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Service among the stars

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Admiral Blackburn contemplated the girl licking his cock thoroughly. His thighs tensed despite himself. She was teasing him. Jala knew better than make his come so early in the evening. Her short curly brown hair bobbed as she licked him. It had taken him the better part of a year to get his armada up and running in top shape once he had been assigned this sector of space to control. Jala had relieved his tensions better than any of the other girls that had been assigned to him in the beginning. When sleep wouldn?t come because of all the worries, it had been his habit to call for Jala. Time had been a precious thing. Jala had without fail been able to make him cum with that amazing mouth. He was amazed that oral was the only thing he had ever asked of her. He admired her ass, round and white as she knelt before his chair. The thought dragged a groan out of him. Then again, with the talent she had already displayed perhaps it was not so surprising. He watch her ass wiggle excitedly. The Admiral decided then and there that now that he had time he would rectify that omission. After all he had 24 hours leave, the first in over a year.

?Jala,? he said.

?Yes Admiral, am I going too fast?? Jala looked up with those bright green eyes. Her lips were wet, even as she spoke her hands continued their slow strokes. In the beginning he had taught her to go slower so he could savor the build up of his orgasm. Now she was a master at bringing him up and keeping him on the edge till he told her to ?suck harder?. His signal that he was ready.

He shook his head, ?Suck Harder, Jala?

Jala was surprised. The Admiral usually kept her at his cock for an hour. Jala mourned that she had so little time. She looked forward to time spent with him. Jala sucked in one of his balls and then the other, her hands pulling harder at his cock. Pre come was already beading at its tip. Jala swirled her tongue around the big broad head. Closing her eyes with enjoyment she let her mouth encompass his head and sucked gently. She released and flicked the ridge with her tongue a few times, hard. The Admiral bucked a little before pushing her head gently back onto his cock. ?Tease,? he whispered. Her pussy flooded with heat.

With a moan she engulfed his head and sucked, licked and squeezed till the Admiral came with a roar. She swallowed, wishing for more.

When Jala was finished washing him, she rose to leave.

?Jala did I give you permission to leave me??

Jala froze for a moment. ?No Admiral, I just ?? Could he finally want more?

?Come here Jala.?

Jala walked back to the Admiral. Standing uncertainly before him.

?Turn around Jala.? Jala turned away from him, shivering a little with excitement.

He admired her pretty round butt. ?Bend over for me.? he told her. She hesitated.

?Jala, you know you can leave when ever you want.?

Jala shook her head frantically. She bent over quickly, almost falling in her haste.

The Admiral admired her pretty pink rosebud of an asshole, slowly running his hand across her butt cheek. He rubbed the little bud with his knuckle a couple times, smiling as she gasped. He grasped the lips of her pussy and lost breath himself when he saw the wet rivet run slowly out of her now exposed pussy. She was very wet. He slipped one finger inside, just to the first knuckle. Jala whimpered and wiggled helplessly.

He pulled out and pushed gently at her clit with the wet tip of his finger. She gasped. He pulled away, leaving her exposed.

Jala did not move.

?Jala, I want you to lay across my lap, face down. I am going to spank you.?

?Was I not good?? asked Jala.

?You are always very good, the spanking is something I enjoy. I want to see those gorgeous cheeks turn pink and jump under my hand. The rules are very clear Jala. If this is not something you want, you are required to leave. ? The Admiral wanted her to stay, rather badly actually.

Jala turned to look at him for no more than a moment before she crawled across his lap. Her large breast anchoring her there on the other side of his legs.

The Admiral savored the moment, caressing her bottom. He brought his hand down firmly on her left butt cheek then her right. Her butt tensed and she gasped. He smacked her a little harder, his cupped hand making the sound of the slaps even louder. She was breathing hard by the tenth or eleventh smack. He was not hitting her as hard as all that, but the force behind it drove her firmly onto his leg. Jala thought the warmth in her ass was heating up every part of her. His hand began spanking lower on her thighs. Jala worried that he would notice the sudden flood of her pussy. His sudden stroke through her pussy lips proved her right.

?So wet, I am glad this is good for you too Jala.? Jala could feel his cock smacking her stomach with every blow. She was delighted that he was enjoying this. He was enjoying her. He smacked her warming bottom more firmly now, and faster. He did not let her rest between the spanks. Her bottom was beyond her control. It rose to meet his hand and yet wiggled desperately to escape. Jala?s breath left her in gasps and her hands gripped the chair legs hard to avoid trying to put them back to protect her now aching butt. She thought vaguely that she could come if he just smacked her frantic pussy too.

The Admiral stopped suddenly and stroked her hot cheeks. ?Jala, I want you to be completely honest with me. Can you do that??

Jala turned to look at the Admiral over her shoulder. She bit her lips and nodded quickly. ?Yes Sir.?

