grew tight and drew up into my body, the pleasure of teasing you all day, of being inside you, of feeling you cum began to overtake me, and I knew I would be coming as well, shooting my hot cum from my cock.

My own thrusting hips became less fluid and more jerky as I began to near the point of no return, wanting to cum, needing to cum. Each thrust of my cock into the hot wet depths of your pussy sent new waves of hot pleasure through my body and finally, just as I was beginning to crest, your own orgasm subsided enough for you to see what was happening and you jumped off my cock and took my swollen dripping wet shaft into your mouth and sucked frantically on the tip.

?Cum for me lover, cum in my mouth Richard, I want to taste your cum!? you moaned in anticipation of tasting my cum, of drinking it down and sucking every last drop from my shaft. Feeling the hot liquid warmth of your mouth of my shaft was to much, your lips like a tight ring around the tip of my shaft, sucking like a vacuum cleaner, sucking the cum right out of my balls.

?Unghhhhhh?Jessica, Jessicahhhhhhh?? I moaned as my hips jerked and bucked and my cum began to squirt from the tip of my cock. ?I?m cumming, cumming NOW?? I cried out as your hands stroked up and down the slippery shaft, your mouth sucking on the tip as my cum shot out, sucking my cum from my cock, moaning, ?Oh yes Richard, give it to me, give me your cum, I?ve been waiting all day for it, give it to me baby, cum for me!?

I continued to shoot my cum into your waiting mouth, looking into your eyes as I did, loving you, wanting you, so hot for you. Finally the spasms subsided and the last drop dribbled out and you slowly licked it off the sensitive head of my cock, your lips coated with my juice.

?MmmMmm that?s what I needed,? you smiled wantonly and came into my arms and my lap, fitting my still hard cock back into your pussy.

We didn?t make it up to the bedroom for a good long time. We did end up on the living room floor but that?s another story.

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