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Something wrong felt so right

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Let me start by saying that this is a true story that happened almost 20 years ago, and one that I have never told anyone. I suppose I never did because it can be somewhat taboo and I?m never sure how people would respond so I kept it to myself. That being said, it has stayed fresh in my mind and still serves as a very fond memory to this day. I have since become much more open about these types of things and decided to use this forum to share.

My parents divorced when I was 12 and my mother ended up moving out of state when I was 14. She took my younger sister with her so it was just my Dad and I. During my High School years, he had a couple of girlfriends but nothing too out of the norm. When I was 15, he became serious with a woman named Jenny. To say I didn?t get along with this woman is a gross understatement. I basically fought with her about everything and probably resented her for trying to replace my Mom to some extent. I could write another long story on this topic, but let?s just say I was glad to see her go eventually go. Over the next year and a half or so, it was basically just my Dad and I which was ok by me.

Eventually my father did what most men do which is move on and find someone new. When I was 16 he introduced me to his new girlfriend, Tanya. To me Tanya was the opposite of Jenny. She had a very upbeat and positive attitude and actually made an effort to have a positive relationship with me. It also didn?t hurt that she was only 10 years older than me (my Dad is 20 years older than me). In some ways her and I had more in common with each other than her and my Dad did. When my Dad told me she was going to move in with us, I was actually happy and looked forward to the idea.

It also didn?t hurt that Tanya was a very attractive woman. She was of Mexican descent, 5?4, 120 or so?.a great ass and perfectly sized breasts. I guess I would consider her the poor man?s Salma Hayek. She had long dark brown hair and brown eyes and a very tone body. When she moved in I would often catch myself fantasizing about her. I?d see her come home from work in a tight red business suit or in a short skirt, and being a 17 year old horny kid, my mind would start wondering. I would daydream about coming up behind her while she washed dishes and lifting up her skirt and bending her over the sink, fucking her silly. I also always thought about meeting her in the garage when she pulled in and maybe asking her to stay in the car so I could talk to her. While in there I could tell her I wanted her and she?d lean over and unzip my pants and suck me. Again, remember I was 17 so you can imagine where my mind would go.

Inevitably I would end up masturbating in the bathroom thinking about these things. One time she came home from work and my Dad wasn?t there yet so it was just her and I. She changed out of her work clothes into a white wife beater and some tight shorts and that sent me over the edge. I went to the bathroom in only shorts and pulled them down and was leaning over the sink jerking off, thinking about fucking my Dad?s hot girlfriend. I was deep in thought when I heard the doorknob turn?in a moment of panic I realized I forgot to lock it! Sure enough Tanya walked in on me and I was buck naked with a hard on and my cock in my hand. She looked down at me and gasped and said, ?oh my god, sorry!? and quickly shut the door. I don?t know which was of us was more embarrassed. I went straight to my room and didn?t come out until later that night at dinner. I expected her to be upset or at least be uncomfortable but she wasn?t. In fact, if anything she was acting more comfortable with me than before. As time went on her comments seemed to be more flirtatious however innocent. If I was cutting the grass she would tell me, ?you need to take your shirt off and get some sun on that body?, or once she asked me to throw in a load of her laundry and said, ?but don?t peak.? Of course the load was mostly bras and panties and of course that sent me to another solo session in the bathroom.

There are a couple more things that I need to share about Tanya. One was that she had a younger son named Jason. She would talk to me about troubles she was having with him and would ask me questions that added to our relationship. The other important thing to mention about her was that on a couple of occasions I accidentally caught her using what I thought to be recreational drugs. The first time was when I saw her reach behind the couch for something in the living room. She didn?t see me but when I made a noise she quickly put it back and when I looked for what it was later it was gone. The second time was a bit more interesting. About a year after we had started living together I started trying to peak in her room to catch a glimpse of her incredibly sexy body. By this time, it seemed to be getting sexier every day. She began working out and would wear skimpy outfits coming in from the gym or a jog. You can imagine where my mind was going. I figured my best times to catch a glimpse of her were when she was getting out of the shower and when no one else (my Dad) was there. I would wait until I heard the water shut off and sneak out the back door to the side of the house. I could stand on the lower window well and barely see through the blinds in the corner of the window. The problem was I never seemed to be able to pull it off. I was always interrupted by the phone, or a neighbor being out, or her son. One time however I got to the window and watched her from behind as she slipped her robe over her shoulders and let her wet hair down. She reached on the dresser and pulled something toward her and appeared to be sniffing something. I was sure it was drugs but decided to keep it to myself. Besides these occurrences, her behaviour was sometimes erratic. I knew these were things she would not want my Father to know.

