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School Teachers Affair with Black Coach, Ch 2

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The next day after their initial meeting, Tyrone (a muscle-bound athletic, black coach in his mid 20?s) and Joy (a young-looking, gorgeously-built, Caucasian teacher in her mid 30?s) planned to meet at his apartment immediately after school as they agreed to get together again for sex.

For him, this was just servicing this old lady school teacher who wanted their initial sexual encounter to continue. He was not at all sure that today she would ?put out? for him sexually. At their last meeting, he had bargained for her to deep-throat him and let him fuck her in the ass to please him in order for him to agree to meet her again today for sex.

But Joy was determined to please him, no matter what she had to do even if it involved pain. For her, this was mad, passionate sex in their illicit, interracial affair between two married people. And she wanted more of his fantastic orgasms like he had given her yesterday because no other man had ever done that for her, including her present husband.

Arriving first, Joy sat in her car on the outer edge of his apartment parking lot waiting for Tyrone to arrive soon after school let out for the day for both of them. She was so anxious about this affair continuing today that she was already horny and ready, having fantasized about it from the moment they parted yesterday. She now quickly changed clothes and stuck her hand under her dress, inside her panty hose and panties, and fingered her vulva and vagina as she waited for him to get herself ready.

She had fantasized about this affair continuously since yesterday and was now so horny that she was nervously yearning and craving sex with this handsome, young, black coach again. He had given her so many orgasms yesterday that she fantasized about Tyrone?s huge, 9? rigid, black penis fucking her vagina again and thrusting ferociously, painfully deep inside her body, yet joyously pleasurable. She knew that with Tyrone, there would always be a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her panties became quickly drenched with her juices as she masturbated herself in her car and waited. Her fingers rapidly caressed her vagina, rubbing over the labia lips and then feverously probing inside to masturbate herself as she remembered her time with him yesterday.

She was so horny that she groaned softly in excited anticipation of Tyrone?s arrival, hoping that it would be very soon. It was as if she needed a ?fix? like a sex addict. Joy was as hot and horny as she could ever remember, drooling as one of her hands worked her vagina while the other vigorously rubbed her huge 42DD breasts. She quickly exposed her large breasts and pink nipples out the low-cut front of her dress so she could feverously rub them both, keeping her nipples sticking straight out in attention.

She had parked on the outer edge of the parking lot to give herself some privacy for this wait, wanting to fantasize about him and masturbate as much as possible so she would be ready to be with him and show him a really good time sexually.

Back home last night and this morning, she practiced deep-throating herself with a 9? black dildo to get used to it because Tyrone had insisted that she do that for his penis today. She had NEVER deep-throated a man?s penis before, but she knew she HAD to be ready and able to do it for him today to please him since he asked for it. The dildo was with her in the car now and she again practiced it, adjusting to wetting it and pushing it past her gag reflex and fucking herself deeply into her throat as she masturbated her vagina with her other hand.

Joy slumped down in her car to do this out of sight of others, having carefully chosen this particular remote parking spot for a degree of privacy. She did not want to attract attention by anyone seeing her deep-throating a black dildo, rubbing her breasts, and masturbating her vagina in her car because she was so into doing it that she knew she would not be aware of someone approaching her car. She had thirty minutes to work herself up before Tyrone arrived. Being so much older than him, she believed that she would REALLY have to work at sexually pleasing him if this affair was to continue as she desperately wanted. She knew she had to do what he wanted for him to be attracted to her.

Joy was thrilled when she saw Tyrone arrive and park on the other side of the building. She quickly put her clothing back in place. They both exited their cars. Joy walked hurriedly in the direction of his apartment. Tyrone walked casually from his car from a different direction so as not to attract attention of their being together. They met at the front door to his apartment as he unlocked the door so they could hurry inside and avoid too much attention from neighbors.

After he closed and locked the door behind them, they embraced with a long, sensual and furious, tongue-probing kiss that lasted several minutes with their arms wrapped tightly around each other, grasping and handling each other?s body parts on top of clothing in steamy sexual passion. Joy felt Tyrone?s huge, erect, black penis bulging between them through their clothing as she ground her hips tightly into his body in anticipation of their sexual encounter.

Their intense, mouthy kiss continued for several minutes as Tyrone?s hands anxiously now parted her long, blonde hair at the back of her head and fumbled to find the zipper at the top back side of her dress. He began to unzip her dress behind her neck as her hands worked feverously to undo the buttons of his shirt as she breathed nervously and rapidly. He pulled the zipper open to the middle of her back and then stopped to reach for the clasp on her bra. His large, black hands grabbed the bra and fumbled with the clasp. Quickly he unhooked it through the open part of her dress and returned his fingers to her zipper.

Joy pulled his half unbuttoned shirt out of his trousers as he continued fumbling with the zipper down the back of her dress. Tyrone continued downward with the zipper until he had it fully open to the middle of her buttocks. He hurriedly jerked Joy?s dress and bra down her upper body and arms. She lowered her arms to help him remove her dress over her arms. He kept pulling her clothing downward and then let her dress and bra fall to the floor around her feet.

Having unbuttoned his shirt completely, Joy anxiously jerked his shirt down his arms and let it fall to the floor behind him as they feverously continued to undress each other. With their hands searching and caressing all the sensuous parts of each other?s bodies, they slowly moved together across the living room of his apartment and into the hall towards the bedroom.

Next Joy unfastened Tyrone?s trousers and pushed them down over his hips with both hands, letting them fall to the floor. They stopped a moment for him to kick off his shoes and remove his feet from his pants at the floor, kicking them aside. She had already stepped out of her dress several steps behind them. Continuing now through the hallway towards the bedroom, she pulled open his jockey shorts and quickly thrust her small, white hands inside, anxiously grabbing his huge, already rock hard, black penis with both hands and handling it.

