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She Always Screamed When She Came

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(Straight sex)

She always screamed when she came. As I looked down onto her gorgeous young face, I could see she was nearing her peak. The raising falsetto in her now choppy and breathless gasps told me she was almost there, ready to explode in frenzy as my cock pounded into her. With only two or three good pumps left before she erupted, I drifted back to moments before, reflecting deliciously on how I'd arrived inside this explosive teen vixen.

I'd met her, at her request as she cut through my yard returning from school. A high school senior, she could've driven, but I think she enjoyed the neighborhood attention she got as she meandered past the row houses to her home just a block away. Claudia was one of those flirty yet untouchably gorgeous young angels; ripe breasts, a tight round ass, with a waist in between that couldn't have been bigger around than two hands.

I was the lucky one today - I knew not how many others like me there were, and frankly I didn't care. Today she knocked on my door, opening her blouse as she did so, expecting nothing in return except to be ravaged in the semi-anonymous way that her spontaneous visits demanded. I didn't object. Her visits were never frequent enough, but I didn't mind. She always screamed when she came.

Today she wanted it quick, barely waiting to cross the threshold of my doorway before she'd forced my hand to her hard plump and young breast. Her other hand shot to my crotch, paining me as she squeezed for the milk she demanded be given her. She pushed me back, into the living room and pushed me down, keeping my hand on her tight skin as I lowered to my knees.

Her free hand slid up her skirt, and with one swift move, exposed her delicious bare flower at eye level to me. "Suck it" she ordered, panties slid to the side. I thrust my nose forward, breathing in her divine scent as I did so. I always found pussy to be intoxicating, and hers was like a fine wine to the senses. It smelled of perfume and light musk, gently mixing with an almost olive scent that I imagined came from the Mediterranean Sea itself. She was first generation Italian/American; olive skinned, with strikingly dark features, almost Moorish. Her pussy was strikingly pink against the bare skin of her thighs, now spread for my hungry tongue.

I thrust it forward, feeling the soft folds part as my tongue darted into her sweet and warmed honey. She gasped, stepped back, holding my head into her as she did so. I buried my proboscis deeper, sucking her olive juices across my tongue, tasting her youth as it trickled down my throat. She stumbled again, this time coming to rest on the arm of my couch, legs spread wide to offer her pulsing vassal for my taking.

Ravenously, I forced my tongue deeper, her pussy now spread across my face, her legs pushed back by my hands. Her screams of delight muffled in the cushions, I wanted only for more of this nectar, this oasis spring water offered to end a thousand-year thirst. I drank of it, pulling her sauce from deep within, lapping as a dog does milk, dripping sloppily with her sweet drink, enjoying it as it ran now down my neck.

Her screams amplified, "Now" she demanded, "Take me... cum inside me quick!" I stood, wasting no time releasing my gorged cock from its prison. She leaned forward as I did so, and hungrily grabbed at it, clumsily forcing my thick head into her tiny mouth. She couldn't suck cock for shit, but what she lacked in skill she made up for in enthusiasm, at least in the moments before I fucked her.

She pumped me, forcing my already hard cock to stiffen, slurping and gurgling as she did so, sucking the mess of oozing precum from my cock as she pumped. She quickly stopped, and with one hand on my ass, pulled me forward to her as she slid down the edge of the armrest to my cock. Her body arched, she guided my heated sword to her oiled hilt, stopping as the head made contact. Her feet on the floor, ass on the armrest, and head thrown far back, she formed upside down U before me. She screamed out.. her resolve weakening as she rubbed my probe against her barely parted lips. Her voice echoed in my ears, young and vibrant, demanding me, her sound alone causing my shaft to shiver in rigid attention.

She pumped my cock again, now mixing her nectar with meat, easing the tight entry that was to come. She was golden before me, a masterpiece of youth and sex, arched and waiting my first and most painful thrust. I took her tiny waist in my hands, and with a single motion, buried my gorged thick cock into her deliciously tight and nubile young fuck hole.

She screamed out loud, a burst of breath and surprise as I filled her, shockingly loud as she arched to receive me. I quickly withdrew, shocked by her outburst, only to feel her nails bury into my cheeks, keeping me poised at her juiced entrance. I thrust again, this time harder still, and again she screamed, nails piercing my flesh as she demanded more. Again I thrust, and again she exhaled a burst of pleasure and pain that I feared would alarm the neighbors of our decadent after-school activities.

My cock pained as I pushed forward, her incredibly tight pussy pushing against my every inch as I buried myself deeply inside her. My balls tightened as my sensitivity increased. Her pussy engulfed me, welcoming me and yet expelling me, her tight body barely yielding to my powerful thrusts. I continued, rhythmically and quickly, feeling my cum raise into my youth-splitting cock as I did so. Her demands clear, I was to fill her quickly.

She always screamed as she came, and as I looked now into her face I knew the moment was upon me. Her nails bloody in my cheeks, she began to spasm as I thrust. Her pussy released waves of burning sweet oil as my cock plunged deeper, swelling as my balls tightened. I thrust again, cum rising... and again, now tightening as my cock prepared to deliver its load deep into her waiting cavern. With one final thrust, and a final piercing scream, I pulsed, exploding hot cum deep within her. Bucking up, she forced it even deeper, my spasms of cum met by her soaking cunt... taking it deep within as I drained my very essence into her young body.

She screamed a single breathless wail, expelling a tortured and final exasperated gasp. Her body shook in full spasm as what seemed her last breath exited her now even smaller frame. As her breath left her, she trembled, clenching me deeper into her crushed flower, suckling every last pulse of my soul into her nubile machinery. Then, as quickly as one removes a band-aide, she pulled me out and slid her panties back to catch my salted seed before a single drop could escape her swollen lips. She rose up; her face flushed, and kissed me fully on the lips, her brown eyes heavy as she pulled away. "Chi Vidiamo aspetare, mi Amico" she fluttered as she adjusted herself and walked to the door. Yes, I'll see you later, my lovely... I thought, translating her intentions in my mind. And as she left, I remembered the sound of her voice - not of her words, but of her screams as she came. Oh yes, I'll see you again.

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