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Shower Date

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You told me to meet you at your house at 9:00. I pull into you driveway and find that you are not there. My phone rings. It is you telling me you are running late and that you are exhausted from shopping all day. 5 minutes later you pull in. We enjoy a long passionate kiss in the driveway and head in the house. You place your bags on the counter and begin to fix us some drinks. I head to your bathroom and start the shower. I return to the kitchen to get my drink and lead you to the bathroom. I remove your shoes and rub your feet. I slide my hand slowly up your legs, under your skirt, to remove your panties. I unzip your skirt and let it fall to the floor. I kiss you as I unbutton your blouse and remove your bra. Your tongue feels so good in my mouth. I quickly remove my clothes and lead you to the hot and steamy shower.

I place you under the hot water and I can see you start to relax. You are so sexy with the water running all over your hot body. The water is cascading off your hard nipples. I reach for the shampoo and lather your hair massaging your scalp gently. I lean your head back and start to rinse your beautiful hair while I kiss you deeply. My hard cock is pressing against you. I reach behind you and grab to soap. I slowly and gently soap your entire body paying special attention to your hard nipples. I slowly rub soap down your ass and hear you moan as I lather your hot pussy. You hold my aching cock as I rinse you completely. I turn the water off and grab a towel to softly dab the water from your body.

I lead you to the bedroom and place you face down on the bed. Using the oil from the nightstand I begin to massage your back. I start with your neck and shoulders and work slowly down you back. I skip over your ass and start working on your legs. I head you moan as I slide my fingers across the back of your knees. I lift your feet and suck your toes as I rub oil on the bottom of your feet. I straddle you leg placing my hard cock on your thigh as I start working on your ass. The oil is running down your crack and over your tight rosebud as I massage your cheeks. I slide my fingers down your split and over your puckered opening causing you to moan even louder.

Rolling you over on your back I kiss you sliding my tongue into your hot mouth. You reach for my dick. I pull your hand away and tell you to relax. I straddle you placing the head of my cock just inches from your sweet pussy. Slowly I begin to rub your down with oil. Your big tits look incredible in the dim light. They are slick and glistening with oil. I pay close attention to you erect nipples, making you jump as I pinch them. I ease my hands down your tummy and slowly work oil into your belly button. Passing over your hips I begin to massage your legs. I suck your toes again as I rub your sexy calves. I pause briefly to kiss your knees as I work my way back up your legs. I kiss my way up your inter thighs gently nibbling on soft skin. I lick up one side of your hot pussy and down the other being careful to avoid your sensitive clit. My hungry tongue finds the tender spot between your sweet pussy and tight ass. I continue to lick you from hole to hole making you moan and squirm with delight. Your cum is dripping out of your hot slit on to my waiting tongue. I feel your hands on my head gently guiding my mouth to your swollen clit. I suck on your nub while my tongue rubs it quickly. Your hands are holding me tightly as you begin to grind against my face. Your juice is flowing heavily on my chin. You are close to cumming. I feel you’re your whole body tense up and your legs gently squeeze me. I flick your clit faster with my tongue and suck harder while inserting two fingers into your wanting pussy. I curl my fingers massaging your G spot. Your moans turn to a scream as your body begins to tremble. You hold my face tighter against your clit as you buck hard against my tongue. I push my little finger into your slick puckered ass pushing you over the edge. Your breath quickens as you begin to shake uncontrollably thru your intense orgasm. You flood my face with your hot sticky cum. You continue to quiver as I gently lick all your juice from your swollen pussy.

After catching your breath you sit up and kiss me deeply tasting your sweet nectar. I begin to play with your firm tits. Pinching your nipples you moan with passion. You push my hands away and tell me not to touch as it is your turn. You push me on to my back and straddle me. I can feel the heat from your pussy as you rub your juice on my dick. Your tongue feels so good sliding in and out of my hungry mouth. You gently bite my lower lip before pulling away. As you kiss my neck I feel you rubbing my nipples. You pinch them and pull them hard. I moan and flinch enjoying the erotic pain. You sooth the pain by quickly placing my hard nipple in your mouth. Your tongue feels so good as you suck them gently. Your wet pussy is grinding on my leg. You pass over my twitching cock and begin kissing my thighs. Your long beautiful hair brushes along my cock making me squirm with delight.

