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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual Harassment

The office is dark; there is always something about a dark quiet office that appeals to me. I open the door and it opens with a very loud clank, which startles me.

My name is Sam short for Samantha; I am a private detective currently working on a case. I have stopped by to get caught up on some much-needed paperwork.

The case I?m working on--infidelity; you know the type--rich couple, the wife: high maintenance with a bitchy attitude to match; she is the type that gives women a bad name. The husband, good looking and cheating on her, which, after meeting her I can?t say that I totally blame him.

I sigh at that thought and begin to set up my laptop and reach for the photos of him cheating from my briefcase. I chose to leave the lights just as I found them?very few on. I can concentrate better in the muted light; it gives the office less sterility. I try to concentrate ?professionally? on the photos of him having sex with another woman. Whew, that can make the job hard to concentrate, considering how long it has been for me; a very long dry spell. Okay, enough about me; I have to get my head out of the bedroom and back on my job.

Just then I hear the loud clank of the front door, the sound was like an explosion cutting through the silence of the darkened office. The sudden sound scares me and snaps me back into reality. Now with my heart pounding in my throat and me about to look for some type of a weapon. I watch Jordan walk through the door with sinewy grace, in a stride that is all his own. I can?t help but stare at his graceful movement. He doesn?t seem to know I am there until I give a low whistle. You know the kind; it?s drawn slowly through the lips. It?s used when you see something interesting.

He looks almost startled?almost, he recovers quickly; Jordan seems happy to see me. I am certainly pleased to see him.

His ebony skin glistens in the dim light of the office. He?s dressed in a soft cream-colored button up shirt with matching pants. The shirt looks like silk because it moves with his body like cream-colored liquid. Knowing him, I am confident that the material is as soft as it looks. The contrast between his skin and the fabric included with the way he moves is all poetry in motion.

He smiles and in a few methodical strides he is suddenly beside me, with a look that reminds me of a cat encircling it?s prey.

He breaks the silence and says, ?What are you doing here at this time of night??

I finally find my voice, which seems to have retreated at the moment; I say in a strangled sound, ?Catching up on a little work. I think better when the office is empty.? Breathing in the scent of him.

?Boy I need to get my head out of the gutter.? I don?t say that out loud, of course, but seriously looking at these pictures and him walking in at this moment?okay he is my boss and these are very inappropriate thoughts that I am having.

I look down at the photos and am suddenly shocked at what I see, I am not seeing my client?s husband and another woman, but I am seeing Jordan and myself. I can feel the heat rise in my cheeks and my breath quicken. I quickly toss a piece of paper over them in case he sees what I see. I turn away to recover from my thoughts and just as I turn to ask him what he is doing here he has suddenly closed the gap between us.

He always manages to make his way into my ?personal space? without me realizing it. I try to resist the urge to take a step back. He picks up the pictures and asks, ?Is this the new case you?re working on??

I slowly nod my head, as if I were one of those stupid dogs plastic dogs in an elderly person?s rear window of their car with their head nodding in an endless ?yes?. So I am a little rattled and embarrassed and I think he has picked up on it. He moves closer to me, knowing that movement makes me uneasy. He is always pushing my buttons like that. We have always innocently flirted though, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why I can?t manage to calm my breathing and my heartbeat. Maybe somehow I sense something in his posture that is a little different than usual?a little less professional, should I say? I could only hope, right?

He continues to look over the pictures; his cologne manages to engulf my senses and my thoughts. I begin to wonder what it would be like to have his hands touch my body; just as I feel his hand in the small of my back and asking, ?Sam are you okay?? He puts the pictures down. Now he is so close I am heady with his scent.

I look him in the eyes with my best ?fuck me? look that I could muster and to my surprise he returns it. I clear my throat and say, ?Well, what do we do now??

He gives me his best smile all the while still holding me in his impenetrable stare and says, ?I have a few ideas.?

?Are you going to share those ideas or are you going to keep them to yourself?? I ask while trying to play the innocent part, as if I didn?t know.

Jordan makes a sound low in his throat, which sounds almost like a purr, ?I would prefer to show you than tell you. You know I?m a man of action.?

I cut my eyes up at him and ask, ?What are you waiting for?? At that moment he kisses me.

The kiss takes my breath away and I am dizzy at the touch of his lips on mine, suddenly it is like I have forgotten to breath. The kiss is amazing; it is soft, at first; his hands on either side of my face. I feel his tongue pushing against my lips gently begging me to open them so he can explore my mouth. Our tongues touch and it is like fire. The kiss grows more intense; our bodies begin to come together to touch in a way that is only reserved for something more intimate.

I push away, because the practical side of me is a little stronger than the sexual part of me, might be why it has been a long time. I?m breathless and lightheaded with the sudden surge of adrenaline and I say, ?You are my boss and I?m your employee, we can?t go any further because there will be no turning back.?

