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Sex Ed Class at Home Ch 1

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My mom met this guy through her work. It seemed innocent enough for months as mom excused herself to be away from the house some evenings simply saying that she was ?seeing someone.? I was 18, old enough to not be insecure at home by myself while mom dated. I was usually out on a date myself anyway. Mom and I live alone after she and dad divorced.

In mom?s absence when I happened to be home, I would spend my time practicing with her make-up, fixing my long blonde hair in several different ways, and going through mom?s closet trying on her dresses which mostly fit our similarly shaped bodies. Each of us weighs about 110# and have nicely shaped 38-23-33 bodies with nice and firm E-cup breasts. Mom and I genetically have exceptionally large breasts. We?re both about 4?10? tall, so her clothes fit me quite well, but they are not my style.

One day when I got home from school and mom came home from work, she announced that Sam, her man friend, was coming over for dinner that night. Only then did I realize that Sam was a huge, old, black guy, 6?8? tall and 340#, age 55, with a distinctively muscular appearance by working out in a gym on a regular routine. He was not fat; he was just a huge person. He was more than a little rough looking and the size of a football lineman, but he had a nice mannerism about him so I could sort of see why mom liked him. He towered over mom and me like a black bear, being almost two feet taller and four times our body weights. I had never been up close to a guy so huge and was quite intimidated by his size at first and fearful of him for a long time. I knew he could easily over-power BOTH of us at any moment if he chose to do so.

I couldn?t help but notice that Sam?s shoes were a size 15. Some of my girlfriends joked that a guy?s erect penis was usually about 60% to 70% of his shoe size. So doing the math, I guessed that Sam?s erect penis might be 9? to 10 ½? long..?. OMG. If he was fucking mom, and I assumed he was, how could she handle such a huge, black penis in her so much smaller, Caucasian body? My boyfriends? shoe sizes were 8?s and 9?s and their erect penises were 5 1/2? to 6 ½? long, so that stupid, funny rule seemed right to me. But Sam?s penis size was just mom?s concern, not mine. I mostly ignored him with my thoughts occupied by things in my own life. I was dating three different guys and intimate with each one, so I was busy with them.

Mom is 38 years old and Caucasian, also blonde and quite attractive even at her age with a 38-23-33 figure as I already said. Her gorgeous and large, E-cup boobs often got the attention of guys. Mom dressed with low cut clothing to accentuate what she had up front. I wore jeans and tee shirts, so I didn?t wear the same clothing that she did. That?s why I dressed in her clothing in her absence; so I could see what my boobs and body looked like in her clothes in front of a mirror. Mom?s skirts were really short too, showing off her really nice and trim, lightly tanned legs. I had to focus on my own body to stay as shapely and attractive as mom, not overeating and keeping in shape. She looked really hot in her clothes.

I believed that mom could date about any man she wanted, so I was a bit surprised that she would date this big, black guy, especially with him being that much older than herself. But she seemed comfortable and happy with him so I did not make a big deal about it. Maybe she was going through a phase or something. Sam was VERY different from my real dad. Maybe that attracted mom to him.

The first time Sam joined us for dinner, he was pleasant in conversation. After dinner, Sam stayed and spent the night in mom?s bedroom so I pretty much knew for sure that he was fucking mom after that. Mom and Sam went into her bedroom unusually early that night and closed the door, so I just figured they wanted to spend time together. I tried to mind my own business, although I was then sure that he and mom were fucking. I wondered again about his huge penis size.

My bedroom was on the other end of the house, so whatever they did was not going to disturb me. When I got out of bed the next morning, he and mom were gone, presumably to work.

I dated every week, sometimes two or three nights during the week. Not wanting to be tied to any one guy, I was dating three different guys on a sort of rotating basis, refusing to let one guy rule me. I was sexually involved with each of them and not overly impressed with any of the guys for a long term commitment. Sex with each of these guys was over in less than thirty minutes and was not very exciting for me. Sex was basically either a blow job for them or a quickie by intercourse. I seldom had an orgasm unless I rubbed myself while a guy was fucking me.

Mom did not question me about the guys I was dating, allowing me the privacy for my own relationships without prying or bothering me about details. So when mom started dating Sam, I gave her the same courtesy and didn?t ask questions about him either. That?s why I didn?t even know his name until mom volunteered it. Mom dated him a lot so I knew they were serious about at least having sex if nothing else long term. She seemed to be happier in general after she started dating Sam, so that was a good sign. Maybe Sam was meeting her sexual needs with his huge, black penis. Mom never said otherwise, she just smiled a lot and seemed to be generally happier.

Even though I was sexually active, I never asked mom about sex and she never offered to tell me. Like everyone else, I was left to figure it out on my own. Each of the guys I was dating at the time was fucking me in the back seat of his car. I thought it was just what girls were supposed to do, meaning let their guys use the female body to relieve themselves. All my girl friends were ?doing it? and no girl had any advice about the female orgasm. Sex was okay for me to endure only because of all the hugs and kisses. I later realized that I had no idea what I was doing except making my boyfriends happy. I did not get much out of sex except the kissing and caressing, but I did not know any better at the time. I did not know to expect anything more. Kissing and caressing was nice, but I had no idea what an orgasm was like for a woman, or how I should be treated differently to have orgasm. Stupid me, when you?ve never had something you don?t know what to expect or what to do, and you don?t even miss it.

Mom continued to date Sam for several months and then one day she informed me that Sam was moving in with us. I was shocked at her deciding this on her own without at least letting me know it was a possibility and consulting me, but I had to admit that was part of our early agreement to allow each other to date without questions or interference from each other. Mom now wanted him in the house and sleeping in her bed every night, unable to date him more than once a week because of her hours at work. That was HER business. But Sam seemed to make her happy and I could see that she was ready for him to be around a lot more.

So Sam moved in with us and mom asked me to try to start thinking of him as my step-dad, which was something I knew would take some getting used to considering his race. Still remembering my real dad, I just could NOT get into the habit of calling this big, rough-looking, older black guy my dad. Anyway, Sam and mom were just living together but I guess they maybe had marriage in mind as a possibility for later for her to ask me to start calling him step-dad. I mostly just did my thing and let them do theirs. We didn?t talk much after Sam moved in with us.

