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Sex in Switzerland

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Julia had been always been very careful with the events surrounding our affair, and being a smart and clever woman, she had planned things very carefully that night. She made sure that it was the perfect evening of the perfect week for us to spend a lot of time together making love.

After many evenings with her, kissing, touching and even making love, half dressed on the living room couch before her au pair came home, she decided she wanted me alone, naked, in her bed. And when she made up her mind to do something, that was it. She was a woman with a very definite mind. Bob was away as usual on a business trip, and she had planned the night for weeks in advance, giving the au pair, a holiday "to let her unwind" in Italy. So, with a house bereft of adults, once the children were in bed asleep, she waited. For me.

I had discovered the ?secret entrance? into the house via the garage a few weeks before. All that was required was that the heavy metal door at the top of the basement stairs be open. And she had ensured my arrival by keeping the door from being barred on the first floor side. I was in downtown Geneva speaking to the new director of the English radio station, which could be a long evening. Fortunately, it was not, and around 9:45 I headed to Julia's.

She and her family lived in a big house on a large lot in the comfortable and expensive commune of Chamb├ęsy, or Pregny-Chamb├ęsy, the commune (village) close to downtown that was known as the having the highest per capita income in Switzerland.

It could have had something to do with the big old houses like Julia?s or it could have been due to the presence of the Rothschilds, the Aga Khan and other billionaires. The house, which Bob and Julia had rented through his employer, a British manufacturing concern, was built in the classic open Swiss style with lots of wood and stone. It was the seventh house they had lived in over the past decade.

His employer had moved them with such alacrity that sometimes they barely had time to pack. London, New York, Cleveland, New York again, London again, Geneva. It was depressing for Julia, who could rarely plan, and especially when Bob failed to contact her for weeks at a time when he was on business trips. They had been notified that instead of a three-year stay, they would be heading out of Geneva after a little more than a year.

The news was tough on Julia and me, as well as our families. We had become friends when it turned out that our children were in the same nursery school, and were the only mother tongue English children, adapting to the French-language school. Funnily enough, we discovered that Emma and Garth had been spending so much time together, that they had been caught behind the school kissing one day.

Julia was vivacious and friendly, and although I was not happy with just having moved to Geneva, nor was I satisfied in my relationship, the last thing I expected was to become intimate with this woman who gradually became my friend and confidante.

And yet, one night in January, after several months of coffee mornings, tennis and pleasant walks with the children, I dared to tell her how I felt. I held her and kissed her in her kitchen, and to my surprise, she responded. But she was scared, even terrified.

Her eyes widened as she told me to leave and not come back for a few days while she thought about it. A week later, I was at her house for coffee and to show her how to use a computer (something I offered to do as Bob had neglected to teach her although he had always had one). She approached me so unexpectedly that I was taken by surprise: she stood up from the table as if to thank me, then reached out and kissed me, on her own, instinctively, deeply and warmly.

Within a few days we were touching each other?s most private parts, and kissing when and where we could. After two months of intimacy of every kind but the most important, we were finally lovers. And so the house had very special meaning to both of us.

And as we became friends, as families we were close as well. The children were perfect for each other. Jake and Flo were 1, Emma and Garth were 3, and Penny was 5, so that as they grew, they all became best friends. And Arlene was both comfortable with and attracted to Bob and his straight-ahead business-like manner and easy sense of humour. I liked him too.

I rationalized my love for Julia by accepting that it might not last, and that there was something about our intimacy that she did not have with him. In fact she revealed that she had never ? in 20 years of marriage ? had an orgasm with him. With us it was obvious and blissful, it always happened.

We had been at the house many times for dinner parties. When Julia and I first became intimate, we could not keep our hands off of each other for more than an hour at a time. At one dinner with both families, I offered to help her get the beer in the basement. Julia was dressed in a dark cocktail dress. We spent about five minutes all over each other downstairs, and touched and sucked her as she did me, down in the narrow cement hallway leading to the garage. So I knew the garage well, and I knew my way from the basement to the first floor and then to the second where her bedroom, and Julia lay.

I made my way up the darkened stairs. Opened the bedroom door and looked over at Julia, asleep in the darkened room. I could smell her perfume, "Ivoire" heavy in the air. It was intoxicating as always, a scent that reminded me so much of her but was so unique on her that no one could arouse me as much with it as she always did. Her face, normally pure, clean and unmade in that lovely but-oh-so-British way, was contoured and designed with a touch of makeup. She had put time and thought to this moment.

She was lying on the old wooden double bed with the high headboard, fast asleep, sprawled across with a few newspapers scattered about, dressed in her silk pyjamas ? my favourite. The two-piece short ensemble, decorated with large light pastel green and red squares, shorts and a short top, with a single button holding the top closed.

I reached out to stroke her hair and unbutton her top and she moaned " ohh, you are here..."

I slowly and quietly took off my blazer, then my twill pants. Soon I was naked.

She was still half asleep. I cupped her head in my right hand and kissed her softly and warmly, reaching my tongue into her mouth. Then I cupped her breasts in my right hand and softly played with her nipples in my fingers, then placed my lips on to her right nipple and sucked softly.

She came alive.

Reaching down slowly, she stroked the inside of my thighs, then moved to feel me becoming hard and softly said, "I am so happy you're here."

I whispered in her ear, ?I love you.? and then playfully pBobed her ear with my tongue.

Then I said, "Do you want me?"

