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Showing More Than Houses

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I walked over to the window and looked outside. Still no sight of any cars. I had 20 minutes left of the Open House I was hosting. It was new construction, so the furniture was scarce and there was no phone hookup. I was pretty much left to reading a book or working on my laptop, but 2 hours of that was all I could take. Not a single person had shown up.

I walked down the hall to relieve myself for what seemed to be the 100th time. As I flushed the toilet I thought I heard someone.

“Great!” I thought. In my haste I bolted from the door as I finished pulling up my fly. I almost ran into a woman who was just coming down the hall.

“Oh! Ah…excuse me!” I said as I struggled with my zipper. “I didn’t hear you come in.”

The lady smirked and looked at my pants.

“Oh, that’s okay. Too bad I wasn’t here a bit sooner. I might have really gotten a surprise.”

I chuckled a bit nervously. I was a bit taken back by her response.

“So, interested in buying house today or just tire kicking” I asked as I looked down the hall towards the front door.

“Oh, interested in a house. I’m alone right now. My husband is out east on business. He wanted me to see what was available.” She gave me a look that seemed to be asking if I was available.

“Okay, then.” I said, trying to break the moment. This woman was a knockout. She was tall and had legs that never seemed to quit. Even under her floor length, heavy coat I could tell that she was also blessed with nice breasts. “Let me show you around.”

“I’d love it. Show me everything.” She said as she winked at me. “Can I take off my coat first?”

“Sure,” I said. “You can toss it on the couch there if you like, um, er…I’m sorry I guess I never got your name.”

“Lisa” She said as she walked down the hall to the family room and took off her coat. As she did I thought. Man, her backside looks great too. She had one great ass. Not skinny, but firm. She dropped her coat on the couch and came back down the hall. She was wearing a short black skirt that showed off her great legs and begged me to wonder what was under her skirt. The sweater she was wearing had a low neckline and the material gave glimpses of the skimpy bra underneath. I didn’t want to look too close, but it looked like it might be sheer.

“So, show me what you have” All of the sudden I realized my mind was wandering in the wrong direction. She must have noticed too, because she smiled as she asked me to show her the house. I began where we were, explaining the finer points of the house. When she went into the kitchen and bent down to look at the bottom cupboards, I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing black thongs under her skirt. She bent over in such a way as to make sure I saw her ass. At other times she seemed to bend over in such a way as to expose her large, firm breasts.

As we went down the hallway she opened a closet door and looked inside. She acted like she saw something on the ceiling.

“Is that a flaw in the paint up there, or just a shadow?” she asked, pointing to a spot in the ceiling. I moved to look and she moved her body close to mine. Her hips pressed noticeably against mine and I felt my cock reacting. She moved her chest against mine and said quietly. “Oh, never mind. Must be a shadow.” Then she giggled and kissed my cheek.

I was definitely getting turned on. I found myself paying more attention to her tits and ass than the finer qualities of the house. The bulge in my pants was becoming harder to conceal as well. We made it to the bathroom and as she went in, she brushed past me. She lingered just a second to rub her hips against me crotch. I heard her give a small sigh of satisfaction when she felt the hardness in my pants.

The shower stall in this house was set up so that a person could use either a handheld shower, or regular showerhead. It was all tiled and a small bench was built into the back of it. She stepped into the shower and looked around. I was standing off to the side, but watching her in the mirror.

“I love this shower.” She said as she sat on the bench. “I could shave my legs and not worry about falling.”

I watched her as she slid her hand up her thigh exposing her thong covered pussy. She looked in the mirror and saw me watching. It took all I had to look away.

“What’s wrong? Don’t like what you see? Or do you want a closer look?”

“I…well….I…ah” was all I could manage to say.

“It’s okay. Tell me if you like it.” She said.

I looked in the mirror at her. She had slipped her fingers around her thong, and exposed the red, wet lips of her cunt. She took a finger and licked it and then returned to rubbing her pussy. I felt the tent rise in my pants.

“So? What do you think?” She asked.

“I think you look great.” Was all I could stammer out.

“So, you want some of this?” she asked, motioning me to come to the bench. I moved towards her. She took my hand and guided me to the wetness of her lips. I knelt down and slid my finger between her wetness.

“OH, that feels wonderful.” She encouraged me.