?Did you enjoy the spanking so far??

Jala blushed, ?Yes Sir. It was demonstrated in class but I only got a couple of spanks. I liked yours better.?

The Admiral smiled. ?No one ever spanked that delectable ass since??

?I have only been with you. I left class early to come aboard ship. They have been tutoring me here in between your calls for me.?

The Admiral stared at her. Slowly he pushed aside the lips of her pussy and slid one finger in. Jala?s eyes closed and her lips parted as she moaned. There was barely enough room for one finger to slide in, his second finger was only to the second knuckle when it encountered heavy resistance. ?You are a virgin.?

?I don?t want to be Sir. I only want ?? Jala stopped speaking, trying to put into words what she wanted through her excitement and confusion.

?What Jala? What do you only want?? Admiral smiled at her flushed face looking at him over her shoulder. He stroked her hot butt cheeks again and slide his large finger a little more forcefully into her wriggling pussy. A thought occurred to him, absent mindedly he continued to thrust his finger in and out of her .

?Why are you still a virgin? ?

Jala shuddered and writhed at his continued finger fucking. ?I am yours exclusively, the agency noticed your extensive use of me and wanted to keep you happy. It is one the privileges of your rank.? She was clutching his leg frantically now and trying not to beg.

He stopped his movements entirely. ?I supposed it was written down somewhere in the endless forms I signed before I boarded. But my question still stands, why would a virgin join the companion?s guild? Is that even allowed??

Jala moaned helplessly and wiggled enticingly on his lap. But she did not answer. The Admiral smacked her bottom hard a couple times. ?Jala? ? He began spanked her steadily now, her bottom past pink and into red.

?My family was poor and I wanted to go to space more than anything. There was not the money for fleet schooling so I lied to get in.? Jala gasped as he continued to spank her more firmly.

?The required physical exam would have revealed your virginity.?

?I bribed the doctor and the nurse. I promised that I would get it taken care of before I shipped off. It took all the money I had.? Jala babbled.

The Admiral looked down at her, his hand stilled. ?Jala, didn?t your teachers notice??

Jala turned to him, ?They could not very well ship me back, so they are ignoring it. They figured sooner or later the problem would solve itself.? Her bottom stung but she refused to ask him to stop. She wanted to stay with him for as long as he would let her. His beautiful body turned her on as nothing in her life had except the need to go to space. Even the grey in his hair made her pussy swell. His strong hands spanking her had been a huge turn on despite the pain.

?Jala, stand up.?

Jala stood reluctantly, facing him. One tear fell.

The Admiral frowned, ?Jala, by rights I should send you home untouched.? Jala shook her head frantically. ?The Concubine Services are very specific as to treatment of their people? It would kill him not to take her. That sweet pussy had clung to his fingers, wet and tight. Her perfect little puckered anus, had shivered delightfully at his touch. Not to mention how he would miss that beautiful mouth and now that he had spanked it, that pretty round bottom, still pink from his hand.

?Please don?t send me away!? Jala knelt in front of him, ?I will do anything for you. I don?t want to go back. Please, it would be an embarrassment for the service. Nobody will say anything, it would look bad for my teachers if you send me home.?

?It is admirable that you are thinking of others like this but you will have to come up with a better reason then that.?

?If you take me it stops being an issue,? Jala scooted a little closer. ?I could have given my virginity to any stranger on the street before I came here. I could have given it to one of my teachers or just broken it myself.? She stroked his leg, ?I wanted you to do it.? Her right breast stroked him as she leaned in.

The Admiral smiled as he leaned closer to her. ?I want you to tell me in words, what you want from me.?

Jala blushed and shivered a little with excitement. ?I?want you to fuck me,? she said in a rush.

?I want you to give me more words Jala, make me want to do the things you are thinking of.? He leaned in and kissed her softly, stroking his tongue lightly across her mouth. ?Do you want me??

Something very low in Jana?s body shivered. She looked into his brilliant blue eyes, the fire of want swept through her. ?I dream of you ,? Jana said, only half aware of what she was saying. ?Sometimes, I imagine you are my master and you tie me up.?

?What else do I do to you in this dream?? The Admiral?s hand cupped her ample breasts and flicked the little pink nipple lightly over and over. All the while his lips caressed her lips, flushed cheeks and soft white neck. Jala had her eyes closed now, just enjoying his touch.

Jana panted a little and moaned. ?You strap me to the bed with my bottom in the air.?

The Admiral smiled and without warning scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his sleeping quarters. He dropped her on the bed, telling her to assume the position in her dreams. Jala shuddered and knelt in the middle of the bed. Jala put her head to the sheets and spread her knees apart. Her hands she clasped in front of her head and waited, shaking.

