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Seduced by my Ex-Brother-in-Law

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My ex-brother-in-law, on my husband's side, was always flirting with me. This lasted for 30+ years, until he divorced my husband's sister.

After the divorce, I rarely saw Joe. I would hear his whereabouts from his children. During the early years, I knew that I could turn him on and I fantasized many times about having sex with him. It was a real turn-on, but it never went anywhere because of his relationship.

Two years ago, while my husband was on a business trip, Joe called about 9:00PM to say that he was in my neighborhood attending a party and was hoping to stop by to say hi. I immediately responded yes and hung up the phone. I then suddenly remembered that there was no one at home except me. I soon dismissed any "evil" intentions and decided to make myself more presentable. I chose a sundress with tied straps over the shoulders, no bra, just panties. Yeah, maybe my subconscious was steering me in the wrong direction.

When Joe arrived, he was carrying a vase with flowers and two bottles of opened champagne from the party. After the greetings, Joe was surprised that I was alone, as he expected to celebrate his future wedding with both me and my husband. He inquired about some champagne glasses as both bottles were uncorked and loosing their fizz.

We sat in the living room drinking and discussing his upcoming wedding and our respective lives over the past few years. After we finished the first bottle, we started on the second. Soon, I was feeling no pain. He was a gentleman throughout and I thought nothing more than a platonic visit.

When he decided to leave (after both bottles had been consumed), he stood up and offered his hand to pull me off the sofa. I stumbled a little, whereby he placed both hands on my hips. He thanked me for an enjoyable evening and kissed me on the lips. Thinking it was a parting jesture, I kissed him back.

Before I knew what was happening, Joe untied both straps, whereby my dress fell to my waist, and he started touching and kissing my breasts. I said no, but my lightheadedness prevented me from taking any positive steps to resist his kisses. Soon his hand was under my dress and touching my wet panties. He stated that he had always dreamed of a night like this and evidently from my wet pussy, I had also. I wanted to resist, but he was fingering me and I climaxed immediately.

Joe then lowered me to the livingroom rug and commenced to remove my sundress. Next my panties went, and his lips replaced his fingers as he licked and sucked my pussy. I don't remember his getting undressed, but soon he was ramming his erect penis into my throbing pussy. He fucked me hard and long. I reached climax after climax as he continued to kiss my breasts and bite my nipples.

We laid there for several minutes not knowing what to say. Everything happened so fast. Joe broke the silence by suggesting we go upstairs and find a comfortable bed. I guess my silence was taken as my agreement as Joe suddenly picked me up in his arms and carried me upstairs. We laid in my king-size bed and started kissing and touching each other. Soon I was deep-throating him again and he was fingering me. We broke off and he fucked me doggy style for what seemed like hours. Each time I would start to climax, he would decrease the pace to bring me down. After fucking in different positions, we ended the evening with him fucking my ass. This was a first for me. It hurt, but my drunked stupor took the edge off my pain.

We went to sleep, only to awake twice during the night to suck and fuck again. When the sun came up, Joe took a shower and started to leave. My pussy and ass were so sore, I could hardly get out of bed. Before he left, he stated that he hoped we could do this again. I asked about his forthcoming marriage. He responded that it was simply for companionship. He had 30 years of unspented cum for me. I told him that we would soon forget our adventure. He said I was wrong because once during the night when he returned from the bathroom, he took pictures of me in compromising positions with his phone. I demanded that he erase the pictures. He said he was erase one for each new experience. He had 30---I was doomed.

After he left the house and drove away, my neighbor's 19 year-old son came over and rang the door bell. I answered the door in my robe, thinking it was Joe returning. Ralph was smiling and asked if I had enjoyed my evening. I tried to be coy, dismissing Joe's visit as a drive-by while I tried to keep my summer robe closed. I was sure he could see my hard nipples under the robe.

Ralph said that when he came home last night around 11:00PM, he realized that he didn't have his key to his house. Knowing that we have neighbors' spare keys, he came over to my house to see if either my husband or I were still up seeing that the livingroom lights were still on. He saw Joe's unfamiliar car in the driveway so he went around to the side window to make sure he wasn't interrupting anything. What he saw was Joe and me on the floor sucking and fucking. He said he watched until we left to go upstairs.

I stood there with my mouth open, not knowing how to respond. I invited him into the front hallway and tried to find some words to explain what he saw. I was at a loss for sensible words. Ralph must have realized that he had caught me in an unexplainable, compromising position because instead of saying anything, he untied my robe and opened it up revealing my nude body. He said that his lips would be sealed except for kissing my breasts. As he grabbed me and sucked and kissed my breasts, he found my wet but extremely sore pussy with his hand. In seconds, he had four fingers inside fucking me for all is was worth. I was too much in shock to resist. He pushed me down on my knees and told me to deep-throat him as he had seen me do to Joe. His penis surprised me as it was several inches larger than Joe's. I sucked him off with my eyes closed thinking about Joe until he grabbed my head with his hands and thrusted his penis down my throat filling my throat with his warm cum.

He put his penis away and left me on my knees contemplating his departing words, "this should be the start of a long relationship". I laid on the floor for god knows how long until I could finally pull mysef up and make my way to the shower. As I cleaned off Joe's and Ralph's cum from my body, I could only think of the mess I found myself in. I called my friend Paula for advice. We spent the night together.

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