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Showing More Than Houses- part 2

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I drug myself into the office wondering why I was even here. It was cold and snowy. Anyone that was looking for a house had done so over the weekend. Besides, the weather was terrible.

“Think I’ll sell a lake home today!” I smirked as I walked by the secretary’s desk.

“Great day for it!” She laughed.

I got to my desk and noticed there was a message. I didn’t think much of it. Telemarketers had found my number and had all sorts of new ‘ideas’ to sell me. I punched in my code and listened to the message. When I heard the voice, I almost fell out of my chair.

“Hi Mark. This is Lisa. I visited your open house three weeks ago on Hillview Acres? I was browsing the Internet last night and saw a lake home that I think my husband and I may be interested in. He’s out of town this week, and I know the weather for tomorrow sounds really bad. But I was wondering if we could go take a look at it on Monday? Give me a call. Thanks. The number is 899-543-5678. Bye.”

I sat for a couple minutes looking at the phone. If I call her, I’m putting myself in a very risky situation. But if it’s a legitimate deal… I couldn’t go there. I had too many thoughts. Some professional. But mostly I felt a surge in my pants.

“Want some coffee Mark? Mark?”

“Huh? Oh, sorry. Yeah, thanks.”

“Where was your mind? You look a million miles from here.”

I looked up to see my secretary in the doorway with a fresh pot of coffee. I held out my cup for some fresh brew.

“In some ways, I wish I was Candy.” I said as I took a sip of my coffee. “Thanks for the coffee.”

She gave me strange, but concerned look. “You okay? Can I help?”

“Oh, no. It’s nothing. Nothing.”

“Okay,” She said patting me on the shoulder, “But I’m here if you need anything.”

I knew that. Candy was a great secretary, but also a friend. But no one could help me through this one. Still, I better make the call. I dialed the number. Part of me hoping for voicemail. Part of me hoping for an answer.


“Hi Lisa. Mark from Freedom Realty. How are you today.”

“Well, hi Mark.” Her voice changed the moment she heard my voice, from nonchalant, to very low and sexy. “I was hoping you’d call. How are you?”

“I’m good.” I said trying to sound business-like, and failing miserably.

“Great! I am too. You don’t mind me calling you, do you? I mean after last time. We got kind of carried away, and I…”

“Hey, NO!” I was relieved. Maybe this was going to work out okay. Again, part of me hoped so, but part of me wanted to see her again very badly. “No, I’m glad you called. A little surprised you want to look at lakeshore today, though.”

“Yeah, I know, but it’s a good day for me. I saw that place on Feather Lake, the lake home?”

“Yes. I know the place. Actually, it’s my listing. The owners are in Florida, so it’s vacant. I can show it to you anytime. Next week work for you?” I was trying to throw her off. If we met again, I certainly didn’t want to be accused of encouraging it. But the lump in my pants hoped for a different approach.

“Oh,” There was cautious disappointment on the other end of the line, “I was hoping for today. This afternoon, about 1:00?”

Talk about a flood of different emotions. A voice inside me was saying, “Don’t do this Mark. You know it’s dangerous. Think about what you are doing.” But my mouth said…

“One o clock sounds fine. You want to stop by the office, or…” It was standard practice to encourage customers to stop at the office before a showing. Sort of a safety thing.

“Oh, well, yeah, I could. But couldn’t I meet you there? I live pretty close to it out here.” Her voice was soft, and so inviting.

“Oh, that’s fine. Let’s meet there then. 1:00?”

“Great. Yeah, 1:00.” There was satisfaction in her voice. “I’ll look forward to seeing you again...there I mean.” And she hung up.

I was still in a bit of a daze when I walked up to Candy’s desk.

“Can you schedule an appointment for the Smythe place?”

Candy looked at me. At first she thought I was joking, but the look on my face proved otherwise.

“You’re kidding, right? A lake home today? Why would someone possibly want to look at a lake home on a day like today?”

“Some people are crazy.” I smiled. “And today, Mark, YOU are one of the crazy ones” I thought as I went back to my desk. It wasn’t easy, but I did manage to get some work done, and keep my mind off the ‘showing’ three weeks ago. I forced myself to work about 3 minutes later than I should have. I didn’t want to be too presumptuous.

I got to the Smythe place about four minutes late. Lisa must have had the same idea, as she pulled in about a minute after I did. She was wearing a trench coat and hat and gloves due to the weather. But all I could think of was “Easy boy. Remember. She’s married and you are showing a house.” But under my coat I wasn’t showing a house. I was showing the beginnings of a tent.

“Hi there!” She said. She stayed her distance and tried to sound business like, but her eyes showed something different…I thought.”

“Hi Lisa, How do you like this weather? Great day to be thinking of lakes, huh?” Well, that was dumb. So much for making small talk. She gave me a nod and we walked into the house.