?Ohhhhhh, Baby! I?m ready for your big dick to be inside me!? Joy exclaimed excitedly in a loud whisper as she pulled and jerked his rigid penis with her small, white hands.

Tyrone said nothing as he continued to feverously undress her and push her down the hall in front of himself towards the bedroom.

Then she jerked his underpants down his legs for him to remove the rest of the way. At the same time, Tyrone had pulled her slip and panty hose half-way down her legs. They stopped again as she fumbled to remove her hose and slip the rest of the way down her legs and off her feet as he slipped off his socks and jockey shorts.

With Tyrone naked, he grabbed Joy?s silky, laced panties and viciously ripped them down too. The panties continued falling down her legs to the floor and she stepped out of them as they continued slowly moving now through the doorway of the bedroom with their naked bodies intertwined. Joy had both hands massaging Tyrone?s humongous, rigid, 9? penis and was pushing it between her legs to feverously rub the lips of her excited, wet labia all over it.

He had both of her gorgeous, firm, white 42DD breasts in his large, black hands, squeezing and handling them just as excitedly and anxiously as she was in rubbing his huge, rigid, black penis between her legs. The top of his penis was hard rubbing her pubic bone as it massaged the lips of her vulva.

They continued kissing and caressing as they stumbled and then fell across the bed with him dropping heavily on top of her, mostly covering her body under his. He moved his big, black lips to her breasts as she continued stroking his rigid, black penis between her legs with both hands, jerking and pulling it savagely to stroke his full, rock-hard 9? erection. She frequently rubbed the swollen, pink head of his penis into her wet vulva and vagina as he moved around between her legs while mouthing her large, erect, pink nipples. Several times she managed to get the head of his huge penis inside her vagina before he changed positions again, eagerly encouraging him to go ahead and thrust himself into her fully as he hovered over her body on the mattress.

?Ohhhhhhh, fuckkkkkkk me! FUCK ME, Baby! Oh, Baby, I NEED your big, black dick inside my pussy, Baby!? Joy uttered desperately and impatiently, never releasing her rapidly jerking, two-handed hold on his huge, rock-hard penis and trying to pull it inside her body. She pulled and stroked it in desperation for him to hurry and fuck her, holding the large head of it inside the pink, wet lips at the entrance to her vagina, pulling and stroking it towards herself.

Still hovering over her, Tyrone pondered what he wanted to do sexually with her first. Joy was still begging for his penis to be thrust into her vagina with her holding his large, fully-engorged penis head inside her warm, sloppy-wet vaginal entrance. She kept pulling it constantly towards her vaginal opening so he quickly relented and plunged all 9?x 3? of his rigid, black manhood forward and down inside her body, coming down heavily on her bare breasts and abdomen.

?Ohhhhhh my gawd!? Joy groaned in pain. ?Oh!!!! Baby, your dick is soooooo big!?

He now began savagely humping her petite, white body on the bed, bouncing her deeply into the mattress under him. He humped her hard and deep several times in quick succession, thrusting as deeply as her small vagina would allow, driving hard into her cervix with as much of his hard penis as he could fit inside her body. He hit bottom repeatedly and kept ramming her hard with his huge penis, jarring her internal organs.

?Ungh! ? Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!? Tyrone uttered as he rammed her rhythmically hard and deep, pinning her firmly down into the mattress of the bed under his large, black, muscular torso just like yesterday.

?Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Ungh!... Yeahhhhh!.......Baby!..... Oh?? Fuck!.....this?.. white??pussy?.. Take?.. it?? Babe! Take?.. my?.. dick!.... That?s?.. it! Yeahhhhhh! Yeah!!!!!! Take?.. it??. deep?? you?..fucking??white??ho!? he said between thrusts as he continued viciously and ferociously humping her on the bed as hard as he could, bouncing her hard down into the mattress. Joy groaned loudly with each deep thrust, but refrained from trying to hold him off of his full depth penetration thrusts as he savagely pounded her vagina repeatedly. He rammed her really hard and deep for several minutes with intensely passionate desire, loudly grunting and groaning like a wild animal with the intensity of his efforts.

But then Tyrone changed his mind and abruptly pulled his huge, rigid, black penis out of her. There was a loud smacking sound when the vacuum of her vagina let go of his exiting penis as he backed out of her body. He removed his penis because he remembered her promise to deep-throat him during their conversation yesterday. Tyrone moved his body into an inverted position over Joy with his rigid, wet and dripping penis dangling over her face, intent upon forcing her to deep-throat him as she said she could do at the end of their first encounter just yesterday. Only two women had ever done that for him, and he was ready to let this old white bitch give it a try. He was already prepared to give her hell if she failed since she had assured him yesterday that she could do this.

?Remember, Babe, you have to suck my fucking dick and deep-throat me, Babe? he sternly informed her, ?before I let?s yous HOT little pussy haves it, Baby! I?s GOT to fuck yous throat, Baby, so put my dick in your fucking mouth!? His poor grammar starkly contrasted what she had said earlier.

Tyrone did not know at that moment if she could even do that for him. He had demanded that she do that for him yesterday just before they went their separate ways. But Joy had accepted his insistence upon deep-throat sex with her today as a condition of meeting him again. She was determined to please him by doing it.

She had practiced deep-throating a lot since yesterday and was ready for her first deep-throat experience with a real penis. With no hesitation, she grabbed his huge, wet and rigid, black penis and quickly placed it inside her mouth, tasting her own vaginal juices on his penis a she pushed it anxiously in all the way to the back of her throat. Her vaginal juices on his penis helped lubricate its movement inside her mouth.

