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Soldiers through night vision, book three

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I have been in the military for quite some time and have always been able to spot the soldiers, male and female, that are intimate at some point after dark. The following is one encounter that has made it into my little green book.

The National Training Center Fort Irwin, CA; August 5, 1999

I have been around the world in the Army for 17 years now. I have seen a lot of things but this next chapter in my little green book is one of my favorites. For those of you reading my journal for the first time all these articles are the honest truth.

The National Training Center at Fort Irwin, CA is the place Military units go to train for the desert fight. You spend one week getting ready to go into the box and two weeks to fight the battle. After the battle you spend another week cleaning your equipment and getting ready to go home. I tell you this as anyone who has been to the NTC that by the last week you are tired, horny and aching to get laid. Even the heartiest of soldiers sometime succumb to the desire of the field fuck.

I was walking back to our tent in tent city after dinner when I over heard two soldiers talking. The two females were talking about getting even with one of their fellow soldiers. I was curious so I began to walk slower. Come to find out the soldier they were going to get even with was another female. Evidently she had slept with her platoon sergeant during the rotation to get out of guard duty and these two ended up pulling extra guard duty while this female was on her back with the platoon sergeant buried inside her balls deep. After sitting on a bench a couple of rows behind them for awhile as they hatched their plan, I found out that the other females husband was also at the training center. He was in the transportation company that had the responsibility of our re-supply. They brought out food, water, and ammunition out to us.

Both these young ladies were brunette of average build; you have to understand that the Battle dress uniform (BDU) does not flatter the fair sex. Both had their hair tucked under their patrol caps so I could not tell the length, yet. The perfume they were wearing smelled so much better than the hot dust of the past few weeks. A lot of the females in the area put on the scents to tease or attract the guys.

The two vixens hatched out their plan and went on their way. I knew exactly where they planned to meet and let their plan unfold. Behind the tent city is a hill of considerable size, and covered with huge boulders and deep ravines. The only good place to hook up was a small gully towards the south, about a half mile walk. It was far enough away from the masses of soldiers that they would not be spotted. The taller of the two ?Katie? was the one to get ?Todd? to come out to the hide away. The plan was to tell him that his wife was out there and she wanted these two to show him where to meet her. Meanwhile ?Tabitha? would inform the wife ?Susan? to meet him out there approximately 30 minutes later. I could not believe the possibility of this find. I went to my cot and took out my set of night vision goggles, my trusty companion throughout my career in spotting soldiers in the dark. I have become accustomed to its delicate green glow as I spy on the unsuspecting. The sun was setting and I made my way to a vantage point that allowed me to look down into the gully. I found a position near the crest of the hill that allowed me to move if I needed to so I could watch the incident unfold.

As I sat in my hiding spot I observed a pair of figures approaching from the direction of the tent city. I could tell that they were male and female by the way they walked. I heard them talking about how much fun they had had during the rotation and that this was going to be a good way to end it. I was frustrated because they were walking in from the sun and it was still too light for me to use the goggles. I waited until they settled down in a small nook in the side of the hill and began kissing and caressing before I moved to get a better vantage point. My luck might give me two shows tonight.

The female was in her 30?s with her red hair tied up tight in a bun under her patrol cap. The male was also in his 30?s with dark hair and a muscular build. I watched as he slowly talked her out of her clothing with the occasional kiss on the neck or slide of the hand. Her breasts were full with very large nipples. She removed her t-shirt and bra and allowed the dimming desert sun to warm them before she let him touch them. His large hands worked their way around her head and through her hair massaging her scalp and neck as he continued toward her breasts. She whispered something to him and he removed his shirt. His chest was well defined and very muscular and she let him know that she enjoyed his flesh. Her pale hands immediately went to his torso and ran small circles around his navel and his nipples. She leaned forward and licked his right nipple as she pushed her hand down the front of his pants. With long strokes she began working his cock into something she could use.

He lowered his head and passed her right nipple between his lips, stopping momentarily to draw it into his mouth. The warm sun was casting long shadows over the gully by now and the air began to cool off. She settled back and undid his belt and pants to expose what she had been working on for the past few minutes. His cock was huge and I was impressed. He bent down and removed his boots and pants.

