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Shy Boy

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I work at a busy gym, the largest in our small town. I typically work the evening shift when all the young singles come in to work out. It's a fun job, social, and checking out all the hot young guys is definetly a perk that I enjoy immensely. About a year ago a young man, John, moved back to town (after attending college on a baseball scholarship down south)and started coming to our gym.

John is very shy. 20 years old with a little boy smile that melts the heart of many of the young women who come to work out. Many young girls have asked about him, and some even schedule their own workouts to be around the same time as his so they can watch him exercise. John seems pretty much oblivious to this..and the couple of times I've mentioned to him that this girl or that girl fancies him..he simply smiles and says "now way!', like he honestly doesn't believe that he would attract that much attention.

As an older 36 year old woman just hitting the prime of my sex drive, of course I too had noticed John. He is a mixed martial artist, and as a woman who is very into fitness myself I apprecitated the intensity and dedication he had to working out and practicing his craft. Honestly..physically he is not the typical guy I go for..but his passion and genuine smile makes my pussy wet and ready every time he comes in.

I'm 5 foot 6, curvaceous and fit with a pretty face, green eyes and long brunette hair. I know John notices me. No..he doesn't come to the desk and chat me up like the other men..but it seems that many times I glanced his way he would be glancing back..only to quickly look away.

My flirtation with John started innocently enough. I was in a fitness competition and had some photos taken in my bikini. Some of the men from the gym had asked to see them and John just happened to be waking by and stopped to see what the others were looking at. His eyes got REALLY wide and he looked up at me and I could see so much desire and lust that it was overwhelming..hmm..there was more to this shy boy than I'd imagined. That is when I decided that I would seduce him.

It was not easy. John, although obviously attracted to me, was extremely shy and unsure of himself. One night I was out with the girls and growled in his ear "Are you going to come home with me tonight?". He put his hand arund me and said "if you want me to yes..."..but at the end of the night his sister dragged him out of there saying they had to go to a family function early the next morning..and he remorsefully told me that he couldn't come with me. I will admit my ego was a bit bruised..but oh is life.

At the gym the mild flirtation continued. He would talk to me..blurt out things in an awkward way..and I could tell he had mustered up all his courage to speak with me. It was amusing to watch..but I played it cool. I wanted him to come to me. I'd offered myself to him and he'd passed..I wasn't going to chase him down.

About 3 mo after the first incident out with the girls I saw him at the same place again (a nightclub in our town). He was totally drunk. This time he was NOT shy. He grabbed me and said "come home with me". The catch? He was so drunk he could hardly stand..there was no way he was EVER going to be able to effectively please me sexually in that state. I refused..but drove him home so he wouldn't drive drunk. He tried to kiss me..I passed..said sober up..maybee another day.

Two days after his drunk offer I see him in the gym. He was embarassed and apologized for his behaviour. I told him not to sweat it. It was close to closing time, and I said "stick around I want to talk to you about something". He looked nervous as hell..but he did a few more sets as the other patrons left and I locked the door. I turned was nervous. I could see him almost shaking. I said "John are you afraid of me?". He said "'s just I've never had a woman as hot as you be so direct with me, I've only been with a few girls my age..and they're not like you". I laughed and told him to relax..I wasn't going to hurt him..just follow my lead.

I slowly walked towards him. His eyes were wide and dark, barely containing his desire. I gently pressed my body into his and wrapped my fingers in his black wavy hair. I kissed him gently..softly...breathing him in....letting him get used to the taste of my lips and softness of my body pressed into his. He hesitantly kissed me back...and I felt his hand wrap around me...right to my firm ass. What happened next suprised me...suprised him too I think.

It was like the damn broke and all of his passion and yearning came spilling out all at once. He grabbed me in his strong arms and crushed me into him. His mouth devoured me and I could hardly breathe. His cock was hard..pressing into me...I came up for air and said "take me"..and he didn't need any more prompting. He literally lifted me off my feet and layed me down on the nearest bench. His hands were everywhere..his lips on my neck. He pulled at my clothes and I helped him remove my pants and shirt...he tore off my bra and moaned as he sucked on my nipples and ran his hands all over my body. I wanted to taste him. I moaned in his ear "take off your pants I want your cock in my mouth".

To my surpise...he not only took off his pants..but straddled my chest and held my face in his hands as he fed me his hard cock. I was expecting to have to take the lead on everything with this boy...but he was showing me exactly what he wanted. I let him fuck my mouth and took him right to the hilt. He reached behind and fingered my pussy while I sucked him. We slurping sounds..he tasted so good...I looked up at him and our eyes met. He looked delirious...the intensity of his lust was obvious..and I was almost a little scared. He was very strong, and I knew he could do anything he wanted to me..and I would be helpless to stop him.

His thrusting intenisfied...and I greedily sucked on him...I wanted to taste his cum so badly...but my pussy was throbbing and needed him there just as much. I surrendered..and decided to let him decide what he wanted..I was his completely..I would do whatever he wanted. This was new to me..I'm used to taking the lead in the bedroom..and this guy was the one I figured would need direction most of all. I was SO wrong.

With a groan he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shiften his body so he was on top of me in 69 position. Once again his cock was in my mouth...oh so nice...and then I felt his toungue on my pussy..soft..gentle...oh my was like my pussy melted..and I know I moaned loud as I tried to concentrate on sucking his cock while he pleasured me and tasted me. The sensation was so overwhelming..but just when I was about to cum he stopped and started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth...he was the master and I was following his lead..and it felt so good and new and unexpected. His cock was thrusting deep in and out of my throat...he was hard and big. I felt his hands on my pussy...and he slowly inserted a finger in my tight ass..just the tip..thrusting it in and out slowly....I reached up and dug my nails into his ass..I needed to cum...and he needed to give it to dare he tease me like this.

He let out a soft laugh and said "you want my cock in you don't you?". I didn't answer...I was breathing heavy and delirious with lust. He took some exercise tubing that was wrapped around the bench press post and tied my arms to it. He gave me that little boy smile again and ran his toungue down the front of my body, circling my nipples...running his hands all over me. he lifted my legs up and then spread them wide. He looked at me and murmered "beautiful"...and dove down and devoured my pussy with his toungue and mouth. I couldn't hold back any longer. My orgasm came on with such power that I squirted and soaked his face. I soaked the bench and made a puddle on the floor. My body was convulsing and I was screaming out in pleasure.

My arms still tied...I begged him to untie me..but he wouldn't. He turned me over and pulled up on my hips, spreading my legs wide as he entered my dripping pussy. He moaned and said "oh my god you're so wet and hot". I panted "fuck me hard..don't be gentle I want to cum again". This time he listened. He started thrusting hard he practically lifted me off the bench with each movement. His balls were slapping against my clit..and I could feel the pressure mounting again. He started pumping faster, and he grabbed my hair and smacked my ass. That sent me over the edge and I screamed as I came again. He let out a yell and filled my pussy with his cum. He was shaking and was so hot. We came together and he collapsed on me and we layed there for a bit. After a few minutes he untied my wrists. I rubbed them...they were sore. He looked shy again..and stammered out an apology for not noticing my wrists were getting red and raw. Shy boy was back...the moment having passed and our passion spent. I laughed and said "I'll wear these marks with honour".

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