Just as his penis pushed inside her mouth to the back of her throat, Tyrone?s mouth and tongue found her vaginal area and started to work her body into sexual sensations. She was putting as much of his huge, black penis as possible inside her mouth, trying to lubricate it and also work past her gag reflex to allow his huge, black penis head to penetrate her throat. Then she started to move her head forward and backward, bobbing the enormous head of his penis in and out of her luscious red lips while using her tongue and hands to jerk and stroke it.

She kept regularly jabbing the back of her throat with his swollen penis head, wanting to deep-throat him as quickly as possible, but it took some time to get her mouth and throat to adjust to the size of his penis. His huge, black penis was softer than the dildo but larger in diameter, so she kept wetting it with saliva until she thought she could force it down inside her throat. She knew she had to work up to it as she bounced his huge, rock-hard penis deeply inside her mouth to lubricate it and adjust her throat to open and accept the size of it. Tyrone kept pounding the back of her throat with his penis, frequently gagging her with his impatience, anxious to penetrate into her throat with his short thrusts.

Tyrone?s long, black tongue was now deep inside her vagina, probing intently as his big, black lips massaged the clean-shaven, pink lips of her vulva, licking, sucking and tonguing her vulva to excite her. Simultaneously he was slowly adjusting the position of his black hips to help her line up his penis with the opening of her throat as they continued, gently pushing harder and deeper at the entrance to her throat to open her throat with each inward push into her open and receptive mouth. He was anxiously now anticipating the feeling of his penis thrusting deeply inside her throat and his massive, black testicles slapping her luscious red lips and white face if he could enter her throat deep enough. Tyrone desperately wanted his rigid penis deep inside her throat. He was afraid he might cum just thinking about it.

Suddenly her throat was ready and his large penis head pushed into her throat and stuck. Joy swallowed hard and his penis moved a little deeper. After swallowing several more times, his penis was all the way into her throat. Joy closed her eyes as his penis pushed deeply into her throat and his testicles slapped her face. Tyrone pushed his penis to its full depth inside her throat, burying the full 9? length of his penis inside her mouth. She knew from working with the dildo that she would have to gasp for air to breathe on his pumping back strokes. Joy let him pump in and out of her throat for the next few minutes, gasping for air when he moved his penis back enough to breathe.

Highly emotional sexual sensations continued building for both of them as they handled each other?s body for fifteen or twenty minutes in this position until Joy felt Tyrone?s penis swell inside her mouth as he rapidly kept plunging anxiously and repeatedly deep inside her throat, taking his penis constantly to its full 9? length inside her throat, cutting off her airway with each downward thrust so that her red lips were pressed into his testicles when he pushed fully deep inside her throat. In his intense passion, he was not now remembering to let her breathe as he enjoyed full depth penetration of his rigid, black penis driving deeply inside her throat.

She was near orgasm herself but desperately needing to breathe as she felt his sperm being jetted deeply inside and down her throat as Tyrone rammed her throat with anxious, rapid thrusting, rotating and slamming his hips and testicles now into her face with anxious, determined, passionate pleasure as he started cuming.

Momentarily he had forgotten his need to pull his penis back and allow her to breathe. He was so passionately deep-throating the petite, white teacher for all she could handle that he forgot her need to breathe, surprised (unlike his wife) and ferociously passionate that she could take all 9? of his rigid, black penis into her mouth and throat. He was totally focused on the wonderful feeling of having his orgasm inside her throat.

She had not given him oral sex yesterday on their first encounter, so he was not aware until now that she could even do this. She was not sure either. Joy braced her mouth open to let him continue thrusting deeply inside her throat. Unable to breathe now as he enjoyed his initial ejaculation and continuously deep thrusting penis penetration into her throat, she felt herself losing consciousness. She felt his warm, semen squirting and being thrust deeply down her throat as his black penis continued viciously fucking her throat with passionate abandonment, having forgotten to pull back and let her breathe. He was fucking her throat so intently and lying so heavily on top of her face that she could no longer move under him to back his penis off enough to breathe. She was very near unconscious now and squirming desperately under him in desperation to breathe, hoping he would understand and pull his long penis back enough to let her breathe. But he interpreted her squirming as her own orgasmic pleasure.

Even fading and so near unconsciousness, her own orgasm now suddenly hit and cascaded through her body like a bolt of electricity. Joy became paralyzed with the orgasmic feelings and reflexively bowed her back under him as her body moved into full contraction as he continued to hard fuck her face and fuck her head firmly and deeply into the mattress. Her orgasm sent jerking and groaning gyrations all over her but she felt herself nearly unconscious with his penis still deeply thrusting inside her throat, totally now continuously cutting off her airway as he continued to release sperm into her throat and drive it deeply inside her.

She was rapidly fading into unconsciousness for lack of air so only faintly felt her juices flow onto his tongue as his warm semen still gushed heavily down her throat and into her stomach. Her orgasmic feelings were fantastic, unlike anything she had ever experienced with her husband or any other man. Tyrone was feverously fucking her throat with all 9? of his rigid penis and pulling back only a few inches within her throat as he rapidly jetted his sperm deeply into her mouth and throat. He was enjoying his own orgasm with intense and reckless abandonment, satisfying his sexual dreams of deep-throating this bitch, or any bitch, to his heart?s desire. He had been frustrated many times before with other women but now it was happening and he was really getting into it as his massive, load-releasing orgasm roared through his black body into and deeply down her tight throat.

?Ohhhhh fuckkkkk! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk yeahhhhh!? he repeated over and over during several long minutes of continued ejaculation, feeling his penis firmly gripped by the tightness of her little throat under him.