The tall muscular man was standing over her totally naked, his huge cock hanging in her face. She lay against the far side of the gully as he leaned against the wall and allowed her to suck his enormous cock. He took her hands in his and pinned them to the wall behind her. His cock continued to swell as it slid in and out of her mouth. She gasped for breath as he slid it deeper into her throat. I watched in amazement as it disappeared until his balls were resting on her chin. Her neck swelled over and over as he continued to fuck her throat. She rocked her head back and forth with every thrust to allow the swollen member to penetrate her throat again. He let go of her hands and allowed her to hold his throbbing cock in her hands. She cradled his balls in one hand as she stroked him with the other. The muscles in his back flexed as she sucked him over and over. Her small pale hands moved all over his lower body as that huge cock passed between her lips, she would pull him into her mouth with her hands on his ass. He began to moan as she sucked him faster and faster stroking it as she went. His rigid member was about as long as a beer bottle and almost as thick. The young woman stopped sucking on him and continued stroking him with long slow strokes. Every once in a while she would dip its head in her mouth and flick it with her tongue. He began to spasm as the head of his cock began to spew his cum onto her face and chest. She spread the hot liquid over her tits and neck.

He reached down and hoisted her up by her long red hair, he held her there with one hand as he stripped the pants off of her with the other. Her panties were torn off with one easy swipe landing on the ground in a tattered mess. He passed his hand over her shaven pussy; the smooth skin glowed in the pale light. His thick fingers disappeared inside her up to his knuckles. The young woman nearly collapsed with each thrust.

With a slow deliberate turn he tilted her head back and began kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. She slumped against the gully wall behind her. The strong figure knelt in front of her and placed her left leg over his shoulder. He began licking and sucking her pussy as she began to convulse. I counted 4 orgasms in a matter of minutes. She was reduced to a quivering mass leaning against the wall in a matter of minutes. He turned her over the nearest boulder, her limp form hung over the monolith like a deer on a car hood. Her breathing was labored but, she kept asking him to fuck her. The tall figure stepped between her legs and pushed against her ankle to spread her legs. I watched as her fingers clenched the boulder as his stiff cock disappeared into her. Her eyes opened wide and the sound that came from her throat was pure pleasure.

The young mans body was covered with sweat as he pumped his cock in and out of her, beads of sweat dripped onto her back and ran down her ass. His arms began to swell as he pulled her back onto him. She slid off the boulder and turned around in front of him, in one easy motion he swept her off her feet and planted her on his dick. With a leg on each side of him he bounced her up and down on his hard shaft. She began to moan with every bounce, her pussy becoming pink at first then red. Her moans were growing louder and louder as he finished her off. He began to moan and slow his thrusts; I could tell he was going to explode. She wrapped her arms around his neck and took over the thrust for him. His body began to shiver as his cum began to drip from her pussy. I watched them collapse against the boulder and relax in each others arms.

I was startled to hear foot steps coming from my left side; up through another gully were the two girls from earlier in the day. They were discussing how they were going to bring the other parties involved into this area.

The noise from the new arrivals forced the other couple to scurry half naked higher up the gully as they attempted to get dressed. I watched them disappear; the young woman?s pale skin of her ass was the last thing I saw.

Katie, the taller of the two young soldiers was telling Tabitha that she would have Todd out here within the hour because she was talking to him before they met up. She had convinced him to show up because he had not seen his wife for about 2 months. Katie guaranteed him that she would be out there and Susan wanted to spend some time with him.

Tabitha and Katie sat in the gully smoking and chatting for quite sometime, I must have dosed off because I was startled when I heard two people talking. I opened my eyes and looked in the direction of the voices. The sun was gone from the sky by now so I reached in my pocket and retrieved my trusty friend. The familiar green glow filled my eyes as I lifted the goggles to my face. I was surprised to see Katie on her knees in front of a young man with a thin mustache stroking his dick. His clothes were on the ground folded on top of a boulder about 6 feet away from where they stood. He was reclined on a huge boulder with his legs slightly spread. He was average build, not to much body hair and a small cock. Katie was telling him that she had wanted to fuck him since he delivered the first drop of food and water out in the box. She had mentioned to him that if he would have stayed that night by the field kitchen with the others she would have found him and fucked him. He looked surprised and cocky at the same time. This guy was a sleaze and I think his wife knew about it.