With Sam in the house, he and mom didn?t go out much anymore. Instead, he and mom would spend a lot of time in her bedroom. Again, I tried not to be nosy, but sometimes I heard unusual sounds from mom?s room behind her closed door that worried me, sounds like whipping or muffled screams. Mom seemed to always be okay the next day with no bruises, so I was left to wonder what the hell they were doing besides sex. And mom was ALWAYS happy, so I didn?t worry. She and Sam never argued, and Sam was always really sweet on her when he was near her?? petting, kissing, hugging, caressing??you know the routine. They called each other ?Baby? to be affectionate but I just rolled my eyes at their childish actions around each other.

Several months after Sam moved in, mom had to go on a trip for her work and be gone from home the entire week leaving me at home alone with Sam. I was used to him being in the house by then, so it did not bother me to be alone with him. The first night that mom was gone, Sam came into my room, sat in a chair, and wanted to talk. I was immediately pissed-off at him having the nerve to come into my room and bother me. He had NEVER been in my room with me there. My attitude was bad because I couldn?t imagine what such an old fucker would have to say that would interest me, and I didn?t have anything in common with him. I never talked to him about anything. He focused on Mom and I minded my own business. From the moment he opened his mouth, it was clear that Sam had an agenda, but how could I throw such a huge, black guy out of my room?

Sam said, ?Jess, I know you?re dating. Your mom says that you?re sexually active since you?re on birth control pills. She said that she has never talked to you about sex, and she is worried about you. She asked me to talk to you about that. Can we talk??

?Fuck you, Sam! I didn?t tell mom that I?m having sex! But even if, why would I talk to YOU about that? That?s none of your damn business, Sam!? I shouted at him. I was pissed at him wanting to ask me such issues in MY personal life. I still could not get into the calling him step-dad idea. To me, he was just this big black guy who moved into our house. I was okay with him being in the house if that was what mom wanted, but I was NOT okay with him being in my room. And now here the old bastard was, and he wanted to pry into MY personal life.

Sam kept his cool and continued. ?Well, most young people never really know what they are doing when they have sex. They just try to learn by doing, which is a horrible way to do it, and many of them NEVER know what sex is really all about because parents don?t have the courage to teach them, if they even knew themselves,? Sam explained. ?And most people don?t know and will NEVER know! More people than you care to know are unhappy with their sex lives!?

?Well, I ain?t most people and I know what I?m doing,? I lied and knew that I was lying when I said it but like all people my age, I couldn?t admit to not knowing something to an adult. ?So mind your own fucking business, Sam!? I said. ?Fucking my mom doesn?t mean that I need to talk to YOU about sex! Just butt out!?

?Hey, I didn?t say that YOU don?t know, I just said that MOST people don?t know. Maybe you do and maybe you don?t.? Sam was determined to calm me down and continue the conversation at a relaxed, casual level. He was patient like a lion stalking a deer, sizing me up and looking for an opportunity to take advantage of any weakness he discovered. He knew he had the advantage if he had patience and persisted. And he was too big for me to physically remove him from my room.

?What do you mean, ?maybe you do and maybe you don?t??? I questioned him back, my curiosity beginning to work on me. I knew I didn?t know much about sex having been sexually active less than a year, but what else could there be to know about a guy fucking a female with his penis?

?Well, if you are able to calm down and talk about it, we can find out what you know,? Sam suggested. ?Maybe I can teach you so you can have more fun with your boyfriends and your husband some day. Maybe I could teach you something that would benefit your sex life. Keep your marriage together someday. Wouldn?t that be worth at least listening to??

?What I do with my boyfriends is private! I don?t even tell mom what we do and she and I have agreed to not ask each other. And we don?t! So why the fuck would I tell you? I don?t even know you, Sam!? I snapped back at him, still struggling to show no weakness.

?I?m not asking to be nosy, Jess. And I don?t care what you do with your boyfriends. You can fuck them on every date for all I care. You don?t have to tell me ANYTHING about your dating; that?s your business.?

?You?re damn right it is! So butt out!? I loudly continued. ?Get the fuck out of my room!?

?Jess, just LISTEN for a few minutes while I tell you some things. If you know all about what I tell you, then I will leave and not bother you again. Is that a deal?? Sam offered as he slowly began to gain my acceptance of his being in my room. My curiosity as to what he might tell me was getting the best of me to at least listen. And it seemed clear that I did not have to tell him anything about my dating.

?You?ve got five minutes to tell me something I don?t know. Then you?re out!? I said. ?And I ain?t telling you anything about my dating!? I was driving a hard bargain but I wanted to stand up to him and not be taken advantage of in any way. Sam was respecting me and NOT talking down to me so I was ready to listen. If ?listen? was all I had to do, I could at least do that.

Sam smiled slyly and sat back in his chair, seemingly confident that he could accomplish my demands to suggest something unknown to me about sex. He knew that just getting me willing to listen was a success for him at this point.

?Okay, Jess. Just listen and let me mention some issues about what sex is all about. A guy starts making love to you at your face, neck, ears, and lips. Then he proceeds to kissing your mouth with tongue probing, kissing down your shoulders to your breasts, nipple sucking, breasts licking, your nipples become erect with stimulation, he?s tonguing down your sides to the small of your waist, hips, finger probing your pussy, he?s pussy tonguing you, he?s giving you multiple orgasms with G-spot stimulation and anal finger massage which can include anal beads, anal probing, anal fucking, pussy massage, intercourse positions top, side, laying, standing, forward, and backward, giving you one orgasm after another in multiple positions. Later he can advance your sex to bondage, whipping, and restraints that will take you to the next level in love making, driving your sexual orgasms to unbearable heights when you are ready for that. I?ll stop at this point about the guy handling the female even though there is a lot more I could tell you.?

?For the female handling the guy, there?s the blow job with deep throating and cum swallowing with penis penetration into the throat, ball sucking, erogenous zones around the guy?s legs and penis, fingering his balls and anus, tonguing his anus, later advancing to roping his balls with a leather cord until you let him cum, anal beads, and multiple orgasms. A guy usually comes three or more times, and a female usually comes six or more times. Almost EVERY young guy can easily cum three times if you both know what to do. A female should ALWAYS orgasm six or more times, becoming multi-orgasmic during sex!? he said, sensing my weakness in my relationship with my boyfriends because he knew that most young guys don?t have a clue how to give a woman even one orgasm, and certainly not six or more. He also knew most young guys cum once and don?t know what to do to continue, often content with just coming once. Sam knew that young guys are too horny and inexperienced to be lovers.

