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Soldiers through night vision, book two

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I have been in the military for quite some time and have always been able to spot the soldiers, male and female, that are intimate at some point after dark. The following is one encounter that has made it into my little green book.

This encounter takes place at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas; May 18, 1999

While participating in a training exercise, as the OPFOR (Opposing Force/ bad guy) for an aviation unit I happened to stumble upon two soldiers. It was about 2 o?clock in the morning. They were on guard duty in a foxhole at an observation point about 200 meters in front of their units? main perimeter. Their job was to be the early warning for the rest of the unit. They were there to protect the perimeter from guys like me who sneak in and disrupt things.

As I was crawling through the grass to get an idea where the perimeter was, I heard two people whispering. So I stopped moving and listened for awhile. At first it was idle chit chat about where each other was from and where the Army had sent them, but as with most times the conversation took the usual turn. Two people away from loved ones for weeks at a time, the loneliness and desire to be touched can be a powerful thing.

From what I could tell the female, ?Sara? was a young white girl in her early 20?s. The male,? Marcus? was black and in his late 20?s. Both had the usual heavy Kevlar helmet and load bearing vest with an M-16. In the foxhole was also a radio they were to use to communicate to their commander if they should see something.

I slowly bypassed them so that I could see inside the foxhole. It was the typical design, pile of dirt in the front with a window to shoot through if need be, and the back was open for a quick escape. The roof of the foxhole was covered with 18 inches of dirt and debris for cover. I removed my night vision goggles from the case and scanned the immediate area as the two became acquainted. From what I could tell we were alone.

I hid behind a broken tree and a lilac bush waiting for them to talk on the radio so that I could get call signs to use later to infiltrate their communication network. I waited for another hour as their whispering became more like soft talking. I heard her ask,? If it was true that black men all had long cocks?? I guess Marcus was as surprised as I was at the question. He stuttered something then just sat there.

?Well, would you mind showing me?? was the next thing out of her mouth. I was as floored as Marcus was. This little thing was horny or really determined to put a myth to rest. Marcus looked at her for a few minutes not saying anything then he looked around. I was still trying to regain control of my breathing so I did not give myself away. I picked my jaw up off the ground and noticed that my foot had entered the lilac bush and stirred some of the branches. Marcus heard the movement and aimed his weapon towards me. I held absolutely still for what seemed like an eternity. He relaxed back into the foxhole and just sat there looking at her. The overcast sky I was using to sneak around was breaking up and the moon shown through every once in a while. The night vision goggles gave everything a green tint. To my surprise Marcus lifted a set to his eyes and scanned the area around me. I hugged the ground the best I could so he would not see me. This time the hunter was the hunted. He put the goggles away and looked at Sara again.

I moved to the end of the fallen tree and rested the goggles on a root that was about 3 inches above the ground so I could lay flat on the ground and observe these two. It did not take long for the conversation to start up again. Marcus asked her if it was true that all white girls sucked dick. Her response was no, not all girls do but she did. I could see the smile streak across Marcus? face. This lucky bastard is going to get a field job, every lonely guy in a foxhole, dreams of this. Marcus told her that if she took it out she could do whatever she wanted with it. Marcus unfastened the buckles to his vest and put his helmet outside the foxhole. I watched as Sara stepped closer to him and began undoing his uniform pants.

Now I could only see from the center of their chest up because the foxhole is about four and a half feet deep. I watched as she went through the motions of taking his cock out of his pants. Sara complimented him on the size of his member and then disappeared below the rim. Marcus leaned back against the side of the foxhole and tipped his head back and relaxed. I could hear the gentle slurping of Sara?s blowjob. The quiet evening was disturbed by Marcus? moans and fidgeting. I watched him watch her suck on his dick. He began to reach down into the foxhole, and I heard her giggle. He threw his head back and groaned a throaty groan as he came. I could still hear her sucking on him as he began to breathe heavier.

