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She makes love to him first hw experience

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No one was as cute and gorgeous as Laurie in high school. No one looked as good ten years out of high school in any measure than Laurie. She was 5'7" 123lbs 34B a size 4 brunette with dark brown eyes that screamed "take me" yet her innocent pixie face was so sweet and girl next door that you only imagined what your dick would feel like parting her perfect lip glossed lips. As a matter of fact, I think most guys had a kissing fantasy with her. Yes, kissing because she had been HS prom queen and so on a pedestal far above everyone that to sneak a kiss in with any body contact at all was as far as a guy could dream. Little did all the guys know that she was so sick of being the goody goody girl next door that in the back of her mind she kept waiting for the first guy to use her as his slut with every date she had. Her legs were perfect. I mean a full 10.00 with tanned thin ankles and full calves that lead to the back of her indented knees which she so longed for a man to work up to her creamy thighs. She always wore a little heel accenting her legs hoping the guys would pick up on her trying to get a little attention as a sex object instead of the untouchable princess. She didn't have to be told her ass was set off by her heels and the way it cupped off her thighs full and round and if a guy could order white globes of perfect ass this is what he'd have requested. She was tiny. She slinked and glided across the floor her body drawing attention by her dark Indian skin and thin waist leading to her flat tummy and dark nippled large round aureolas on her perfect perky tits. So ten years out of high school looking better and younger than most girls did in high school, she set out to have a whorey hotwife experience. The man she was going to have guide her through this was her new found Dr. friend and employer, Phil, who was the first man to ever climb into her mind and promise her he would unleash the whore in her with as many other men as she wanted. All he asked was that he got to watch. They had had sex several times and shared many fantasies. The constant addiction between them was her desire to be a filthy whore for a complete strange man. She had never been able to convey her desire to be used and shared sexually with any bf's or her ex b/c they were all so possessive and jealous due to her beauty combined with her extremely hot flirtatousness and love of public teasing and showing off her body in public places to get reactions she reveled in from men. Phil knew Laurie's necessity to live this fantasy out and being 25 years older than Laurie's 28, which she could've passed for 19, helped him guide her through a hotwife experience openly and without guilt or judgement. Nearly everytime these 2 had sex, he would encourage her by saying things such as "Will you suck Steven's cock this good when we meet him and nuzzle your pretty pink lips and nose to his cockbase like you are mine?" She would always moan and suck deeper and harder. Laurie was truly a man's sexual drive within a beautiful nubile young female body.

After seeing each other for a year, Phil and Laurie fell in love. Some might think this would thwart their fantasy of her being a hotwife. It only served to enhance their desire for him to share her more and for her to want the hw experience almost desperately. They joined a swingsite with several provocative pics of Laurie's hot body and their profile read "Man or couple to complete our fantasy of experiencing the ultimate thrill of taking my gf in front of me". After a few days, they were overwhelmed with responses. Seeing Laurie's perfect tanned proportional body and sweet gorgeous face and knowing she would willingly be your hw whore for the night resulted in 100's of responses from very good looking guys. Laurie was amazed and totally turned on b/c although she knew she was kind of cute she had no idea the sexual desire she would evoke in all of these young and older men from miles around. They sat down in front of the computer one night for Laurie to pick her first lover. It was a hot 2 hours with both of them knowing whoever she picked would get to have her exactly the way he wanted to have her b/c she wanted no coaching from Phil and told him she wanted her new playmate to do just what he'd normally do with her as if it was a date with a "guarantee of scoring". They both decided there would be no rules and as a matter of fact just to encourage foreplay and making out they had said in their swing profile, "Kissing & love making not only allowed... but encouraged". Each time they spoke of this aspect of the play session, she got extremely wet and he got hard.One Saturday Laurie picked 2 men she wanted to have her first hw session with. Phil emailed each of them and Steven who was only 35 miles away responded quickly with much enthusiasm. He raved about Laurie's pictures which they had opened on their swinger profile. After Phil had talked to Steven a few times, he felt he was a great candidate for Laurie to begin with. Steven was in awe of Laurie's face and body and at age 39 he was anxious to play with a girl 10 years younger. They set a date for a Saturday at a hotel in a nearby bigger city for Steven to pick up Laurie at the hotel bar. Steven was asked what he wanted Laurie to wear and he wanted her in a short skirt, heels, and a dressy T top.

