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Skipping School (Couple)

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It was a March Saturday night in 1977 when Beth skated up to me. I was playing Asteroids and the we had just finished making out in the couple’s skate. Beth was a year older than me (I was 17) and had taught me a lot of advanced skating. She was model thin with long dark hair and brown eyes 5’ 4” and around 105 lbs. Today she could be compared to Alexis Bleidel from that Gilmore show on TV.

Beth must have been worked up because she came up from behind me and started frenching my ear, I turn around to face her with my cock tent poling my jeans and it really poked her good in the stomach.

“Glad to see I wasn’t wasting my time out there.” She said.

I had been trying to get Beth out in my car for months with no success. She kept telling me she was engaged to some guy that had graduated 2 years before and was in the Marines. Her logic to me for making out was ‘I’m a housewife, I’m married to the house! So whoever is in the house gets me.’ Pretty fucked up but het, she’s hot and wants to fool around with me.

“Meet me at my locker Monday morning.” .

Well Hannah and Rosie Palm got a workout over the next two nights and come Monday I met her. Her locker was right outside my first class and the teacher hadn’t seen me yet so Beth asks if I want to skip the day. I was pretty fed up with the classes I was in and said “Sure” I mean who wouldn’t? I really didn’t think anything more than feeling her tits or if I was lucky get to finger fuck her. Boy was I wrong!

We lit out of the School in a rush so neither of us were seen by the teachers. Spring was in a couple of days and the weather was mild. It had been the first week of low 50s in Illinois. I asked her which car we were going to use and she said the husband drives so take yours. We went over to Micky Dees and got a drink and took off. I was trying to think where we could go. My house was out, the neighbors always ratted me out to mom and Beth’s mom was home too so we headed out to the lake on the north of town.

We got there and I search around the park for a quiet spot. While we were driving Beth took her bra off those perfect 34Bs and had pulled my cock out of my jeans and was gently stroking me. I found a secluded corner of the park and Beth was whispering for me to take jeans off. As I turned to strip her down I looked over and saw a cop cruising through the parking lots and got us out of dodge. I cruised around some of the dirt roads around the lake and Damn if every dirt road had some ass-clown on it doing maintenance or fishing. So with blue balls in Beth’s hands and her jeans opened I took off into the country roads.

After about 20 minutes of cruising the outskirts of town we ended up in a turnaround near the airport. While crossing Main St Beth pulled her jeans and undies off. The smell of her wet pussy filled the car and made me harder than ever. I was fingering her pussy and she drifted into a pleasure daze as she started to hump my hand.

When I finally got stopped and was reasonably secure in the remote, unplowed cornfield’s dirt road she said “Get me off.” I was still kinda raw with girls, I was no virgin but I hadn’t been lucky enough for sex in over a year. I was finger fucking her cunt while sucking on her very pale nipple and pinching the other. “Are you a pussy?” she asked “Bite me and pinch me!” was her demand. So I got a little more rough with her and “oh God damn, God damn, God….God….” for many minutes came out of her suddenly she arched her back and screamed as she had her first orgasm. She sat up and pushed me down and started to suck my cock “Don’t you cum in my mouth.” She commanded, “Only Jim gets to cum there” And she went on to suck me for a good long time. I told her I was going to cum and she pointed my dick at her tits as I gushed what seemed like buskets on her tits. Then she scooped it up and ate my cum, slurping her fingers so sexy, she had me scoop the last and give it to her which started me back to arousal. She was sensing my confusion and said “Only Jimmy gets to cum in my mouth, nobody said anything about me keeping clean and you made a huge mess of my tits, that’s just what a housewife does is clean up.” I asked her if that meant she would fuck anyone thatwas in her house and she said yes that if Jimmy had men over she would fuck them too because a housewife should always entertain her guests. She also told me she planned to be a nudist or at least wear a maids outfit because she want Jimmy hard all the time.

Then she started to lick my cock again until I was hard again. “you took way longer than Jimmy to come that time, let’s see how you do in the main event.” I started to reach for a rubber and she said no. This was the mid 70’s, herpes and AIDs were no where on the horizon and all I had to worry about was knocking her up. That was occuring to me but looking at her, the perfect little tits with her pale nipples hard as diamonds and the sparse dark hair around her oozing cunt I went right in and started licking her pussy. It was the first time I had ever eaten pussy and I had no clue what I was doing. Beth took me by the head and moved me up to her clit and I really started sucking and running a finger in and out of her pussy. “Oh God damn, God damn” started again and I slipped missing her pussy with my finger as it slipped into her ass and she came again, spurting pussy juice all over my tongue and chin.

She then pulled me up to her and licked my face clean. I had had no experience with bi-sexualality and as I was thinking she said “I clean myself all the time and I love cleaning up Jane after we have sex.”

“Jane?” Jane was her best friend and looked down on me because she thought I was too young for Beth to be fucking around with.

“Yes Jane, I do to her wht you just did and she eats me too!” I thought this was just too cool.

“Now fuck me!”

I moved over her and she guided my cock into her cunt. Damn she was tight. It took me 5 minutes to work my cock in, slipping out many times. Finally I was in her to the hilt.

“Damn you’re so big” She kept whispering, “you’re so big” I asked if I was hurting her and she just told me to shut up and fuck her. I started to get a good stroke rhythm going and the “Oh God damn, God damn” began again. I was humping her for a good 10 minutes when she said “I have two tits you’re ignoring.” So I startied in sucking and pinching her nipple again. I moved in to her neck to give her a hickey but ste stopped me and moved me to the cleavage of her right tit and said “Go for it!” So I gave her a quarter sized one and she moaned to even up her tits and I gave her one on the left too. I was having trouble as I kept hitting my ass on the steering wheel. 68 Ramblers are huge but still there is only so much room.

Beth sat me up. I had heard several cars pass but the window were frosted over by this time and she mounted me in the center of the front seat, her kness up at her shoulders. I looked down and watched as she bounced my cock into that gorgeous pussy. I remember thinking this was what heaven was just as I started to cum again. I was thinking ‘Oh shit I’m going to knock her up!’

Beth must have known I was panicking and started tonguing my toncils, ears and neck as I emptied what felt like a gallon of cum into her pussy and she had gushed down my cock and had my lap wet. She got off my still hard cock and started cleaning me again then laid back for me to lick her clean. I wanted to fuck her again but she said we needed to get back before lunch so she could taka test. I asked her about the pill and she said ‘no she wasn’t on it but if she did get pregnant then she could marry Jimmy sooner, I drove her back to the high school, 3rd period was over so I had no more classes. Beth stayed nude the whole drive back, with her head in my lap and licking my cock.

She stopped coming skating and I never saw her after graduation. A few years later I saw her car at her mother’s house and her mom told me she married Jimmy just after high school and moved to California.

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