Sam stopped talking, and we sat silently. I stared at him with a blank, deer-in-the-headlights look, thinking about what he had said. I pondered what to do. He had mentioned a LOT of things I never heard of and sex was far more complex that what I had experienced, but I did not want to admit my ignorance. But maybe I should just keep listening for my own good. Most of what he said I never heard of, had never experienced, and had no clue what he was talking about. I knew I could try to figure it out on my own or I could just admit that I would appreciate his telling me how to quickly become a great sex partner without having to perhaps never figure out some of what he could tell me. And his emphasis on the female having SIX ORGASMS stunned me! I was now sure that I had never had even one orgasm. And WHAT did he mean by MULTI-ORGASMIC?

Finally, after a very long pause as I considered what he had said, I changed my attitude about my privacy and mumbled ?I have sex with each of my three boyfriends, but they come and I don?t. We?ve tried some things, but not even one of them knows what to do to make me cum, so I suck a guy off and then we fuck until he comes again and sex is over. It?s the same with all three guys I?m dating. They cum and I don?t!?

?That?s not at all unusual, Jess. Most guys do NOT know what to do and their penises are too short,? Sam replied consolingly. ?I can help you with that!?

?Okay, you have my attention, tell me, Sam,? I said.

?I can?t!?

?What the fuck do you mean ?you can?t?. That?s why you said you are here, Sam!? I retorted angrily. ?Are you here to fucking tease me? What?s with you??

?Jess, there are some things in life you can explain in words and other things in life you have to learn by doing with coaching from someone who can guide you through it. Sex is like swimming. I can?t just tell you how to swim. It is something you have to understand by being coached through it and actually doing it. I can?t just TELL you; we have to do it together for you to learn.?

?Okay, now I get it! Mom?s gone, so you just thought you could come in here and fuck me? Is that it?? I replied disgustedly. ?You think you can just say a few words and I will agree to have sex with you under the pretense of teaching me something? You want me to just let you fuck me like my boyfriends so you can get your rocks off!?

?Don?t think of it in those terms, Jess. I can coach you through it and you will understand or I can just talk about it and you will NOT know what I am talking about,? Sam suggested. ?You truly need to experience sex in the right way from someone who KNOWS and can help you understand it, and coach you through it. I?m not trying to seduce you; I?m offering to help you.? Sam was confident about his own sexual abilities and that was becoming obvious. I was weakening and being more convinced by the minute that he knew a LOT that I NEEDED to know and that I would have to GIVE IN and submit to him if I wanted to know myself. I already knew I had NO sex life! And I was clueless what to do differently.

In spite of my rising curiosity, I stubbornly persisted with my attitude. ?Wow! You date my mom and you?re fucking three times my age, but you came in here to fuck me! Just like that!? I said harshly. ?What a freaking, twisted idea, you bastard! Do you think you can take advantage of me while mom is gone??

?Look Jess, no matter what your mom and I do, I know that I can never be a dad to you. I just want to be your friend, and your mom asked me to talk to you. Can we just be friends so I can teach you about sex?? Sam asked me. ?Don?t you REALLY want to know how to have good sex for the rest of your life? Don?t you really want to know what a big man?s dick feels like inside you? Aren?t you tired of those little boy dicks??

I could see his penis was huge by the bulge in his pants. His penis was clearly much larger than any of my boyfriends.

?I don?t know,? I hesitated, losing my will to resist him. ?You?re an old man. That?s really kinky for me, Sam! And I can?t just DO IT with someone I don?t date!?

?Just close your eyes and think of me as one of your boyfriends when I touch you. We don?t have to tell anyone about my teaching you about sex. I don?t want your mom to know that I did anything more than talk to you and neither do you, so we BOTH have a good reason to keep this just between us. Right, Jess?? Sam offered. ?I promise to make you happier than ANY boyfriend has ever done. You can count the six orgasms I give you. Is that a deal??

I was really nervous but thoroughly intrigued about everything Sam had said about sex which was so foreign to me. I truly believed that since my mom was so happy, that he HAD to be a really good fucker, so maybe I should take advantage of his expertise. Why should I go years without knowing, trying to figure it out on my own with stupid guys just as clueless as I was?

And I DESPERATELY wanted to know how to have an orgasm myself. Having six orgasms seemed like bull shit to me but I was not so sure of myself to totally dismiss the idea that it was possible. Just having my boyfriends fuck me and cum inside my mouth and pussy was lame, and I knew that was not right for me. I was already tired of just laying there like a piece of meat to be fucked. So I already suspected that I was missing out on a LOT during sex. I realized that my boyfriends and I had just had ?quickie sex? where we kissed and caressed a little and then they just fucked me until they came, without any idea of what to do to make me cum. And sucking off a guy was ONLY about HIS pleasure.

Sam had talked about MULTIPLE orgasms for ME, mentioning the number six. That was totally beyond my experiences with sex. I did not believe it might even be possible. I wasn?t even sure I had EVER even had ONE orgasm, at least no feelings to match the emotions my boyfriends had when they pumped their penises into my pussy and made sounds of delight as each one of them ejaculated semen inside me. My emotions were NOTHING like theirs when THEY ejaculated, so I knew I was missing something. As I listened to Sam, I really doubted now more than ever that I had EVER even had ONE orgasm. But how would I know about something I had never experienced?

We continued to look at each other in total silence and I thought about all of this. The silence was becoming ominous. Momentarily, I remembered thinking that Sam?s penis was maybe 9? to 10 ½? because of his shoe size. That HAD to be huge, and I now wondered if I could handle it. But mom is my size too, and she seemed happy so I guess maybe it is okay.

Finally my curiosity was more than I could handle. ?Okay, Sam. Okay, fuck, let?s do it. You can show me. But you have to be tender and help me deal with this so I don?t fucking freak out! How do we do this?? I said, finally surrendering and submitting my will to his agenda.

Sam smiled broadly from where he sat in his chair. His huge penis had already been embarrassingly obvious by tenting his pants as we talked.

