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She was Better than a Skin Mag

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Ronnie stared at the beautiful sight which lay before him?a beautiful topless babe on the beach with apparently no one around her. Her name was Shauna. She was 5?10?, 125 pounds of curves, deeply tanned skin, and had moonless night black hair. A bright-eyed goddess, who looked sensual and sexy as hell. Best of all, she seemed to be staring straight at him!

He turned the page for more. Ewwww. Party jokes. Half of which weren?t even remotely funny.

What kind of guys, he wondered as he closed the magazine, even got to meet gorgeous girls like Shauna, or any of the other Miss Decembers of the universe? Certainly not regular men like him. He had been a tuba player in his small high school band, which didn?t exactly get him laid like the drummers or the guys wearing shades who jammed on the trumpet or the sax and gave ?private sessions? to the small town groupies. His first six years of college were inconsequential as well. His parents had not rushed him to finish school or even to declare a major, his mother saying that sometimes greatness took time. But having more tenure than most of his professors at college wasn?t something he took a lot of pride in. The few girls that he actually got up the nerve to talk to didn?t seem to think that a sixth year senior was any kind of celebrity either.

He blew out a deep sigh and tossed the magazine onto the nightstand in his dorm room. It landed with a thud beside his clock. 3:30. Oh shit, he groaned. Late for his marketing class study group again! Ronnie threw on a pair of shorts, a white t-shirt with an enlarged photo of a bulldog on the front, and an old falling apart pair of sandals, then made his way across campus to the large maple tree beside the gymnasium where the group always met. The five of them were waiting.

?Shit Ronnie,? Randolph said looking at his watch, ?you?re late again! I guess you either don?t realize, or don?t care, that there are others among us who have carefully scheduled lives and little patience for tardiness.?

?Hush Randolph,? said Julie, who was short, spunky, very blonde, and way out of Ronnie?s league, ?Ronnie has the best imagination and best ideas out of the rest of us put together. If he is ten minutes late from time to time, I?m okay with that. Come on Ronnie, let?s get to work.?

The other three in the group looked uncomfortable but said nothing. Marcus was on the football team and really didn?t care. Jesse was Mexican and bilingual and tall and handsome and would be working in his rich father?s clothing store in a couple of years and really didn?t care. Jenna was 52, divorced, and had nothing better to do with her life than go to school. So of course she cared.

After working on their upcoming project for a couple of hours, they decided to call it an early day and resume later that week. Randolph was frustrated that the project wasn?t getting finished more quickly. Julie, while being concerned that her grade point average would fall with any grade less than an A, wanted to go back to her dorm room to call her mother. The others just went with what Julie said as she was the leader of the group.

Ronnie loped over to the cafeteria to grab an apple, then went back to his room for another date with Shauna?s centerfold picture. After closing his door, he quickly stripped, plopped onto his bed and lost himself in Shauna?s smile as the heat from his rapidly hardening dick warmed the hand that held it.

A low knock sounded on his door.

Surprised but not panicked and thinking that it was probably one of the guys in the dorm letting him know that his parents were on the hall phone, Ronnie threw his shorts on and padded to the door. Opening it nonchalantly he was even more surprised by the face which appeared at his door.

?Hi,? was all that he could stammer out.

?Hi Ronnie,? the female face grinned at him. ?I hope I?m not bothering you or anything??

?No no, not at all. I was just kicking it and uh?reading.?

?Cool,? was the reply. ?Do you mind if I come in for awhile? I was kinda bored and thought that maybe you would like some company. Jesse told me where your room was.?

Before Ronnie had realized what was happening, Jenna had entered his room and was looking around. Ronnie was truly shocked. While not quiet, she had not been overly vocal either in marketing class or at their study groups and just didn?t seem like the type to do much besides cook and clean her home and invite friends over for coffee or whatever 52 year old divorcees did with their time. She took a visual survey of his room, seemed to decide that it wasn?t out of the norm of her expectations, then sat in the chair at his desk.

She asked without pretense, ?Do you smoke refer??

Shocked at her emotionless but direct question, he answered, ?That would be a no.?

?I was thinking that someone like you probably would.?

Intrigued but surprisingly not irritated, he asked, ?Someone like me? Should I take that as stereotyping? What else do you have set in your mind about ?someone like me???

She replied matter-of-factly, ?I had you pegged as an unambitious but smart kid who sat around smoking refer, reading porno magazines, and didn?t care about much in the world.?

Ronnie immediately thought of Shauna?s centerfold spread wide open on his bed and wondered if Jenna had seen it. The immediate flush of red on his cheeks evoked a smile from his guest.

?I didn?t mean to offend,? she said. ?I seem to surprise a lot of people who don?t know me with my bluntness. It?s nothing bad really. Just one woman?s stereotyping from what she has observed over the years.?