Katie slowly inserted his cock into her mouth and began sucking him. She buried her face in his lap several times before coming up for air. He leaned back on the rock to relax and enjoy the blowjob. I watched him cross his arms behind his head and stare into the night sky. Katie stood up and told Todd that she wanted him to fuck her, but he had to undress her. Todd stood up and reached for her and in a silvery glint I heard a metallic ratchet and a click. Katie had slapped a hand cuff on his right hand. He looked pissed at first then he smiled as she held out her left hand and he clipped the other to her wrist. Todd slowly unbuckled Katie?s belt drawing it slowly through the belt loops. As the tip of the belt slipped through the last loop Katie grabbed it and knelt on the ground in front of him. Her cuffed hand slid down his body and squeezed his balls, her other hand dropped the belt to the ground. I watched as she looped the belt around his ankles and cinched it tight. He winced as the belt cut into his skin. She knelt in front of him and licked his balls; with her tongue outstretched she guided his stiff little cock into her mouth. I watched her slide his dick in and out of her mouth as she stroked him for several minutes. Todd began to moan as she sucked harder and faster. I watched in amazement as Katie buried her teeth in the tip of Todd?s rock hard cock. He let out a yelp and grabbed her hair and pulled her head away from his sore cock.

Katie smiled as he stood her up and unfastened her pants and let them drop to the ground. She bent down and untied her boots and kicked them off. As Katie stepped out of her pants Todd attempted to kneel and remove her panties. He floundered around on the ground for a minute or two until he could get on his knees. Katie Smiled and removed her panties, the light green glow of my goggles flickered and quit. In a panic I switched the batteries and resumed the show. Todd was on the ground between Katie?s long slender legs. She was standing straddling him as he ate her pussy. Her fingers massaged his scalp as she spasmed a couple of times. Her body quivered as she began to moan; her fingers grabbing handfuls of his locks and pulling his face into her pussy. I watched her convulsions increase as he licked her. She stepped into him knocking him onto his back on the ground. She dropped to her knees straddling his face. With both hands still grasping his hair she forced him to lick her over and over. Katie rode his face for several more minutes until she came. Katie arched her back and threw her head back. Her long dark hair cascaded over her naked shoulders. She began to moan as his tongue flicked at her swollen clit. Her hands grabbed handfuls of his hair, pulling his tired tongue into her pussy.

I watched as she reached back and pulled the belt tighter around his ankles. Katie pulled his ankles up to his ass. She turned around and faced his feet. With her hands on his knees, she settled down on his swollen cock. He moaned as her ass met his hips time after time. Katie straddled his body bouncing feverishly on his cock. Todd grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back onto him. I watched as he thrust his cock into her. They began to climax together and their moans became louder. I was getting nervous that someone would hear.

I noticed a couple of people coming up the draw. The light allowed me to see that it was two females, and they were heading right for these two fucking their brains out. I recognized the figure of Tabitha as they approached. Evidently she had Susan in tow. I was curious to see how this was going to turn out. As the two figures closed on my location I recognized the other woman. After all I had watched her fuck and suck the young man earlier.

I watched Katie and Todd continue to fuck as the other two approached them. Todd rolled over and made her get on her hands and knees as he buried his cock deep inside her. With his free hand he grabbed a handful of her hair and began pulling her back onto him. The thrusts were so strong and fast that the slap of his hips on her ass sounded like a round of applause. My attention was divided between the action in front of me and the two women walking up the hill.

I could hear Susan and Tabitha chatting as they got closer. The two in front of me were too involved to notice. Todd?s strokes were longer and faster as he began to grunt. Her head was pulled back and her hair was knotted in his hand as they continued. I could see all four people in the goggles. The two women coming up the gully were sneaking more than walking by now. I guess they heard the noise and wanted to see what was going on. As Susan approached the middle of the gully I saw her pull a small flashlight from her pocket and motion to Tabitha to keep quiet.

Todd was pulling hard against Katie, both were panting heavily by now. I watched Todd pull his hard cock out of Katie?s pussy and spew his cum all over her ass, just as Susan turned the corner and shined the flashlight on them. Tabitha stepped back behind the boulder as Susan gasped and Todd tried to regain his breath. Katie began to fumble for the key for the hand cuff in the pockets of her uniform. The commotion that followed was unbelievable. How could she be mad at him for this, when I saw her balls deep in both her mouth and her pussy not more than a couple hours ago?

To this day I see like it was yesterday, that money shot from Todd as his wife?s flashlight caught him covering Katie with his cum.

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