?Just lie on the bed and close your eyes, Baby girl,? Sam said in a calm, whispering, consoling voice. ?Just keep your eyes closed, Baby girl. Think about one of your boyfriends when I touch you and pretend I am him. After I teach you, you can teach him and he can do for you what I do for you tonight. With time and practice, he will learn and get better or you can date someone else. But understand this. Not EVERY guy is WILLING to do what I will do for you tonight. A guy may simply refuse to put his mouth on a girl?s pussy or take the time that you need to cum. To have SIX orgasms, a guy has to do all of that and a lot more and be really skilled and patient before intercourse.?

Damn, like going straight for my weakness, he mentioned that ?six? number again. How in hell is that possible? Well, shit, I was now going to find out and if he was lying to me, tell mom that the bastard tricked me while she was gone. I would ruin him if he was lying to me.

I was wearing button-down pajamas and panties but no bra. Sam?s words replayed in my thinking as I moved over to my bed and lay fully clothed in my pajamas on top of it on my back, giving myself over to Sam to take control, undress me and teach me what he obviously knows about sex which I apparently do not.

?Why would a guy refuse to put his mouth on my pussy or take the time to make me cum,? I wondered? ?Why would a boyfriend refuse to do that for me if I explained what I hoped to soon find out about making love,? as Sam called it? So I realized, ?if a guy knows what to do but refused to do it, then he did not REALLY love me and was just using me for sex.? I HAD to find out either way. This was going to go really badly for Sam if he was tricking me into this. I hoped that mom would break up with Sam over this if he abused me.

Sam took a few moments. He patiently removed all his clothes first, laying them on the chair while I waited. I tried to relax on the bed. I peeked while he was undressing, and gasped quietly that his huge, black, semi-rigid penis was sticking out and downward like a huge cucumber. It was already probably 9 ½? long and really impressive as a penis. I knew it would get a little longer when it was fully erect. It already looked very wide, perhaps 2 ½? to 3? across.

When Sam was naked, he turned out the lights except for a dim bedside lamp and moved quietly over onto the bed with me. He was so heavy that the bed creaked and groaned under his added body weight. He moved very slowly and was amazingly gentle as he carefully hovered over me and touched me, understanding my nervousness. I trembled and shook violently in nervous anticipation as his massive, black, muscle-bound body moved over me like a bear. Remembering his advice, I closed my eyes tightly shut and determined to keep them closed no matter what happened. I tried to picture Rob, one of my boyfriends, in my thinking but Sam was much larger than Rob.

Slowly Sam straddled my tiny body, holding his body weight over me on his hands and knees. His face was now over mine and I could feel his breath as he cautiously kissed me gently on the lips at first, then kissed my face and neck with light, butterfly-like kisses that caused my skin to tingle as his large, black lips touched me. He gently prodded my mouth open with his fingers to penetrate my delicate lips with his huge tongue pressing deeply inside my mouth.

Sam was assuming nothing and going through his entire routine of seducing a woman, and I understood that was a good idea for me. I kept my eyes tightly closed and focused on this being Rob as Sam?s large lips completely enveloped mine and his huge tongue probed the inside of my mouth like a small penis, toying with my much smaller tongue as he French-kissed me deeply. It was a kiss that was more intimate, affectionate, and more erotic than any I had ever experienced from boyfriends, and it felt wonderful as he continued. Our tongues danced together as he continued with his mouth wide open over my lips, providing a gentle sucking feeling over my lips with his huge, long tongue toying with mine inside my mouth. Gradually his pressed his tongue deeper inside my mouth and kissed me harder and harder to increase the sensuality of the kiss. I could feel his long tongue filling my mouth and poking the back of my throat as he pushed and pulled it in and out of my mouth like a penis fucking my mouth.

After a few minutes, he removed his lips and probing tongue to start kissing the rest of my face, sucking my ears, kissing my neck, stroking his fingers through my long blonde hair, and slowly working his way down to my breasts. My bodily sensations were awakening as never before so early in the process of loving, sexual contact with a man. I had never experienced anything like this. Dutifully and fearfully, I just kept my eyes closed as Sam worked his lips and tongue down my body, opening my pajama top slowly, teasingly button by button in the process. Without a bra underneath, he kissed and caressed each of my large breasts as he opened the buttons. Finally, Sam had my pajama top completely open as he moved his lips, tongue, and fingers over my E-cup breasts and body, licking, sucking, and tonguing my breasts and nipples with a circular motion that made my nipples stand straight out in attention. My nipples were as hard as I have ever felt them. Wow, that felt really good and my large breasts were totally engorged with all my nerve endings standing at attention because of Sam?s tender, intimate touches which made EVERY part of my body participate in what he was doing. His fingers, tongue, and big black lips worked together in great harmony to awaken my entire body for sex.

Now I felt one of Sam?s hands toy with my pajama bottoms over my pubic area as he massaged the outer lips of my vulva under my clothing, causing me to start having sexual stimulations in that area too. I felt like I was a stringed instrument and Sam was tuning me up and getting ready to play me for all I was worth as his hands, lips, and tongue worked my breasts, upper body, and vaginal area all at once to awaken my sexual senses in multiple areas of my body.

Tenderly I felt Sam slowly unfasten the buttons of my pajama bottoms and tenderly slide the pajamas over my hips and down my legs like I was sleeping and he didn?t want to wake me. He tossed my pajama bottoms to the floor beside the bed. I was only wearing white laced panties underneath, and he quickly slipped those down my legs and off my feet. With my pajama top now wide open and my bottoms removed, my near-naked body was available for Sam to work his magic with his lips, tongue, and fingers. But Sam carefully took his time, pulled me forward, and tenderly removed my pajama top as well, now leaving me totally naked on the bed. I just allowed him to do everything for me without any of my own actions to help or hinder him, lying motionless like I was unconscious. In spite of trying to be calm and relax, my body shuddered with each touch of his huge, black hands handling my young, much smaller white body under his. I felt overwhelmed and helpless like a toy in the hands of a huge, black bear, this giant of a man. It was like I wanted to play dead to avoid being ravaged by this huge black bear of a man.

Simultaneously now, Sam worked my large, firm breasts, taut nipples, upper body, and my pubic area with his fingers and mouth creating a combination of sensations which I had never experienced before. It was like electricity suddenly started running through my entire body. Then I felt first one and then two of Sam?s fingers moving in and out of my vagina and start milking me, sliding in and out repeatedly rubbing over my pubic bone. His fingers were large but his touch was tender. His fingers quickly caused my body to jerk and shudder and release my fluids to my vaginal area as he fingered and milked my vagina and lightly touched my anus and vulva lips in a full-handed motion of circular and probing caress.