This little girl swallows! ?How lucky can this guy get, ?I thought to myself? No sooner did I think that, than she popped up from under him and said, ?Now fuck me.?

Poor Marcus did not know what to think at this point. She had just sucked him dry now she was demanding that he fuck her. Now being the soldier he was Marcus gave it his best try. I watched as he undid her belt and removed her uniform pants. He reached down between her legs and stroked her pussy. He made it perfectly clear he liked what he found. He exclaimed he loves a shaved pussy. I was jealous I did not get to see it. She rested against her side of the fox hole; he leaned on her and pushed his huge cock inside of her. She gasped and put her hands on his shoulders. I watched as their bodies rocked back and forth for a couple strokes before Marcus turned her around and bent her over. Sara?s hands and the top of her helmet was the only thing visible to me as he backed up getting ready to slide his meat inside of her one more time. Poor Marcus ran out of room in the foxhole so he lifted her up and laid her face down over the edge of the foxhole. Her face was five feet from me as he began to fuck her again. I watched as she grabbed handfuls of grass, her outstretched arms almost reached my hiding spot.

As the two strangers continued their encounter the radio chattered to life. ?Tango three six, this is Tango X-ray, over.? Without missing a stroke Marcus tossed the microphone to Sara. She grasped the mike and pulled it to her mouth.

?This ought to be good,? I thought as she began to speak.

With a soft voice mixed with anxiety and lust she mewed,? Tango X-Ray this is Tango three six go ahead.?

Marcus? thrusts were so strong now that the sound of slapping flesh filled the air. I watched her ass as his hips impacted it time and time again. A small wave passed over it every time contact was made. With her face pressed into the grass and dirt Sara tried to listen to the voice on the radio.

?Tango three six is everything ok out there?? the voice inquired.

?Tango X-Ray, Affirmative, just a little tired that?s all.? She replied.

?Roger, relief will be there in about 15 minutes, over?

I was laughing to my self. Relief will be sooner than that out here buddy.

?This is Tango three six, roger.? She replied out of breath.

?Tango X-Ray, out? and the interfering voice was gone.

The moon was showing through the clouds now and the goggles made it look as though they were fucking in the mid day sun. I could see the sweat on Marcus? face as he worked his hips back and forth with long strokes. Sara began to pant as she begged him to go faster. Her pale white ass was glowing in the moonlight. Marcus gave her everything she had asked for.

?Oh yes, fuck me,? she exclaimed as she bit her lip. The grass finally gave way as two huge clumps were ripped from the ground. She threw them in my direction and grasped for something else to hold onto. Marcus was giving her the ride of her life. His long cock slid in and out of her. Marcus grabbed a hold of her body armor and pulled her onto him. She began to buck and arch her back as the orgasm flushed through her. She pulled her helmet off and it rolled right up next to my hiding spot. I continued to watch as her fingers dug deep into the soft soil left behind from the grass. Her face was covered with dirt and her hair was full of grass and twigs. Sara loved every minute of this late night fuck.

Marcus began to groan as his thrusts became faster and harder. His body began to tremble as he slid his thick cock out of her pussy. I watched as he put it between her ass cheeks and squeezed them around it. His long member erupted all over her ass. A long river of his cum flowed over her ass and down into the small of her back. I watched as she wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him closer. Marcus placed his hand in the puddle of cum on her back and began to spread his warm seed all over her ass and lower back. Sara lay on the grass half out of the foxhole as Marcus massaged his cum into her skin.

His hands spread the warm liquid from her tiny hips across her ass cheeks and down her thighs. I could smell his seed as the light morning breeze began to blow. The moon made here body glisten where his cum was spread.

Sara laid there for another 5 minutes before she began to put her clothes back on. Marcus Pulled his pants back on and straightened up the foxhole. After she had put her pants back on Sara looked at Marcus and asked what they were going to tell the next shift about the torn grass and the claw marks in the dirt around the foxhole.

Marcus looked at her and stated matter of factly?, It was a wild animal.?

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