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Sex In The Classroom Part 2

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Mr. Lovette, the director of extra-curriculum activities in our school, was about 180 lbs, 5’ 10” and very muscular built. He sported a cleaned shaved head that made his sky blue eyes the main focus of attraction. At age 45, he had never been married. Although he was always seen accompanied by beautiful women to all school events, many of the female staff members thought of him as being a pervert.

Earlier, he had witnessed my student, Alex, and I having sex in my classroom. I knew he was enjoying what he was watching since he made no attempt to stop us. But Mr. Lovette could have me fired and I could lose my license if he decided to tell on me. So I was prepared to do anything to keep him quiet and save my ass.

I marched into his office and wasn’t surprised to see him standing by his desk with a big grin on his face. It was apparent that what he had just witnessed had certainly aroused him. I couldn’t help notice his huge bulge. It looked like his cock was ready to burst through his pants. I wondered what he was thinking and what he had in mind. I needed to keep him silenced. I wouldn’t have to wait long to find out. He came straight to the point.

“Well Ms. Assman, I know that you are aware of the actions that must be taken against you for committing such an act with one of your students. However, I propose that we take care of this matter immediately and privately. I am sure that we can work something out. I am willing to let you try to persuade me to keep quiet, if you know what I mean. Maybe if I personally discipline you myself there will be no need to tell anyone else. I give you my word it will stay between us. My lips will be sealed and no one will ever know. What do you say?”

I knew that I couldn’t get out of this if I wanted to keep my job, so I gave him a nod. I knew exactly what he meant and what I had to do.

He went and locked the door. Then came back to his desk and began to clear the top of it. When he was done, he stood in front of me and I immediately kneeled down and unzipped his pants, bringing them down to his ankles and exposing his huge fat cock. As I took it in my hands, I began to stroke it. I caressed my lips with the tip of the head then so lightly licking it with my tongue. I played with the tip of the head for a moment while pushing his foreskin back. I started running my tongue along his shaft then back, repeating this a few times. As I moved back to the tip, I then put his cock inside my mouth and began to suck it. My hands went down to his balls and I started to rub them. For a moment I could hear him moan. I took his cock out of my mouth and licked his balls, taking my tongue all the way to his ass then back. I then worked my way back to his cock and placed it inside my mouth. My hands now went to his ass and I pushed his hard cock further inside my mouth. I felt like gagging. I quickly started to slide his cock in and out of my mouth. Squeezing and caressing his ass. I knew he liked what I was doing as he now started to moan a little more. I could taste his pre cum as I stopped to lick the tip of the cock again, using my tongue in quick circular motion. I started to jerk off his cock, giving it some long and firm strokes. I did this several times then I put it back in my mouth and began sucking it again. I could feel his cock begin to swell as I was now sliding it back and forth, again and again, going faster and faster. He was now mouth fucking me. I thought he was getting ready to cum as the pace got faster, but he stopped me all of a sudden.

He put his hands under my arms, stood me up, lifted me and laid me on his desk. He positioned me on the desk so that my head would dangle off it just a little. He leaned over his desk, took out a blind fold from the top drawer and placed it over my eyes. He stood by my head and I could feel his cock near my mouth so I once again took it and began to suck on it. He bent forward and began to unbutton my blouse and, without much notice, I felt him rip my bra, exposing my DD breasts. He squeezed my nipples with his strong hands and rubbed them in circular motions. At times he would squeeze them so hard that it would make my pussy tingle. I began to lose my concentration, so I took his cock out of my mouth and started stroking it. His cock was hard as a rock. He then began to suck on my tits. He would squeeze and suck one, then alternate to the other. I could feel myself getting wet and my pussy began to throb as he was now taking his tongue and playing with the nipple, then giving it a hard suck. I let out a moan as he sucked my tit hard. Then, as he continued to suck, he moved to my side and let his right hand make its way down to my wet pussy. Pulling my skirt up, exposing my cunt. He then began to tickle my clit with his fingers. I was so wet that I could feel his fingers slippery as he moved up and down, sliding from my clit to my ass. He gave my cunt a quick slap and then walked and positioned himself in front of me legs, spreading them wide and placing both his hands on my pussy. He went down on me and I felt his tongue start to tickle my clit and slide up and down. Then he began to insert his finger inside my pussy. His finger felt good as he wiggled it inside of me. I spread my legs even more. I wanted more. And that is what he did. One finger became two, and then three as he began to finger fuck me. He continued to eat my pussy and finger me. At times sucking the clit and then taking a quick bite. He then removed his fingers and inserted his tongue inside me. He was fucking me with his tongue, putting it deep inside of my extremely wet pussy. I knew that he could taste my pre cum. He spread my legs wider and I could feel him fingering me again while continuing to use his tongue along my clit. I was moaning and didn’t want him to stop. I hated him but I didn’t want him to stop. After a while, he took me off his desk , turned me around and made me bend over, spreading my legs. I then felt his hard cock being inserted up my ass. My ass felt like it was ripping, like it couldn’t expand anymore from how big his cock felt. I had never been fucked up my ass by such a big cock before. I groaned but this didn’t stop him. He moved very slowly at first, then quickly began to pick up the pace, giving me hard thrusts. He continued to do this and began to squeeze my tits at the same time. He spread my legs more and took his cock out of my ass and inserted it inside my pussy. He was now going faster and faster. Spreading my ass cheeks apart, trying to push his cock deeper inside of me. He continued to give me hard and quick thrusts, spanking me a few times. I wanted to cum and I could feel him approaching his climax as well. He began to moan and before long, we were both cumming. I felt him exploding inside me. I could feel him filling me with his load. He had so much cum that after letting some inside of me, he pulled out and began covering my ass with it too. I could feel him rub it with his hands and then he took a finger and made me suck it clean. When he was done, I quickly removed the blind fold and pushed him away from me. I could see his body glisten with his sweat.

As I cleaned myself and dressed to go, I looked him in the eye and reminded him of our agreement. He assured me that things were taken care of and that his lips would remain sealed. He gave me his usual smirk, but for some reason I just didn’t trust him. As I left his office, I knew that I needed to confide in someone what had just happened. I knew exactly who that person was…

To be continued.

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