As both of their orgasms continued and Joy struggled with oxygen starvation and near loss of consciousness, Tyrone suddenly remembered to allow her to breathe and pulled his rigid, still ejaculating penis back and out of her mouth, holding it in front of her face to finish. She gasped heavily for air. Joy closed her eyes and felt several more large semen blasts squirt quickly onto her face and hair as his penis continued to massively ejaculate his thick sperm onto her face and hair. As she kept gasping for air, Joy grabbed his erection with both hands pointing downward over her face and jerked anxiously to empty his semen into her face and hair, wanting to completely pump him dry before he moved into another position. His semen jetted out several more times and covered her entire face as she grinned to receive it, glad to have pleased him with her best-ever blow job.

With six or seven more massive ejaculations into her face and hair, he rolled off to her side to rest in this inverted position on the bed. She lay sideways too, stroking and sucking the head of his semen-covered, penis as she enjoyed the feeling of his semen covering most of her face and hair, soaking into the pores of her skin as it smeared her lipstick, eye shadow and makeup. She wanted Tyrone to see his semen all over her face and refused to wipe it off, wearing it like a badge of honor for having pleased him considering her much older age.

They both knew this was only taking a break and that there would be a lot more to come. Several minutes later, Tyrone turned his body back around to face her and moved over on top of her again. He smiled as he saw her face and hair so thoroughly covered with his semen. He purposely avoided kissing or touching her face, letting her keep his semen spread all over her lips, face, and hair as a reminder of this older, white bitch giving him a fantastic blow job.

Joy started anxiously working his penis up again with her hands and mouth as they hotly caressed each other in a mad, passionate manner as his muscular, black, hairy torso and hands rubbed over her beautiful, white, 42DD breasts. He LOVED her huge breasts, intensely sucking on both of her big pink nipples and keeping them standing straight up with excitement.

Ten minutes later Tyrone?s penis was rigid again and he moved into position between her widely spread-open legs for intercourse. He thrust into her vagina quickly, driving all of his huge, black, rock-hard penis inside her with a single forward motion.

?Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh, Baby, that hurts! Please, Baby! Not so rough! Go easssssy!? Joy groaned as he quickly and meanly plunged all 9? fully deep inside her body with that single, deep, forward thrust.

?Ohhhhh yeahhhhh! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk yeahhhhh! Fuckkkk ?.this?.. white?. bitch?s ?..pussy!? Tyrone exclaimed to himself at the same time as his huge, black penis slammed again to the bottom inside her body. He was pumping and pounding her cervix really hard, making use of all 9? of his penis to utilize her naked body under him.

Their caressing continued as he ignored her pleas for him to go easy and instead ferociously continued to pump-fuck her hard on the bed, getting into a hard and fast rhythm of rapid, forward, jerky thrusts deeply inside her. Each time he rammed his penis to the bottom and continued to lie heavily on top of her body, rubbing her 42DD white breasts heavily with his hairy, black chest. He moved a hand to her vulva and massaged it as he lay heavily on top of her and hard-pumped his huge penis deeply inside her, occasionally moving his mouth to suck her breasts as he dominated her body and severely abused her vagina. He pumped her viciously hard and massaged her body all over as he viciously fucked her with each series of thrusts. His large, black torso lay heavily on top of her and completely covered her white, petite body on the bed except for her lily-white legs spread open to each side of his dark, black legs and forward thrusting buttocks driving his penis deeply inside her body.

Having already climaxed a short time ago, Joy quickly continued with sexual stimulations again and began building towards a second full-body orgasm. Tyrone moved her into several positions on the bed, pumping her from behind, on her side, and on her knees while also continuing to vigorously rub her breasts and vulva. The intensity of her orgasm continued building as he expertly handled her small, white body to maximize his deep penis penetration pleasure and her stimulation. She now sat on top of him, facing him. Every time he saw her semen-covered face and hair, he was sexually excited about her earlier deep-throated blow job. She rotated her hips on his huge, long, rigid, black penis to drive it as deeply as possible inside her body, ignoring his semen remaining all over her face and hair. By now, all 9? of huge, black penis felt wonderful inside her body, hitting spots no other penis could ever reach as it probed every part of her vagina, G-spot and cervix. This was again one of those ?nothing else matters? sexual experiences for her as she relished every moment of passionate, reckless intercourse with him.

It was in that position sitting on top of Tyrone that her orgasm now suddenly slammed into her body for the second time and she ?ohhed? and ?aahed? in loud expression of her body-racking ecstasy. He was still pumping his penis to the depths of her vagina with her hips churning on top of his rigid, black, 9? penis, as she helped him reach and fill the inner most depths of her vagina. That put Tyrone over the top too and soon he was loudly groaning as massive bursts of his semen jetted up inside her body as their tightly connected bodies continued grinding together in sexual harmony and pleasure. Both Tyrone and Joy moaned and groaned loudly as they climaxed together on the bed. They each loudly expressed sexual pleasure during their orgasms with loud moaning and groaning.

Tyrone was really shocked and pleasingly surprised with her sexual ability as he continued loudly expressing the pleasure of his second orgasm, driving and pounding each massive ejaculation of his semen as deep as possible inside her body. She continued to ride him, churning and rotating her hips on top of his huge, rigid, black penis, still probing the depths of her vagina as he filled her with massive ejaculations. Tyrone realized that she was MUCH BETTER than he had expected yesterday when she was so hesitant before his having intercourse with her. Today she was fully into it and obviously giving her full, best effort to please him as she anxiously gyrated on top of his massive, black penis. Her movements placed his penis penetration as deep as possible inside her body and massaged it to contact her insides with maximum sexual sensations and ecstasy. Joy felt her womb again being flooded to capacity with his warm, huge semen bursts as he continued over and over to hit bottom inside of her body and ejaculate spurt after spurt.

