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I went to dinner at Damon's and while waiting for a table I started talking to an man about my age who was also waiting for a table. We decided to share a table.

I am 5o years old but look much younger. I have a shapely 44-25-36 figure that catches a lot of attention. I also have full, pouty lips. This evening I was wearing a short, red dress and was feeling pretty sexy. I also had bright red lipstick on and red high heels.

We had several good laughs over dinner and while I was eating my ribs, I couldn't help but notice he was watching me. I couldn't resist taking a little extra time savoring my food. It was kind of hard getting all the meat off the ribs and the barbeque sauce was awesome (smile).

After dinner, we had a drink and I thought I would have a little fun with the situation. All he had done at this point was watch me enjoy my meal. After my drink arrived, I stirred the drink with my finger and stuck my finger into my mouth. I acted like I wasn't aware of what I was doing. But from the corner of my eyes, I could see he was closely observing my lips gently sucking my finger. I couldn't resist repeating this three or four more times.

After the drink, we walked out of Damon's togeather and he invited me out for drinks. We ended up at Don Pablo's for frozen margaritas. We set on opposite ends of the table. I decided to again stir my drink with my finger. But this time I stuck my finger all the way in my mouth and sucked hard on my finger while looking him straight in the eyes.

He rapidly came over beside me and I repeated my stirirng but sucked longer and harder and looked sexily into his eyes. After about a minute of this I reached down with my other hand and started rubbing his cock as I sucked on my finger and looked at him.

Over the next hour, I constantly rubbed him and kept him at full arousal. I fed him some chips with cheese and let him suck the cheese off my finger. He then fed me some chips and cheese, and it took me about ten miutes to lick, suck, and swallow all the cheese off his finger. All this time my other hand was getting more and more active.

Plus when I fed him another chip and cheese, I got some cheese on his lip and leaned over to suck the cheese off his lip. He was going crazy by this time.

He commented that I seemed very talented and wanted to go somewhere quieter. I told him we could talk about it. he said lets talk.

He walked me to my car at the very back of the parking lot. We kissed for about 20 minutes with me leaning against my car. My hand never left his cock.

I then asked if he wanted to sit in the car and talk a little further. I instantly slid over beside him and gave him a kiss and started loosening his buttons on his shirt. I took about five minutes to unbutton his shirt and kiss my way down his chest.

He then pulled me onto his lap and his hand was immediately on my pussy. I had removed my drawers in the bathroom as we left Don Pablo's. I was so turned on I came almost immediately.

I then slid to the floor of the car and pulled his zipper down. I imediately swallowed all eight inches and gave him what he had beed wanting all evening. I am extremely talented orally and sucked very hard and he came within two minutes. I swallowed every drop. He raved about how he had never been so turned on in his life. Or felt anything so pleasureable in his life.

After I sucked every drop from him, I continued to lick, swallow, and suck him until he was back to full arousal. This time I prolonged things and gradually increased his pleasure until he exploded a second time in my mouth. Again I swallowed every drop.

But I was not done. I again brought him to full arousal. I then kissed my way back up his chest until I was in his lap. I then slid my very aroused pussy down his ver excited cock. I continued this until we had a mutual climax!

He then had to leave and I went back in for one last drink. The 25 year old waiter had spent a lot of time cleaning our table and watching me seduce my dinner companion. I had given him eye contact a couple of times and then glanced at his crotch as I was teasing my friend.

Wehn He brought the drink I stirred the drink and stuck my finger all the way in my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. I then asked him how soon he got off. He said now and I told him I would be waiting in my car. Wehn he came out, I gave him the keys to my car and told him to take me to his place.

We still had hardly said a work to each other. I slid over beside him and when he stopped at a light, I gave him along passionate kiss. My hand immediately started massaging his cock. I then unzipped his pants and pulled out his six inch but very young cock. It was only seconds until I was sucking him like he had never been sucked before. It was only about five minutes until he came and I swallowed every drop.

When we got to his house, we walked arm and arm to the door. I was rubbing his firm bottom every step of the way. When we went to the door, I asked where his bedroom was. We both immediately started taking off our clothes. When he removed his pants, I dropped to my knees and sucked him until he was screaming in pleasure. I then threw him on the bed. He landed on his back and I rode him like the young stallion that he was.

Over the next four hours, we were all over the bedroom. Whenever he came, I helped him back to full steam. As the sun was coming up, I told this young waiter I had to go.

I then went to my car and realized I didn't even know his name. I then went home to my husband of 20 years. This was first time I had been with another man during our marriage. But he wanted us to have separate nights out once a month that we did whatever we want. The only agreement was that we had to tell each other everything.

Wonder what I will do next month?

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