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Southern Gentleman

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The hot night air was suppressive. Humidity hung like a veil. Spanish moss dripped off the trees and made the house look like one out of an old Hitchcock movie.

She approached and knocked at the door. He opened as her hand touched the dark wood. He was dressed simply, black slacks, white button-down shirt, and barefoot. The collar of his shirt was undone to the second button and his chest hair showed just a bit. His shoulders were wide in contrast to his hips, his ass, was tight. He was taller than she, by almost a foot.

She wore a light blue silky dress, it ended just above her knee and the skirt was flirty, her black sandals had a heel. Her makeup was just right, eyes defined, lips plumped...

he took her hand and lead her inside, welcoming her with a gentle kiss.

She didn't know what he had in store for her. He simply said come.

The balloon ride two weeks earlier had been spectacular, and quite rewarding. He always surprised her, and she was sure, he would again.

He led her to the dining room. The table had one place setting, one lit candle and one rose on the plate. He put his hand on the small of her back and guided her to the chair. He picked up a piece of cloth and covered her eyes.

She knew better than to ask questions at this point, he would tell her when to speak. She could feel his body heat as he stood behind her, lowering himself to kiss her neck.

He rang a bell and she heard footsteps. The gentle smell of food enveloped the room. She breathed deeply searching for clues.

The clicking on her plate gave no information. She knew he was cutting something, what, she had no idea.

"Open your mouth", he half whispered.

She did, the fork was hot against her tongue, the taste on the fork exploded in her mouth, lime, and garlic, ginger, and the salmon was cooked to perfection. She chewed and swallowed, he offered another bite.

The next taste was exotic, a vegetable, cinnamon, and nutmeg and, all spice. Pumpkin baked, then mashed. It was simply delicious.

She was incredibly hungry, yet very nervous. After a few bites, he changed again. Now he offered something cold; a spoon, something creamy but not dessert. Mango, pureed with yogurt. Light and fruity, her mouth watered for it.

She leaned forward to capture the spoon between her lips as he teased her.

She could imagine his smile, the twinkle in his blue eyes. He took the spoon away and she started to ask for more. He put his finger to her lip to silence her. She pouted.

Now for dessert

she couldn't wait, she sat, her lips slightly apart in anticipation. He placed her napkin back on the table.

He took her hand and led her to the den. He sat her on the floor, a soft rug underneath her.

The carpet soft and furry surrounded her. He sat down beside her and brushed her hair off her face. She let out a sigh as he cupped her chin and drew her to his lips, he tasted her the wine left there.

He ran his finger across her lips, something was on it, smooth, sticky, sweet, honey. He dipped his finger again.

"Taste this," he said.

She opened her mouth and he put his finger inside...her lips closed over it, and she sucked it clean as he drew it out.

"Take off your dress," he ordered.

She stood, slowly and lifted the dress over her head. Her panties were light blue and lacy with a bra to match. She stood before him.

"Take off the rest," his demands were becoming increasingly laden with desire.

She soon stood naked before him, her hands in front trying to cover up what he was looking at. She was still blindfolded, but she felt the intensity of his gaze upon her.

"Sit", the command was not negotiable.

Back on the rug she sat, he guided her to lie down, what was he planning she wondered.

"You will be my meal," his voice was now heavy with desire.

She felt the honey drip onto her body, her neck, her breasts, her stomach, her legs.

Then, he took the spoon, covered her nipples, and, guided her legs up and opened, pouring some onto her womanhood.

He started at her legs licking the trail up to her thigh, then her stomach to her chest, then her neck, and back down. His tongue flickered over the first nipple, making it stand, then took it into his mouth, sucking the honey off her body.

She reveled in the sensation. His tongue on her skin was glorious, he worked every spot, and her nipples were hard as diamonds by the time he finished.

Then he placed his hand on her thigh, the sticky sweetness still there. He ran his hand down to her womanhood, and kissed her mouth before his head followed.

The first lick was exquisite. Slowly, fully and skillfully, he tasted her, the honey together. He enjoyed his meal, getting every bit of honey off of her, working her clit, until she came, she was moaning with pleasure, her hands in his hair, pulling him close, he kept licking, his fingers deep inside her working. He allowed her to cum one more time and lapped her juices. She lay there weak from her pleasure, legs, not working.

He smiled at the look on her face, pleasure and exhaustion.

"Feel better?" he inquired.

She only smiled; he took her hand and helped her up.

"Come with me." he said.

They walked their way through the house, her being lead by him. They entered his bedroom; she knew the smell, his cologne, Irish spring soap, and clean laundry. The bathroom tile was cold against her bare feet, but the room was steamy, he removes her blindfold.

Looking around she sees candles, just lit, the garden tub was full of bubbles, and soft music was playing.

"I want to bathe you, wash your hair, shave your pussy, then have you come out to me," he said, leaving no room for argument.

She nodded her head, she couldn?t say no, she was so enthralled by his planning, his attention to detail.

