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Sex in the Classroom Part 1

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Sex in the Classroom Part 1

I always hear people saying how the teaching profession is a very rewarding vocation, but to be truthful, after 20 years of teaching at an all boys high school I was beginning to feel very uninspired about my profession. When Mr. Lovette, the coordinator for the extra-curriculum activities, approached me to see if I wanted to teach a math prep course for the SAT test, I wasn?t exactly breaking out of my sweater with excitement. But none the less, I agreed.

The class was to be held for four consecutive Fridays from 4pm til 7pm and there would be about ten students attending. When I got my roster, I noticed that one of the names on the list was a former student, whom we shall refer to as ?Alex?. Alex was a very handsome young man that had arrived at our school just two years earlier. Now at the age of 20 and just a few months before he was to graduate I would once again have him as a student. Alex had matured into a very muscular and athletic built young man. Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing about 180 pounds, he was any girls ?dream? boyfriend and any women?s perfect boy toy. Many would melt at the sight of his boyish smile, big blue eyes, and dark black hair. Yes, even I had at one time or another day-dreamed and fantasized about Alex. So when the day came to teach the class, I found myself dressing more sensual than I had in the past. I wore my favorite mini skirt, a white fitted button blouse, and my new high heeled boots. I decided to leave some of the top buttons of the blouse undone to accentuate my DD breasts. Men always admired the ?girls?(that?s how I refer to them) and in the past when he had been a student in my class, I had caught Alex looking at them while I would be up at the black board, teaching. So I hoped that today wouldn?t be any different. For an added bonus, I also decided not to wear any panties under my skirt. This was something that I had been dying to do for some time now after a friend recommended the experience to me.

That afternoon, Alex arrived early to class. When he walked in, he immediately smiled and his eyes sparkled as he said, ?Good afternoon Ms. Assman?. He was starring at me and I began to wonder if he could tell that I wasn?t wearing any panties. I felt his eyes on me for a very long time. Yet as soon as the other students started to arrive, his eyes moved away from me. I began teaching the class and walking around the room from time to time to check on their work and progress. I noticed that Alex continued to look at me. This excited me. I wanted to see just how much he was really looking at me, so when the student seated across form him asked for help, I walked over and bent, pushing my ass firmly out towards him; letting him get a real look at my curves. I could tell that this excited him a bit, as well as some of the other students in the class. I continued with the lesson and decided to sit on top of my desk to discuss the topic at hand with the class. I crossed my legs at first and then when I went to switch position I realized that I had opened my legs exposing my muff for just a second. I knew, however, that Alex had taken the glimpse. I could tell that he had become aroused. He began to fidget in his seat. This amused me to no end. I was enjoying this little episode with him. I continued to move through the aisles and sway my hips more than usual. Then when I came up to Alex, I bent forward and let him look at my tits as I asked him if he understood the work. He was stunned by the sight of my tits and stuttered slightly as he asked for permission to go to the bathroom. After a long time gone, he returned. He appeared nervous and a little edgy as he took his seat. Time elapsed and I dismissed the class, reminding the students that we would not meet again until next week.

Alex remained in the classroom as all the others left. He came to my desk and asked if he could speak to me. Of course, I was very curious as to what he wanted to say and what was on his mind, so I welcomed his request.

?Miss, I really want to let you know something that has been on my mind for a very long time now. I want you to know that when I was in your class, I would always think of you. You are a very special person to me. I have never forgotten how much you helped me when I was your student and I want you to know that since then, I have always had a crush on you. I have always wanted to be with you and express what I feel. Please don?t take this the wrong way, but if you allow me to demonstrate how I feel, I am sure that you won?t be mad. I promise that no one will ever find out and that you will not regret this.?

Before I had the chance to answer, I felt him reach over to me, take me close to him and begin to kiss me. I felt weak at first in his arms as he held me tightly. I wanted to resist him. I knew this was wrong. What if someone came in and found us? I wanted to stop him but I couldn?t. His mouth was warm and he began to move his tongue inside my mouth. He held me tighter and I could feel his cock rub against me. I could tell that his desire was mounting. He then started to move his hands and caress my tits. I stopped him for just a moment and asked him to go and lock the door. I wanted to make sure that what was about to take place remained just between us. When he returned, he immediately resumed squeezing my tits. I could feel my nipples begin to harden. My pussy was getting so excited that I could feel it getting wet. I liked his hands over me. Suddenly I noticed that he had begun to undue my buttons, then reaching for my tits he began exposing and freeing them from the restraints of my bra. Hmmm..they felt so good in his hands. He started taking my nipples and squeezing them with his fingers, creating a tingling feeling that reached all the way down to my clit. I didn?t want him to stop. He then lowered his head and began kissing my tits. Sucking them and playing with his tongue in a circular motion, making my pussy throb. He then moved his head up and came to whisper in my ear...

?Miss, I have fantasized about this moment for a long time. My cock is aching for your pussy. I know you want me too.?