?Ohhhh??. Baby! You?re a real good fuck, Baby! I love the way you?s grinds yo? white fucking pussy on my dick! (he emphasized with strong emotional pleasure) Ohhhhh, fuckkkkk, Baby, you?s pussy is so fucking good!? Tyrone groaned out loud to her with the first words spoken during the last twenty minutes or so of only groaning and grunting during intercourse as he pounded her vagina to its depths.

?And I love your big, black dick inside me too, Baby??. you big, black buck of a lover!? Joy responded affectionately as she continued to ?ooh? and ?aah? and ride him, grinding her hips on top of him and driving his hard penis as deep as possible inside her body. His penis was becoming soft and getting smaller now so long after cuming inside her.

?You make me come like no white man ever did, Baby! (She paused to express more loud moaning and groaning.) Can you fuck me again, Baby??

?Yeah, Baby! But suck on my dick! Get it hard, Baby, and I?ll fuck your little white ass this time,? Tyrone suggested.

Joy was still apprehensive about his huge, black penis having anal sex with her but too intimidated by him to even DARE considering to refuse him. Her husband had tried anal sex several times through the years but she always stopped him because of the pain. Tyrone?s black penis was bigger, wider and longer, and she knew it would hurt even more, but she also knew she HAD to endure the pain and ACT like she enjoyed it to keep him happy in this affair as an older woman. And besides, yesterday she had agreed to let Tyrone fuck her in the ass so she knew he expected it today.

After moving off of him, Joy moved around again into the inverted position to massage his huge, semi-flaccid, sperm-covered, black penis with her hands and mouth. She fingered it briefly, still fascinated by the humongous size of it, before putting it inside her mouth to anxiously work it back into a third erection. It took fifteen or twenty minutes this time, but finally she was able to get his penis to respond as it slowly became rigid again inside her mouth. She smiled with pleasure as his penis became hard as her lips moved back and forth over it. At least she could still excite him. She hoped he would find a way to please her again with it, even if he was fucking her in the ass. His fingers and mouth were also working her vagina during this time to rebuild her sexual stimulations again to match his own.

Tyrone moved back into the face-to-face position with her but now turned her over face down on the bed. He straddled her legs and spread her butt cheeks with his hands. He then moved his tongue down to her tight little rosebud, spitting several times and wetting it with his saliva as his huge and rigid, black penis dangled stiffly nearby in readiness. He spit several more times onto her tightly puckered anus muscles as his fingers massaged the opening to relax the muscle. Then he pushed one finger inside her anus and started moving it around to loosen her sphincter muscle.

?Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh, Baby!? Joy uttered, unable to hide the obvious pain in her voice.

He kept working his index finger around inside her anus until he could slip a second finger alongside it and do the same, trying to open the entry to her rectum and make her relax.

He spit several more times into his hands and reached down to lubricate his rigid, black penis, then moved into position with the bulbous head of his huge erection poised at the entrance to her anus. He was grinning and wildly excited about this opportunity to fuck this older, white woman in the ass, expecting her to very likely endure the pain to please him unlike his earlier experiences with his wife and girlfriends before marriage who weren?t intimidated by him so they refused anal intercourse.

?Just relaxxxxx, Baby!? Tyrone coaxed her. ?You?s gots to relax, Baby! Don?t tense you?s muscles! Just relaxxxxx, Baby!? he said as he entreated her to not tighten her muscles in anticipation of entry by his huge, black penis. The black head of his penis was fully engorged and ready in anxious anticipation of being allowed to push into her body from the rear.

Joy took his advice and forced herself to relax, mentally believing his advice must be followed so that this anal intercourse would maybe be enjoyable with minimal pain. She felt the huge, swollen head of his penis now pressing hard against the tight entrance to her anus as he pressed it slowly and firmly to enter her. He kept holding his penis with one hand and pushing with determined pressure, and then suddenly the large, bulbous head of his penis popped inside her after a lot of initial resistance. He smiled wildly as his huge, swollen penis head suddenly disappeared inside her anus.

?Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh my gawd that hurts!? Joy uttered with a strained voice as he tried to push deeper but then stopped with only the huge penis head inside her rectum.

With a louder, impatient voice, Tyrone sternly reminded her as he kept holding his rigid penis with forward pressure. ?I?s told you to just fuck?n relax you?s fucking ass, Baby!?

?Now relax, goddamit, just relax you?s fucking ass so I can get my dick in you?s ass, Babe!? Tyrone said in disgust at the delay in entering her body.

He started moving back and forth slowly to open her up with little more than his bulbous penis head buried inside her rectum. Then Tyrone slowly began to push deeper inside her rectum with each forward motion, holding his penis with one hand and slowly getting her anus to open up and accept the entry of the rest of his huge, black, rigid penis slowly moving forward, deeper inside of her body. He had spit a lot on his penis before entering her to lubricate the entry as he now slowly pushed deeper and deeper with each pumping stroke.

?Ohhhhhhh yeah, Baby! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhh! Ohhhh, Baby!? Tyrone uttered as Joy still timidly exuded her suffering to receive his huge, black penis through her anus and now moving deeply inside her rectum.

In less than a minute, Tyrone had moved forward fully deep inside her rectum, and began pumping her with a slow, steady and intense forward rhythm, trying not to make her pain so unbearable that she would have to verbally express pain louder than her continual groaning had been to this point. Joy moaned and groaned in pain as she felt his huge, black penis relentlessly thrusting now fully deep inside her buttocks as he slammed his hips against her back side.

He pulled Joy up onto her knees so that he could finger her vagina as he fucked her deeply inside her rectum, and then her groans began to be mixed with more pleasurable sensations as another orgasm began to build and course through her body. He was now hard pumping to the depths of her rectum and fingering her vagina in a vigorous manner, driving her into more orgasmic feelings of increasing whole-body intensity. He viciously now humped her buttocks, driving his rigid, 9? penis fully deep inside her with each savage forward thrust, no longer gentle with her body.

