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Sex in the Cinema

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I was out of town on business and having finished my meetings early, found myself with a free afternoon. While I was weighing my options, I remembered a place that claimed to be adult superstore with XXX theater that I'd passed on my way in from the airport. "What the hell", I thought to myself and headed down to kill some time. The parking lot was a bit more full than I'd expected at that time of day, but it didn't look as if the place were overly crowded.

I walked inside and checked out the surroundings. There was a nice selection of toys and movies on the racks in the front, and a sign pointing to the private video booths in the back. I thought for a moment about checking out the booths but decided on the theater instead. I made my way to the back and walked inside. Once my eyes adjusted to the dark I noticed that it was a decent size and there was plenty of room. The patrons were spread out a fair distance from each other, which was fine by me. This way, if the urge struck I'd be able to relieve myself while enjoying the flick. I found an empty row near the back and took a seat on the aisle.

The movie was a fairly standard suck-and-fuck with nothing too exotic. I settled in and was getting comfortable when something caught my eye that took me by surprise. An attractive mature woman walked in and made her way down the aisle. She was tall, classy looking with blonde hair cut in a page boy style, which I find extremely hot. She was wearing a long trench coat that was tied around the waist with a belt. She walked to the front of the theater as if she was looking for spot to sit down and then up again to the back. She slid into the row behind me and walked to the end, stepping into my row and taking a seat a few down from mine. She didn't seem to be paying me any attention, and theater etiquette being what it is, I didn't say anything to her.

She did get my attention as she tugged at her belt and opened her coat. She was wearing a black nylon body stocking with an open crotch and that barely covered her ample breasts. "Damn, this woman came prepared", I thought to myself while trying not to stare. I could see her through the corner of my eye as she lowered herself into the seat and slid down, resting her head on the back of the chair. She ran her hands over her breasts and then slid the nylon down under them, exposing a pair of lovely pink nipples.

I was getting worked up, not as much by the movie but by the view I had to my side. She ran her hand across her leg and then placed her foot up on the arm of the chair in front of her. While I couldn't see where her other hand was, I guess she was strumming her pussy by the way her leg twitched. I was lost in the moment and one hand slid down onto my crotch while I reached up under my shirt with the other, massaging my right nipple.

My attention was diverted by the action on the screen and I was slightly startled when I heard her call to me. "Psst.... Hey", she whispered. "I see you like playing with your nipples". I nodded and she leaned over toward me. "Would you like me to do that for you", she asked with a gleam in her eye. "Oh please do", I replied and my heart started to race and she moved over to the seat next to mine. Without saying a word she placed her hand on my stomach and lifted my shirt. She lowered her head and sealed her lips to my chest, sucking gently. Her tongue rolling around my stiff nipple felt so much better than my fingers and I began to moan while kneading the growing bulge in my pants. She slid her hand down to my thigh and her fingers mingled with mine. She looked up at me and giggled. "It looks like you like that", she whispered as she gave my package a gentle squeeze. She bit her lip coyly and looked at me with an innocent, wide-eyed gaze. "Can I see what you have down there?", she asked. "Oh yes", I moaned as she knelt on the seat and undid my belt. My cock sprung out and she held it between her fingers and lowered her head, flicking with her tongue before slipping the tip into her waiting mouth.

My hand rested lightly on the back of her neck, fingers teasing her silky golden locks as she bobbed her head along the length of my shaft. She tugged at my pants, sliding them down a little further and cupping my balls, kneading lightly as she continued to suck with long, deep strokes. I could hear her moaning softly as her lips slid from the base to the head of my cock. The sensations were unreal and this had to be among the best head I'd ever had. She used just the right amount of suction, pulling my cock deep into her mouth and slowly sliding back. Her lips would linger around the head, and she twisted her mouth from side to side with her tongue darting out along the shaft before sliding back down.

