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After meeting and making out in the car for an hour or so, we would definitely be needing a shower to cool things off.....

So we would proceed to the room, where I would start the shower running so that the water would be nice and warm by the time we get in. Then I would once again turn my attention to you, beginning with more passionate kisses, moving down your throat as I began removing your clothes... unbuttoning your blouse, slowly pulling the sleeves off...... unclasping your bra, covering your ample bosom with kisses while massaging them gently with my hands.

Down your torso I would move..... with my hands quickly loosening the bindings of your pants as I kissed my way down past your navel. Reaching around to your nice behind, my hand would slide down between your pants and panties, squeezing those wonderful cheeks as your britches ;-) fall down around your ankles. You step out of them, and I drop to my knees at your side. With my teeth I pull at the satin fabric of your sleek panties, sliding them down over your hips inch by inch. Mmmmm, I can almost feel the heat from you as I move from side to side working the smooth cloth over your silky skin. Finally they, too drop at your ankles.

I lead you to the shower now, helping you into it with gentlr squeezes and hugs. I strip in about two seconds and join you in the cleansing experience. You have your back to me, and I reach around, gently cupping your breasts in my hands, softly nipping at the nape of your neck and teasing your ear with my breath and tongue. I rub my body up against yours, letting you feel my excitement and sharing the warmth......

I then turn you around in the shower, pull you close to me, feeling the warmth and fullness of your breasts against my firm chest. My hands would glide to the back of your neck and curve of your waist as I bent over to plant a sweet kiss directly on your soft, sensual lips. Another passionate glance into your eyes would assure me that you want to continue with our meeting, so I pull you even tighter and again work on the nape of your neck, kissing and sucking it..... I breathe heavily in the direction of your ear, telling you how sexy you are. My hand moves from your waist to your smooth, very pretty butt. My mouth and tongue wander down to your pretty white shoulder, over your collarbone, making a quick detour to your nipples before returning to your lips once again. But the mouth does not stop there this time, instead you feel my lips separating yours as my tongue moves across the front of your teeth, sensually touching the back of your lips. My tongue moves further into your mouth, playing with your tongue, which has come out to meet it. We share this deep kiss, skillfully plying our tongues around your mouth until I feel your smaller, feminine tongue push my (rather large) masculine tongue back into my mouth. We continue the deep kiss, breathing in each other as we swap tongues, lips, saliva, germs - it feels almost as if we are touching each other's souls and desires........

All of this activity has made me ache with desire, so I reach down and turn off the water (never letting go of you, though... always maintaining physical contact....). I wrap a towel quickly around my waist, and place your towel over your shoulders. Before you can move too far, I pick you up in my arms and deliver another passionate kiss. You begin to speak (complain?? I think not!) but decide to accept the free ride and put your soft, slender arms around my shoulders as I carry you to the waiting bed. I don’t put you into the bed, instead placing you on top of the quilt (hope we remembered to turn up the heat in room ;-) I step back just a second to again take in your luscious body, then return to your sensitive neck. “I’m still wet??” you complain, but I assure you that it will be taken care of... slowly, but surely, it will be taken care of.

I move my attention to the area of your neck right under the chin, kissing, licking, and sucking it ever so gently. Finally I hear a soft moan escape your lips. I continue my “drying action” from your chin to your shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand (fingers and between fingers included). My hands and fingers begin helping dry you by softly and sensually rubbing these parts of your body. On my way back up your arm, I stop for a quick nibble on that sensitive spot on your underarm, then move across your fine breasts, taking a bit of time to suck, lick and caress your very fine nipples. They stand at attention, and my job done there. I move to your other shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. I return my attention to your breast area when through with that arm, but turn my attention southward, beginning that nice, rewarding march down your torso. Gently rubbing and caressing your body as I move toward your hips, I hear more verbal responses from you. It must be pleasurable for you, so a quick smile crosses my lips as I think of what is still ahead...........

I reach your hips, then move over the top of your thigh, shin, ankle, then foot. I think for a moment whether I should suck your great toe, then decide “why not” and take it into my warm, wet mouth. MM, I think <G> A short time there and I am ready to move back up your leg. I raise it up from the bed as I lick and kiss my way across the sole of your foot, over the heel, up the calf (what muscle tone!! I think), take a short visit to the back of your knee, and then move up the back of your thigh. Of course, your leg is already dry from being on the bedcovers, but I really enjoy this!!! Your leg is almost straight up in the air as my mouth moves to the very top of your leg. I hear a sudden gasp as I lightly touch your clitoris with my tongue as I move to the front of your right leg. I repeat the procedure on this leg, except when I reach the top of the leg on my return visit.

I move your right leg over on top of your left, forcing you to turn on your side. I immediately cover your beautiful behind with kisses, massaging it as I perform this labor of love. I soon smell the sweet fragrance from your wet genitals. I turn you onto your back once again, you spread your legs just a bit.... then I move quickly, presenting my head (and lips, mouth, and tongue) into that ages-old favorite position between those legs. I push your legs up high and get a splendid view of your sex mmmmmm, so good looking, with the wetness glistening on your lips. I move my mouth and lips slowly, deliberately towards these objects of affection. I don’t know why, but I reach my tongue down and give your nice, clean asshole a quick swipe. Your involuntary jump lets me know that I have hit paydirt, so I play with it a bit more, making it nice and wet before I move on to the principle objective of this search.........

I begin my sensual assault on your love box by licking my way from your warm, moist tailhole across the two inches of (sensitive) skin to the bottom of your outer lips. They are dark pink, almost red in color, and they are more than warm... they are hot. My tongue parts them, moving back and forth as it does so. After feeling your back arch as you raise your pelvis to meet my mouth, I move my tongue deeper into that erotic patch of flesh, not stopping until I reach the top and your clit. The aroma is so sexually stimulating to me... my already swollen love muscle jumps in anticipation.

I expertly kiss, lick, and suck on your clit for a few moments, letting you know how a good “meal” feels like, then move back to the warm, soft, moist lips that is so full of aroma and good tastes. My fingers join the action, sliding up and down the vulva lips, once in a while making a quick “slip” that actually allows them to penetrate the depth of your love pit. As action really warms up, my tongue and lips are everywhere.... on your clitoris, in your box, sucking your lips. My fingers continue their moves into your dripping snatch. I find your G spot and begin to rub it. I hear you saying something under your breath..... it sounds like “heaven???” yes, that’s what you are saying...... heaven.

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