No man had ever been this deep inside her rectum and the feelings were sexually incredible although quite painful as well. She tolerated the combination of pain and pleasure as he continued thrusting deeply inside her body.

Tyrone had lost track of time and failed to remember that his wife would be home early today. His wife had now arrived and was standing at the front door to their apartment.

Tyrone and Joy were so focused on each other that they did not hear the faint sound of a key in the front door lock as they continued. Nor did they hear the front door open and Tyrone?s wife step quietly inside. She was a well-dress, tall, black woman. She was home from work unexpectedly early today.

She stepped into the apartment quickly but quietly, suspecting immediately that something was happening and something was wrong. His wife looked at the discarded clothing on the floor and quickly sized up the situation, seeing the woman?s dress, bra, slip, hose, and panties making a path down the hall to her bedroom, as well as Tyrone?s shirt, shoes, trousers, and boxers mixed in with that woman?s clothing items on the floor.

She kept quiet since she could hear noises coming from the bedroom.

?Ungh! ?.. Ungh!..... Ungh!...... Ungh!......? she heard what sounded like Tyrone grunting heavily with a frequency and rhythm that sounded like intense intercourse.

?Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkk yeahhhhh, Baby!? she heard next, and that was clearly Tyrone?s voice.

She moved quietly across the living room and down the hall to the edge of the bedroom doorway to carefully look around the corner. There she saw Tyrone viciously humping this older, white woman doggy-style in the middle of the bed. She could see the older, white woman had a gorgeous body and large breasts as Tyrone continued to fuck her from behind.

Tyrone and Joy were both facing away from her when she peeked around the edge of the door. His wife could see that he was humping this white woman from the rear and she was up on her knees, facing away from the doorway. She could not see the woman?s face, so his wife could easily keep watching the two of them in bed without their noticing that she was even looking since they were both facing away from the doorway.

She watched as Tyrone viciously pumped his rigid, black penis repeatedly into Joy?s buttocks in this doggy-style position on their bed, assuming at that moment that he was humping her vagina. Obviously he was enjoying every thrust of his penis into this big breasted, good-looking, older blonde, white woman. His pleasurable moans and groans made his enjoyment with fucking her quite obvious to his observing wife.

?Tyrone did not sound so pleased when we have sex,? his wife thought to herself.

Then she listened intently as his words further confirmed his pleasure.

?Oh, Baby! Yeah! Ohhhhh fuckkkk yeahhhh! Fuck?? yo???.. sweet??. fucking ?? ass, Baby! Oh fuck, Baby, fuck this, yo? ass feels so fucking good!? Tyrone exclaimed as he savagely pumped her in a fast, rhythmic motion like he was sexually starved.

?Sooooo! He was fucking this old, white bitch in the ass!? she thought in anger and disgust, knowing full well that she never allowed him to do that with her.

She watched intently around the edge of the doorway to closely watch Tyrone continue pump-fucking this unknown, big-breasted, white and blonde woman in their bed. He moved his position around slightly and now his wife got a partial side view.

?My gawd this woman?s tits were HUGE, gorgeous and impressive? she thought as she noticed Joy?s large breasts bounce sideways as Tyrone kept slamming his hips hard into her buttocks.

?Wow, those tits must be 42DD,? she wondered, suddenly ashamed and feeling inferior about her own smaller 34B breasts.

His wife could see Tyrone was really enjoying himself sexually with this older, white woman. Anger continued rising within her as she struggled to remain silent and simply observe what was happening in their apartment and in her bed.

Tyrone?s wife determined to simply watch for awhile, understanding that he would be unlikely to say anything about this affair as soon as she confronted them both in bed.

Tyrone pumped and pumped with loud grunts and groans of pleasure, frequently telling this woman how good a fuck she was and other such loving things, driving and thrusting all 9? of his huge, rigid, black penis repeatedly into her rectum as his wife carefully continued to watch them from outside the bedroom doorway.

This busty, white woman had moaned and groaned in a mixture of obvious pain and pleasure but now suddenly started talking. She now began to enjoy his penis driving hard inside her rectum.

?Give it to me, Baby! Oh, yeah! Fuck me in the ass, Baby! Fuck me hard and deep! I love your big, black dick in my ass, Baby!? she exclaimed loudly, her voice obviously mixed with pain and pleasure as Tyrone continued to thrust himself so savagely deep inside her body. He seemed to be even more savage now as he slammed his hips into her buttocks, driving his penis as deeply as possible with every successive thrust into her rectum. Every thrust was a dream come true for Tyrone who had chided his wife unsuccessfully for years to let him do this.

?This white bitch is just telling my husband what he WANTS to hear,? his wife thought.

His wife knew this white bitch was simply saying what she thought Tyrone wanted to hear rather than what she felt at that moment, knowing that his penis was definitely painful in her rectum. His wife did NOT know that this white woman was trying desperately as an older woman to please her husband to continue this affair with him. His wife was astounded, shocked, and surprised by the actions of this savage sexual beast pounding this woman?s buttocks. He had NEVER acted this way with HER in bed.

Joy had never talked so dirty during sex with any man, trying to copy Tyrone?s vulgar language to please him, ignoring the pain but acting like she enjoyed it anyway because it was so obvious that HE liked it.

?Yeah, Baby! Take my big dick in yo? sweet, fucking ass! Ohhhh Yeah! Ohhhhh Yeah! Ohhhhh Yeah!? he exclaimed louder with each excited forward deep-ramming thrust.

?Fuckkkkk meeeee, Baby! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh! Fuckkkkk meeeee!? Joy uttered, trying desperately to mask the pain in her voice but not totally doing so as she encouraged him to satisfy himself fully by pumping her rectum.