The Admiral walked slowly around the bed, enjoying the view. Her beautiful long back, the pulsing of her tense little asshole, the still bright pink of her spanked butt, the flush on her face and the wetness slowly traveling from her pussy down her leg.

?What if I wanted to spank you again Jala?? he asked.

?Any thing you want Sir. I will do anything.? Jala?s voice was husky and low.

The Admiral went to his wardrobe and began pulling some things out. ?Don?t move Jala.? he ordered. The leather strap smacked her bottom three or four times while she groaned before he used it to bind her left ankle to the bed post. He had spanked her lightly, not wanting her to be in a lot of pain but only to keep her hot. The procedure was repeated again for her right ankle. He knelt finally between her legs, laying the rest of the equipment to the side for now. He kissed one rosy red butt cheek then the other, stroking her legs, pulling at her wet pussy lips with his fingers and then his lips. The little gasps and moans she let out made his cock twitch in need.

The Admiral thrust a finger into her soaking wet pussy while he gently began licking her small swollen clit. ?Please fuck me Sir, please.? Jala begged. Instead he began to lick a little harder, fingering her a little harder. ?Please?.? Jala begged. The Admiral didn?t bother replying, he continued his attack on her quivering pussy. He worked a second finger in the tight virgin flesh of her vagina. The pleasure and pain of it pushed her very close to orgasm. She struggled against the bindings, just wanting to move. He began suck hard on her clit and within moments she was screaming out her orgasm. The Admiral sucked at her softly, fingering gently now. Her pussy sucked hard at his fingers.

?Thank you sir,? Jala panted. However he just kept licking and sucking at her softly, tormenting her swollen well used little clit. Now his two wet fingers traversed upward. ?Sir?? said Jala softly, as one wet finger rubbed her tight asshole. She moaned as it pushed into her and arched her back.

?Is Anal sex something you do not like Jala?? The Admiral asked.

Jala gasped out her reply, ?I didn?t think I would but it feels so good Sir.? She pushed against his finger trying to help him. But the little hole was tense and tight. ?Relax Jala,?

But Jala was on the cusp of coming again from the sucking he was giving and could barely keep her hands together above her head.

The Admiral stopped sucking and knelt behind her. He took a small leather paddle from the tool pile and spanked her ass a dozen times while she gasped and pulled at the ankle restraints. ?Are you paying attention Jala?? he asked quietly when he had stopped.

?Yes Sir? she said gasping for breath frantically. Her poor bottom clenched.

He reached for some lubricate from the pile and drizzled it directly on her ass hole. ?I confess,? The Admiral said softly as he rubbed the lubricant around, ?I know I didn?t need to spank you right then, but I do enjoy it so much. What do you think of that Jala?? he asked as he pushed his thumb into her tight hole. Jala remembers her training now and relaxed her tight muscles, enjoying the ease in which his thumb slid into her and began pumping gently.

?I think Sir, that you should do the things you like as often as you can.? Jala smiled into the sheets.

?Oh, you do, do you?? he said with a laugh. He reached down to rub her clit. ?Good girl.?

Within moments she was close to orgasm. ?This will hurt a little Jala.? He began easing his thick cock into her wet already spasming pussy.

?Please take me hard Sir.? Jala begged. ?I have waited so long. I want to feel you fuck me.?

Admiral Blackburn gritted his teeth and thrust shallow but hard through the barrier. He felt her tense and draw a breath but she didn?t make a sound. He waited a moment, letting her ride out the pain. ?Jala??

?Give me the rest Sir,? she begged breathlessly.

He moved in more slowly now taking territory inch by tight inch. When she felt his balls finally smack her solidly, she smiled.

With his thumb still pumping her ass, he began moving his cock slowly in and out. Watching as her pussy clutched at him as he withdrew was almost to much. He knew he wouldn?t last long. ?Rub your clit for me Jala,? he ordered. Jala quickly began stroking her clit and pinching it lightly. He began thrusting faster, no longer moving his thumb in her ass. Instead he had thrust it in deeply and was holding her in place for his fucking. The restraints were helping to keep her in place too. Ever hard thrust pulled them hard at her ankles.

?Come for me Jala.? In moments her whole body tensed and she cried out as she came. The feel of her rippling pussy took him over and he shot into her deeply. She was milking him so hard with her orgasm it was almost painful.

Jala was still shuddering in the aftermath when she finally spoke. ?That was wonderful sir.?

Exhausted, laying on his back beside her, he began to laugh.

Jala stared at him confused and a little hurt. When he saw her face he shook his head and pulled her down into his embrace. I think you can call me by my given name now, don?t you think??

Jala shook her head with a smile, ?I like calling you sir when we fuck.?

?Such a tease,? Admiral John Blackburn said with a smile before he kissed her.

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