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She wanted to get naughty

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A couple we are friendly with were having marital problems, no details, we just knew they were not good. My wife, Debby, told me she was getting information in bits and pieces, It seems that my buddy, Jackson, got caught with his mistress by his wife, Amy. I told Debby that I had my suspicions, but wanted to stay clear of any controversy. Jack and Amy are good friends and I didn't think we should take sides. That normally doesn't end well for all involved. About a week ago I got a call from Amy, she needed to talk. I told her I was uncomfortable going behind Jackson;s back. Her reply was he was the one who cheated and she just needed someone to talk to. I told her I would sit down with her and talk. I let Debby know that Amy wanted to meet. Debby told me to have her come to our place on Friday evening. I set it up. A little about Amy. Strawberry blonde, 5'5" of sexiness. I have seen her tits on two occasions, while she was changing in our house at pools parties. They are beautiful!!! She looks great in a bikini. Many the time I fantasized about her while fucking my wife. I even told Debby I thought Amy was sexy, she agreed. Friday evening around six Amy rang our door bell, I let her in. We embraced, she smelled wonderful. I led her to the family room. I cut right to the chase, asking her what I could do to help the situation. She said she wanted me to use her phone to take some photos. I was confused asking what kind of photos. Sexy photos of me she replied. Again, I told her I was not real comfortable doing this. She asked me if I was losing my mind. A woman was asking to be photographed and I was saying no. She had a good point. Asking what this was all about. She said Jackson had a playmate and she wanted one. He was busted and could not complain or there would be hell to pay. I said that this was a little strange. She said this is my last chance and wanted to know if I was in or not. What about Debby I asked. She replied that it was Debby who suggested me to be her play toy. WOW!!!! We have been in the lifestyle for 10 years, but never have I thought Debby would okay me playing with a straight friend. Amy gave me her phone, asked me to take a photo of her clothed. I did. She then removed her blouse, another photo, down came her shorts, I snapped another. By now I am getting hard. Next the bra hit the floor, Like I said I have seen those beautiful tits before but this was different, incredibly sexy. She then removed her panties and tossed them to me. I snapped several pictures in a number of poses. She asked me to strip, I was happy to oblige. She then took a photo of my hard dick and shaved balls. She said Jackson will be jealous, not nearly as endowed as I. She went to her knees and took me in her mouth, sucking me like a pro. It was magnificent, taking me right to the edge of cumming. She then asked me to treat her like a whore, use her anyway I wanted. I told her to sit in the chair in the corner, put her legs over the arms of the chair, pull her pussy lips apart. I then took a photo of her hot, wet pussy. Next I told her to finger herself, more photos. This was more than I could take. I went face first into her pussy, the aroma was intoxicating. Hot, wet, musky pussy all for me to use as I saw fit. I ate her to her first orgasm, screaming as she came. I then fingered her hard, first one finger then two. Another orgasm. I had her go to her knees and suck my cock again. This time I blew my load. I had her let my cum run down her chin onto her tits. Another picture. She then cleaned me up. She asked me when I was going to cum in her pussy. My answer was as soon as I shaved her. She just smiled. I washed her up, lathered her. laid the razor on her belly. Yet another photo. This was beyond great, as sexy as I have felt in a long time, I was hard as a rock already. I shaved her, wiped her clean and ate her to another orgasm. She and I were both in heaven. It was then that i entered her pussy, right on the family room floor. She wrapped her legs around me, pulled her legs back, I pulled her feet straight up in the air, all the while pounding her like a whore. I then had her put her legs down and pull them together my legs outside of hers. This allows me to hit spot and have a tight pussy around my cock. Another orgasm. I then pinned her knees back to her ears and slammed into her like I was possessed. She came, I came and we collapsed. As I started to soften and slip out of her I reached for her phone and snapped a picture of my cum dripping out of her pussy and down her ass crack. We then showered together, dressed and said our goodbyes. Before she left I asked about the photos on her phone. She said Jackson asked to see the proof of her playtime. This blew me away. She wouldn't send them to him, but would show him and then delete. I had to laugh. She headed out the door saying this was our secret and a one time happening. I thanked her and said I was sorry that we couldn't see each other again. She said it would possibly cause problems. I said I understood. Later that evening I opened photos on my phone. Sexy Amy had sent them to me before she deleted them. I still get hard when I view them.

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