You slide your hand around and pull gently on my balls stretching my sac making my cock start to leak pre-cum. I moan loudly as you slowly suck my right ball into your hot mouth. You lift your head until it my ball pops. You quickly replace it with the other. I look down and see my hard cock lying on your pretty face. Your hungry tongue begins to slide up my dick. You slowly lick your way to my swollen head. You kiss the tip gently tasting my juice. You are humping my leg as you take my head into your mouth sucking it hard. I feel you lips slowly inch down my cock as I watch you swallow my dick. Your throat relaxes as you take me all the way in. My cock is twitching against the back of your throat. You raise your head until my cock slips from your lips allowing it to slap against my stomach. You suck my balls hard for a moment and the quickly suck my cock again all the way to the base. You grind your wet pussy against my leg as you feel my body begin to tense. Your moans around my cock are driving me crazy. You suck hard and start to quiver as you shudder thru another orgasm.

I run my fingers thru your hair as you start to bob your head quickly on my cock. You squeeze the base of my hard dick with your hand as your mouth sucks harder on my cock. My moans become louder and I tell you I am going to cum. You squeeze my cock harder stopping my cum as you suck me faster. The pressure building in my balls is making them ache. I can feel the head of my cock swell as it is sucked deeper into your mouth. You release your hand from my dick. My body starts to shake as I prepare to shoot my load. I notice you are cumming all over my leg again. That pushes my over the edge and begin to pump my sticky load into your hungry mouth. Feeling you swallow makes me cum more. The head of my cock is so sensitive as you release it from you lips. I am dizzy as I look down and see your beautiful face. Your wet lips are dripping with my juice and I can see my cum dripping from your chin. You raise my cock to your lips and lick me clean making sure to get every drop.

As I catch my breath you slowly crawl up my body kissing you way back to my lips. We lay in each others arms and enjoy a long kiss. The feeling of exploring each other’s mouth with our tongues is amazing. I caress you firm tits and massage your erect nipples. You moan softly and reach for my cock. My dick is thick and plump in your hand. I quickly becomes hard again as you play with my balls and stroke my cock. I roll you over on your back and kneel between you spread legs. Your pussy is swollen and wet. Holding the base of my cock I slowly rub my head over your clit. You moan as I slid my head along your lips and down to your tight ass. I pull my cock away and slap it against your clit making you squirm. I slide my head down your lips again and stop at the entrance to your hot pussy. I feel your legs wrap around me and you dig your heels into my ass forcing me into you. You are tight and wet. My head enters you and I pull it back out. Slowly I begin to insert my cock again. I inch my way into you. You moan as your pussy gets used to the intrusion. I pull back out only leaving my head inside you. I slam my hard dick back into you making you squeal. I start to fuck you hard as we get into a steady rhythm. The head of my cock starts to swell as it bangs against your G spot and my balls slap your ass. You slide your hand between your legs to feel my cock enter you and rub your clit. I reach for your erect nipples and squeeze them in my fingers. You scream and beg me to fuck you harder. I feel your tight slit contract around me. Your back arches as your pussy starts to spasm. You scream again as you get off on my cock. Your juice is flowing all over me as you squirt. I slow my rhythm as your whole body shakes thru your intense orgasm. As you catch your breath I slowly side my cock out of you.

I roll you over on your stomach and lift you to your knees. I spread your cheeks with my right hand and massage your tight ass with my thumb. My left hand guides my swollen head to your hungry pussy. With one smooth stroke I burry my cock back into you. You squeal and lower your head to the pillows preparing yourself for a hard fucking. The faster I fuck you the harder my balls slap against your clit. You are begging me to fuck you harder and faster. I raise your body so that you are kneeling in front of me. I reach around you and squeeze your tits. You turn your head and we kiss. You are moaning loudly as I slide my tongue in your mouth. You break our kiss, arch your back and buck against me. You scream for me to fuck your harder and tell me not to cum. I slow our rhythm and pull out of you to keep from losing my load. You turn around to face me. You kiss me as you slide my dick between your legs to rub your clit on the head of my cock.

You break our kiss and push me back making my fall to the bed. You straddle me and slowly lower yourself on to me. I grab your tits forcing you to impale yourself on my shaft. You begin to roll your hips in a circular motion. Your back arches as you grind your clit against me. I raise my head and suck your hard nipples as I slide my hands around your back. You moan and shake as you flood me with you juice once again. You orgasm is intense and seems to last forever. I tell you I ‘m not sure I can hold back any longer.

You roll off of me on to your back and tell me to cover your wonderful tits with my cream. I straddle your stomach and you grab my dick. Rubbing my head on your nipples you stroke my cock. I grunt and start to squirt on you. The first shot hits your chin and then I cover your tits. I collapse next to you and try to catch my breath. As you smear my cum all over your sexy body you turn to me and tell me we need to take another shower.

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