Unlike my boyfriends, Sam was creating a full-body orgasm within me by stimulating ALL parts of my body at once. He now had two fingers inside me but his other fingers were softly sliding alternately over my breasts and upper body. His two fingers worked the lips of my vulva, my anus, the inside of my thighs and the front of my abdomen. Everything was gentle and erotic, creating feelings I never before experienced. His mouth and hands seemed to be all over my body at the same time, bringing all of the feelings of my sexual nerve stimulations together at once. I had hardly EVER even had an orgasm at all with my boyfriends? feeble efforts, but now I understood that they obviously did not know what to do to satisfy my sexual needs.

Now Sam kissed his way artfully from my lips slowly downward over my body as he moved his own body down between my legs and put his face in my crotch, keeping one hand on my large, nicely-firm breasts while his other hand continued to work my vaginal area. Sam?s mouth was now pressed fully forward onto my vaginal lips, licking and sucking the outer lips and then suddenly plunging his long, black tongue deeply inside me, probing me with his tongue while also fingering my anus and handling my breasts and body with his other hand. I felt him casually lubricate my anus with saliva and then slowly slip a finger inside. That hurt a little as his large, black finger pressed into my tight anal opening and started a circular motion. But soon it felt good and stimulating as part of everything else he was doing to me.

As Sam continued to play me, getting me to relax and trust him, I felt my emotions and full-body senses building to an unbelievable level of emotion and sensitivity. A few minutes later my nerves seemed to explode and reach an ecstatic emotional high from his stimulations, flooding the bed with my juices as I gushed on Sam?s face in ways I never knew possible. My body was discharging liquids all over Sam?s face and mouth, and he was licking and swallowing my juices with his lips and tongue locked onto my vulva and vagina.

?This HAD to be my first ever orgasm,? I thought joyously and assuredly.

This liquid had NEVER flowed out of me like this in this volume during sexual relations. I knew I HAD to be coming but it almost felt like I was urinating! I was confused and embarrassed, but Sam seemed to be okay with it.

?Oh my god, Sam, this is wonderful!? I heard myself responsively and instinctively blurt out loudly and affectionately as he continued manipulating my body with his hands and mouth.

?Oh my god, Sam, don?t stop! Pleaaaassssse??..don?t stop!? I begged him now, desperately meaning it because it felt so wonderful and incredible. Sam?s long, black tongue was deep inside me and his lips were viciously caressing my vulva.

As my moaning and groaning subsided a little, Sam swung his body around onto the bed on top of me in an inverted position with his mouth now upside down on my vaginal area. I knew when his huge penis and balls touched the side of my cheek and moved onto my face that he wanted me to put his penis inside my mouth. But his genitals moved above my head and into my long, blonde hair because Sam was so much taller than me. So I turned my head all the way back to be in the right position to face his penis, opening my mouth in willingness to receive it and thank him for my first, body-wrenching orgasm. With my head now turned fully backwards, Sam bowed his body over me enough for his fully-engorged and hard penis to move back to my face in this inverted position. I knew he expected me to place his penis inside my mouth, which I began to attempt to do, keeping my eyes closed as I tried to slowly work my small mouth over his huge, black, rock-hard penis.

But his black penis was so incredibly large, larger than any penis I had ever known, that I was barely able to place my lips over the head of it and slowly insert just the huge, pink head into my mouth by slowly spreading my jaws widely open. Sam began to slowly push his penis deeper into my mouth as I stretched my jaws fully open. His penis continued to move past my lips and deeper inside my mouth. I tried to suck with everything I had but could do very little because his penis was so huge as it filled the inside of my mouth with little room to move on it and salivate.

I wanted to thank him because what Sam had done to the rest of my body felt so wonderful. I wanted to give him back all the pleasure that he had just given me. But I could barely wet his penis with my saliva because of the incredibly huge size of it. As I struggled to move my mouth on it, he slowly forced his penis in more and more as my jaws braced widely open and my lips strained to accept its intrusion into my mouth.

I soon felt his penis bump the back of my throat. My mouth was totally full, plugged to capacity with his huge, black manhood. At that moment, he only had a little more than half of his rigid, 10? penis inside my mouth as I felt his penis head push hard against the back of my throat, sometimes gagging me.

Sam slowly pulled back and started to short pump his huge penis in and out of my mouth as he sensed my willingness to make my mouth available under him. I couldn?t move at all, so all the movement had to be Sam slowly pumping back and forth inside my mouth. Slowly my lips and jaws began to relax and stretch to receive his huge manhood being pumped into the back of my throat.

He continued with my vaginal stimulation by his hands, tongue, and lips which had most of my attention at that moment. I was emotionally struggling to focus in two directions trying to keep Sam?s penis wet while he wracked my entire body with emotions from my vaginal and anal areas.

I wanted to cooperate and learn everything I could from this experience with Sam, but there was so much happening all at once that my mind was overloaded with sexually ecstatic sensations, and I was still totally unable to move with Sam so heavily on top of me on the bed. I struggled to simply respond to Sam, suddenly realizing how totally inexperienced I truly was. I was not able to initiate any love-making stimulation on Sam myself as he totally dominated my body from both ends by lying so heavily on top of me, holding me firmly in place to do as he wanted with my body.

After five minutes of this my mouth was now totally relaxed and stretched loose to receive his huge, black penis. Sam was now pumping fully deep inside my mouth and repeatedly hitting the back of my throat, trying to get past my gag reflex which occasionally caused me to convulse momentarily. He was somehow forcing that huge penis head little by little into my throat as I tried to relax even more to please him, letting his penis slowly force itself into the opening of my throat. No boyfriend had ever entered my throat with his penis because I wouldn?t let him and his penis was barely long enough anyway. But Sam was so heavy on top of me that I could not object or move to avoid it with Sam?s huge and long penis. With my head turned all the way back in this position, my mouth lined up with my throat so all I could do was lie there pinned to the bed and prostrated for his sexual use. Even though my boyfriends had never done this to me, I could simply not avoid what Sam was doing with my mouth and throat as he kept jabbing his penis hard and impatiently at the back of my throat with no way for me to object or move to avoid him. I could feel him slowly driving deeper and deeper into my throat.

