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Shared Wife Karen

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I am so glad I signed up for this site because my sex life has been changed for the better forever.

I get home late from work so I was glad someone else was up late and just as horny as me.Her name was Karen she was married and she was looking for more men to play with.She never showed a face or body picture but I was interested from our conversations more than what she looked like at this point.

After much begging she agreed to meet me at my job and I was happy and turned on the first time I saw her,she had shoulder length brown hair and beautiful eyes ,her breasts were full and nice legs.I was already turned on by mind now her looks completed the package.

We got into her truck and chatted up about other topics,we both were nervous,I then made my move and kissed her,my lips engulfed her soft lips and I worked my lips and tongue down her mouth and neck,she let out a soft moan,my cock was hard and then her cell phone rang,it was her hubby Hank checking up on her making sure she was ok,she hung up and I could tell she was like she jsut got caught so we kissed alittle more but went to our seperate homes,At home I was so mad at myself for not grabbing the phone and to tell him that I was gonna fuck his wife.

A few weeks past and its late one night and she says that she wants to come over,my heart skips several beats and I hurry and brush my teeth and throw on a clean shirt.I meet her out front of my gated community and we speed off to a quite place in the late dark night.We kiss like two teenagers and my hands are all over her,she then tells me that she started her period so she wont let me put my fingers or anything else inside her but that she wants to suck my cock,I have had blowjobs in my life but I can honestly say that what this women did to me this night it will be hard for any woman to top.She undid my pants and pulled my jeans down and realeased my hard cock to her,my cock had precum from all of the kissing and she quickly and eagerly licked it and let out a soft moan,her mouth went down my entire shaft and used her tongue and lips.My cock was an instrument and she knew how to play it.I was so turned on by the sucking from this wonderful blowjob that I knew I was gonna blow my load, I said baby"I am going to cum"she then said the words that I love to hear"cum in my mouth baby",my eyes rolled in the back of my head and I had totally forgotten that her hubby was at home waiting for her.I exploded deep in her mouth and she without skipping a beat swallowed all of it down her throat sucking me to the bone.She raised up and licked her lips tasting my seed that I just put in her mouth.I kissed her deeply and could taste my salty residue in her mouth,it was 3:30am and she needed to get home,we collected ourselves and went our seperate ways.

Another few weeks past and we finally agree to consumate our affair.We agree to meet at a hotel.It is the cold season and I am wearing a hoodie that she tells me later that she hates.She of course looks incredible but then she drops a bomb on me that makes my heart stop,she says I have one rule"hubby wants pictures"My heart calms back down and I say"no problem".We quickly undress and I finally get to see her beautiful body,her breast are amazing and her nipples are hard, her pussy is shaved and in need of my cock.We lay on the motel bed and kiss,I am in no hurry but I have a fire deep in me that needs to be inside her, I kiss her hard nipples working my big lips around each nipples sucking softly. I work mytongue down her soft body and I have an urge to taste her,My mouth greets her soft mound and I taste an incredible mix of lust and desire and pussy juice.She lets out a hard moan as I eat her for all she is worth,my tongue sliding up and down her slit tasting more of my lover.I look into her eyes as I eat her and she then gives me the fuck me look and I know tht it is time. I grab my cock and slowly enter her wet hot pussy,she lets out a huge moan as I put more and more of my hard manhood inside of her married pussy.We start to fuck slow and both of our breathing increases as I go deeper in her hot cunt.She lets out a huge moan and its her first orgasm,I pull out and let her regain her composure.She texts hubby and tells him that she finally had an orgasm her first one in a long time.We take a picture of her sucking my cock and send to Hank and he then sends back a message to fuck his wife again.I am more than ready to do this since I am still hard and full of cum,I get her doggy for a few minutes and I make her pussy mine,I have forgotten that it belongs to another man,but at that time it belongs to me.She then wants on her back and I spread her legs wide and go deep lifting her legs in the air as I pump my hard cock deep in her cunt.The cried of passion fill the air and she cums again on my cock,I feel her pussy quiver on it and it tightens around my cock,milking it, I pull out and shoot hot cum on her stomach and tits,I quickly grab a towel and clean her up,but I am still hard she then sucks me for a minute then rides my hard cock telling me how much she likes to fuck me,Hubby is still sending more texts messages as I fuck his wife.I then get her on her back again and shove my cock harder and deeper in her cunt hitting her cervix all the way down watching her eyes roll back in her head.

Both of our bodies are covered in sweat and "fuck me" line has filled the room. She again cums on my hard cock and her tight wet pussy milks my cock again but this time I stay inside her filling her married pussy full of my hot cum,i feel it pulse inside of her hitting her pussy walls,her body limp from our fucking,we layed spent on the bed,I wanted to fuck her more but she had to get back to her hubby who was more than eager to hear her adventure.

We kissed and went our seperate ways.Me hoping that I would have the pleasure of making her cum again on my cock.

the end,maybe?

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