The water was scented with coconut and the bubbles were luxurious. She stepped down and rested her head against the back of the tub. He walked over and got a basin and pitcher. The shampoo was beside her. He dipped the pitcher and poured it over her head. At first, she was worried about her make up, then looking beyond him she saw her products sitting on the did he know, when had he done this.

He massaged her scalp as he washed her hair, then her neck and her shoulders. Rinsing her with the pitcher, then he asked her to stand up again.

He took a washrag, and gingerly, washed her, top to bottom.

Get yourself ready, makeup, hair, but keep it simple, hurry I will be waiting for you, knock on the door before you come out.

She didn?t take long, her short hair looked good towel dried and tucked behind her ears. Her face, really took little makeup to be passable. Her lips though...she needed them to stand out. She chose a dark shade, with a gloss over it.

A gentle tap on the door and he entered.

Beautiful, simply beautiful, now, I am afraid I must put this back on for a moment, I will remove it when it is time

taking his hand she stood in his bedroom, she could feel something was different, but she couldn?t put a finger on it.

He talked close to her ear

I want you to do something for me, when I take this off, there will be people watching, I want to make love to you, in front of them, are you daring enough?

He removed the blindfold, the room had about six men and women in it, she looked at them, then into his eyes.

"Why?" she asked, not understanding his request.

"Because you are beautiful, and I want to share that beauty with out anyone else touching you, I want to show them how wonderful you you touch me, they are here only to observe, if you wish I will ask them to leave


He waived his hand, and they began to leave, silently, filing out.

No, I meant ok, I will do it

the people stopped and returned to their seats, he lay her on the bed, gently, she was shaking, nervous, wondering what they would think, what they would do.

He kissed her again, hard on the lips, their tongues met, dancing, and tasting, deep kisses. His hand was upon her naked breast thumbing the nipple. He bit her neck, then her shoulder and turned her over.

He lightly ran his fingers down her spine, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. He reached his hand under her, and lifted her a bit. She was already wet, turned on and he knew it.

She pressed up onto her hands and his hands went to her breasts, cupping them from behind.

Then he ran his tongue from the nape of her neck, to her ass, biting her right cheek.

He turned her back over and she sat up, he backed off the bed and stripped before her,

come here I want you to take me into your mouth, now, here

She went to him, got to her knees, and like so many times before, licked the tip of his hard cock. Forgetting about those around her she closed her eyes. She loved this, the power she felt, and the pleasure she gave him. The first feeling of her hot lips taking his head inside her waiting mouth left him reeling she closed her lips around his head as she moved down his shaft. Getting to the base and resting there letting her tongue run the length of his cock, swirling and tasting him. She puts her left hand under his balls. Her right hand runs over his ass, her nails lightly digging in, and encouraging him to plunge deeper into her mouth. She opened her throat for him wanting as much as he had to offer. She ran the length of him with her tongue, stopping at the top to taste his pre cum.then stroked faster.

She felt him building inside her mouth, anticipating his cum she started swallowing, her tongue making it tight in her mouth.

Suddenly he pulled away.

She looked at him quizzically,

not yet

he led her to the bed, and lay down.

She felt emboldened by her actions, she shook her head and grabbed his hand, she wanted him to stand, he tried to resist, but, didn?t want to seem uncouth.

He stood before them, hand in her hair, she on her knees, she worked him. Her mouth surrounded him and was hot and wet.

He was building again, beginning to drip, he let out a low moan and filled her, she swallowed hungrily. He was still hard when he finished. She looked up at him from the floor, and he smiled at her.

She went over to the bed, and got down on all fours, without his instruction, leading him to her. He smacked her ass cheek then put one finger into her pussy, making sure it was ready for him.

He held her one hand around her waist, the other on his cock, guiding it to her pussy. The first thrust was pure heaven. She was hot for him, moist, her muscles wrapped themselves around him and he pulled back out

She was incredibly turned on by now and backed her hips into him.

Wanting more from him. She held him tight, using all of her to hold him. Then after a few moments he pulled out and lay down.

Ride me I want to feel your sweet pussy on top of me

she straddles him, but not the way he was expecting, she faced her audience. Lowering her self onto him backwards, he shuddered. It was such a turn on that she faced them directly, her back to him.

The angle felt different as well. She rode him like there was no tomorrow, fast and furious from the get go, leaning forward, bracing herself with her hands. Harder she pounded him into her. She was going to cum, hard, she opened her eyes and locked with one of the gentlemen across from her.

He smiled and nodded his head. She came, hard, her eyes wide opened, moaning loudly from the intensity. The man held her gaze, her body rocked as she came again, and wave upon wave. Soon, he joined her, she felt his cum racing inside and this made her cum again; harder than the first time. Her juices flowing out of her, mixing with his, he finishes, lying under her, amazed at the person he brought out of her.

She got off, and licked his cock, tasting both of them at the same time. She crawls up beside him, and kisses him hard on the mouth. He grabs her, and turns her over, anxious to share her kisses.

He waves the people off behind him, as he moves between her legs, this time, to make gentle love to her.

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