My hand slid down from her neck, across her back and then onto her ass, which was jutting invitingly into the air. I danced my fingers across the smooth nylon and then found the opening, lightly pinching her cheek before parting her swollen pussy lips. She moaned, and then my cock fell from her mouth as I slipped in a finger, and then a second. She laid her cheek on my stomach, and panted as I probed her pussy, which was already oozing. "Oh yeah, god that feels so good" she cried out before moving her head back into position and engulfing my cock.

"You have a beautiful cock", she whispered as she looked into my eyes. "Can I fuck it? Please?" Hearing her beg for it was as much a turn on as anything, and I nodded. She leaned back and reached for her purse, pulling out a condom. She stood and bent at the waist, sucking me in again deeply as she tore open the wrapper. She placed the tip of the condom between her lips and pressed against the head of my cock, opening her mouth slightly and rolling it down slowly along the length of my shaft. She tugged it down made sure it was secure against the base of my cock and then placed her hand on my shoulder, throwing her long, shapely leg across mine. I held my cock between my fingers and she reached behind her, spreading herself open and pressing the head between her swollen pussy lips. A loud gasp escaped from her throat as she lowered herself onto my waiting cock.

I had slid down into the chair and she placed her hands on the back, alongside my head. She rocked back and forth on my cock with her face pressed against mine. I could feel her hot breath on my neck and hear her gentle whimpers, "Oh yeah, yeah, fuck me, fuck me". I reached down and lifted her breast, pulling her nipple between my lips and sucking firmly. She threw her head back and moaned, bucking on my cock with an increasing pace. Her breathing became faster and she nuzzled my neck, nibbling at my earlobe and whispering. "So you know, I don't fuck just anyone here. Sometimes when I'm sucking I come across a big, beautiful cock and just have to have it inside me". Her words, and the feeling of her velvet pussy sliding along my cock sent tingles through my body.

I couldn't tell exactly how old she was, but she had a remarkable pussy. She was as tight as a 20 year old, and she squeezed down on my cock, milking it as she slid up and down. I reached down and pressed my fingers into her belly, massaging her clit with my thumb. "Oh fuck, yeah", she hissed, "you're gonna make me come". I felt her legs begin to tremble as she gripped my shoulders tightly with her hands, digging the tips of her fingers into me. Her pussy began to quiver around my cock and she moaned loudly as I felt her come ooze from her pussy. She collapsed onto me with her chin on my shoulder, panting as she tried to catch her breath.

She eased back and up, letting my rigid cock slip from her and slap down onto my stomach. Then, without hesitation, she positioned herself between my legs and peeled off the condom. She gripped my cock firmly with her hand and lowered her head, pursing her lips and sliding them down along my shaft. She massaged my balls which were coated with her juices and beginning to tighten. She purred onto my cock, sucking with long deep strokes. At one point she pulled her head back and dabbed at the slit in the head of my cock. "Oh yeah, I love it" she whispered as she pulled a string of my salty precome out with the tip of her tongue. "I want to taste your come", she pleaded as she lowered her head and sucked for all she was worth.

My balls tightened and my cock began to twitch, and she began to moan loudly. "Mmm, mmm, mmm", she cooed with each shot of the hot white come that exploded from my cock. She pulled back and looked into my eyes, opening her mouth and extending her tongue to show me the puddle of my come that coated it. Then, she leaned her head back and closed her mouth. I watched her throat contract as she swallowed, and then she opened her mouth to once again show me her tongue. "That was so sweet", she said, winking and sliding up onto the seat next to me.

"I'd better get out of here before I draw a crowd. Next thing you know there'll be half a dozen guys standing over me wanting to jerk off", she explained. She pulled the top of the stocking back up over her breasts and slipped her coat back up. As she stood she turned around and blew me a kiss, mouthing the words "thank you" before disappearing as quickly as she had arrived. I sat there for a moment, stunned and then slipped my pants back up.

I make it to town at least once a month, and I'm always sure to leave some free time for a visit to that bookstore.

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