?Mmmmm...yes, but...not yet.?

I became harder as she reached out and grabbed my scrotum and then my penis, using both her hands to get me enormous.

"Do you want me to take you in my mouth?" she said. Julia had only recently been introduced to the delights of fellatio and had become quite adept at it. I kept telling her that she should try it with Bob, but she never seemed all that interested. Only with me.

I reached around to her and slipped off her soft silk pants and slid them down her legs as I moved closer to her. I placed my hand inside her thigh and stroked it as she took me deeper in her mouth. Then I moved my face to her thighs and placed my tongue inside her. I found her already soaking wet. It was a taste I had known so many times before, an elixir of wine and bread, a slight salty taste, but warm and scented with roses. I sought her deeper and deeper, and then rested my tongue on her clitoris, moving it back and forth like a small seedling gr*pe poised on a velvet cushion.

Her clitoris was hard below and yet had a soft touch, and as I could hear her moaning while she took me more. I pushed her panties down her legs so that she was completely naked. Her red hair was wet with the juice of my tongue and her cum...and she began to moan ever softly, as her clit became harder and harder.

As the moments passed, I became more and more focused on the moment, of the taste and the sensation. Gradually I could feel her muscles tightening, and I could tell that she was about to come. I could feel a rumble from within her, and a movement throughout her entire body, accompanied by small gasps.

Then it happened. The rolling, moaning, wild and wt sensation that I knew so well and which always astounded me. She rocked and called out softly, moving backwards and forwards, as her vagina emitted stream after stream of juice.

Then I took my tongue out slowly and darted around the edges as she jerked and erupted so close to my lips. She too, withdrew her mouth from my hardened member to speak.

?mmmmm....come to me, darling?, that beautiful English accent purred to me.

I turned around to face her, and could see how she lay there, so comfortable and confident. I moved to her face and she brought me to her. I reached out to kiss her and let her take her juice in her mouth. Her tongue lashed away at the inside of my mouth reaching for every drop of the warm wine she had given me, and licking my mouth where so much had remained.

It was clear that she was ready, and like so many times before we went through the ritual asking and requesting, answering and responding.

?Do you want me now?? I asked in anticipation.

?Yes, I want you inside me?, she answered, breathlessly.

?Do you want me deep inside you??

?Yes, I want you deep...deep...inside me.? she stammered.

I began to enter her, Her legs widened so that they were almost perpendicular to her body. The wetness allowed me to slide in easily. My hardness broke past any slight resistance. I was so hard, that I always felt like such a man with Julia. From the beginning I was always able to get an erection so big that I amazed myself. At least 8 inches, dark and thick.

?How deep?? I asked as I pushed gently in.

Now she was so confident and assured and smiling as she looked up at me.

?Very, very deep.?

?Yes, my love.?

Then slowly we began to move back and forth, as she rocked me between her legs. The prefect rhythm of two people so much in love and so tied in their passion for one another. We kissed and laughed as the joy of being naked and loving struck us. The moments went on and on as we moved back and forth, sometimes moving sideways, at others lying silently and kissing each other so softly. Then I pushed my hands away in push-up form and took my weight off of her, all except for my hardness inside her, pushing hard inside her and against her.

Finally I could see the light reflecting in her eyes as they began to tear a bit and I could feel her vagina begin to tighten. I began to speed up a little, ever so subtly. My kisses became deeper and as the light glow began to appear on her forehead, I could feel the sensation welling up inside of me. Rolling though me from the very bottom of my feet like an express train, it ran through my legs and moved through my thighs, leaving one car to race ahead to my brain, another to my scrotum.

I gasped and whispered in her ear, ?I love you, I love you, I love you? over and over and she whispered it back. Together we were dancing the best tango, the best waltz, this was the perfect moment when our bodies were really one.

Then I could feel her vagina gripping me as she began to come. Her eyes widening and her mouth opening, gasping for breath. ?Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh....?

Then I could not hold any longer. My head and body exploded completely, my muscles became strong and my body was a force of armour. Over and over I pumped into her, over and over she received it and moaned in delight. She was gleaming now, and so was I. I was in pure ecstasy, and so was she.

She drained me of all I had to give, and kissed me and told me how she loved me and how she had waited for me. A few moments passed in a pure veil of silence.

?I wanted you so much. Thank you for coming.? and then we laughed at the silliness of the joke, both us still wrapped around each other.

For another five, ten minutes we slowly made love in the wetness and the warmth. I carefully rolled out of her, gently and slowly retreating. She sighed a small sigh when I exited. And then we lay in each other?s arms for half an hour and whispered to each other, as lovers do.

Then reality intruded in the form of responsibilities.

?One of the children is bound to wake up.?

?Can?t we just close the door??

?They will wonder why it is closed.?

?Well, they are fond of me. I am sure they will accept it.?

?Be serious.? She was a little cross.

?All right, I will head off. I hope this will help you sleep tight.?

She smiled.

?You know I will now, darling.?

?I know.?

I gathered my clothes and dressed silently. She watched me closely, and as I put my blazer on she reached over and kissed me deeply.

?I love you.?

?I love you too, Julia. More than anything.?

I stepped down the circular stairway to landing and then to the first floor. Then out the garage and into the night. I felt like Zorro, heading from his private lair into the evening. I breathed the night air of the warm Geneva spring and could feel my entire body, whole and strong and complete. This did not feel like adultery. It felt too much like love to be wrong.

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