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She acted on a dare

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She acted on a dare.

She likes a dare.

It's like an aphrodisiac, Spanish Fly to her!

She enjoys being challenged, it raises a certain level of cocky, self assuredness, and arrogant confidence in her. A persona that has been dying to come out, to expose itself, to greet and conquer all that stand in her way. She becomes a different person, as she did on that evening.

I love this person, and I love that person.

She is a Gemini, after all.

And she is quite capable of mastering both personalities, as she was so determined to prove, on this particular evening.

I, of course, encourage this infrequent attitude, my adoration for her is appreciated in such a manner that is best,,,,observed. It reminds and reinforces me of why I am so thrilled, excited, aroused, and yes, in love with her.

She thinks my observation can be considered an active participant.

I am by no means, passive.

This is not a voyeuristic tendency on my part, as much as I adore her. Well, maybe to a degree, she IS the main attraction. Yet she knows that the main attraction is the intense pleasure that she will provide for me. Unbeknownst to me, she would do anything for me.

It was a hot, mid summers early evening. The temperature in perfect alignment with her heated anticipation of the evening. She secretly had plans! We have discussed this type of evening, before, this fantasy of mine. Little did I know how she enjoyed it, immensely, without really ever letting on to me. I felt she indulged me.

We were off the beach about 2.5 hours ago. It was a great day, sunny, hot, the ocean was cool and refreshing. Lots of playing, teasing, two fun loving people, loving each others company. We discussed a light bite and a cocktail or two, right off the beach late afternoon. An outdoor tiki like bar, just off the dunes, with a 3 piece trio, playing island music in the background, which since evolved into a 5 piece quintet, with horns, and an upbeat tempo, the kind of music that started to boil her blood! She loves to dance. It was about 7:30 and the sun was setting in the west behind the roof tops of the small business' on this main drag, one block off the beach.

She did a quick change inside, then reappeared stunningly beautiful and sexy, 5’7”, 125lbs., very leggy, a long torso, a Victoria secret models build, appearing in her favorite very tiny and short blue levi shorts, low on the hips, high on the legs, with a black, tight, sleeveless body hugging, midriff baring lycra tank top, and the shoes! She left me breathless! Open toe, open side 4 inch black metal grommet sandals making her stand 5’11”, I knew she meant business, although this was not discussed.

Her bathing suit was tucked inside her beach bag, her long sandy blonde hair freshly brushed, her skin slightly shimmery from the days coconut scented suntan oil.

The perfect day was turning into a perfect evening. We were having fun, as we always do, drinking, talking, flirting, smiling, touching, making friends wherever we go, people seem drawn to us, friendliness breeds friendliness.

I spotted him leaning against the bar, maybe the one. I tried to nonchalantly size him up. I got caught. She glanced over her shoulder to see what had my attention. She looked back at me, her head cocked to the side and with a real, sly smile, said, “Is that for us faggot? You want me to get him for us”? I said nothing because I was shocked! She said, “Watch this”!

As she got up to presumably go grab another round of cold ones, I finally uttered nervously, “no, no”. She said in the same tone, “shut up faggot, you want this as much as I do. “Yea,,,,I do”!

The object of my fantasy, was to watch her, in all of her glory and beauty, being sexy, naughty, slutty, and in love with her being sexually aroused by her type, and being the object of sexual desire. I explained how it offered a different perspective when masturbating, how arousing that visual of her, was. To step back, as I put it, and watch the woman I loved and adored, to see her in a whole new light, observing, watching, loving every second of her, giving and receiving and wildly enjoying. I came hard this way, and often. We had engaged in phone sex this way, she played along nicely, expertly in fact.

She headed towards her prey. What made her attracted to him was the longish, dark, unkempt hair, that framed a ruggedly handsome, clean shaved face with a strong jaw line, high cheekbones, deep set, light colored eyes, in well worn faded blue jeans, snug on his hips, the rolled up sleeves on the button down, worn out white oxford shirt, exposing well worked arms and chest. One button only fastened in the middle of the shirt, not tucked in, but didn't hide the important stuff either. She loves the protruding zipper! This guy filled his jeans, he had a butt, strong looking thighs. I was surprised that I took notice to this guy’s butt, but there was no denying this build. 6'2” or so, 195 - 200 lbs, tan, white teeth, tight, lean muscular gym worked body, like mine, his skin glowing from the day's hot sun....she could almost imagine how hot his skin was to the touch, she would find out.

As she sized him up, she could almost taste his saltiness as she secretly wished she would have the chance to find out. Her mind wandered as she remembered the conversations, the fantasies, the phone sex, not long ago, I would get much pleasure from observing her with someone else.....someone just like this!

She knew exactly where she was going.

It was darkening, getting crowded, and she had to squirm her way into a spot at the bar.

She made certain she was on the correct side of her target, all the while, making certain I had a good look at her soon to be busy hands, which were casually, but purposefully, down by her side. Knowing she had my attention, she glanced at me and winked, as she zeroed in on her target.

And I lipped, "I dare you", and we both know how she LOVES, and rarely backs down, from a dare.

As she slipped in between her target and the occupied barstool next to her, it was great,,,,, without reservation, she tossed her head and she did the accidental backhand brush against his cock, presumably just for me, (but I knew as much for her also).

Then, she made sure her target held her gaze, it was first the touch,,,,,,,,he had to see who did that!...

then her scent and long sexy hair that he couldn't help but notice, as her eyes did the “down there” glance which she held just a second too long, to see what it was that she just "accidentally" brushed! ,,,making certain her target saw what she was doing.....

I was losing it, it was so sexy!

id: the author at this point, whises ti know if the story should be concluded. Thanks to all readers!

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