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Soldiers through night vision, book one

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I have been in the military for quite some time and have always been able to spot the soldiers, male and female, that are intimate at some point after dark. The following is one encounter that has made it into my little green book.

Book one, Bosnia-Herzegovina, April 23, 1998.

Eagle base was the main base for the United States military aviation assets located just outside Tuzla. Comanche Base was a smaller satellite base camp located 3 kilometers down the road and in fact where this first instance takes place.

As always sexual activity between soldiers is strictly forbidden. With soldiers being human during the warming months of spring it tightens up the muscles of men and lowers the inhibitions of women. You can sense the sexual tension in the air and see individual attitudes change. The standoffish women of winter start getting physically closer to the men, weather it is standing in a laundry line or chatting over a cup of coffee in the dinning facility. Men also seem to fall victim to the physical desire. They flock to the gym to buff up in hopes of catching the eye of a young lady.

I began to notice the chemistry between ?John? and ?Rachel? one day when they were walking back from the flight line. John was the typical blonde headed local guy from Texas, strong and tough with a boyish smile that won him a lot of friends. Rachel was a rebellious brunette from somewhere in the north east. She spoke her mind and stood her ground no matter if she was right or wrong.

The night I found them was warm and cloudy. I was on guard duty checking the bunkers for soldiers out after curfew. I guess you could say I was out on sex patrol. The airfield was small and ringed with bunkers built of sand bags and 40 foot guard towers. The spot lights were aimed out of the perimeter to illuminate the 50 yards between the wood line and the 8 foot fence. Most bunkers had a small stair case built into them so the roof could be repaired if it needed. I walked up to the top of the first bunker and looked inside, cold and quiet. As I moved down the line checking the bunkers I spotted two shadows moving into a bunker a couple hundred feet down the line.

I strolled down the line to give them plenty of time to get warmed up. As I approached the bunker I could hear John telling Rachel to take her pants off. She was giggling as the rustle of the heavy uniform pants filled the bunker. I heard her gasp as he evidently put his hands in her panties. I made my way up the small stair case to the air vent at the top. The one foot square opening was just big enough for me to peek into the bunker with my night vision goggles. The bunker was dark to them as they fumbled around trying to situate them selves for the pleasure to come. But, to me it was bathed in a gentle green glow as bright as the mornings first light. I could see his hand down the front of her panties massaging her pussy. His finger disappeared inside her as they embraced.

Rachel put her arms around John?s neck and began kissing him. His strong hands moved from her waist up her delicate back to stop at her shoulders. I watched as his hand weaved its way into her hair. He clenched his fist pulling her head back as she moaned. He kissed her under the chin and down the neck. She slid her hands down his back and onto the bottom of her t-shirt. Rachel pulled her shirt over her head and onto Johns arm. Her breasts were small but perky, with very small nipples. John slowly moved down her body as he kissed her. She grabbed his head and pushed him down her body. Her fingers could not contain his blonde locks. I could hear the soft smacking of sensual kisses as they continued. John knelt in front of Rachel and slid his thumbs into her panties. She was caressing his head and shoulders as she pulled his face into her pussy. John nuzzled her soft pussy through her panties for a few minutes before he slipped them from her small frame. The soft green glow of the night vision goggles made the whole scene erotic.

John began to lick Rachel?s pussy. Her moans made me nervous that some one might hear and disturb the moment. His strong hands massaged her thighs and tight little butt. She spread her legs to allow him in a little deeper. As John shifted his weight to get comfortable on his knees she settled back onto the wooden bench against the wall. I watched as John licked and sucked at her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders and dug her nails into his neck as she began to climax. Her nails left tracks on the back of his neck as the waves of her orgasm raced through her body. He knelt before her and kissed her softly on the lips, their bodies pressed against one another in the pale green light made them look like statues. Rachel stood up and pulled him with her. She began to remove his uniform. I watched as she unwrapped him, like an excited child at Christmas. His broad shoulders and thick fore arms surrounded and squeezed her tight. She found his belt buckle and opened his pants. She slid them to the ground with her hands and kissed his legs as she rose again. I watched her nuzzle his stiffening cock with her soft lips. Her small hands cupped his balls and cradled his cock. With small gentle strokes I watched her bring his cock to a full erection. Her small lips parted as the cock began to disappear between them. She did not stop until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. I watched as he threw his head back and grabbed two handfuls of hair. Rachel let out a soft moan as he began thrusting his cock into her throat. A soft sucking sound filled the bunker while she continued to suck the full length of his shaft in and out of her throat. Her small ass was heart shaped from my vantage point. The soft curves of her little body glowed green in my goggles. Her dark hair was swinging from side to side as she sucked him. Her hand followed her lips while she stroked him almost to climax. Rachel slowed her sucking and let his hard member slip from her lips. Her hand paid most of the attention to it as she lifted her heart shaped ass onto the bench beside him. With one leg propped on the back of the bench she laid back pulling him toward her. As he lay down she guided his dick inside of her. The moan that came from them as he penetrated her in the darkness sounded of such pleasure and release. Johns? heavy form pressed her into the bench as Rachel wrapped her legs around his waist. He began to thrust his long cock in and out of her, each thrust made her moans louder. John?s big hands grabbed at her hair again. Her dark locks spilled between his fingers as he pulled them with each thrust. I could hear his balls slapping against her little ass. Her small tits swayed up and down with each thrust.

In a low whisper I heard her ask him to do her doggy style. Rachel?s small body was almost angelic in the soft green glow of my goggles as John mounted her from behind. His long cock pushed into her as she moaned. His thick legs blocked most of my view of her pussy but I could see her juices on her thigh. His hands started at her delicate little waist and slowly moved up to her shoulders and then into her hair. He grabbed a handful on those dark locks and pulled her onto him. She let out a squeal that shook the night air. Startled, I backed away from the opening and looked around. A couple people at the other end of the compound looked in my direction. I hid behind the bunker wall, as the two in the bunker continued to screw. The soft sound of his thighs slapping against her little ass grew louder and harder as she began rocking back onto him. He began to moan as the climax raced through his body. With long slow strokes he finished her off and exploded inside of her. She continued to push onto him after he stopped thrusting. She swung her hair and arched her back as she began to cum. She collapsed on the floor of the bunker in the sand as he lay on top of her whispering to her. I slowly collected my self and moved quietly down the stairs and on with my rounds.

John and Rachel were married a couple years later. We are all friends and still talk once in a while. I just have the dirty little secret.

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