Jordan replies, ?I know and this is something I have been wanting to do since you walked in for the interview. Besides don?t you think the idea of this scenario is such an incredible turn on? Think about it, this is a big ?no, no?. However, we won?t do anything you don?t want to, but I know you want this to happen, I can tell by the way you watch me when I?m in the office. You can try to deny it, but I can read you like a book and this is a book that I want to open.? While he reaches for the top button of my blouse and begins to nibble his way down my neck, sending chills and a warmth all the way to my toes.

I slowly let my breath out and melt at his touch, he is absolutely right, I can?t resist and he knows it. What can I say, actually I couldn?t say anything if I wanted to. Besides, my body is reacting to his touch and I scream in my head, ?I want you to fuck me.? I just can?t manage to say the words, so I do the next best thing. I begin to unbutton that silk shirt; what I want now is to see it on the floor and I want to feel his chest beneath my fingers and taste his skin on my tongue.

The shirt falls gracefully to the floor and for a moment I take note of his bare chest. It looks just as I thought it would?muscular. I being to lightly kiss his chest with my tongue very gently and lightly touching his skin, while my hands move along the same path. He lifts my face to his and he kisses me, the kiss no longer soft and gentle, but it holds an urgency and growing need. I match the kiss.

His hands move towards my blouse and he begins to unbutton it while trying not to break the buttons. I am standing there now in my black bra, he kisses me again, while pushing me against the wall and pinning my arms to my sides. My excitement only grows more intense. He slows his kisses and begins to tease me. Somehow he has managed to move my bra to the side without his hands and he nibbles on my nipple. That brings a low groan from my lips. At that moment I know I was wet and more than ready for him. I wanted to beg him to take me, but didn?t want to rush this. I wanted to savor every moment. He moves his hands from my wrists and up to the latch of my bra.

Finally my breasts are free for him to touch and nibble on. Now my hands are free to explore him as well. I run my hands over his chest down his tight stomach to pants, which I notice him straining against the thin material, I reach out and gently rub him through the silk of the pants. Now it is his turn to groan, a smile spreads across my face. I am pleased at the sound. I reach for his belt as he is unbuttoning my jeans. Our pants fall to the floor in one fell swoop.

Jordan is standing before me completely naked, I take in every inch of his body, and I try to burn it to memory. I notice he is well endowed. I reach out and touch him, his thick hard maleness. It sends a shiver up my spine at the thought of what he will do with it in the very near future. I kneel and take him in my mouth. I gently begin to move my mouth slowly up and down his shaft, while playing with the head with my tongue. I wrap my hand around him and move in up and down slowly in tune with my mouth. He wraps his fingers in my hair and groans. Just when I think he cannot possibly become any harder he surprises me. He reaches down, takes my hands and gently lifts me to my feet and says, ?It?s my turn to return the favor.?

He sits me atop the closest desk; he lowers himself to his knees, while his hands run down the length of my body. He kisses my thighs then removes my panties and tosses them behind him. He again makes that purring sound. He touches the most intimate part of me, gently spreading the lips apart and slowly inserts his finger?I gasp and my body reacts to his touch.

He says in barely a whisper, ?You are so damn wet, I have to have some of this on my tongue.?

I moan the word, ?Please.?

I feel the wetness of his tongue gently lick my outer lips, while he is spreading them with his fingers. His tongue flicks my clit and I begin to writhe beneath the feel of it. He slowly draws my clit between his lips and gently begins to suck while his tongue works it?s magic on it and in a breathy tone, says, ?Mmmm, you taste like candy.?

He keeps one finger inside me and slowly moves it in and out. I know I am beginning to get even wetter than before. I can feel my excitement grow with each and every lick and suck. Just as I am about to climax, he stops and says, ?Not yet. I want to savor this moment.?

I moan with frustration, but yet am intrigued at the thought of what will come next. I sit up lightheaded and reply breathlessly, ?So what are we waiting for?? As I reach a quivering hand out to his thick maleness and begin to stroke him gently. He stops me in mid stroke and helps me to my feet.

I almost need help standing, as my knees are weak. Jordan turns me around and says, ?Mmmmm, what a sexy ass.? While helping me bend at the waist. His hands slide down my back in a gentle movement. ?Now this is a sight that I like.?

I can feel him guiding his cock around my ass with one hand and with the other he finds the wetness between my legs, he spreads my lips, I feel the tip of him at the entrance of my pussy pushing ever so gently for permission to enter it?s soft pink wetness. He slowly inches himself into my depths; I feel the head just inside me. My need to have all of him inside grows intense. He pulls out just before I push against him. He says in a thick voice, ?Not just yet. I want you to beg for it.?