He was still holding me at such a high level of sexual ecstasy with his mouth and fingers on my vagina, vulva, and anus, poking and probing and massaging all three of my openings at once as my young body fully awakened to intense, sexual stimulations. I was out-of-my-mind with sexually erotic sensations like I was in a trance or something so that nothing else mattered at that moment. I was having an out-of-body sexual experience as Sam?s big penis head kept jabbing the back of my throat and dulling my gag reflex as it moved slowly deeper and deeper into my throat.

I was totally relaxed and enjoying every minute of this in spite of the pain, allowing his huge, rigid penis to repetitively fuck my mouth and push that huge, penis head little by little into my throat, slowly opening my throat widely as I was forced to accept the head of his huge, black penis into my throat. No boyfriend?s penis was ever long enough to fuck my throat but it felt wonderfully erotic and painful at the same time. I felt Sam?s pre-cum lubricate my throat as he continued. The sensation only added to all that Sam was doing to my body, so I just went along with it. I couldn?t stop him anyway even if I had tried.

My entire body was ecstatic with emotion as Sam continued his harmonic arousal of all of my entire body?s sexual senses. I kept mentally telling myself to relax and let him do what he wanted with me, not wanting to miss anything he could teach me. He was still so heavy on top of me that I could not move at all to have avoided him anyway. His rigid, black penis was now thrusting harder and harder, slowly forcing itself into my throat deeper and deeper as his mouth and fingers were still steadily and vigorously sucking and probing my vagina and anus, driving my nerves wild with stimulation.

I had no choice but to totally surrender and be dominated by Sam at that point. I was totally overwhelmed by him in every sense of the word. But I HAD to be submissive because he was so heavy on top of me that I could not even move. Sam had me pinned and tightly immobile under him within his strong grasp at both ends of my body, fucking my mouth and tonguing my vagina. I was on the verge of feeling claustrophobic but too involved with sexual stimulations to freak.

I felt myself building to another, even higher emotionally charged orgasm of sexual ecstasy as Sam continued, handling me faster and faster at both ends of my body at the same time as he slowly increased the intensity of what he was doing to me, becoming more sexually intent upon pleasing himself. His penis was now viciously thrusting deeply into my throat and his tongue was savagely fucking my vagina, harmonically ramming into me at the same time at both openings of my body while also steadily probing my anus with his big, black finger. He was truly a master at sexually stimulating a woman. Nerves were tingling ALL OVER my body at what he was doing.

I thought about my mother enjoying this as her reason for being attracted to him and then forced my thoughts back to Rob, pretending again that this was Rob doing all of this to my body, which was quite hard considering how little he had ever done when he simple fucked me until he came with no understanding of how to ?make love? to me or make me orgasm too. Now I TRULY understood what I was missing, and I cherished every wonderful, nerve-rending moment of this building full-body orgasm.

My body was screaming with the idea that I HAD to have more of this! More and more I had to acknowledge that this was Sam making love to me, not Rob. But I now no longer cared about how creepy or kinky this was with this old black man. It was simply wonderful as my entire body became racked with sexual stimulation and emotions!

A few minutes later I felt Sam?s penis suddenly swell inside my mouth as he thrust his penis again deeply into my throat and ejaculated a large burst of semen down my throat. My breathing was totally shut off and my bodily emotions exploded as I came at that same moment, this time with his hands, mouth and tongue stimulating my vagina and anus and his huge penis pumping my throat. Sam pumped hard and deeply and then momentarily stopped his penis deep inside my throat as he ejaculated with the second burst, then pulled out a little and pumped deeply again thrusting and driving each semen burst deeply down my throat.

I did not have to swallow his semen because it went straight down my throat and into my stomach. I gasped to breathe on his short backstrokes. I was unable to do anything else but accept this as Sam?s penis penetrated over and over deeply inside my throat, barely allowing me brief moments to obtain short gasps of air. My mouth was being used for intercourse but it was okay because everything felt fantastic! My face was pinned between Sam?s hairy black legs with his huge black penis jabbing wonderfully again and again deeply inside my throat. His hairy testicles were banging my forehead and blonde hair in a slapping motion with each forward thrust. I was stunned and in a sexual trance from all of this happening to me at once.

I was totally overwhelmed, controlled, and completely manipulated by Sam at that point. He was doing exactly what he wanted with my little, white body under his huge, black frame. He had me totally dominated and controlled because he was so much larger and heavier. I was pinned tightly underneath his body but my sexual ecstasy was fantastic so nothing else mattered!

Sam had so thoroughly taken total control over my body that it was clear that I was the student and he was the teacher. I already knew this was going to be good from the way it was working out so far. Sam pumped down my throat a few more times with his huge, black penis and held it there, now totally stopping my breathing, perhaps forgetting about my need to breathe or maybe intending to do so. I struggled in vain under his 340# body weight in an attempt to back off of his penis enough to breathe, but I still could not move even a little. I felt him still ejaculating deep in my throat and his penis still swollen inside my mouth. I felt myself fading from lack of air.

Sam then suddenly pulled his penis out of my mouth just as I nearly lost consciousness from lack of air. Holding his huge penis right in front of my face with one hand, he ejaculated several more times, jerking his penis to empty it with several more massive semen bursts all over my face and hair. I was gasping desperately for air so I paid no attention to what he was doing to me. I kept my eyes closed, and I felt his semen squirting onto my face and hair, covering me with semen. Sam rubbed his ejaculating penis head all over my face and lips, smearing his semen all over me.

Sam finished jerking the last of his semen out of his penis and then turned around on top of my body as I kept gasping to breathe and recover, not bothering to do anything with his semen on my face and hair. He shifted his fingers and mouth to continue to massage my vagina with one hand and his penis with the other to maintain his erection.

I knew that Sam would fuck my pussy next. I lay stunned and obediently still for his next set of moves on my body, anxious to experience everything possible from this skillful black master of a teacher. My head was still turned all the way back because I was stunned and hammered from his huge penis thrusting so deeply into my mouth and throat. Only barely conscious, I felt semen oozing out of my mouth, over my lips and out onto my face and dripping down into my long blonde hair as I lay still, motionless and helpless, gasping faintly for air as I tried to recover from what Sam had done to my body. What a trip!

I really did not care about his semen on my face or having nearly lost consciousness! It was already a sexual experience that I would never forget and always cherish!

