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Sex M-F,, oral..sexual inuendos,, and the hottest first time sex!

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Okay well this is not your 'everyday romance' story. This started Oct. 20th 2005. It was nothing more than a heartfelt response to a 3-day unanswered Instant Message that turned into much more as you will see!!

It started out with a simple hello in a chat session on AOL, I popped into the room to say hi and see what was up. One of my friends was in there and she was talking to a screen name I had never seen. He was telling about his recent break up of a 10 year relationship, not looking for a pity-party, but just filling us in on where he was in his life and that he was looking to make some new friends. Now I said hi and we exchanged pleasantries and then I left, as I had things to do.

I came back to my computer later on and there was an IM from that man, and the next day another, and yet the next day another. My reason for not answering is I was living across the country at the time and it is basically a New England and surrounding area chat room. I did not want to get involved with anyone at the time and especially with someone so many miles away.

To make a long story short I answered his 3 day question, " so can you tell me a little more about how much of you is hot and how much of you is cold?" The chatting began. It was once a day then all day then the phone numbers were exchanged and that lead to computer all day and phone calls all night. The sexual inuendos became part of the ritual amongst our talking and the playful, ' I wanna do this to you' was in force. We also had serious discussions that would eventually be taken over by sexual overtones and the game was on.

Then the more serious side started to submerge. Maybe we should meet and those plans were put into full swing. He helped with the flight and I was to arrive Dec 29th til Jan 3rd.

I was a little apprehensive but figured I had been chatting with him for 2 months and many hours on the phone and didnt feel threatened or nervous and no bad vibes!! We had exchanged pictures and stories and things seemed really relaxed and insync.

I flew out early in the morning to arrive by late morning. As i got off the plane the nerves kicked in a bit and I was in awe that this whole whirlwind experience was about to become a reality! Okay , I just need to get to baggage and he is gonna grab me along the way. As I came through the gate and headed to the escalator I saw this gorgeous, tall, long dark haired man walking towards me and I knew it was him! In the flesh finally!!!!! he was more handsome than his pics and his smell was to just too damn yummy not to get sucked up in. His voice was sexy, his body was sexy he was the complete package and then some!! woot woot!!

We hugged and exchanged a kiss and I had to sit while waiting for my bags as I kept saying, ' I dont believe I am here!' we held hands and got up to grab my bags and towards the parking garage we went. We got up to the van and I just could not hold myself back another minute, I had to hold and kiss him passionately which I had waited for so long to do. Holding and kissing him felt great! Now there had been discussions of oral sex on the way back to his house or more, but I was so caught up in him and I just wanted to look at him and see his face. The ride home was a bit of sightseeing along the way to his house. Then after a 20 minute ride we pulled into the driveway.

Nice house and the inside, well the kitchen is all I really saw til later, was really cutely done. I dropped one bag and he dropped the other and I pushed him backwards down the hall to his bedroom.That is where the roles changed. He had taken over as the aggressor and I was gonna let him go as far as he wanted. As I was climbing up on that big King sized bed, my pants were pulled off and it started to get a bit animalistic with groping and pulling clothing off and wanting to be all over each other and it was just that and more. I was enjoying him and his sex more immensely than I have ever remembered enjoying it. His touch, his caress, his warm soft skin and the most impressive part was all 9 or better inches of rock hard cock that I was going to get and enjoy every inch.

As we kissed deep with our tongues dancing into each others mouths our hands were exploring places we had only talked about touching. I was getting aroused and could feel the wetness through my panties and there was no holding it back. As he laid on top of me I could feel that bulge grinding into my pelvis and I knew he and I wanted exactly the same thing. So without any regard for neighbors we went all out! I was still grinding on me and I was grinding back, rolling across the bed , back and forth. He had a handful of my hair which I love being pulled, and it was all about to take a deep plunge in.

My pussy was aching and the wetness was well through my panties and I could feel his hand running down my stomach and to my mound, my legs opened as wide as I could get them. He pushed aside my panties and started to rub my now very wet pussy. My body thrusting up to meet his hand.

While this was happening he was licking and sucking my hard nipples (and I am an F cup so he had plenty). My head was reeling and I thought, OMG! this is heaven on Earth!! I was going crazy to where I was yelling " Oh Damn finger me stick your fingers in me!!!", as he slid in one than two and I wanted more!! Then I slid my hand down and was shocked at the actual size of his love rocket. OH My! I couldn't get my hand all the way around it and I knew this was gonna be a tough one to get all the way in my mouth. I stroked and rubbed and soon I got my mouth in range and I took that cock in. Little by little til it was pounding the back of my throat. He was holding the back of my head and telling me, "yeah you like sucking my cock you dirty little cum slut dont you!" And did I ever. I sucked and stroked and could feel the veins starting to pulse. That cock was throbbing hard in my mouth and I was gonna get to taste what I was promised. I love cum and I wanted it all. His cock tensed, he took in a deep breath and then shots of that warm spunk was shooting down my throat and I continued to swallow and suck all I could get! Mmmm, the sweetest taste ever!! He filled my mouth til it was running down my chin a little. I took my finger and scooped it up and made him watch me lick his spunk off my fingers and hand.

This went on for hours just alot of wet, hot, steamy, passionate, raw sex--at its best. He moved me in and it has been almost a year and the sex is still the same--only hotter!

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