Another year past and Tanya and my relationship continued to be strong albeit a little strange. My first year of college finished and I came home for the summer. I played college baseball so my plan was to stay home and work out as much as possible until the next school year. The flirting with Tanya continued but not much ever came of it and I started focusing more on my girlfriend from college. I cared for her and we fucked like rabbits but I still never stopped thinking and fantasizing about Tanya.

One day I came home from a morning workout at around 10:30. I was at the house alone so I decided to work on my tan in the back yard. Instead of throwing on some shorts I decided to tan in just my underwear to get more coverage I guess. I had a tight red pair that I didn?t normally wear but decided what the hell since no one was there. I was lying on the lounge chair in the back when I heard someone walk in the front door. The clicking of heels told me it was Tanya. I was the past the point of worrying about embarrassment with her so I decided to not run and stay there. Apparently she didn?t know I was in the back. After about 20 minutes of silence I figured the coast was clear so I went inside. When I walked through the sliding glass doors, I saw Tanya sitting on the couch reading a magazine and eating an apple?.busted. She smiled and asked, ?What are you doing?? ?Just working on my tan?, I said with a red face. She stood up and walked to the kitchen. ?Maybe I should do some laundry for you if you don?t even have any clean shorts?, she joked. ?What?s wrong with these??, I said. By this time I didn?t really care what she saw and started to get a little aroused. She was wearing a sexy black dress skirt and white blouse with high heels that clicked with her every step across the kitchen floor. I stopped in the kitchen entrance in just my briefs as she threw her apple away in the trash and turned around. ?Oh well, it?s not like I haven?t seen more than that before?, she said as she turned and walked toward me. ?Haha I thought you forgot about that. What can I say, I?m a young guy with hormones. If you only knew what I was thinking about? I nervously said. ?I do?. She said. With that she walked in front of me and reached out to touch my cock through my briefs. ?Me, right?? She said as she rubbed my cock from side to side. ?How?d you know?? I said. ?That?s not the last time I watched you do that?, she said. She got closer to me and kissed my shoulder and then kissed down my chest as she slowly dropped in front of me in a squatting position. She put one hand on each side of my wast and slowly pulled down my underwear as my rock hard 8 inches flung out in front of her. I couldn?t believe what was happening. She grabbed the base and started her mouth toward the tip and stopped. She looked up and said, ?Is this what you wanted?? ?God yes?, I said. ?OK, but we need to keep it between us. Deal?? ?Of course, don?t worry about that?, I said. ?Good. I have to admit, I?ve thought about you a lot too after I saw what you had in the bathroom that day?, she said. ?Here?s your chance?, I said. I put my hand behind her head as she slowly sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth. I could tell right away that she was more experienced and better at giving head than anything I?d ever experienced. She was slowly bobbing her head from tip to base and sucking me all the way in. She gagged a little when I got to her throat but kept going when I thought she?d stop. Unbelievable. She started picking up speed and within a couple minutes I informed her that I was going to cum. She nodded her head yes and my knees started trembling as I unloaded into the back of her throat. She kept sucking until every last drop was out of me. To this day I have never cum that hard again.