Suddenly, I felt his hand work its way down towards my ass. Feeling every curve of my hips and thighs. His smooth hand slowly working its way up through my thighs and stopping when he touched my pussy. He gasped when he realized that I was not wearing any panties and just how wet I was. His breathing was getting heavier. His fingers began to tickle my clit and with out warning, he inserted one of his fingers inside of me.

At that moment, I wanted to spread my legs and give into my animalistic desire to be penetrated. But I sustained. Instead I stopped him and forced him unto my desk. I was about to fulfill my curiosity and hunger for his cock. He was so hard that it looked like it was going to rip through his pants. I lowered his zipper and it bulged out. I could feel his underwear was already wet with his pre-cum. My hand felt his hard cock as I began to stroke it over his underwear. My fingers felt the curve of the rim of his head and his long shaft. His eyes were closed and I knew he wanted to feel my tongue on his cock. But I decided to tease him.

I kneeled down, put my head to his crotch and without removing his underwear, I began to fondle his package with my mouth. Mmmmm...I was enjoying his bulge. Every thought that I once had about his cock was coming back to me. I bite the elastic strap of his garment with my teeth and lowered it. His cock was erected and I didn?t waste anytime. I wanted it bad. My tongue began to play with the tip of his head, licking his shaft as I pushed back the foreskin of his cock with my fingers. I was preparing him for the experience of his life. His cock in my mouth exceeded my expectations, but I was about to exceed his. He was in for the blow job of a lifetime.

I began sucking his cock gently. Pushing it deep into my mouth, sucking him more and more and stroking him when not sucking. I could hear him moan. Suddenly, he put his hands on my head and caressed my hair. I knew by the way he pushed my head towards him, he wanted more. So I indulged him. I sucked and licked that hard cock, making him give me a taste of his pre-cum. I could taste his juices and knew that I would love swallowing him. I then took his balls with my hand and cupped them. Taking his cock out of my mouth, stroking it with one hand, I began to lick his balls. I managed to go even lower and lick his ass, making him moan even louder. The taste was absolutely exquisite. I repeated licking and stroking alternating between his balls and his ass several times. But my mouth desired his cock once more.

Alex was really excited and, to my surprise, as I was sucking his hard cock, I felt his hand reach and touch my ass. It?s as if he knew I wanted to be fingered. He began fingering my ass. The more he did, the more I sucked. I could imagine how good his big hard cock would feel fucking me up the ass. But I would not have to wonder for long.... As if he could read my mind, he suddenly got off my desk and turned me over. Pulling my skirt up to my waste, he inserted his cock slowly in my ass. Slowly he began to move in and out, making me moan. As the motion grew stronger, I experienced a mix of pleasure and pain. His cock felt like it was rupturing my ass. But I didn?t want him to stop. He began thrusting faster and faster. Holding my hips, spreading my cheeks apart. I could feel his balls banging against my cunt. Then he bent forward and I felt his mouth on my shoulder, as he began to suck. Suddenly, the sucking turned into a bite. I gasped as I felt his teeth embedded in my skin. I commanded him to ?bite harder? and he obeyed, testing my tolerance for pain. Then his hand went around me and I could feel his fingers stimulating my clit. Wow, at that moment, I wanted to cum, but I didn?t allow myself. I wanted to feel his tongue playing and rubbing my pussy... And once again, he read my mind.

He stopped, took me, turned me around, threw me on my desk, spread my legs wide apart, and without hesitation, began to eat my pussy. With his fingers he spread my cunt open and with his tongue he began to lick the tip of my clit with a rapid motion...up and down, side to side making me moan with pleasure. I wanted to feel his tongue inside me. Instead, I felt his finger inside of me, then two fingers, then three. OH MY GOD, he was going for it! I felt my vagina throbbing and expanding as he inserted his fist! Once again, it was pain and pleasure. I could feel him hesitating for a moment as he was not sure if he should continue. I moaned and called out his name and assured him not to stop. As he continued, he took his other hand and fingered my ass. I was getting dual penetration. He was enjoying every minute of it, as he saw me in complete ecstasy.

He couldn?t wait any longer. He needed to penetrate me with his cock. I too was aching with the same desire. He took his cock and without any hesitation, he stuck it hard and deep. He began to give me hard thrusts. At the same time he sucked on my tits, bit my nipples, while I squeezed his chest. We were both ready to explode. I could feel him starting to cum. I welcomed his load inside of me as I too prepared to cum.

It was then I realized we were being watched. At the door, Mr. Lovette was standing, much to my surprise. I knew that I would have a lot of explaining to do. This could result in my dismissal from school. But at that moment, I could not stop, nor did I want to. All I could think of was that Alex was releasing himself inside me and I was cumming too. After he filled me with his cum, his body fell on top of me, like from exhaustion from his release.

I then made eye to eye contact with Mr. Lovette. He smiled and then turned and walked away.

I couldn't tell Alex. I didn?t want him to know. After he was fully dressed, he smiled at me. He looked at me and asked if I was ok. I answered yes and he kissed me once more on my lips. He was so sweet and this experience was definitely one I would never forget. After he left, I knew that I would have to go and face Mr. Lovette. It would be better to get this over with tonight.

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