Moments later I could feel him moving in close between my legs as his fingers, lips and tongue continued their relentless assault first on my vagina, and then moving up to my E-cup breasts and upper body. He pulled my head back forward, occasionally kissing me heavily on the lips and tongue probing my mouth with his incredibly long, black tongue which kept drawing my emotions of sexual desire into everything else that my body was feeling.

To my utter amazement, I felt my body building towards a third orgasm now as Sam moved me in preparation for intercourse. He positioned his hips between my legs as he jerked his huge, rigid, black 10? penis only inches from my vagina and handled my body in an orchestral manner of keeping everything going all at once. All I had to do was lay there and let it happen. I was physically and emotionally in shock anyway at that point.

I knew he would soon thrust his penis inside me but I was so wet, relaxed, and emotionally charged that I did not worry about his huge 10? x 3? penis hurting my little body at that moment. Of course, I had never been fucked by such a huge penis but I was sloppy wet and totally relaxed, now confident that Sam was in control over me and would only cause me more pleasure.

My high school boyfriends? penises were really small compared to Sam?s humongous, rock-hard, black manhood. Sam?s penis made theirs look like little boys? penises.

Sam?s hand skillfully rubbed deeply into the lips of my vulva, probed my vagina, and probed my anus in a circular motion while probing with one finger into what he would later explain was my G-spot. He was lubricating his penis with my juices while still milking me for all I was worth. Sam had me almost ready for intercourse and I knew he would soon be thrusting his manhood deeply inside me but I was now ready and wanted it. I DESPERATELY now wanted Sam to fuck me because I knew there would be another orgasm for me somewhere in the process! I was already very near orgasm from his actions on my body even before he penetrated me.

Suddenly I felt my third orgasm slam into my body. I moaned and groaned loudly and uncontrollably as my body shook and jerked in the firm grasp of Sam?s hands. My juices gushed again to my vagina, releasing even more lubricant for Sam to use on his humongous, hard, black penis as he prepared to enter me. I was emotionally overwhelmed again yet I knew that any second Sam would be pushing his huge manhood inside me.

I now felt Sam quickly move his huge penis head into place at my vaginal opening, rubbing and pressing his huge penis head anxiously on the outside ready to open me wide enough to enter me. As he slowly pushed forward, the head of his penis strained the opening of my vaginal lips and pubic bone to open wide enough to accept it. Sam slowly kept pushing until finally just the huge, bulbous head of his enormous black penis suddenly popped inside me as I spread my legs as wide-open as possible. My vaginal entrance strained against his huge penis like I was a virgin, trying to accept his humongous penis. All the sex I had with boyfriends seemed like nothing compared to this.

Sam slowly kept pushing forward into me. I groaned at the pain. Inch by inch his huge shaft started to spread me widely open to receive him, slowly easing its way deeper and deeper inside my body like a huge, black snake invading my body to devour me. My pubic bone and vaginal muscles were slowly being forced to open wider and wider to receive Sam?s monster-sized penis.

Even having had sex several times weekly for the last two years with several different boyfriends, it was unbelievably and incredibly painful when Sam entered me. Sam?s penis was SO MUCH BIGGER than any boyfriend I had ever had! Maybe twice the size of any boyfriend?s penis. But my body was as ready as ever for him after three orgasms and my fluids having already gushed to this area so many times.

Sam started short strokes moving in and out to slowly force my vagina to keep stretching and soon I felt him push even deeper inside me. His penis was totally filling my vagina with the length and width of it.

Then he started a rhythm of slowly pumping in and out of my body in a short repetitive motion which soon continued the feelings I was already beginning to experience for another orgasm.

All the emotions and sensations I felt were continuous with little pauses in-between ecstatic highs as Sam?s penis was now continued driving deeper inside me to touch the back of my uterus with his deepest, determined forward thrust to the bottom inside me. After hitting the bottom of my uterus with his penis, he stopped and just held it there. After a few moments of holding his entire 10? x 3? penis pushed hard fully deep inside me to allow my body to adjust, he pumped me slowly but with a very determined motion and viciously hard, penetrating again and again to the bottom of my female organs and banging my uterus over and over, thrusting inside my womb to the bottom, probing to a depth I never knew possible, arousing even deeper and stronger sexual feelings totally unknown to me. Again I was overwhelmed by him and immobile under his 340# of body weight on top of my small body under his.

Later I measured his penis and discovered that his erect penis was truly 10? in length, at least four inches longer than any boyfriend I had ever had. And Sam knew how to make his additional penis length work wonders for a woman.

He now had me willing to do anything to let this continue as he so wonderfully probed my womb to the bottom of its limits, invoking sexual sensations that few women ever experience because of their lover?s shorter penises. I was now learning to experience a full-body orgasm, both inside and out.

I stopped trying to think of Rob and just thought about Sam because what Sam was doing was so foreign to everything that I had known about sex with Rob that it was impossible to think of anyone but Sam as he continually plowed his huge, hard penis again and again into the depths of my womb and drove me crazy with his stimulation of my entire body. I was struck with the combination of pain and pleasure as this huge, black man was fucking me so savagely yet pleasingly to the depths of my female body. No man had EVER been this deep inside my body or made me feel anything like this in the process of intercourse. My pussy gripped his penis tightly due mainly to his enormous size.

?Ungh!?..Ungh!?..Ungh!.....Ungh!.....? over and over was the sound that Sam was making each time he thrust forward and rammed his huge penis to the bottom inside my body. It was the same sound my boyfriends made when they were intensely hard fucking my body to please themselves. But Sam was louder, appearing to be even more fiercely intent upon pleasing himself with the use of my body.

Sam continued to viciously and intently hump my body for ten or fifteen minutes on my back, bouncing the springs in the bed in a repetitive squeaking motion as my bed strained under our combined weight. Then Sam moved me into another position and entered me again as he continued to quickly plunge to the depths of my womanhood with his 10? black penis.

In every new position, he drove my mind crazy with emotion in the process. He pumped me frontally and from the rear, on my side and on my knees from behind, placed me on top of him frontally and behind, with my legs over and then under his in every position so that his 10? penis penetrated to the bottom of my womb with all of his pumping positions. Yet Sam knew how to make all of this incredibly pleasurable for me too in spite of the frequent, intermittent pain as I went through orgasm after orgasm in rapid succession, losing count of how many orgasms I experienced. Because his penis was so huge, it completely filled my vagina and pushed and pulled my insides in and out with each pumping stroke, driving me crazy with emotions in my vaginal area.