?Take it, Babe! Ohhhhh yeah, take it! ?? Take my big dick up yo? sweet, fucking, white ass, Baby!? Tyrone responded in feverous passion between savagely deep and vicious thrusts deep inside her rectum.

He was using his vulgar language to excite himself during intercourse. Tyrone?s wife was stunned as she listened, having NEVER heard him talk like that. She would have stopped him if he had.

?Ohhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh, Baby, such a sweet, mother-fucking ass you?s got, you?s white fucking ho!? Tyrone said loudly as her huge, gorgeous, white breasts bounced wildly with each deep thrust, not even skipping a beat in his continued hard and fast pumping rhythm.

?Ohhhhh, mannnnn, FUCK THIS SHIT! Fuck this sweet little ho?s tight fuck?n ass!? Tyrone continued.

His wife wondered if Tyrone had EVER enjoyed anal sex as much as this. Certainly NOT with HER! And he never mentioned other women to her. He was obviously enjoying every minute of this big-breasted, old white woman?s willingness to accept his huge, black penis pounding deeply inside her rectum.

His wife watched as Tyrone still amazingly pumped this woman rapidly without pause, driving his penis viciously and savagely hard inside her body in a tireless assault on her buttocks, seemingly intent upon enjoying every deep thrust into her rectum which he had earlier said had so many years been denied him by his wife and other women. Joy?s huge 42DD breasts were intensely stimulating to watch as they bounced wildly with each of Tyrone?s savage thrusts into her rectum.

Having already ejaculated twice during the last hour, Tyrone was now able to pump longer without needing to release another load of semen. He was making the most of it, and getting his full pleasure of how his huge, black penis felt fucking deeply inside her rectum. He was hurting Joy but she just groaned and tolerated the pain, refusing to admit it, being so intent upon pleasing him even as it hurt. Amazingly she was enjoying it to some degree. Joy felt disadvantaged by her age compared to his, wanting her age NOT to be an issue for their continued affair by showing how good she could be in bed to please him, even if she had to endure some pain.

Tyrone?s wife watched, totally stunned, as how ferociously and viciously he pumped this older white woman?s rectum with his penis, having never seem him act so intense during sex with her during their ten years of marriage.

Fifteen minutes later Joy felt Tyrone?s penis swell inside her body and ejaculate a huge burst of warm semen deeply inside her rectum. Then she felt stream after massive stream of his semen continue jetting inside her as he continued pumping, filling her insides with hot semen jets.

?Yeah,??. oh yeah!....... Oh fuck, yeahhhh Baby!....... Oh fuck!....... I?m cuming, Baby!...... Oh fuck!....... My dick feels SO FUCKING GOOD in yo? sweet fucking ass, Baby!? Tyrone exclaimed rather loudly as he continued to savagely pump and expend himself inside her body. She felt his warm sperm filling the inside of her rectum with each continued jet of it inside her.

Tyrone was steadily ?getting it on? with this older white woman, obviously intense about satisfying himself with her naked body connected to his.

Tyrone?s wife noticed that he used fingers to massage this white woman?s vulva and vagina. She could see that this forced her to climax at the same time so that she would orgasm too. Joy?s body now jerked and groaned with another intense orgasm as he continued pumping her rectum viciously hard and deep, pounding his warm semen to the depths inside her as his wife quietly watched from the edge of the doorway.

Joy climaxed with loud groans of pleasure and then became silent. Still joined together, they fell forward onto the bed as he continued plowing into her at a rapid rate, still constantly ejaculating more and more of his semen inside her. Enjoying the feeling of her rectum cradling his huge, rigid, black penis for the full length of it, he kept pumping deeply inside her body and started to now talk about his pleasure.

It was immediately obvious to Joy that he was very happy to be having this affair with her, even though she felt sexually inferior to him by being a white, teacher woman more than twice his age. She had tried her best to please him today sexually, and began to believe that she had done that to his satisfaction. She had given him her best sexual effort and ignored the pain he caused her with his huge, black penis.

Still clueless that his wife was listening, Tyrone started bitching about his wife. He explained loudly to Joy that his wife was not nearly so good in bed in spite of his efforts to please her, and that she seemed to just tolerate sex rather than hotly desire him with mad, passionate eagerness like Joy. His wife heard every word from outside the bedroom doorway. He continued talking and assured Joy that she was so much better because she anxiously and willingly took his penis deep-throat, vaginally and anally, unlike his prim and proper wife who was too concerned about a little pain in the process.

Tyrone said his wife only allowed him minimal sexual contact once or twice a week, vaginal only with anal strictly prohibited and rarely a ?blow-job on his penis? and NEVER deep-throating. He made his dissatisfaction with his wife?s sexual conduct quite obvious with each additional bitching comment about her and his sexual comparison of her to Joy, with Joy being much preferred.

?How was the butt fucking, Babe?? Tyrone asked her tenderly and affectionately, sounding obviously grateful for her tolerating it and already expecting her mixed response as he still slow-pumped his 9? rigid penis pleasurably deep inside her rectum. He was so excited to be able to fuck a woman anally that he did not want to pull out and stop. He told Joy that she was the best anal fuck he had ever had, which was just one more compliment that she needed to feel good about enduring the pain and being able to please him. And one more complaint his wife had to hear.

?Better than I expected. I don?t let my husband do that because it hurts,? Joy told him, intent upon acting like she enjoyed it even though she did not.

Joy continued, ?It hurt with you too, Baby, because your dick is so big. But you made me come too so it was okay. Next time I?ll enjoy it even more,? Joy continued.

