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Slug at Destin

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It was a summer many years ago when I was in the Furniture business. A coworker and I had started having an affair. I was still married but had already started making plans to be out the door and in my own place.

He was still married and had no plans of leaving her. Bill and I would go out to lunch on occasion and sometimes we would eat our lunch in the break room that we brought from home. The table and break room was very small and only held two chairs, so therefore we were sitting very close but across from each other. Bill could always make eating lunch very entertaining.

One day while we were eating lunch, he had mentioned going on vacation to the coast together. This was not a problem for me because by then, I was already in my house. I loved the idea. We arranged to be gone about 3 days. We left out on a Friday morning and headed for Destin. A couple of hours into the trip, we decided to play slug bug. But just playing slug bug the original way was not exciting enough, so we started playing strip slug bug. Every time one saw a Volkswagen, the other had to take off an article of clothing. Well, wouldn?t you know, Bill saw the first one. Off came my jewelry. Safe enough. Yes, you guessed it, he saw the second one too. Ok? off came my top but I was still wearing my bra. Ah ha?I saw one. Big deal, he lost his jewelry. Well, now he has seen the third. So here we are riding down the highway, Bill fully dressed and I?m sitting there topless. Of course all the truckers liked it. Well my luck began to change. I started catching the beetles first and before long, Bill was driving nude. Well almost nude, He had no shirt, no shoes, no socks and his shorts were around his ankles because that was as far as he could get them without wrecking the car. I?m sitting there, still topless and no shoes. But I did have on my shorts. Jackpot. I saw the next beetle. Off with the undies. I won the game and the prize. I reached over, set his dick free and stuck it in my mouth. For the next several miles, I sucked his cock and played with his balls until he came. I always enjoyed giving Bill a blowjob because his cum always tasted so good. Probably all the fruit. I guess you could say this was a win win situation. Because you see, if he had won, he would get to eat my pussy when we got to Destin. We arrived safely, even though Bill was distracted and all over the road there for a few miles. We barely got in the door to our room before we started shedding our clothes, which we had to put back on after the game. We were both ready to fuck?..and we did. Bill said he should have won the game because he was distracted by driving so therefore he should get the prize too. I agreed and he went for my pussy just like he did the oranges. Nibbling my clit and juices flowing down his chin. We started getting hungry and decided to go get some seafood. It was already getting late because of the drive so we made it an early night. At least, early to our room. Once we got back in the room we started fucking again. I guess it was the thrill of being out of town. The next morning we hit the beach. We laid out in the sun for awhile and played with each other discreetly. A rub of the tit here and a brush of the dick there. Somewhere around lunchtime, we needed a nooner. After all, lunchtime was always good for us. Many times we would leave work and meet at my apartment for lunch to fuck. After our nooner, we cleaned up and rode around the town looking at all the condos. We went to a nice seafood restaurant in the harbor for dinner and for dessert had key lime pie. Key Lime pie is always good if you get it on the coast. Later, back in the room we laid around, feeling stuffed, and watched a movie on TV. By the time the movie went off, our food was settled and we were ready for a night of passion. This was to be our last night out of town. I kissed my way down his dark chest until I reached his cock. I placed it in my mouth and gently started sucking and licking around his head with my tongue. He was already erect so each time I went down the head of his cock would push against my throat. He rolled me over and got between my legs and started eating my pussy. He would run his tongue through my lips and into my pussy. Then he would come back up and scr*pe my clit with his tongue. My lips were starting to swell and my pussy was getting tighter. He got up on his knees and slid his dick in to my pussy. He raised my legs up in the air so he could go deeper and deeper. After a few strokes, he put my legs down and started sucking the juices out of my pussy. I could feel it getting close. I knew it was going to happen. Only a matter of time. I felt my pussy start to quiver and there is was?the orgasm I had been waiting for?..but he would not stop. He kept licking my lips and sucking the juices being careful not to touch my clit with his tongue until the sensitivity went away. Once it did, he proceeded to include my clit with the rest of his licking. Oh my god? it comes again? no warning?..another orgasm. Jeez?..cum flowing everywhere. Oh?shit?..fuck me??fuck me?.please fuck me. He jumped up on his knees again and shoved his cock into my wet swollen pussy. Oh my god, my pussy was so tight. He started with a slow rhythm and I could feel every inch of him moving in and out. He got a little faster and I was now moving in rhythm with him. I threw my legs up in the air to allow him to get deeper in my pussy. I could feel his cock get harder and I knew he was almost there. I told him to give it to me. I wanted to feel his hot cum exploding all thru my pussy. One more thrust and there it was. He came so hard that I started cuming with him. Cum was running out everywhere. We got a towel and cleaned up and went sound to sleep.

The next morning we had to get up and get back on the road. It was a short three days but we definitely made the most of it.

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