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Spanking Carol

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This story true. Its one of my adventures with a lovley woman that i have a long relationship with. I've told it to people through the years and they seem to think its fun and erotic. A lady i email on this site said i should submit it and see if others enjoy it. thanks for your time. J

One time i took Carol out to dinner and then for a drive. I was married at the time and she was divorced so while dinner was ok, anything more in public was a bit touchy. She was a lovely woman, very conservative looking. Never wore sexy attire, or very much makeup, very middle America mother looking but she was lovely in a wholesome kind of way. Her long dark thick hair was always cut about shoulder length and while her clothes were conservative she was in great shape. Her five foot four body always firm and tight, her full breasts covered but still high on her chest. And her ass was one of the best, round, but well muscled. It had surprised me the first time i pulled her pants down and smacked her cheeks for being a bad girl. And the lush forrest of hair between her legs never failed to inflame me. As i drove we just talked. Back then gas was cheap so we just drove all over the area, talking. She had a skirt on and i could reach over and play with her legs and crotch. She had panties on but i enjoyed it. I could feel the hair sticking out of the sides of them as she had not trimmed in awhile and the hair was thick and long. We had been gone awhile and she said we needed to go back to her house, as she had to pee. I grinned, well you can pee here and i pointed to the side of the street. She gave me a dirty look and said no way. Well that was not being a good little girl now was it? So i just kept driving, and talking and playing under her skirt. Her panties were wet by now and she was starting to squirm around. Finally she was begging me to take her home. But i said you can pee anywhere, but she just shook her head. It was summer time and finally it was getting dark. We had gone out in the countryside now and on a road that was pretty infrequently traveled. I found a place to pull off, so i parked. She was begging me to go home, but i told her she could pee here. She was desperate and actually holding her hand over her crotch. She finally got out of the car. I told her to stand in front, and she did. She lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and squatted. I could she the stream of pee as she let it go, she really did have to pee and squatted there for a while a big stream gushing between her thighs all exposed in the headlights. She finished, pulled up her panties and got back in the car, i was grinning. She said, so are you satisfied now? And i said nope, you didn’t do it the first time i told you to. I drove her home. Still playing with her wet panties. When i got her home we went in to the garage and then the basement, she had a pool table and a ping pong table there. i picked up a ping pong paddle as we went by the table, then moved over to the couch. She asked me what i was going to do with the ping pong paddle and i said I’m going to paddle your ass for being such a bad girl and not doing what i told you to do. She never submitted to a spanking voluntarily even though she loved them, so i had to grab her and drag her kicking and screaming over my knee. I lifted her skirt and ripped her panties off. And gave her about ten fairly hard smacks on the bare ass, as she screamed and wiggled, not from pain but from me taking her. Then i pushed her off on the floor. She turned and looked at me. And said, with a nasty look on her face, "is that the best you can do, you wuss. That didnt hurt a bit." So i grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back over my lap and proceeded to beat her ass good and hard. The smacks could be heard across the street i think. Her ass turned bright red then crimson, then almost purple. She started to reach back and cover it with one or both hands. And i asked if she had had enough. She didn’t say anything, so i told her to pull her hands away and she slowly did. I spanked her some more. Then asked if she had had enough, her ass was still almost purple, it was so red, and i could see little black spots where she was lightly bruised. She didn’t say anything, she just slid off my lap. Reached back and rubbed her naked ass. I stood up and unzipped my pants, my cock was hard, the head sliding out from under the foreskin. She immediately moved over on her knees and sucked it. Cupping my balls with her other hand as she sucked and jacked on it. The wet warm feeling as her mouth surrounded my cock inflamed my passions more and I grabbed her hair and fucked her face, ramming my fat cock deep until she gagged. I kept fucking her face again and again until I was ready to feed her my cum but I stopped. I pulled her by the hair over to the pool table, half lifted her up and bent her over it. Flipped up her skirt and had her spread her legs wide apart. I knelt behind her and ran my wet tongue deep in her hairy cunt, my face buried in her ass. I licked her from clit to asshole. Then i stood up and rubbed my cock head in her slit. She was dripping of course, she always got that way when i spanked her ass. I rubbed my cock head up and over her asshole. Then i just pressed the tip against the tight ring and slid it in, in one long steady thrust, her asshole just took it. The head and foreskin sliding easily into her. She started to cum immediately, she loves being fucked in the ass. She loves it more than her cunt. I didn’t take my time, i just fucked her like a cheap slutty whore. Ramming my fat cock in and out of her asshole over and over as fast and hard as i could. She just kept cumming, moaning loud and long, grabbing onto the sides of the table and pushing her ass back at me. It didn’t take me long, fucking so hard and fast, my cock plunging deep then almost out. Quickly I felt the uncontrollable need to cum, so with both hands pulling at her hips I thrust deep as I could and filled her ass with my cum. Feeling my cock jerking and spurting deep in her ass as my balls rubbed against her hairy cunt. She just laid there over the pool table, taking it. Moaning as she kept cumming, a talent she always had that amazed me, she could do it again and again without stopping. I pulled my cock out and watched my cum run out of her gaping asshole and drip down her legs onto the floor. Her ass cheeks were still red and bruised. I left her there, half dazed and went to take a shower, my body sweating and my cock covered with her nasty asshole juices and shit. She joined me a few minutes later, washed me, then sucked me again. I pushed my fingers in her cunt, filled it up, then her ass, felt my cum still dripping from the open hole. But that’s another story.

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