He again repeats the teasing over and over again. I can?t take it anymore, I want to resist the urge to beg, but I can?t stand it. I think to myself, ?If he doesn?t take me now, I am going to explode!?

He says again in a low whisper, ?I want to hear you beg for it. I want to hear you say, ?Jordan, please fuck me fuck me now! I want your big black cock inside my hot pussy!??

I know if I don?t say it he will not give me what I want and I want him inside me now. I try not to scream the words; I try to have control over my voice. I say in a whisper barely audible, ?Jordan, please fuck me, fuck me now! I want your big black cock inside my hot pussy!?

Just then he pushes himself inside me, all of him; every single thick inch of him! He consumes me. He is almost too big, I can feel my pussy stretch to allow him to fuck me. He moves slowly and methodically in and out. I can feel every single inch! I am just this side of pain and pleasure. I reach between my legs to feel him moving in and out. I can tell that I am dripping with desire; I can feel myself on his cock. I move my hand to my clit and begin to massage myself as this will help to make me wetter and quite possibly give him a surprise.

I move my fingers with expert precision; just has he continues to thrust in and out, out and in over and over. My excitement begins to peak. I know in a few moments I will climax. My clit is engorged and feels as if it will bust. My breath quickens with each time he pushes his cock in me as far as it will go. My orgasm begins as it always does; it starts at the bottom of my feet in a warm rush. I can tell this one is going to be massive.

The warmth engulfs me; the orgasm hits me like a wave in the ocean. I scream, it?s as if I am no longer inside myself, I am floating on the wave of the orgasm. My breath comes out in ragged gasps, as the orgasm peaks and I begin to make him wet as my pussy forces him out. I can feel my wetness run down my legs and I collapse on the on the desk in a breathless heap. I can hear my heartbeat in my ears and I hear him say, ?Wow, that was worth it!?

I am incapable of moving on my own, my mind seems detached from my body. I feel his hands on my ass again, I feel him pushing my legs apart and I feel his tongue lick at the wetness left behind from my orgasm.

He says, ?You taste like candy.?

His tongue once again finds its way to my pussy; he finds my clit and begins to suck. I moan at the feel. I have managed to find my voice again, ?I want to be on top of you. I want to see your cock moving in and out of my pussy.?

We move to the floor; he lies down and I straddle him. I grab his cock and lower myself on top of him. He reaches around and squeezes my ass as he helps push himself further inside of my wet pussy. I begin to move my hips against him slow at first then pick up my movement grinding my clit against his skin. I move faster and faster until I can hardly keep up the pace.

He wraps his arms around my waist, sits up and helps me move my legs to wrap around his waist. He kisses me and for a moment that is all we do is kiss. I can feel his pulsating cock buried deep inside my pussy. He kisses my neck, and whispers in my ear, ?Be still Sam, just feel?feel me inside of?feel me fill you up. Close your eyes and just feel. Feel me breath against your ear?feel my arms wrapped around you. Just be still and concentrate on what it feels like to have me still inside of you?filling your pussy so full of my cock. I know it turns you on to be like this. I want you to beg again. I want you to beg for me to move in and out while you watch my cock move in and out of your pink pussy. Now I want you to take your fingers and rub and play with your clit, I want you to work your magic. I want you to tell me before you cum so we can cum together.?

I nod wordless against his face. He half lifts me off the floor onto my back and the whole time he never leaves my tight pussy. He positions himself over me, every muscle in his arms and chest flex. I beg him to move, to move in and out while I begin to play with myself. I feel my clit beneath my fingers; I start slowly at first to match his slow thrusts. I sit up just enough to watch his cock move in and out, my excitement builds and my hips rise to match his thrusts so I can feel him as deep as he can go.

I feel the stirrings of an orgasm I can tell he can too. The need of the final moment has grown to a frenzy. I match him thrust for thrust I begin to feel the warm wave of my own orgasm.

I tell him breathlessly, ?I am cumming.?

I begin to ride the warm wave of my orgasm. Jordan reaches his peak at the same moment we meet in an explosion of need and desire. My back arches, time seems to stop, and I can?t hear anything but the beating of my own heart. My body begins to quiver as the wave subsides, we collapse; exhausted. Our breathe comes in gasps, as the wave begins to subside and our breathing calms. We lie side by side and say at the same time, ?Wow!?

I say, ?I knew it would be amazing, but I never thought it would be THAT amazing!?

Jordan responds, ?I feel the same way.?

We get dressed and begin to straighten the desk so no one will know what happened here the very night before. This is our dirty little secret that I hope will be repeated and by the look on Jordan?s face I would say he is thinking the same thing.

We leave the office in a fulfilled silence and say in unison, ?See you in the morning.?

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