Finally, Sam moved me to a sitting position on top of him and I could sense from his rapid, heavy breathing that he was almost ready to ejaculate. I rotated my hips as I now moved up and down with insatiable desire on his huge, rigid, black 10? penis. He thrust deeply inside me again and again with me churning my hips on top of him, facing him, riding him as hard as I could and driving his huge, black penis as deeply as possible inside my body to a depth that I only now learned to enjoy.

He grabbed my butt cheeks with both hands and dropped a finger into my anus again to hold my butt firmly in place for his thrusting. His large black hands firmly gripped each of my butt cheeks and held me in place over him as his penis continued to thrust so amazingly deep inside me with more of that strange combination of pain and pleasure. He created feelings of unbelievable sexual pleasure over and over for both of us as I rotated my hips on top of him on the bed to experience every inch of his huge, black penis thrusting deeply inside me to the depths of my womanhood. Rotating my hips caused his huge, black penis to touch every part of my insides and massage my uterus, driving me crazy with emotions of delight.

Within minutes, I was coming yet again, having totally lost count long ago of which numbered orgasm this might be. And then I felt his penis swell inside me and a warm stream of semen filling my insides. Sam was now cuming too.

?Oh, ?..Jessie,?? fuck!..... Oh?.. fuck!..... What ?.. good?.. fucking?.. pussy!? Sam blurted out as we moved tightly together in unison, his penis still thrusting and releasing volley after volley of warm semen inside me.

His huge penis expanded so much that it gripped my insides and almost stopped his pumping me as he shot quickly even more successive streams of semen deeply inside my womb. I rotated my hips on top of him to receive it, allowing his penis to penetrate me as deeply as possible in order to experience the most sexually charged feelings possible.

I had learned that every INCH of Sam?s penis that I could get inside me was that much more in sexually ecstatic feelings that I could experience. I learned to move in ways to make that happen, getting past the pain to enjoy the pleasure. We both loved it. It was like NOTHING I had EVER experienced.

Truly I had NEVER experienced sex like this and was wondering how it would be possible for me to even begin to explain to my boyfriends what to do and get any one of them to do the same for me during sex. I truly understood why Sam could NOT just tell me about this; I had to EXPERIENCE it with his coaching me through it.

Sam and I lay exhausted in a heap on the bed, with his huge, rigid, black penis still deep inside my womb, throbbing and slowly ejaculating the last jets of his semen as he slow pumped me to finish. We were savoring every moment and letting the feelings of our vigorous copulation slowly wane.

After several minutes as his penis stopped throbbing and started to reduce its rigidity, I slowly rolled over and removed his penis from inside me. I dropped onto my back beside Sam as I lay totally wasted on the bed, not wanting any of the sexual sensations to stop. Slowly I felt semen ooze out of my body between my legs but I did not care, ignoring the mess.

I would definitely need to have another lesson with Sam to make sure that I learned everything he had to teach me. How could I EVER be satisfied with sex with one of my boyfriends considering what I NOW knew that sex could be like? And how could I learn from just this one time?

Sam and I did not have to verbalize it, but we both knew that I would HAVE to have more lessons from him before I would ever allow him to stop teaching me about sex. I had just experienced over an hour of pure ecstasy that no boyfriend had ever even reached a one on a scale of one to ten in performance and pleasure.

Already in my mind I was counting the days before mom would return from her business trip. My attitude was totally changed and Sam would not have to spend time talking the next time we got together. We could just ?get on with it? in whatever way he wanted. He could now do with me WHATEVER he wanted because I wanted to know EVERYTHING that he could teach me about sex.

As we lay exhausted beside each other on the bed, bondage was something else I remember Sam mentioning. Maybe next time I?ll ask Sam to show me what bondage is all about. I think I?m ready for that after this first experience in teaching me about sex. He had me at his mercy anyway and I loved it. I surrendered to his wishes and he had his way with me. I knew I was powerless to refuse him anyway after we got started. If I refused him, being so much bigger than me I knew he could choose to force himself on me. So what more could bondage be about? If I was tied up, maybe he could force me into more intense levels of sexual ecstasy. He mentioned that being advanced. I had the feeling that I had only scratched the surface about my sexuality and I desperately wanted Sam to coach me into more erotica. I felt like I was on the verge of discovering a lot more sexually which I might NEVER experience without his help, and I HAD to know and experience it.

I now knew I couldn?t figure this out on my own. I knew I needed a penis the size of Sam?s to experience it and I wanted to know EVERYTHING that he knew about sex. I quickly recognized that this was an opportunity that I was NOT about to let slip through my fingers. Fuck mom, I needed to know MYSELF and I was ready to have Sam in my bed anytime teaching and coaching me into more and deeper sexual experiences. I wanted more of this and I wanted it NOW! At this moment, I wondered why I would ever want to date a guy with a penis less than 10? in length and with the knowledge that Sam had. Why settle for less? Dear God, you only live ONCE so make the best of it. Find a good FUCKER and latch onto him. Mom already figured that out with Sam. I wanted it too!

I already planned having Sam in bed with me anytime I could arrange it. And I did not care if I dated again until I knew everything that Sam could teach me about sex. Fuck my boyfriends. They were just using me, not LOVING ME, not MAKING LOVE TO ME like I deserve. They got their fucking quickie with me and then they were finished, leaving me feeling empty and unfilled. Fuck that! Who needs it! I wanted a lot more out of sex than to just be fucked by some guy who has no clue how to make love to a woman and give her the sexual experience that she deserves. Stupid young bastards! Fuck them. Sam KNOWS what the hell he?s doing and how to treat a woman. I have to have THAT! Fuck his race and fuck his age, I don?t care anymore. I want the best sex I can get. And I want Sam to show me!

Sam and I have three more days before mom comes home. Then she and I will have to talk about sharing Sam for sex. She can?t have him ALL to herself. She has to let me have him too until I get all that I want or find someone to take his place, which won?t be easy considering the guys I have dated. I hope mom agrees to share him, otherwise it will be rough between us.

We drifted off to sleep, and Sam spent the night in my bed. We covered our naked bodies with a sheet.

End Chapter 1

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