The anticipation was high on everyone's part that Saturday. Laurie bathed and put on lotion for Steven and then she started looking at which skirt and top he might like. She asked Phil which outfit a guy would like and he told her she couldn't go wrong with her short tan skirt and white and navy top. The top was tight around her tits and the skirt showed off her tanned legs and ass especially when she wore heels with it which she planned on doing. Phil asked if he could help dress her in lacey panties and a white bra as well as slipping her top over her head and zipping up her skirt and sliding on her heels knowing that Steven would be taking off every piece of clothing he was dressing her in. That turned them both on that he wanted to dress her specifically for another man to enjoy undressing her. So looking 19 and sexy, they got in the car to head for the hotel

On the way to meet Steven, Phil asked Laurie if she wanted a drink and she said no she wanted to remember everything about her first hotwife experience. That made Phil's dick twinge a little knowing Laurie didn't have to be the least bit altered to be a whore. When they entered the bar of the hotel, their eyes scanned the people sitting there to see if Steven had arrived yet. He wasn't there yet but they were early. More anticipation. They sat across each other at a table and their wait wasn't long. Steven walked in with an air of confidence that made Laurie wet as his 6'2" body looked over the room til his eyes met Laurie's and his smile told her everything. He had wanted her for a year and had patiently waited for her to be his. He showed his desire by walking over to our table and pulling out a chair and immediately slid it over next to her and placed his hand on her knee as he kissed her on her lips as if to say "Hi, I will own you for a few hours beginning this very moment". She melted and any nervousness she had turned into sexual excitement knowing this was the man who would use her for the next few hours and she knew her excitement showed and when she looked at Phil she got a reassuring smile to let herself go. Neither one of them were interested in small talk and when I saw the lust in both of their eyes I rattled the room key to get their attention and Steven reached out to get it while his eyes never left hers and his hand had slid up her thigh.As Steven got up from the table he helped Laurie up with his arm around her and then held her face gently as he kissed her with his mouth open and I saw Laurie's jaw drop quickly to give him her tongue to entertwine with his. She melted into his arms as he dropped on of his hands to her ass as he was leading her to the elevator. As I followed them to the elevator I loved seeing his hand on her ass in her skirt in ownership of her. When we got on the empty elevator he eased her back into the corner and pressed his hard dick into her pussy through his pants and her skirt with his arms around her kissing her hard and deeply while his hands dropped to cup her round ass pulling her into him. I was rubbing my dick through my pants as I saw my Laurie starting to give herself to this man she had just met knowing there was nothing she wouldn't let him do to her and it just made me harder and harder the more they got lost in each other. When I opened the door to the room he asked her to walk over to the bed in front of him so he could watch her ass and legs and hips swing with a definite "fuck me" motion. He told her to stop and stand at the foot of the bed facing the door. She did as she was told and he started walking towards her telling her he had wanted her since he saw her pics. She moaned "I'm glad" as he reached her and stood in front of her for what seemed like hours before leaning forward to kiss her without touching her for several minutes when she started to whimper and he said what's wrong Laurie? She said "Why don't you touch me" and he said because I want you to touch me first. She put her hand on his crotch and felt how hard he was for her and went up on her toes to eat up his mouth with hers as she fully held his male package that she knew was meant for her. I knew I would love their foreplay and I had gotten my dick out starting to stroke it knowing this was not going to be disappointing. He put his hands under her top and unsnapped her bra while he lifted off her shirt and I watched the bra drop to the floor as he then took his hands and completely cupped her tits in them while his opened mouth dropped from her's to suck her nipples. She let her head fall back with her eyes rolling up when he licked up to her neck & kissed it to her cheeks and said "You are the prettiest whore I will ever make love to, does it make you feel like the real slut you are with Phil watching?" She moaned "Yes" and he said I'm glad because whores like you should be shared with as many men as possible as he dropped to his knees to lick his way up her legs. He turned her around and slid off her skirt and as she was standing there in heels and panties only he smacked her ass with one hand then the other. He then took her panties off and spanked her ass from one side to the other til it began to turn pink then he put his mouth in her ass and licked the pink globes before burying his face into the beautiful white ass cheeks he'd jacked off to so many times. He told her to bend over and brush her tits on the bed while he licked her ass and I could see her perfect B cup