After a rushed ?it?s okay?, Ronnie edged to his bed, sat down, and quickly grabbed his TV remote control with one hand while folding his magazine closed with the other. It was quite a mean feat. The television turned on to one of those dating shows where the cocky superbodied men make jerks out of themselves in front of the stunning superbodied girls who didn?t seem to want to settle for average guys like Ronnie.

After watching for a few minutes, a commercial came on. ?Why do all of the great looking men have to be such assholes?? Jenna asked.

Getting over his surprise from hearing such a word from the mouth of someone old enough to be his mother (and he didn?t remember her ever using the word asshole around the house), Ronnie countered with, ?Why do such great looking women always date those kinds of men??

Ronnie and Jenna then looked as if seeing one another as members of the opposite sex for the first time. He with the tussled curly hair, brown eyes, and slim body; she with the full lips and still fuller hips of the black woman that she was.

Simultaneously they spoke, ?When was the last time you were out on a date?? then giggled and blushed as they realized that they were both thinking the same thing. Neither of them had thought of the other as someone who would date.



?Have you ever??

?Shut up and come here.?

Puzzled, Ronnie did as she asked.

Jenna silently and slowly appraised him from head to toe. Ronnie stood uncomfortably as she gazed at his wide shoulders, then down to his smallish hairless chest and flat stomach. The older woman then bowed her head to look at his bare feet and slowly gazed up his average calves and thighs. When he saw her eyes fixate on his crotch, it took every bit of Ronnie?s willpower not to feel the stirrings of an erection. He lost. His penis throbbed and fairly jumped up against the zipper of his shorts. He groaned in defeat and embarrassment as Jenna started a small smile, yet continued to stare at his growing member. Ronnie didn?t know what to do. The young man had never been with a black woman or a woman this mature or a woman as sultry as Jenna was. Would she laugh and walk away? Would she continue to stare until his now full erection broke the zipper?

She did neither. While keeping her gaze fixed on his crotch, Jenna, still sitting in the desk chair, reached up with her right hand and firmly began to rub Ronnie?s cock right through the thin layer of fabric of his shorts. Both of their mouths were partly open and both of their chests were rising and falling with the labored breathing that their pent-up passion was creating.

Standing up, Jenna looked about five inches shorter than Ronnie?s five foot nine inch frame. She stood right up against him, took his face in her hands, and gave him a firm lingering kiss. Her arms slowly snaked around his neck; her breasts pushed the fabric of her bra and blouse into his ribs. In turn, Ronnie felt his boner poke its way into Jenna?s stomach.

Taking further control, Jenna pushed down on Ronnie?s shoulders until he was sitting in the chair that she had recently vacated. She seemed to not even care that she was with a man less than half her own age or that their skin contrasted like day and night.

?Undress me,? she instructed.

Ronnie started fumbling with the buttons of her blouse.

?Slowly,? she looked at him intensely. ?I want to enjoy you Mister College Man.?

Ronnie had trouble controlling the trembling in his fingers while trying to slowly but smoothly get Jenna?s blouse off without further fumbling. He managed to get her blouse and jeans off without much trouble, but he had difficulty unsnapping her bra, especially since Jenna?s hand was still busy tugging at the lump in his shorts. She then reached behind with one hand and undid the bra clasp with a quick pinch of her fingers. She turned around to face Ronnie.

Now it was his turn to stare. Her breasts, while years past perky, were still very full and firm. ?40DD? she said in response to his unasked question. She had a bit of a pooch in her belly. Full thighs, firm calves, and maroon polish on her toes. He slowly slid her panties down, and in doing so noticed with surprise that her pussy was bald and smooth. It was also glistening with her juices.

She took his hand and walked him over to the bed.

?Mind if I move your ?study guide??? she asked as she held up the magazine containing Shauna and the party jokes.

Ronnie reddened, ?Uh, yeah, go ahead. There?s an article in there about??

?I don?t even want to hear it Mister College Man. You think I was born yesterday??

They laughed as she sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. She worked Ronnie?s shorts down over his erection and down to his ankles, then he kicked them off and stood before her with his hands on his hips, uneasy to touch her.

Jenna didn?t notice. Reaching around to grab his ass with both of her hands, she opened her mouth wide, then clamped her sweet full lips around the head of his cock, causing an extra throb.

A wild groan escaped Ronnie?s lips. All of his inhibitions faded as his newfound lover?s head began tantalizingly bobbing back and forth over his rod. His hands found their way to the back of her head and began pushing while trying to guide her to a faster pace. But Jenna would have none of it. She used her tongue as well as her lips over the length of his cock?long soft lips with a velvet tongue followed by strong sucking. The slurping sounds echoing off of the walls of the tiny room were driving Ronnie over the edge. Jenna cupped and began to massage his balls. Ronnie?s hips started to make fucking motions back and forth as he felt the cum rise through his shaft. Jenna pulled her mouth away, leaving Ronnie?s dick wanting to the point of ache. He had never remembered ever being so hard.