I ran my finger in and out a few times and she reached over and pulled my head down between her legs. I pulled up her skirt and began working her pussy with my tongue. I looked up at her. She was playing with her breasts and looking in the mirror, watching us. I watched too as she manipulated her breasts through her sweater.

“Oh, eat me baby. I love what you do with your tongue. I spread her lips wide and began working harder. She began to moan and I knew she was ready to cum. Her moaning increased and became frantic. She pulsed her hips against my mouth so I could feel her hot juices.

“OH…….OH…..OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” She came hard. I felt her juices running down my chin as I kept working her with my tongue.

She reached down and gently took my head and lifted it to her mouth. She plunged her tongue deep inside my mouth and pulled me to her. Then she pulled back.

“These are needing some attention.” She said as she pulled her sweater up to expose her beautiful boobs. She undid her bra so that they hung loose and held them up for me. I buried my head in her breasts. I licked and sucked her nipples as she moaned again. I glanced into the mirror to watch us. What a turn on that was. We both watched me on her tits. Then she moved her hand down to her clit and began massaging it as I worked her breasts with my hands and mouth.

“OH baby. You do that so well. I think I’m going to cum again.” She panted. I continued to work her breasts harder as she watched us in the mirror. Her rubbing her clit increased to a feverish pace until she again exploded. I wanted a taste of her sweet cum juice, so I began to move down on her. But she stopped me.

"No way baby, now it’s my turn.” She reached for my zipper and unzipped my pants. My hard cock sprang from my boxers and she smiled. She grabbed my shaft and began to gently caress it.

“Oh my. You have such a huge, fucking cock. You are so hard.” She knelt forward and wrapped her lips around my head and began to suck. She pulled me in deep and continued to suck me until I thought I may explode.

“OH, I’m going to blow my wad” I said.

“Not so fast baby.” She said. She pulled away and unbuttoned my pants. She pulled them and my boxers down so that I was at full attention.

“Let me see that ass of yours.” She said turning me around. I watched in the mirror as she began to touch and kiss my ass cheeks. At the same time, she slid her hand in between my legs and gently worked my balls and cock. I felt her tongue slip between my cheeks and play with my asshole.

“OH! That feels so good.” I told her.

“Ever had someone do your ass?” she asked. It had been a fantasy of mine for years that someone do my ass, but I never really expected it to happen. Before I could answer I felt her tongue penetrate my asshole. Then her finger gently played with my hole as well.

“Feel good?” She asked as she inserted it further.

“UH HUH, real good. Do me more.” I said. She bent me over and began to work my asshole gently with her finger. My cock was bouncing in front of us.

“Want to help me out baby? She asked. “let me see you play with yourself.”

I reached down and started to stroke myself. Both of us watched in the mirror as my cock grew harder. She was playing with my hole and her pussy at the same time.

“I think I’m going to cum again!” I exclaimed.

She pulled out and turned me around.

"Oh no you’re not.” She said. “Not yet.”

She grabbed my cock and started to suck it again. This time, she pumped my shaft as she sucked and twisted her hands around my hardness. I started to moan again.

“Oh baby, do me.” I pleaded.

Then she leaned forward. She grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my hard shaft and began to fuck her ties with me. My cock was hard and wet from her mouth and I started to moan. I pumped my hips and pulled her against me. She continued to slid her tits against me until I felt myself explode. I blew my cum all over her face and it dripped down her chest, covering her tits with hot, wet, sticky cum.

“Ummmm. That feels so good.” She said. She rubbed my cum all over her tits and took my now softening cock between them. “I love to feel cock between my boobs like this.” She cooed.

Then, when I was no longer able to stay between her tits, she knelt down and sucked my cock clean.

Looking up at me, she smiled.

“Hmmm.” She got up and smiled. “That was good. You are very good at what you do!”

I put myself together, as did she. I showed her the rest of the house. Occasionally she leaned back on me and I cupped her tits in my hands.

“Well,” She said as she put on her coat. I have your card. I’m just not sure what we are looking for yet. Can I, uh, give you a call?”

“Um, sure. Anytime. If you see anything you like, or want to look at again, give me a call.”

She kissed me passionately and whispered in my ear. “Remember sexy. Loose lips sink ships,” and walked out the door.

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