nipples rubbing the bed when he started to unbutton his shirt & I knew she wanted to unbuckle and unzip his pants but she had told me earlier that she didn't want me to coach so I kept silent as I enjoyed my girl's body naked with another man worshipping it with his mouth. He must have read my mind because after his shirt was off he said "Laurie, stand up and face me". She looked so hot facing another man with only her heels on and her mouth inches away from his & as he held her face with both his hands, he kissed her softly then said "I think I'd like to see you take off my pants while I watch your full lips hunger for my dick" She moaned like he'd given her a present as she slid to her knees and then as she started to undo his pants she said "I want to be your cumslut all afternoon if it's ok?" She stared at me when she said it and saw me hard as a rock beating my dick while watching them and I smiled at her and said "I love you being his whore and you know that don't you"? She licked her lips and turned to his dick now sticking out in front of her face and he said "Let me feel your warm full lips & tongue wrap around my head first while you look up at me and show me you're my whore by taking my dick down an inch at a time backing up to eat the precum out of me each time you go down another inch". She took his thick swollen dick into her mouth almost half way down his 8 inches when he grabbed her head and said "Slow baby, slow" She couldn't and buried her nose and lips down to his base with his head almost in her neck as he gasped and she moaned as her head went in circles while her tongue worked it's miracles. He said if she kept that up he'd shoot his load down her throat and neck to her tummy with all the other cum she has swallowed being the cum dump slut she is. She nodded as to say please give me your thick white cum to taste as she held his balls and he reached down for a handful of her titties while I started to see his stomach tighten and her mouth start to gulp and I couldn't help cumming as she was sucking a new man's cum into her mouth to eat it for him. OMG she looked so good on her knees in front of Steven making love to his dick for him and letting him use her mouth as a cum toilet. He hadn't jacked off for almost a week and she kept gulping and gulping as he held her tits tightly in ownership of his new slutty play toy. Even while she was cleaning him up to finish gobbling all the cum that was rightfully hers he said "You know I want to fuck you and if you just stay down there I'll be hard for you in a few seconds". She was so turned on by that that she said to him "If you can cum again, where would you want to shoot it this time"? He said "I want to fuck you and make love to you in front of Phil and have us cum together as I cum inside your sweet sweet pussy". She looked at me and I said "Let's give the man what he wants honey if it's what you want". She dropped her eyes and all I could see was her eyelashes looking down while she said softly "Yes". Then I got so hard knowing she wanted it as badly as he and I did and I asked her if she'd enjoy making love to Steven with me watching? She was quiet for a second so I said "Would you like me to leave the room for a little bit?" She looked up at me with his dick head right at her lips and said "Do you mind"? I told her I loved her for doing this and being honest with me about wanting to love on him while he used her not only as his whore but as a wife or girlfriend to make passionate love to. He picked her up and layed her out on the bed. He layed beside her and they whispered how much they were attracted to each other and how they both wanted this. As a matter of fact, they were so into each other that when he held her and their bodies pressed together as they kissed each other, they forgot I was watching. I stayed quiet hoping to get to see Laurie and Steven fuck and make love after only knowing each other an hour. He kept nibbling her lips and nose and tongue and when he rolled on his back she knew what he wanted. She eased herself on top of him and slid her pussy down on his dick and as he entered her she bent down to lay her tits on his chest and her mouth on his. I was coming out of my skin it was so hot. He kept saying you know my balls are full again to cum inside of you and she said "oh yes I know but just fuck me now and I'm not going to let you outside of me til I feel your hot cum exploding inside of me" As their hands were all over each other, she was riding his dick on her clit and I saw her eyes roll up and his thighs tighten and I wish this could last for hours. I beat my dick like a crazy man watching my girl fuck another guy and it made it so hot that we all knew where his cum was going!! She started screaming and I knew that would make him cum too. Their bodies rocked together and they held each other tight as he talked to her loud about she was the best piece of ass he'd ever had and to squeeze his cum up into her and she said oh yes yes I will bring all of you into me. I came as they came together and Laurie collapsed on Steven as they lay spent in each other. He said baby girl your pussy is so tight and your ass is so perfect and she said "Can you cum again?" He said With you, 3-4 more times. I saw him roll her over to get on top of her and lay his dick on her lips as she took it in her mouth. It was amazing.. for everyone

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