?Stop teasing me Jenna! I want to cum so bad.?

All Jenna did was smile impishly. She knew exactly what she was doing to the younger man, guiding him through the sex like a puppetmaster.

She lay back on the bed with one leg flat and the other bent and open. Her exposed pussy seemed to wink at Ronnie.

?Lick me,? she said. ?And be nice to Ms. Coochie or she?ll shut you out.?

Ronnie stared at the inviting slit for a moment. He hadn?t realized just how pink and beautiful a woman?s cunt could be before now. Seeing the contrast of Jenna?s glistening hole against the dark chocolate of her skin made his prick jump yet again.

He crawled onto his stomach until he was with oral reach of his target. His fingers spread her labia wide, then he pointed his tongue and touched the tip to Jenna?s clit.

Jenna came right then and there. Ronnie couldn?t believe it. She moaned softly and thrashed, grabbed him with both hands in his hair and shoved his face into her pussy so hard that Ronnie could barely breathe. He kept his tongue glued to her clit however, and he could feel her inner walls pulsing and spasming crazily against his lower lip. With Jenna?s full-size thighs trying to squeeze his ears together and the shortage of air into his lungs, Ronnie found it truly amazing to realize that he still maintained a massive erection.

When Jenna?s body went limp during the aftermath of her orgasm, Ronnie seized his opportunity to take control. He raised up on his knees, spread the older woman?s still lightly twitching legs, and threw them over his shoulders. He saw no protest from Jenna?s eyes?they were still a bit glazed from the force of her cum. There was a moment of hesitation as Ronnie observed the contrast between the redness of his penis, the brown of Jenna?s skin, and the slippery-looking pinkness of her cunt.

Ronnie then buried his dick inside of Jenna in one long thrust. The penetration made both gasp with pleasure and Ronnie held his pose so that both of them could savor the feeling.

?Fuck me like it?s your last piece of pussy ever,? Jenna implored.

Ronnie needed no further urging. He fucked Jenna long and strong, unhurried and confident. A hiss expelled from between her teeth. He glanced down at her eyes and saw her staring intently back. The duel was on.

?You won?t be able to stand for a week,? he grunted.

?Show me that you?re man enough to do it,? she moaned.

?I want you so bad.?

?Prove it Lover.?

They continued to stare each other down. Ronnie spread his fingers wide and filled his hands with 40DD titflesh. He squeezed her beautifully hard dark nipples between his fingers. Jenna arched her back off of the mattress to increase the friction, then reached up to play with his nipples in turn.

?Mmmmm, that feels so fucking good Baby.?

?I?m glad that you like it. Now shut up and fuck me. You talk too much.?

This spurred Ronnie to fuck Jenna so hard that the sound of his balls echoed off the walls of the tiny room. Grunts and groans filled the air. The bed shook and rattled like an old model car. But neither of them cared about anything except the passion that they forged within one another.

?Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee!?

Ronnie leaned his chest and shoulders forward so that his pubic hair started to grind against the hairless pussy and clit of his lover. The effect was awesome.

?Ohhhhhhh. God, this is great!?

They were now in the midst of nothing short of warfare. Pushing into and against each other like two full grown lions, sweat running onto the scrunched up sheets, Ronnie and Jenna were in their own world.

Ronnie leaned forward further until his chest lay on top of Jenna?s big tits. He kissed her full lips passionately and slipped his tongue into her mouth while he pushed his cock as far inside her pussy as it would go. ?Oh man is she hot? he thought. Jenna held the kiss, moaning into Ronnie?s mouth. The rhythm of their fucking grew faster. Harder. Even more intense.

?Are you ready?? he asked.

Still staring into his eyes, ?Yessssss. Let me feel you shoot inside me.?

Ronnie closed his eyes and gave three final thrusts, ?Here?I?CUM!?

His back arched as he bellowed his orgasm into her.

Her back arched more as she screamed and dug her fingernails into his shoulder.

He shot load after load after load inside of her pulsing cunt. They both froze like statues as pure pleasure engulfed them. Ronnie made a quick wish to never have this moment end.

After long moments, it finally did.


?Yes Baby. I?m here.?

?Did this really happen??

Ronnie slowly rolled off of Jenna and onto his back, then closed his eyes again as he held her hand while laying shoulder to shoulder. A moment later he was snoring gently.

When Ronnie awoke, the older woman was gone and his room was dark. He sighed, trying to piece together in his mind the earlier events to make sure that he didn?t just dream the entire wild affair. He rolled over in his bed and was surprised to hear a paper crinkling noise. Reaching over to turn on his bedside lamp, he found it hard to shake the cobwebs?until the found the source of the crinkling sound. There, on the bed beside him, Ronnie looked at his favorite magazine with the centerfold opened up and Shauna smiling lustfully. A note in black marker was written across her body?

?Thanks for the memory Mister College Man. Lustfully yours, Jenna.

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