The house itself wasn’t big, but cozy. I’d thought of buying it myself, but hadn’t decided yet. Inside, the home had vaulted ceilings and all pine paneling. The side facing the lake had a huge picture window which showed a great, year round view of the lake. In the corner of that room was a stone fireplace that had been converted to gas a few years earlier. The couple had a leather couch positioned in such a way that you could see the lake and the fireplace. It was pretty cool.

Speaking of cool, the house was cool as well. I’d been keeping an eye on the place for the Smythes so they wouldn’t have to completely shut it down while they were away. They’d even offered to let me stay there a few nights if I wanted to get away. I hadn’t taken them up on it, but looking at the place today, I thought it may happen soon.

“It’s cold in here.” Lisa said as we stepped in the door.

“Yeah, I guess I could have come out and turned on the fireplace earlier. I didn’t think about it.” I said nodding to the corner as I slipped off my shoes.

I went over and turned on the fireplace to warm up the place as Lisa took off her shoes and looked around the kitchen area. She made a few comments about the place…liking the kitchen counters…the island was nice…stuff like that. Then she came into the family room where I was. I’d sort of lost track of things and was looking out over the lake when she came up behind me.

“What a great view.” She said gently touching my ass.

‘You mean the lake or my butt’. Were the words that I wanted to say, but held back, still unsure what her motives were. We stood there by the fire feeling its warmth.

“It’s getting nice in here.” She finally broke the silence. I turned to address her. She’d taken her hat and gloves off so I could better see her beautiful blue eyes. They seemed to penetrate me to the soul.

“Yeah, it’s a nice place. I’ve thought of buying it myself someday, but I can’t afford what they need for it yet. Want to see the rest of it?” I turned to go, not realizing how close she was to me, and gently bumped into her. She put up her hands and let them linger on my chest as I excused myself. It was probably a millisecond, but we stopped and looked in each other’s eyes for what seemed like hours. I placed my hand gently on her shoulder and showed her down the hall. I pointed out the bathroom and two bedrooms. Lisa went into each and looked around. I’d shown many houses and from her reaction to the rooms I was pretty sure she was uninterested. When she got to the master bedroom she spent a bit more time looking around. By now the house was getting warm and I was getting hot. I wanted her. I wanted her bad and it was getting harder to ignore that fact. I moved towards her as she was looking in the closet. She saw me and moved back into me, lingering just a second. Then she put her hand on my chest and gently rubbed it.

“So, does this place have a lower level?” She asked as we went out into the family room.”

“Yeah, not finished though. It does have a walk out and screened in porch under the deck. Want to see it?”

“Um, no. I don’t think so. A basement is a basement. Mind if I take off my coat?”

“Not a problem.”

She was standing over by the fireplace and although I was looking in her direction, I wasn’t really looking at her…until she dropped her coat. Lisa was wearing a very skimpy bra that did nothing to hide her gorgeous boobs, but rather accentuated them. The bra was black lace with clear spots right where her nipples were. Her nipples were hard and poking through the translucent material. I followed her body with my eyes. Down below she wore an equally skimpy pair of black thongs.

“Like what you see?” She giggled. I imagine my jaw dragging on the floor gave me away.

“Um…yeah. I do.” I said.

“Want some?” She asked. She’d grabbed both breasts with her hands and pushed them together, rubbing them as she talked. “I haven’t had anyone who could suck my tits like you did three weeks ago. I’m dying to feel your hot wet lips on these. Come on baby. Take them.”

She didn’t have to ask twice. My pants were bulging as I moved across the room and began to caress her boobs. She reached up and kissed me hard, exploring my mouth with her tongue.

“Mmm” She said as I continued to caress her tits. “Do them hard. I want it hard.”

I rubbed harder. Pressing hard against her chest. Feeling the firmness of her tits in my hands. She reached around behind her and unclasped the bra. Both breasts fell free in the warm cabin air. She guided my head to her breasts. I bent over so I could suck on them hard. I pulled her hard, erect nipples into my mouth with my lips and gently bit them.

“Hard baby. Bite me.”

I bit harder on her nipples and felt her squirm and moan as I did. I continued to suck and bite her breasts as she unzipped my coat and took off my shirt. She moved me back to the leather couch and pushed me back onto it. Then she straddled my chest with her legs so I could continue to work her breasts. As I continued sucking and biting her tits, she pulsed her hips hard against my chest. I felt her getting wetter and more excited as she pushed her tits against me.

“I love having you suck on me. You like my tits?”

“I looked up from her chest and nodded.”

“They are fantastic baby. I love to roll your nipples in my mouth.”

“Hmmmm.” Was all she said as she pulled me tighter against her breasts.