Joy was glad to have willingly endured the pain to please Tyrone as he continued to still slowly pump his semi-rigid penis deeply inside her rectum, refusing to stop until his penis was totally flaccid and no longer able to thrust deeply inside her body. She guessed that he wanted to pump her rectum until his erection waned and she was willing to let him do that as they casually talked.

?I REALLY LOVED your deep-throating my dick, Baby! You?s was fantastic!? Tyrone complimented her for her earlier effort and his orgasm deeply inside her throat. She did not tell him that she nearly lost consciousness doing it before he pulled out and shot the rest of his semen on her face and hair.

?Just for you, Baby! ..... Just for you, Baby!? Joy responded back, meaning every word of it.

?Your big, black dick really turns me on, Baby! Forget your wife??.. just fuck me with your big, black dick, Baby!? Joy continued with emphasis on this penis color and size.

With her performance today, Tyrone had now drastically changed his attitude about having an affair with Joy. With her deep-throating his penis and allowing anal intercourse, HE WAS NOW THE ONE who wanted this affair to continue.

?My wife will be out of town on Saturday, Baby. How?s ?bout we hook-up again Saturday? Make some excuse to your limp-dick husband so we can fuck again!? he asked and suggested to Joy.

Tyrone?s wife had watched and listened now all she wanted. In two quick steps she walked abruptly into the bedroom after having watched and listened for the last thirty minutes. Her anger had increased with each minute of watching and listening around the edge of the bedroom door to everything Tyrone said and did. She was now furious with him and ready to fight.

Tyrone was still lying on top of Joy in the middle of the bed with his 9? semi-rigid, black penis still buried fully deep inside her rectum when his wife stepped into the bedroom. Joy and Tyrone turned their heads quickly to look at her in shock and surprise at her being there. There was nothing they could do to cover their nakedness or hide the situation. Tyrone quickly removed his penis from Joy?s buttocks and they both sat upright in the bed.

Joy knew she looked horrible as she tried to cover her huge 42DD breasts with her small, white hands with little success and suddenly remembered his semen was clearly visible all over her face and hair.

?Tyrone?.., you two-timing bastard! Get your white, fucking whore out of our apartment!? she screamed at him. ?You son-of-a-bitch! You sorry fucker! You sorry, no good piece of shit ?????

Tyrone?s wife continued her rampage as Joy jumped out of bed and scurried around her to the doorway, wanting to quickly exit the bedroom, find her cloths and leave.

?But, Baby??? Tyrone tried to speak but his wife cut him off mid sentence.

?You shut the fuck up!? his wife yelled at him, and continued her rampage.

Tyrone then said nothing as his wife continued. His wife stepped to the edge of the bed to confront Tyrone more intently.

Joy exited the bedroom to gather her clothes and start dressing. Joy felt his semen flooding out of her rectum and vagina as it gushed down her legs, but there was no time to deal with that. His wife continued yelling obscenities at him as Joy frantically picked up her wrinkled dress and stepped into it. She felt his sperm all over her face, lips, hair, and body, and she knew she looked horrible, like a prostitute. Joy decided to just carry her bra, hose, slip, and panties rather than wear them so she could leave faster. In less than a minute she had her horribly wrinkled dress zipped only half-way up her back and her feet in her shoes. She ran to the door and left, leaving the apartment door wide open in her panic to leave. She could still hear Tyrone?s wife yelling at him as she made her way frantically across the porch onto the sidewalk.

Her car seemed a long distance away as a number of neighbors stepped outside their apartments to watch her, wondering what was happening. She noticed several neighbors expressing surprised and hateful looks as she got into her car, her disheveled dress half open in back and her wadded undergarments clearly visible in her hands. Her large 42DD bra was clearly visible hanging down from her hands. Tyrone?s massive semen ejaculations were all over her face and matted in her ruffled, long blonde hair, but there was no time to clean up. There was obviously no doubt in the neighbors? minds what had just happened. Here was this white woman leaving a married, black man?s apartment with her undergarments in her hands, her dress half open and horribly wrinkled, semen all over her face and matted in her hair, her smeared red lipstick and smudged makeup covered in a combination of wet and dried semen. She was quite an embarrassing sight since she had no time to clean up and straighten her hair and clothing.

As she drove away, she noticed Tyrone?s apartment door was still open. Neighbors could hear Tyrone?s wife yelling at him inside the apartment about the affair.

She hurriedly left the apartment complex and headed home. Her vagina and rectum still tingled from Tyrone?s huge penis having penetrated so deeply and thrust inside her so savagely, but the orgasms had again like yesterday been fantastic and worth the savagery of being fucked by a black guy with a huge 9? penis. Her throat was also sore from deep-throating his rigid, black penis, something she never did for her husband. Basically, she felt more sexually used and satisfied than at any other time in her sexually active life. No man had EVER cum in her throat, vagina, and rectum in the same sexual encounter, so today was quite a work-out, yet sexually exhilarating and worth repeating. Unfortunately, a day she would never forget.

Joy wondered if she would ever enjoy that wonderful sex with Tyrone again. Her one-day affair with him had obviously ruined his marriage. She felt guilty about that even though HE was the one who started it only yesterday when he approached her in a sporting goods store. He had tricked her into visiting his apartment by deception, but she had to admit that today she willingly came to his apartment expecting a sexual tryst. She had been anxious for multiple orgasms again with Tyrone doing her the favors. And as she craved and expected, he satisfied her sexually in every way she thought humanly possible. Sadly, his wife had walked in on them with Tyrone?s penis still buried inside her rectum, unable to deny what they had been doing in his apartment. The picture of Tyrone?s viciously angry wife staring at her and Tyrone naked in bed was burned indelibly into her memory.

It was ten days or so later before she heard from Tyrone again. During that time she remembered and cherished the sex that she had with him, yearning for more illicit sex with him in spite of her marriage.

End Chapter 2

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