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Showing Off with Daddy

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Daddy's little bitch looks so hot! You have dressed like a little slut as daddy has instructed you. You are wearing your black high-heeled boots, a black pleated mini skirt, and a sheer white top that is showing off your magnificent tits. Underneath, I know you are wearing the Victoria's Secret garter and stockings that daddy got for you. No bra, no panties for my little bitch, just as daddy instructed. I can see your nipples clearly through the top, big and dark, and very erect. Daddy is going to take his little slut out and show her off. We are going to tease a few other daddies, none of who are as lucky as me. The first stop will be that little restaurant that we like, and on a Friday night, it will be crowded. Your instructions are to pick out a likely daddy around my age, and flash that sweet, smooth little pussy at him while he is trying to eat with his family. Once we are seated, it dos not take long for my hot little bitch to find her first victim. I can see the poor guy trying not to be obvious as you talk to daddy and casually let your pretty little legs open and close flashing your wet, shaved pussy for him. He is squirming a bit as he looks and tries not to be caught. We are sitting in a booth, and I reach down, and push our legs farther apart, sliding my fingers up the inside of your thighs. You are smiling as daddy gently spreads your wet lips, and begins to rub your pussy. Knowing the other man is watching, your daady slowly brings his finger, freshly pulled out of your tight little pussy, up to his mouth and sucks on it. I love the taste of my little girl's pussy juices. I can tell that our one-man audience is trying hard to adjust the napkin in his own lap to hide his hard cock's bulge. I catch you staring at it, slowly licking your lips, making your lip gloss shine. You have a hand in your daddy's lap now, and are absent-mindedly rubbing your daddy's hard cock through his slacks. I know, baby girl, you are already feeling horny, and you are very wet. Daddy wants his baby to feel good, so he slides his hand back under your skirt, and begins to play with his baby girl's wet little snatch. Daddy can rub his baby's little clit, and not be obvious, so I can make you cum, little girl. You are sitting now with eyes closed, and tying to keep your legs from springing wide open as I get you close to cumming. The poor other daddy is practically drooling now, and all but staring at my hand in your pussy. I can see that he is rubbing his own bulge through his pants, trying to look like he is interested in what is going on at his own table. You clench your thighs tight on my hand as I make you cum for the first time tonight. I know that you want to scream, but can only whimper. I think the poor other daddy has just cum in his own pants, baby. I really want to eat your sweet little cunt, princess, but I can do is suck the cum from your orgasm from my own fingers, and I do just that.

We eat a leisurely dinner, and then we are off to play some more. I drive across town to an adult book store, so we can shop for toys. The way that you are dressed, and with that perfect make up, no one will doubt that you are old enough to be there. If they only knew! We browse the shelves for toys, and every male eye in the store is on your body. I tell you bend down and adjust the buckle on your boot, and in doing so, the men in the store get a great look at that tight ass. There is a little crowd gathering now, watching your every move. I decide that it is time or us to play a little and we put he new toys on the counter for payment, and I make sure that I get dollars for the video booths in the back of the store. There can be nothing more fun for daddy than having his little girl suck him off in a booth while he watches hot porno. We make our way into the booth area, and every man follows us. When we are in the back area, daddy lets them all know that no one is to try and touch my girl, and that she is only there to look at. I tell them that if every one behaves, some lucky guy may get a show. Daddy picks out a roomy booth, and takes his little slut inside, carefully locking the door. I can see already that someone has made a small peephole in one wall from another booth. We sit side by side on the padded seat, as I click through the videos that are playing. I settle on one of two hot young girls eating each other's pussy's. I know that you like that too. I have you stand, and quickly help you pull your top off, exposing those high firm titties. Your nipples are hard, and I gently pinch them. I stand now, and turn you towards the peephole, while I undo your tiny skirt. You know that some one is watching and you pinch and roll your dark nipples in your tiny fingers. You are dressed only in your garter and stockings and boots now, as daddy holds you from behind, showing you to the stranger at the peephole. My cock is very hard under my slacks, and you are rubbing that firm ass of yours against it slowly. You reach behind and undo daddy's zipper, freeing his red, hard cock into your kittle hands. Knowing that we are being watched has us both turned on. I turn you to face me, and make sure whoever is watching is getting a good show. I grab a handful of your dark hair, pulling it and tilting your head back to kiss you hard on your mouth. We kiss deeply, and our tongues tease each other. Your hands are stroking my cock, and I force you to your knees with that same hand full of hair. "Suck my cock, you little bitch!" I command. You are more than happy to suck daddy's cock deep into your mouth. I have your pretty face trapped in my big hands as I fuck my little girl's mouth, forcing you to take me deep into your throat on every stroke. You love being forced, and the fact that someone is watching is making you so wet and horny. I pull my wet shiny dick out of your mouth, and begin to stroke it, as I tell you "Suck my balls, bitch!" Your little girl tongue is all over my sac, and you gently suck each ball into your hot little mouth. Using the same technique that I used to force you down on your knees, a hand full of hair, I pull you up to a standing position. I force you to turn so that we are full profile to the peephole, and standing behind you, wrap my arms around you to play with those big, beautiful tits. Your nipples are rock hard, as I squeeze them. "Play with your pussy, little slut" I tell you, and you quickly insert two fingers into that tight, wet hole. Some lucky guy is getting quite a show, and I am sure who ever it is jerking his cock to the sight of my hot little girl. I bend you forward, and take my cock in my hand, rubbing it up and down your wet slit from behind, teasing your hard little bud of a clit. "Please, daddy, please, fuck me" and the dirt little secret is out. Whoever that is watching probably just sped up his stroking. "Take it, little girl" as I plunge my hard cock deep into your tight little pussy. The high heels on your boots have put that pussy at the perfect height for daddy to fuck deep and hard from behind. I pull back and almost out of you, while I slap your ass hard, making it sting. You respond by slamming your ass back against me, your wet cunt swallowing my hard cock. Daddy likes that and repeats his last move, slapping his baby girls firm ass again, making it red. I grab your hips tight now, and begin to really fuck that pussy, baby girl. The sound of your low moans, my cock working in and out of your wet pussy, and my balls slapping on your ass is clearly audible throughout the video area. Everyone back here knows that we are fucking. Whoever is watching is really getting off on the show, as I can hear heavy breathing through the thin walls. I feel the squeezing of your muscles in your pussy as you get ready to cum. Another hard slap on your ass sends you over the edge, and it is all that I can do to hold on tight enough to you as you buck wildly in orgasm. As your orgasm subsides, daddy's begins. You are bracing yourself on the wall as daddy fucks you hard and deep. My cum explodes into your wet cunt, and I fuck you like that till you have every drop. I pull out of you, turn you roughly and force you back down on your knees. "Lick daddy's cock clean, little slut! Your warm, wet tongue mops up the remaining juices from both of us. After a bit, I help you to dress again, and using my handkerchief, clean your pretty face up a bit. We exit the booth to a crowd of very horny men, and walk on wobbly legs out to daddy's truck with our new toys. It has been a fun night! Time t take my baby girl home and give her a nice warm bubble bath.....

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