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She Gets What She Wants

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Ginger was the type of girl he'd been looking for and vice versa, she wanted him like no other man she'd ever met before, it was about time for these two to meet up again. She couldn't stand the thought that it had been over a year since they'd first met and she still hadn't had him in her bed yet. She called him up one day and invited him over, to her surprise, he wasn't too busy, so he came by to see her.

When she opened the door to him, she was wearing nothing but a bikini bottom and a towel wrapped around her shoulders, exposing her large ample breasts to him. He couldn't help himself, he had to take those in his gentle manly grip and played and sucked on each nipple. She moaned with great pleasure, he dipped a finger inside her bikini's to play with her moistened pussy, "mmmmmm, already wet for me!" he said with a smile. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom where she immediately tossed the towel into the hamper and dropped her panties to the floor, kickin' them away as an exotic dancer would do it. Leaving nothing more to his imagination, she motioned him to sit beside her on the bed. He went to her and sat beside her as she'd requested.

She now was going to take him in her hands, he'd worn very loose fitting shorts, the type surfers wore, and no briefs underneath. He was swinging loose and free. She reached in and got herself a handful of his goodies, and played gently with them, so as not to hurt them, as they were very fragile. "Mmmmm, Take them off!" she said to him. He stood up, just long enough to pull down his shorts and kicked them off to the side as she had done with her panties. She was standing over him in a bent over position, so she could perform felatio on him, in the mean time, he could play with her wet pussy, shoving a few fingers in deep. She let out a very loud moan. "Ooooooooooh Goddddddddddd" she said, just then she came, it seemed like buckets, she kept sucking on his big member as it filled her mouth and throat with meat, just then she could feel it pulse and grow, she knew she was about to get a mouthful of his hopefully sweet cum. This was the first time she'd ever actually tasted him, so it was a nice surprise to taste such sweetness.

When they were done with that, he told her to lie down on the bed. She did as he requested this time, and she was very relaxed and still very wet from her last cum. He got down between her legs, lapping up every drop of her cum with his tongue, as he licked up and down the inner parts of her thighs to her hot wet woman hood, she let go with another cum, she couldn't control herself, he'd fingered and licked her into another earth shattering climax. She was so surprised that she'd cum so much, he was delighted as he was about ready to enter her with his big member for the first time.

He slid his body up and met her mouth with his own, and let her taste herself on his tongue, he slid his big cock deep within her, she moaned and gasped, but she was on the verge of another cum. She'd never cum this much with her ex-husband, and felt like she'd be light-headed all after- noon, her newest lover had come to make her day filled with a hot wet passion that only he could deliver. She'd never known any other men who could make her feel this way.

They fucked all afternoon, into evening, they slipped into a light slumber for a while, just holding each other, upon reawakening, he kissed her on the forehead and headed out to the kitchen. He figured they were both starving, so he found a bottle of unopened wine in the refrigerator and took two glasses from the wine cabinet and trotted back to the bedroom, "hey hotstuff" he called, "how are you doin'?" "Hungry!" she said. "What do ya want? something here, or should I call out for something?" "Call for a pizza!" she said, pulling him down to the bed. He hadn't had the chance to open the wine yet. "You saving this for anything special?" "Yeah, tonight! Go ahead and open it!"

She grabbed the phone and dialed the number for the nearest pizzeria, then after ordering, she hung up and he handed her a glass of wine. "Here you go, some sweet wine, for my sweet lady!" he said with a sexy, seductive smile. "Thank you lover!" she said to him with a lick of her lips. Teasing him, taunting him into joining her in the bed again. Sitting up against the headboard, she'd set her glass of wine on the night table, turned to him and with her left hand, drew his face toward hers. A kiss, a taste of wine, an exchange of tongues, a kiss that deepened with each thrust of her body towards his, soon she was sitting on his member, facing him, riding him like the stud bull at a rodeo, he bucked and bronc'd like a horse, She was on him, he was in her, deep within her grew a familiar feeling she was about to explode all her juices on him again, she let go with such a trembling, that she had to let her body go limp from this one, in order to get her bearings again, up she sat on him again, continuing to ride her bronco til they both came hard, he thrusted so hard that she almost fell off of him, but then she kept her balance by holding on to his legs. She did a dismount that reminded him of a graceful ballet dancer taking her foot off the dance bar. She slumped on the pillow beside him, exhausted. They heard the doorbell ring, "Pizza!" she said, "and just in time." He finished, "where's a robe?" "in the closet! No need for that though, she got up, money in hand, she went to the door wearing nothing but a smile and mussed hair. She opened the door, "Hello, how much do I owe you?" ... The man on the other side of the doorway, just handed her the pizza and left, not a thing ma'am, good night" he left with a big smile on his face. "Well, this one's free!" she said to her lover as she returned to the bedroom. "No doubt!" he said with a smile. He took a sip of wine from the glass and then said "Shouldn't we eat this out at the kitchen table?" ...... after a moment of hesitation, she decided to take the food to the other room, but she still didn't put any clothes on. "Hey Sweetheart, would you please build a fire, it's getting just a might chilly in here but I don't want to put on clothes, I wanna sit around naked with you!" So her lover built a nice little fire in the fireplace they sat on the floor in front of it, snuggled together in a throw and ate pizza, drank wine, til they were both asleep once more.

Just a couple story, about two friends finally getting it on after years of waiting.

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