The taste of my cum in her mouth seemed to invigorate Tanya. She got a look in her eye that I have never seen before. Her inner freak was officially released. She reached down and took off my briefs so I was completely naked. ?Do you have plans??, she asked. ?Hell no, I?m not going anywhere?, I said. ?Give me a minute and let me make a phone call?, she said. ?Ok?. She walked back to her room and I heard her pick up the phone as I stood there waiting. By this time I was hard again and trying to figure out if this was fantasy or reality. I started to think about what was actually happening but quickly changed my thoughts to the idea of Tanya and her rock hard body and all of the masturbation sessions I?ve had finally coming true. ?Hi Bob, this is Tanya, hey something came up and I need to take the rest of the afternoon off?, I heard. ?No I?m fine, just stuff with Jason and his school. I?ll fill you in later. Ok, thanks so much and see you tomorrow morning.? Click. I stood there in silence for what seemed like hours wondering what to do next. ?Are you coming or do I have to come get you?, Tanya yelled. I walked down the hall to her room entrance and pushed open the door. There she was in just her bra, panties, and thigh high stockings. ?Oh my god?, I mumbled. She grabbed my hard cock with one hand and said, ?Come with me.? We walked back down the hall and across the living room to the stairs to the basement where my room was. ?I always wanted you to fuck me in your room?, she said. I followed her down that stairs. When we got to the living room, she reached behind her and undid her bra as I followed letting it drop to the floor. The site of her perfect breasts would have been enough for me. She backed into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. I walked in front of her and she grabbed my hips and took me in her mouth again. This time she was much more wild. She was moaning and pushing my hips back and forth as I fucked her mouth. I stopped her and said, ?I want that pussy?. I pulled her up to her feet and spun her around. I dropped down and slid her stockings off then yanked her panties down to her feet. ?Fuck yes, god I want you to fuck me?, she said. I spun her back around and laid her on the edge of the bed while I stood up. I grabbed her neck as I slowly slid my cock in her soaking wet pussy. She moaned loudly and I grabbed her ankles and pushed them to the side as I fucker her as fast and hard as I could. She quickly came and let out a yell that I remembered hearing late at night before coming from their room. ?I?m going to cum again?, I said. ?I want you to cum on me right now?, she replied. I pulled my cock out and sent a load between her breasts and down her stomach as she shook in pleasure. She then told me to lie down. She sucked me back to life then climbed on top. I watched her slide down my shaft as she rubbed my cum all over her chest. What a site. We were making eye contact and smiling at each other as she picked up speed. ?Fuck you?re good for a youngster?, she said. I started thrusting my hips against her ass as she yelled some more. We proceeded to fuck each other?s brains out for another two hours. We ended by me standing her up and fucking her from behind while she held the edge of my dresser and while we watched in the dresser mirror. I will never forget the site of her face as I made her cum yet again.

About a week later we had one more encounter. It was a late night and I came home after partying with some friends at about 1am. Everyone was sleeping so I thought. I staggered down the stairs to find her ?doing laundry?. She was wearing nothing but a robe and I was drunk. I came up behind her and whispered in her ear that I wanted her to suck my cock for me. She turned around and said, ?We can?t do this.? ?Why not??, I snapped. ?You know why?, she said. She was resistant. ?I?m sure there are other things besides this that we need to keep secret too, right??, I said. She looked confused and said, ?What the fuck are you talking about?? ?I know what you do to feel better?, I said. ?Don?t worry, our secret is good, right?? I kissed her hard while I undid my pants and untied her robe. I lifted her up onto the washer and sucked on her nipples then kissed down to her beautiful pussy. I tongued her while she quietly moaned. It was obvious she was completely turned on. She grabbed my hair and pulled the back of my head while I made her cum with my tongue. She whispered in my ear to fuck her, then bent over the edge of the dryer. I dropped my jeans and fucker her from behind while she squealed with her face in her robe.

And then?.that was it. I went back to school a week later and Tanya and my Dad split up soon after. I wondered if their breakup had anything to do with me but hesitantly I talked to my Dad about it over Christmas break and he told me that she had some deeper issues that she needed to work out and that they were in different places in their lives. A couple years later I got a call from my Dad while at school. He told me that Tanya had passed away after going into the doctor for a routine surgery to remove her appendix. I cried for a week. I will never forget my time with the beautiful Tanya?

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