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Sequel to Lickedy split

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After our first "couple" experience, my girlfriend and I exchanged our thoughts and discovered that sex with other couples was something we enjoyed a LOT. I asked her more than once, "How did it feel to have someone besides me fucking you, inside of you?" her reply surprised me a bit. “It was ok, but you know, most of my focus was on what you were doing with his wife." "Oh really?" I said. "Tell me about it." She described watching me kissing the other woman and detailed the sounds that were coming from her that I had not thought much of at the time. Her moans of pleasure had excited my girlfriend so much; she said she could feel her own pussy filling with juices that were running down her leg. As the male of the couple pumped into her pussy, his cum and her juices left a spot the size of a softball on the sheets. I was getting horny listening to her and my cock was beginning to hurt from the erection in my jeans. I couldn't take it anymore; I pulled her into the room, took off my clothes and revealed massive amounts of pre-cum stained in my shorts. She looked at my crotch and grinned a huge, “what are you going to do with it now that you got it", grin. I was a sex demon ready to give her my cock which had morphed into this massive tool of pleasure that never existed before. My desire was intense. I threw myself on her and fucked her. She moaned and giggled as I pumped her; her pussy was feeling good. She came multiple times and I finally erupted, releasing the tension that had built up. It was the most intense pleasure I ever felt. Making it better was the fact that she had cum at precisely the same time as I did.

It was nearly 4AM by the time we finally regained our normal composure. We were both lying in bed like a lump of jelly, too tired to get up. We laid there for a while and both fell asleep.

For the next few days we repeated the events of our first post couple experience. We were getting invites to meet other couples and this was bringing us closer than we had been before. We had an experience now that we were able to relate to in our viewing of the new couples. The chat between us was becoming much more erotic and descript about what it was we were going to do with our new friends. Our fantasies about his cock, her pussy, kissing, sucking and eating the other couple and being fucked by them was arousing us. We were having sex multiple times a day and wanting more.

We met a second couple in a similar environment as the first. Again we had a few drinks and followed them to their home. This couple was much better looking than our first and we were like kids in a candy store knowing that we had a chance of having sex with these beautiful people. She was slender with blonde, short cropped hair. She had a nice hourglass shape and her ass filled the jeans she was wearing perfectly. I wanted to grab her and put my hands all over her, but being shy as I am, could not find the bravado to do so. He was tall and well built with eyes my girlfriend said cried out to her. “This is going to be fun!” Were the exact words she said when we got in our car to follow them home. I had to agree.

We got to their house and went inside. They showed us around and made us feel comfortable. We were led to their lower level and engaged in a game of pool. The ladies discussed things they enjoy and we men discussed the ladies. “Your girl friend has nice lips” he said. I had this warm feeling in me because I knew they were nice lips. I wanted to see what he was going to do to them and how my girlfriend was going to reciprocate. “Thanks” I said, “she has a lot of nice attributes, the least of which are those lips.” I was feeling slutty and really starting to like it. I noticed that as we went around the pool table, he would put his hand on my girlfriends back and rub. Then he would pat her ass and rub again. My girlfriend would tilt her head slightly back with her eyes closed and licked her lips. She was enjoying his touches. Things were beginning to progress as his wife started coming up to me from behind and wrapping her arms around me, rubbing my chest. I put my arms around her waist and grabbed her ass that filled those blue jeans so nicely. Her waist was smaller than my girlfriends and she was also shorter. Having the new sensation so close to my body was turning me on. I looked over at the corner of the room and my girlfriend and our new friend were lip locked and he had her up against the wall. She was moaning in response to his kisses and the advancing size of his cock which she had grasped in her hand. By now, I was also feeling my cock being rubbed through my pants and had a lip lock going on of my own.

Following the heated natural course of things, we all ended up in a bedroom with one single bed. Our four naked bodies were now in the advanced stages of heat. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his wife beautiful body. She lay on her back with her knees slightly up, legs partially spread and pussy exposed. Her eyes were focused on mine. I couldn’t resist wanting to taste her and put my face between her legs and took her into my mouth. “Oh Yes” she said as I licked her slit and kissed her lips. “Yes!” “Ohhh!” She was so hot and I sensed she was enjoying my oral performance. My cock was hard as a rock and I could feel pre-cum dripping down my shaft. “Just a little more of this” I thought, “and then I’m going to bury my cock in her.” “My god! Oh, my god, there, right there!”She said. I hit a spot with my tongue that I knew found the “G”. Within minutes she was cumming and I was feeling great.

I exited my face from between her legs and reached below her ass. Lifting her legs up, I gently spread them just enough for me to get my cock in. The sensation of her warm wet cunt around my cock was indescribable and awesome. I could hear moaning coming from beside me as my girlfriend was riding my partner’s husband. I kept thinking to myself that he was in heaven. My girlfriend was very good on the top. She has a talent of taking the cock in and using her cunt to rub the cock in such a way as to create a gentle, but robust sensation. His eyes showed his pleasure with each pump she took. I could tell he was cumming because his hands clenched in fists and his eyes shut tightly as an, “ahhh oooooh awwahhh” rushed from his lips. My girlfriend giggles when she knows she is pleasuring me, so her giggles were another sign that told me, he had cum.

I was taking in all that was happening around me. I was fucking this gorgeous woman whose husband had just blown a load in my girlfriend. I was enjoying myself immensely. I could tell his wife was enjoying me too. She let out pleasure sounds as I thrust my cock in and out of her. I heard her say my name and heard her say, “fuck me harder!” I started to break a sweat from my forehead and picked up the pace. I looked over and saw her husband and my girlfriend watching us. I sensed they were silently cheering us on, “Go! Go! Fuck her, she wants it!” I couldn’t think of anything else that their faces (as they looked), could be saying. I was able to confirm later that it was exactly what they were thinking!

We were both building up a mind busting climax. I came first and let out a sound I couldn’t control and she quickly followed! If there were neighbors close by, they would have called animal control to tame the wolves. “My god, holy shit!” I couldn’t believe it was possible to feel this way.

I was total mush by the end of that. I laid down trying to stop some of the sweat I had stinging my eyes and looked over at his wife and smiled a big shit eating grin. She returned with a look of satisfaction.

I felt the bed begin to start jerking again and rolled around to see my girlfriend and the husband going for round two. This time he was behind her shoving his cock in my girlfriend who was letting him know, she was welcoming it. It was my turn to watch. I could see his balls slapping on her ass cheeks. The sound of slurping came from her wet pussy which became less audible as her moans of pleasure increased. She was cumming and I was taking it in! I saw a look on his face that you generally would see from a sprinter in his last few paces of a 100 mile marathon. He too was getting there and he came with a force so hard, it prompted her to say,” Oh yeah, I can feel your hot cum inside me! Oh yeah”

We were all a collapsed mess at the end of this phenomenal play. Very well pleased, very well satisfied.

We went home that night and again debriefed on the new experience. To this day, this was one of the most memorable and enjoyable encounters we have had. We made new friends and couldn’t wait for more. We have met these two several other times with similar experiences. Maybe they are worth telling on another day. :)

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