As I licked and sucked and buried my face in her, she moved her hands down to her pussy. Slipping her finger under her thong, she gently worked her lips with her finger. I moved back to watch.

“NO! She said firmly. I want to cum with you on my boobs. Keep sucking me.”

I went back to my work and she continued to finger herself. I could tell she was getting me worked up as she pushed harder and harder on my chest.

“Oh. Do me. Suck me. Oh..yeah…yeah…yeah….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” She continued to rub her clit with her fingers. As she moved closer to orgasm she pushed her pussy against my chest and began to pulse her hips hard against me. When she came hard, I felt her wetness explode against my chest. She reached down and pulled me up to her mouth and kissed me madly and passionately. Then she took her finger and put it in my mouth so I could taste her juices.

“Hmmmm, you like?” She smiled as I licked and sucked her finger. She began to work the finger in and out of my mouth as though I were fucking her.. With her other hand, she continued to touch herself, rubbing her soft pink lips with her fingers. She slid back bit so she could straddle my hips.

“Oh my. What have we down here?” She asked as she pushed her hips tight against my now huge cock. Mind if I have a look?”

“Uh huh” I said. I watched her move between my legs. She gently unzipped my pants and reached into my boxers. She pulled out my cock and stroked it gently.

“I love this huge cock of yours.” She said as she ran her tongue around my penis head. She undid my belt and pulled my pants down, then my boxers. I lay on the couch completely naked and watched her eyes admire every part of me. She leaned up to kiss me gently. Then she moved down my body, kissing my chin, my neck and my chest. When she got to the chest, she moved to my nipples and began to suck them. I moved against her mouth.

“Oh, yes. That feels soooo good.” I said as I pulled her head against my chest. She sucked my nipples for awhile as she continued to stroke my cock. She took a finger and rubbed a drop of precum off my head and ran it around my penis head. Then ran her hands down to feel the hard ribs of my shaft. Lisa moved down my body and swallowed as much of my cock as she could in her mouth, all the while stroking my shaft and balls. Moving her mouth down my shaft, she licked and sucked my balls. It was such a rush watching my balls disappear in her mouth, and then reappear. They were hard and shiny from her sucking.

I repositioned myself and pulled her ass towards my head. She came willingly and straddled me with her legs. I gently removed her thongs and explored her beautiful bald pussy. I gently rubbed her lips between my thumb and index finger and watched her writhe.

“OH baby. I don’t know what you are doing down there, but it feels fantastic” She squealed.

I continued to play with her lips and then pulled her ass down to my mouth. Sticking my tongue in as far as I could I continued to lick her sweet spot. She was pulsing her hips. I knew she was ready to cum again, so I increased the pace of my licking. She pounded my face.


I tasted her juice squirting in my mouth and slipped a finger in her vagina. I began to work her, gently at first, then faster.

“Ram me. Ram me with your fucking fingers!” She screamed. She was on her hands now, working herself as hard as she could against my hand.


This time was harder. I’ve never seen a woman come so quickly and so hard a second time. When her orgasm subsided, she turned around. She pulled me up and changed places. She lay down on the leather couch and pulled me to her.

“Fuck me baby. I want you to fuck my boobs with that huge cock of yours.”

I straddled her chest. She grabbed my cock and placed it in her mouth and began to slide her mouth up and down my shaft. When it was wet and shiny she slid it between her breasts.

“Now baby. Fuck ‘em”

Squeezing her tits around my cock, I began to pulse my hips. I watched my cock disappear and reappear between the mountains of her tits. Faster and faster I pumped.

“Oh. Oh this feels good. Oh do me!” I began to feel my cock ready to explode. As I got closer to cuming, she reached down and took my shaft and finished me off. My hot, wet, sticky semen exploded across her chest and into her mouth. She moved my cock so that the last drops of cum covered her breasts. She rubbed my cockhead in the wet, sticky cum and about sent me through the picture window. Then she reached down with her hands and rubbed her tits with the cum.

“Um…This feels so good.” I reached down and rubbed her cum drenched nipples as she began again to move her hips wildly. I moved so my hips were on her tits and reached back with my finger and fingered her to a fucking frenzy. She came a hard fourth time.

As this orgasm subsided, I could tell she was done. She fell back in the leather couch and pulled me down to kiss her. I lay between her legs, letting my now soft cock rest on the mound of her pussy.

“You’re a great agent.” She smiled as she looked in my eyes.”

“Hm. Well, you are certainly the most interesting client I have.” I smiled back at her.

We got up and got dressed..well, I got dressed. Since she had no clothes, she put on her coat. “Well, thanks for showing me the house. I’ll be in touch.” She kissed her finger and put it to my lips.

“Remember. Loose lips….” She said as she got in her car and drove away.

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